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CSS- Dane Wigington and the Geo-Engineering Extinction Level Event

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Dane Wigington was Dave’s featured guest on the last show. The two discussed how dangerously far Geo-Engineering has progressed. Dane cited examples of how Geo-Engineering could become an Extinction Level Event.

Listen to Dave Interview Dane Wigington About the Geoengineering Holocaust




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  1. toejam October 14, 2015 at 10:22 pm

    Toejam has been watching the geo-engineering sprays here in the Pacific NW since for 20 years. The criminals that own and run the corporate United States will not stop this assault on the people and on the natural world. They are psychopaths. they have no conscience. The extreme irony, and sad to say, in all this is that the only way this destruction of the natural environment is to be stopped is for the criminal US government to be destroyed. The mass of the American living in their stupor will not stand up and stop it. Trump and the other poseurs are mum on the subject. There’s no help there. The mass media is mum. In other words if the rest of the world that is not involved in this madness expects to survive this assault via geo-engineering on the earths support systems then they will have go to war against America in order to survive. And the American people who have been watching TV and not paying attention will suffer as a result.

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