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The current pope is no stranger to the topic of ET's.

The current pope is no stranger to the topic of ET’s.

Recently, I wrote an article in which I exposed a TV show, TNT’s Legends, which depicted a radical Muslim terrorist attack upon Paris. The show was representative of what we call “predictive programming. Predictive programming occurs when Hollywood reveals a major event (e.g. the Simpsons predicting 9/11), or a major shift in an attitude or philsophy (e.g. Man of Steel and the subject of transhumanism).

I have long admitted the existence of predictive programming. However, there was one area in which I have always maintained a blind spot, in this arena, and that would be in the area of extraterrestrial life and its relationship with the present inhabitants on the earth. My skepticism was no doubt fueled by my fathers position on the topic as he worked with former Nazi scientists in reverse engineering drawing board technology to the laboratory. He said that the Nazis to a person claimed their advanced technology and ideas came from extraterrestrial beings. My father felt it was likely that the Germans were parroting a cover story that was created for them by their handlers. However, my father did not likely have access to the same quality sources that I had following his death in 1985.

Vance Davis and Bill Pawelec

Art Bell, the all-time King of night time radio sitting in the Captain's chair.

Art Bell, the all-time King of night time radio sitting in the Captain’s chair.

One night in 1993, as fate would have it, I was listening, for the very first time, to Coast to Coast with Art Bell, and Art was interviewing Vance Davis. During the interview, Vance, a former NSA operative attached to NATO, revealed he that he became aware that both NATO and the NSA were fully aware of the presence, on the Earth, of representatives of several  extraterrestrial civilizations who had their own individual designs upon the planet. During the interview, Vance’s description of advanced technology was eerily familiar and completely matched what my father had revealed to me eight years prior when he was dying from a rare lung disease.

Following the interview, I attempted to reach out to Vance and instead Bill Pawelec, who had done much contract work for the CIA reached out to me. Bill’s reason for contacting me  was to ascertain my credibility which was easy to do because Bill had contact with my father while both of them were working at Sunstrand Electronics in Westminster, Colorado. It was at Sunstrand that my father and Bill were working on earth-penetrating tomography in which activity of one to two miles deep beneath the earth could be observed by satellite. In the process of our early communications, I became good friends with Bill. Eventually, I was introduced to Vance Davis and he and I also became very close and I was exposed to a portion of Earth history that few have ever heard about (e.g. past civilizations and advanced weapons systems, etc).

New Energy Source

Ken Lay CEO of ENRON

Ken Lay CEO of ENRON

Vance Davis

Vance Davis

By 1997, Vance and Bill had developed a protoype energy source which would have revolutionized energy usuage and distribution on the planet. Along with former Apollo astronaut, Ken Arnold, whose home I had visited in 1997 with Bill Pawelec and Vance Davis, they set out to revolutionize the energy paradigm on this planet. Subsequently, I learned that this technology was eventually brought to the attention of ENRON and were covertly working on integration of what Vance had learned while in the NSA and what Bill learned as a contract agent for the CIA. You remember ENRON don’t you? It was one of the premiere energy companies in the world that was known for their stunning innovations.

Eventually, Ken Lay, the embattled CEO of ENRON was framed for insider trading, embezzlement  and a host of other charges. ENRON was significantly dismantled, brick by brick. Lay (2006) allegedly took the path of suicide, err… a heart attack, as an escape from facing his legal consequences. However, even CNNMoney.com sarcastically speculated that Lay never died. Speculation abounded that his suicide was faked and he was allowed to enter Federal Witness Protection. Now why would the Feds allow Lay to escape justice, or was he just framed? In short, and according to both Pawelec and Davis, Lay’s intentions to unleash power sources upon the world without the approval of the global elite, was met with a swift response. Lay was framed and with these events, the hopes of a new energy source that would supplant oil as the primary energy source on the planet was gone. But apparently Lay had leverage and was allowed to go into hiding.

During the time that Davis and Pawelec were working in conjunction with ENRON, they never fully confided in me the extent and full nature of what they were jointly working on. It was only following the collapse of ENRON was I told any of the details.

Vance Davis eventually faded into the background and I have only had very limited contact with him. I do not know if he was threatened into silence and then he went conspicuously dark. He appeared on my show several years ago and spoke of some of these events in a superficial manner. Two years ago, I received an email from Vance where he told how he was doing as he had moved his family to Kansas. Otherwise, he simply dropped out of site. I have long thought he was protected because at one point he had escaped execution, by Presidential pardon (George H. W. Bush). Davis and five other deserted their posts in Germany, in the Gulf Breeze Six incident, when they learned of the ET and related theats to the planet. I believe that Vance had a measure of protection because the secret reasons behind his Presidential pardon.

Bill Pawelec, had no such protection as he tried to keep his ideas alive and wanted to form a “protected community” of sorts in the San Luis Valley in Colorado, based upon this unique technology. To explore this possibility, Bill moved to Pagosa Springs, CO. with the new love of his life, Annie DeRiso. Annie and I became close friends following Bill’s

Annie DeRiso, the retired News Director of The Common Sense Show

Annie DeRiso, the retired News Director of The Common Sense Show

death from a form of quick acting cancer. And eventually, Annie became the News Director for The Common Sense Show, a position she held for six years. It was there that Bill contracted quick acting cancer and died in 2007.

Pawelec knew what he was working on had inherent risks to his safety. In 2001, I advised him to record and distribute for safekeeping some kind of leverage of what he knew, so he would not become a victim. My own father employed a similar strategy when left covert projects in the late 197o’s as too many of his colleagues were meeting an untimely end.

In 2001, Bill Pawelec allowed himself to be interviewed by Dr. Steven Greer, who was heading an ET disclosure project led by Generals, Colonel’s and government scientists. Bill was interviewed by Dr. Greer just prior to the unveling of the Disclosure Project. Greer agreed to keep the interview off the books until after Bill’s death. Immediately following Bill’s death, in 2007, Greer aired the interview about Bill’s knowledge on the ET technology question. At the very end of the interview, Bill made it clear he was holding back additional information. The information that he held back was the ET had infiltrated many government bureaucracies and was walking among us guiding the direction of the planet. These were Bill’s words, not mine.

As I look back upon this time, I believe that Bill’s interview with Dr. Greer kept him from becoming an immediate violent death statistic. However, his eventual death from quick acting cancer would not be as suspicious. Both Annie and I felt that Bill was taken out for what he knew.


Annie and Bill Pawelec

Annie and Bill Pawelec

Disclosures From Bill Pawelec

Several years ago, I was interviewing Jim Marrs about the existence and nature of secret societies. Out of the blue, Jim said that “You really cannot understand the nature of secret societies without looking at the ET issue”. I have come to understand what Jim meant by that comment.

Bill Pawelec’s revelations regarding disclosure of the alien issue to Dr. Greer was revealing, but very incomplete.

Click to watch William (Bill) Pawlec Interview.


What Bill did not tell Dr. Greer that he clearly told me was that ET’s are not only interacting with the elite, many have operatives who are living and walking among us.


I was publicly quiet about this issue for many years, for many reasons, most of which centered around the topic of credibility.

I have decided it is time to talk and to reveal what I have been told.

Imminent disclosure is at hand. Hollywood is deeply involved in predictive programming in a PSYOPS to prepare the people about what is really going on with regard to the earth and its “guided” future.

In Part Two, I will be revealing how a compelling case for predictive programming in relation to the ET issue can be made. The pattern is undeniable and it will be covered in tomorrow’s article. The end result implications are the most profound news event on the planet.

Don't wait for the collapse of the dollar because it will be too late.

Don’t wait for the collapse of the dollar because it will be too late.