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14 Things To Do Before World War III Begins

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Yesterday, The Common Sense Show issued a breaking news alert as to the elite bugging out to deep underground bunkers in Morocco. The Common Sense Show is announcing that we have even more details have surfaced regarding to Moroccan bugging out indicating that World War III is imminent.

If such an event ever came to fruition, it could potentially paralyze this nation and bring the economy to a standstill. Subsequently, the grocery store shelves could be empty within two days and food riots would likely commence by sundown of the second day. All Americans would instantly be in danger. Local law enforcement would be overwhelmed. What would be your chances of survival? Previously, I wrote about the fact that FEMA has conducted research studies on America’s level of preparedness and the news is not good. FEMA concluded that 72% of all Americans are not prepared to survive what is coming In other words, when society begins to fragment, you and your fellow preppers are outnumbered by a 3 to 1 margin.

Initial Inquiry Regarding Generators for DUMB

Below is the initial inquiry from the South Korean Corporation which was looking for 5000 generators for deep underground bunkers. The details regarding the request surfaced in later communications. Tim Moeller, the owner of of Moeller engineering, request that our mutual contact, Bob Griswold forward these communicatis to me (DH).

This is when the project first started. Can you forward the is to DH please.
Best,Timothy Moeller, MSME
Moeller Engineering Co._____________________________________________________________


Dear YK,
We could meet the required spec’s for your project quite easily, but we are not able to produce 5000 units at this time. Thank you for contacting us. If I may be of further assistance, please let me know.
Tim Moeller
Moeller Engineering 

From: YJKM <[email protected]>
To: [email protected]
Sent: Friday, November 1, 2013 12:53 PM
Subject: hand crank generator enquiry


M/S: Moeller Engineering
From: YJ Kim (Mobile: +82-10-3865-8456. e-mail:[email protected])
Vice-president, Specialist consultant for renewable energy section
Dear Sir,
You company and web-site introduced by Korea trade Center and we have seen detail all your items on sale through your web-site. We are Korean company and doing renewable energy and water treatment business. Now we are having some ODA(Official Development Assistance) project with NGO and the Ministry of Foreign Korean Government that we are plan to have 2014 ODA project for supporting to Africa 54 countries, According to their requirements, we are going to provide Hand Crank Generator for all weather
What we are looking for is Hand Crank Generator and specification and quality guarantee condition as follows and hope your items will be suitable for this condition. If not available to fit this specification, your best counter offer will be appreciated.
And also, we are very interested to be your Sole agent in Korea if you are looking for best agent in Korea. Please let me know what is your sole agent policy.
ODA specification
Requirement scope
Rated Voltage x Amp (V x Amp)
DC 12V or 24V / ??A
Method of electricity generation
Hand or Feet only
Ave rpm
Maximum Generator capacity/hr
1 kWh(1000watts per hr)
If not able to full charge 1kW/hr,
How much time do you need?
ex) 75min ±10min
Battery Specification
Li-ion or polymer
5 years guarantee
Storage capacity
Dimension (L*W*H)
Gross Weight
Best Price (Ex-Work)
Output Jack
2 Plug (220V/110V)
4 plug
2 plug
Minimum Order
5,000~10,000 units/lot
L/C + T/T
50% Down payment, 50% by L/C
Our company profile
Company Name*: AK International Co., Ltd.
Country: Head office in Korea,
Main Contact Name & Title*: YJ Kim/Vice-president
Company Website: www.ak-int.co.kr
Awaiting for your prompt reply soon.
With best regards,

YJ Kim

As I reported yesterday, the proverbial poop is ready to hit the fan. The Russians are on the verge of taking over Syria. The overlords of the Petrodollar are never going to let that happen. Jade Helm forces are in place. The elite are bugging out. Owners of deep underground bunkers are frantically seeking generators. All hell is ready to break loose. Are you prepared for 3 out of 4 of your neighbors climbing through your windows in search of life-saving supplies? If the elite are bugging out, shouldn’t you be preparing for the worst?

The FEMA Preparedness Reports

In response to concerns about strengthening the nation’s ability to protect its population and way of life (i.e., security) and ability to adapt and recover from emergencies (i.e., resilience), the President of the United States issued Presidential Policy Directive 8: National Preparedness(PPD-8).

PPD-8 is a directive for the Department of Homeland Security to coordinate a comprehensive campaign to encourage Americans to practice national preparedness. Despite efforts byFEMA and other organizations to educate American citizens on becoming prepared, growth in specific preparedness behaviors has been limited. Government programs to this end are nearly nonexistent.

I have spent the past week illustrating how a coming economic collapse is unavoidable and how the elite have conspired to steal as many of your assets as possible prior to the collapse. This article presents  some common sense things one can do which could increase the chances of surviving a major societal meltdown resulting from an economic collapse. If you have any doubts as to what is coming, I strongly encourage you to read what I have written about on this topic over the past several months. Even Ray Charles could see that our economy will  not be around much longer in its present form. Your can read these storieshere, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here, here and here,

It is always best to prepare for the worst and hope for the best. For the purposes of this article, it is possible that society will not totally collapse even if the dollar does. However, large segments of societies always collapse when an economic collapse happens.  Surviving the worst case scenario is the purpose behind what will be covered here.

1. The Creation of a FAKE-Identity

It may be necessary to become invisible in the event you think you believe that your name could be on a (Red) list because roundups will usually occur in dire situations. Therefore, the creation of a pseudo-identity could become very important.

2. It Takes Money to Prepare

If you have read the articles at the above links, you should have concluded that it is the height of stupidity to leave your life savings in an institution that is planning to steal from you. You need to divert your cash, other than the ability to pay basic bills, in preparation for what is coming.

BANKSTERS AGetting your money out of the bank has become an art form and you need to be careful. There is a barrier to your ability to procure some of these life-saving and life-extending supplies. Right now, you do not have full access to your money.

As you move to withdraw the bulk of your money, there are three federal banking laws that you should be cognizant of, namely, Cash Transaction Report (CTR), a Suspicious Activity Report (SAR) and structuring.

Cash Transaction Reports

Federal law requires that the bank file a report based upon any withdrawal or deposit of $10,000 or more on any single given day.The law was designed to put a damper on money laundering, sophisticated counterfeiting and other federal crimes.

To remain in compliance with the law, financial institutions must obtain personal identification, information about the transaction and the social security number of the person conducting the transaction.

Before proceeding with the planned withdrawal of your money, I would strongly suggest that you read the following federal guidelines as it relates to CTR’s as produced by the The Financial Crimes Enforcement Network (FinCEN). All the federal regulations contained in this article are elucidated in this series of federal reports.

Structuring and SAR

There will undoubtedly be some geniuses whose math ability will tell them that all they have to do is to withdraw $9,999.99 and the bank and its protector, the federal government will be none the wiser. It is not quite that simple. The bank is required to file a Suspicious Activity Report (SAR) which serves to notify the federal government of an individual’s attempt to structure deposits or withdrawals by circumventing the $10,000 reporting requirement.

Structuring transactions to prevent a CTR from being reported can result in imprisonment for not more than five years and/or a fine of up to $250,000. If structuring involves more than $100,000 in a twelve month period or is performed while violating another law of the federal government, the penalty is doubled.


Much like the enforcement of our tax laws, the federal government’s enforcement of its banking laws as it relates to CTR’s, SAR’s and subsequent structuring is quite draconian. Civilian asset forfeiture laws come into play. The government can seize your bank accounts while it determines if a crime has been committed. The government can literally seize your assets in perpetuity without an order of the court. Of course, you could try and sue but you will be up against the deep pockets of the federal government and the case could take years. By the time your case is decided, the financial banking crisis that you are so desperately trying to avoid by withdrawing your money, could be over.  So, proceed with caution.

Withdrawing Your Money From the Bank

The best way to avoid getting your money caught in the bank in the midst of a bank run would be to not let the lion’s share of your money ever cross the bank. The simplest way to accomplish this is to prevent any form of deposit from going automatically into your account, as much as it is possible.

Secondly, you need to begin to pay cash for everything. Let’s say that every 30 days, Bob cashes his check at the bank from his work worth $5,000 net pay. Bob leaves just enough in the bank to be able to conduct normal banking business. Bob walks out of the bank every month with the majority of the cash from his check. Bob should begin to pay cash for as much as he can, such as eating out, paying the electric bill (pay the bill in person), buying groceries, etc. When it becomes necessary to make a “big ticket” purchase, Bob could temporarily leave more in the bank to cover the writing of a check.

You would also be wise to open multiple banking accounts ranging from the big five megabanks to your local credit unions. You could withdraw much smaller amounts until the sum total of your accounts is greatly diminished and is in your possession. To open the accounts, simply write a personal check from your home bank. Of course, in these cases, the bank could hold the check for 15-30 days.

I cannot promise you that if you become the target of federal investigators, that you will not have your every financial move scrutinized and the feds will eventually discover the aggregate patterns of withdrawal. People who I interviewed told me that they believe that the federal government is in the process of getting the banking computers to “talk” to each other in a way that would reveal structuring, but that technology is not yet online.

If you ever become the target of a federal investigation, do not, under any circumstances, allow yourself to be interviewed by federal officials without an attorney present. In many cases, people go to jail and pay huge fines, not because they have committed a federal crime, but because federal officials state that they have lied or misled them. And if you do not have an attorney present, it is your word versus the federal government.

There are other sources besides banks that you can tap into for money which can be used to prepare for what is coming.

4o1K’s, IRA, et al

If you were 100% convinced of an imminent crash, you would be foolish not to take your money out. However, the prepayment penalty of 50% is steep if you withdraw your funds before you are 59.5 years old.

If you are retiring soon, take the lump sum option and convert all of these retirement monies to survival supplies and gold which you will need as the world emerges from the crash.

The moral of the story is to become as liquid as possible, from a cash perspective. Getting access to your money is only the first part of being prepared to survive an economic crash.

3. Make a List

Buy a good prepper book. Holly Deyo is an excellent source for this information (www.standdeyo.com). In the interim, procure your food, water, guns, ammo and home security adjustments.  If you do not have a big dog, consider obtaining a pair. These animals will be your companion, home security system and ally if someone attempts to breach your home with bad intent. Of course, you will have to store dog food as well.

Sit down and construct a list of what you will need after reading a good prepper book.

Make all of you purchases in cash! You do not want to let the wrong people know what you are up to.


4. Rural Vs. Urban

We have to live our lives for today and it may not be possible to move to a rural area because of your job. However, one survivalist that I was speaking with estimates that the rate of survival for a country in economic chaos would be 10 times higher for rural residents as opposed to urban residents. Consider buying a place in an isolated area and commuting to work in the interim.

5. Pay Off Your Mortgage and Car Loans

If you have a CD, a 401k or any other long-term investment, you might want to consider taking the penalty and executing a withdrawal and apply what’s left of the principal, usually about 50% of the original value, and paying down your major debts.

After an economic collapse, you most likely will not have a job and your retirement and savings will likely be wiped out and confiscated. That is why it would be wise to pay down your debt while you can afford to do so because after the collapse, there will still be foreclosures and repossessions and if you and your family survive, you could be on the street if you cannot pay your bills.


6. Buy Gold and Silver While You Can Afford It

gold and silverGoldman Sachs has been shorting gold. The elite have been hording gold as have the BRICS. These entities are telling you, by action, what medium of exchange is going to be of value following the collapse that is coming.

Storing gold and silver is an economic survival strategy which will pay dividends after the smoke begins to clear in the post-collapse era.



7. Practice Austerity Before Austerity Is Imposed On You

It is critical to immediately eliminate all unnecessary expenses. Give yourself some operating capital. You may be able to purchase a bug-out residence in a rural area. You will certainly be able to afford more survival gear.

In order to increase your immediate cash flow, start an at-home business. Start a business which has virtually no upfront and startup costs.  Even if you are not able to generate much income, you will create a legal tax evasion strategy in which you can legally deduct many of your present activities and expenses (e.g. mileage, the purchase of any office supply, etc.) including survival gear.


8. Create and Store Your Own Food

With regard to storing food, you need to do so immediately. I recommend storing two years worth of food. However, you need to master the art of growing food inside your home. There are plenty of resources which can teach you how to do that. However, you would be wise if you would create a hiding place in which you can store food and water safely in a hidden location.  If you are ever robbed, you will not have exhausted your food supplies.  You are most likely to be robbed by FEMA or one of their mercenary groups (e.g. Academia) during the beginning of the crisis because food and water will be used as weapons to control you. I am personally aware of FEMA going to selected homeowners to catalogue their reserve food and water supplies. Remember, water is sunlight and temperature sensitive. There are plenty of prepper manuals that you can consult for instructions on how to meet these needs. The time to do these things is yesterday.

The biggest threat to survival is death due to dehydration and starving to death.  Contaminated water will also pose a threat. There are plenty of places to purchase large drums and obtain water tablets for water purification purposes.  Obtain a pair of water filters in case you have to go mobile to survive.

Finally, learn to grow your own food within your residence. Your garden will likely be raided by humans and hungry animals alike. There are plenty of prepper manuals which can teach you how to accomplish this task.

9. Personal Supplies

Of course you will need toothpaste, toiletries, eating utensils, feminine hygiene supplies, etc. For a complete list of personal items see Steve Quayles list on his website.


10. Horde Medicines and Medical Supplies


 If you or your family has a chronic health condition, it is critical that you have 6 months to a year in medicine. Also, you should research natural alternatives to treatment for health conditions in case you are not able to meet this goal due to the inability to obtain prescriptions. Don’t forget to obtain some pain medication and antibiotics in case of unforeseen emergencies.  Make a trip to Mexico and sneak across medication in old pill bottles in order to escape detection by the Border Patrol who will ask you if you obtained medication in Mexico when you come back across the border.

If you can safely ration your existing medication doses, do so and store the excesses. Make sure you also have a first aid kit. Take a First Aid class including CPR at your local fire station.

Some are thinking that this is a lot of work. My response would be, how bad do you want you and your family to survive?

11. Guns and Ammunition

darpa gun behind grass Yamamoto-Japanese-AdmiralRegardless of your moral convictions, ask yourself if you want your family to survive.

Buy your guns off the books from private parties and at gun shows. “Keep guns for show and guns for go”. In other words, have a safe location that you can bury guns so that when gun confiscation begins, you will not be left totally defenseless.

America needs to not only create safe and secure homes, but to create as many Warsaw ghettos as possible (look it up). We need to make ourselves a hard country to conquer and occupy. We cannot stop a treasonous leader from handing off the country to some foreign entity (e.g. the UN). However, occupation of America should be problematic for the blue-helmet wearing Russians, Chinese and other proxy forces training on our soil to occupy us.

It is recommended that you have 3 types of weapons: (1) pistols for close in fighting; (2) shotguns for defense of the entrance to your home; and, (3) a rifle with a scope in order to fight back against long-range snipers that do not want to storm your home because you appear to be prepared. Immediately, obtain weapons instruction for you and your family, firearms training and then practice!  Conduct mock raids on your residence so that you can see your vulnerabilities. An armed populace makes a people more feared by an abusive government.

Do not forget about gas masks for each member of your family and make sure to store extras. If you have the means to obtain body armor, do so now, because Congress is preparing to outlaw the private use of body armor.


12. Prepare to Survive in the Raw Elements and Build a Way of Life


It is possible that you can learn to survive in the raw elements without heating and central air conditioning. You may not have lights. Obtain flashlights, many batteries and a hand crank radio.

Make sure you have clothes befitting all weather that you may encounter because a crisis that begins in January, may not be over by August.

Take a weekend and pretend the grid is down. This will allow you to see firsthand what supplies you will need. When should you perform this drill? There is no time like the present.

To people with generators, congratulations on your foresight. However, if you are the only house on the block with lights, how long do you think it will be until you have unwanted visitors with bad intent?

Get in shape, begin to walk, jog or run. The better shape you are in, the better.

Don’t forget about procuring non-electronic forms of entertainment. This should include board games and educational materials for your children. You will want to establish some normalcy for the sake of your children. You are preparing to adopt a new way of life. Make the new life worth living.

I would also recommend that every personal library contain The Constitution of the United States. After the chaos subsides, we will need to rebuild. You will not want to live in a “might makes right” society.

13. For Goodness Sake, Do Not Tell Anyone

enemy of the state preppersIf your four adjacent neighbors broach the topic of preparedness, gauge the situation and then make an informed decision. If your neighbors are on board with preparing, that will help you form a defensive perimeter and a mutual alliance pact. Otherwise, tell nobody of your preparation plans. Do not tell your friends, family members, and co-workers. Make your preparations in cash or cashier’s checks as much as possible. Limit the paper trail to you. You do not want the government to know that you are prepared because you could be the first one on your block that is visited at 3AM. You and your mate should prepare in stealth. Kids talk and so do their friends.

14. Above All Else, PRAY!

Survival is never guaranteed, salvation is! And do not forget one of your most important resources, your Bible. In a post-collapse America, it is likely that a religion will be forced upon the survivors and that religion will not be Christianity.


In an upside-down world in which the banks legally own your money, getting your money away from these criminal banks has become an art form. I cannot promise you that you will be able to retrieve all of your assets. However, I can promise you that if you do not act, you will lose everything and you will lack needed supplies to weather what is coming.

I would strongly suggest that you keep your gas tank filled and you have plenty of cash, food and ammunition on hand. It is better to be safe than sorry.


Don't wait for the collapse of the dollar because it will be too late.

Don’t wait for the collapse of the dollar because it will be too late.




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  1. Taxdn2poverty December 2, 2015 at 5:36 am

    Sir, no offense, but if we still had time to do all the things you mentioned above then the collapse/WW3 would still be years in front of us. Frankly, those that haven’t prepared are now playing a losing game. There just isn’t that much time left. Turkey is moving up to 500,000 migrants to the EU, and the new ultra liberal Prime Minister of Canada has just went to the people drive thru and order 25,000 Syrian refugees to be dropped in different locations in Canada. Sweden has lost 14,000 and doesn’t have a clue where they are. Our borders are wide open and the odds are a hell of a lot worse than 3-1. One out of four may be able to make it for a week or ten days, but the people that actually have the prepared food and water to survive for two years is probably more akin to one in 10,000. The situation is going to be nasty, nasty indeed. Best wishes and thanks for your time. PS: One would have thought that the generators would have had more output than 1000kph.


  2. Jerry C December 2, 2015 at 6:14 am

    Morning Dave, In reviewing you list of things to do before it all hits, I am assuming the list is a general guide line.
    I my case many of the things you listed my wife and I won’t need to worry about because we’re too broke to stress over gold, silver, IRA’s and the like.
    Our precious metals investments have centered around lead, copper, and brass.

    The military taught me well in that you “should always have a back up plan for ‘the plan’ because ‘the plan’ rarely ever works, and even the back-up plan is subject to failure once the opposing force gets involved.” In other words, be ready to improvise, adjust, or completely change your directive at the drop of a hat.
    When it comes to bug-out retreats, I do agree with the concept over-all, but again, be ready to abandon your location. As General George Patton once said: “Fixed fortifications are a monument to the stupidity of mankind… if mountains and oceans can be overcome, anything mankind builds can also be overcome…”. Again, be ready to improvise… adapt… overcome…
    My wife and I have agreed that paying off the mortgage or car loans is an exercise in futility – agree or disagree, here’s our logic… FEMA and DHS have both declared that in a worse case scenario of a grid down situation, 90% + of the US population will be dead within a year. What in the world makes anyone think that commerce will be running ‘as usual’ at the end of that year.
    If there is even a semblance of normal activity in commerce, it’ll be paper and pencil and then it’ll be their word against yours that your mortgage is paid off – even if you have the printed proof – they could easily claim that you took out ‘another’ mortgage and THAT one got lost in cyber space when it all it the fan… in other words, the PTB will take everything you own – whether you owned it outright or not – that is their objective in that arena.
    It’s back to what Patton said: “stay light, stay mobile, stay on the move…”. That home you’re trying to hang onto is a ‘fixed fortification’ and can be easily overcome by most opposing forces.
    Again, if 90%+ of the US population is dead in a year, applying squatters-rights comes into play.
    Don’t get me wrong – I’m a prepper and I have every intention of helping others as much as I can – especially those of my extended family, but I’m also a realist, and I see no problem in temporarily ‘squatting’ in an abandoned or un-used fixture, and if my years of survival training and experience isn’t welcome by a ‘community’ – well, that’s fine by me – their loss… and besides, while on the one hand “no man is an island”, on the other hand “large groups make better targets”…. Keep your community small.
    I could ramble on, that covers the bulk of my opinions in reference to your article… I’m very thankful for you and your ministry… yes, I consider your site a worthy ministry.
    God’s speed to you and yours… In Christ, Jerry

  3. Maybe, maybe not in Ahwatukee December 2, 2015 at 7:10 am

    I want to give kudos to the author of this article because is not easy or quick to put together all this onfo about prepping. Even though I do not think WW III, is going to happen anytime soon, the advise given on this article is useful regardless of what is going on. Living within your means, be prepared, be alert, be ready in case tragedy struck are always good advise. My personal opinion is that we will see 2015 coming to a peaceful end and then 2016 also coming to a uneventful presidential elections. Nevertheless, be prepared.

  4. Logical December 2, 2015 at 7:24 am

    Taking your IRA money out of the bank can be confusing however, there is a way to do it without tax consequences, it’s called a self directed IRA. You can, for instance, take control of your your money and purchase gold, silver or real estate.
    Just google self directed IRA and read the abundant information about this little known way to control your own retirement.

  5. Joe December 2, 2015 at 7:39 am

    “Owners of deep underground bunkers are frantically seeking generators”.

    How shortsighted of them. Build a bunker and no generator? Seems to me that would be standard.

    Other than that, I guess its a good thing I have a water well with a hand pump backup.


  6. pj December 2, 2015 at 8:24 am

    You do know they’ll confiscate your gold just like FDR did in the 1930s, right?

  7. bucksaw December 2, 2015 at 9:09 am

    Good luck to those that have generators up high on their lists.

  8. knobster December 2, 2015 at 9:42 am

    Took less than 5 minutes of research to discover Moeller Engineering doesn’t make hand crank generators. While I agree with your list of things to do prior to WW3 please provide more solid proof of why you are preaching doom and gloom. Trust but verify.


  9. GW December 2, 2015 at 9:55 am

    Dave, your article makes perfect sense and under “normal” circumstances, would be operative. However, I am married to someone who is not fully on-board with where we are on God’s timeline and will not acquiesce to withdraw funds from a 401K or the bank. Thus, I have had to prepare myself for a huge emotional hit if/when the 401K accounts are cleaned out. Tough stuff!! We’re not wealthy (like your other friends) by any means, so what we have is small compared to others. However it would be a big hit to us!

  10. laura m. December 2, 2015 at 10:40 am

    Why would people allow FEMA to come into their house (#8)and inventory their supplies? No one has a right to come into a house to inventory anything. This is crazy. On guns: I suggest to sell older style calibers and get NATO style rifles (M-4) and common handguns and ammo per adult. Islamic Jihad will probably be used to reduce population here and overseas. The E.U. is close to establishing a caliphate I feel by late 2016, mass destruction as E.U. leaders are pushing for a Caliphate and shiria law.

  11. Taxdn2poverty December 2, 2015 at 11:09 am

    This may be somewhat off subject, but just what the heck are America and Europe attempting to do by inviting Montenegro into NATO? This is a poke in the eye of Russia. We have nothing to gain by allowing a 2×4 country into the fold, especially one in Russia’s sphere of influence. Everyday the ante gets upped one more notch.

  12. Bicycle Bobs Prescott WI December 2, 2015 at 11:19 am

    There is no way I can afford buying Gold or Silver but there are other commodities [copper] that I can afford and there is where I put my money

  13. Timmay! December 2, 2015 at 11:41 am

    For me, there’s more than one piece of poop in the chocolate-chip ice cream. My question is why?
    1. Why pay down debts, denominated in U.S. Dollars, if you’re convinced of looming hyper-inflation?

    Better Solution: Why not wait until dollars litter the streets and we can just scoop them up to pay ALL debts of with a wheelbarrow and shovel?

    Also, if it get to the point of anarchy, who’s going to be there to collect it anyway?

    Why not also disclose this instead:
    1. When a loan is made, no actual money, in the lender’s possession is used; it is instead created by a simple ledger-entry, having its “value” assigned as pending principle/interest-return (future payments of real money will replace the deficit created by the ledger entry).
    A good way for people to view their own CC, Homeowners credit-lines, mortgages, etc.,:

    Your loan is fictitious until you make it real. The bank has not loaned you any money, they have drawn up a “legal-note” to give legal notice that you have pledged your future resources as recompense against their present, counterfeiting operation.

    That is precisely what most debts is. Nothing exists except the poor, ignorant “customer’s” pledge of self-enslavement for the lender’s benefit. This is why lenders sell these notes for less than “the borrowed” amount. They are selling contracts for indentured-servitude at a 100% profit, regardless of actual sale price.

    Let’s let that sink in for just a moment.

  14. Nam Marine December 2, 2015 at 11:46 am

    Maybe…….just maybe, we are NOT supposed to survive!

  15. Dean in MT December 2, 2015 at 1:06 pm

    Did anyone happen to notice that the RFQ from the Korean company is from 2013???? Come on, Dave, we expect better than this from you…


  16. Bullwinkle December 2, 2015 at 4:48 pm

    The last official act of any government is to loot the nation.
    It is happening now!

  17. janet December 3, 2015 at 7:05 am

    Dear Dave,
    Jesus tells us to not grow weary of doing good. HE has called you to the high calling of being a watchman in the.last days, which we are in. Do not let the ignorance of theses posts discourage you. What the Lord has shownmefrom your writings and interviews has given me the strenthth to prep. I have done all you have suggested and know my path has been bread crumbed by Jesus. He has miraculously provided for my family to be prepared.
    Thank you from the bottom of my heart. J

  18. arnie December 3, 2015 at 7:59 am

    I confused. Why would “they” have another World War when Planet X, aka Nibiru is being photographed in the skies around the World and will soon devastate our home planet as it loops around the Sun to head back out where it came from? View,
    poleshift.ning.com to understand the effect it will have on our planet and we the people.

  19. GMC December 3, 2015 at 8:36 am

    While I agree that many of the things listed to support a family in dire times are great.

    The fact of the matter is that, 98% of folks out there simply do not have the resources, time or knowledge to improve their situation as described above.

    I am a 20+ year Veteran and have attended all the high speed schools; survival, field medicine, escape and evasion, weapons and explosives etc. With of all my training and practical experience I should be a shoe in for survival.

    The truth is, if this comes to pass whether we are invaded or not, I realistically do not expect survival. Why? Because operating in a situation as described above is simply not sustainable. The sheer emotional, and physical stress in that situation will leave you “Combat Ineffective” in a short period of time.

    I know this from experience, I have seen and been directly involved during a regime change that left several countries in ruin. I am not saying one should simply give up, you should make a stand, but bear in mind if it becomes a protracted battle, survival may not be possible.

    When it comes down to worst case scenario, you can trust no one…. At that time when children are starving or injured, your best friend will turn on you. Count on it. Going it alone is not a viable option for very long, by that I mean a few weeks at best. Even if you put together what you think is a tight nit group of people, it will only extend your situation for a few months at best. This is assuming you are in a location you can protect, with numerous assets, and are not under constant siege from others, which will be the case. People will be drawn to groups, with either good or bad intent.

    While I do agree with “Move to Live”, it is not realistic. You will be out in the open, with everything you have left, and a huge target for the other millions who are on the move also.

    So whats the answer? I see it this way. I buy 2 cans of soup instead of one, a bigger bag of rice than I need etc. I am not going to max out the cards for things, it makes no sense. As far as generators and such. In my opinion going “Dark” to survive cannot be done with a generator running and lights on, even the smell of cooking meat or smoke from a fire is going to bring trouble for miles.

    Even on a tight budget a person can stock up extras, just in case. If nothing happens, you rotate the extras into your use and repeat. If things do not stabilize after a short period, for most it will not matter anyway.

    I hear people talking all the time about all the “Stuff” they have saved. All the preparations etc. Some even have a decent plan. The one thing that eludes all of them is the psychological stress they will need to operate under, for a prolonged period of time. I am a Combat Veteran, and the thought of it scares the shit out of me…. I cannot explain the horror we will see if this happens, and it affects you in many ways. I have seen good, hard, experts who could not come back from what they had experienced and done.

    I wish everyone luck, and I pray this will not evolve into that situation. I will do what I can, but I refuse to let it drive me insane with all the “What Ifs”. If it comes I will do what I can for my family and others around me. Farther than that, it is not in my hands..

  20. TeamWork December 3, 2015 at 8:41 am

    I have heard several alternative media people say we should pay off our mortgage to prepare for what is to come, but I find myself disagreeing every time.

    Maybe the best option is to MAX out your mortgage and BUY, BUY, BUY all things prepping (food, manual well pump, water filter, guns and ammo, etc…). If you think you have enough then quadruple everything!

    When the big event hits, we cannot survive alone. There will be millions of unprepared people that will be starving and will not hesitate to eliminate you and take all you have prepared for. They will stalk you and try and catch you off guard. You need security 7/24. You will need to grow food and hunt. A small family cannot do all that is necessary. We need a team of like minded individuals, all who are serious about their preps. That may be, for example, a total of 5 households.

    One of those households will be the agreed upon bug out location. The other 4 households can max out their mortgages and make sure the team has everything necessary to survive. When it hits the fan, 4 of the 5 houses will be discarded, but your team is ready to survive!

    That’s how you stick it to the bankers who are responsible for all this mess in the first place. All wars are bankers wars…..RIGHT!

    Anyway, I know there will be many that totally disagree with me, but I hope someone finds this useful.


  21. knobster December 3, 2015 at 11:55 am

    My apologies Dave. My deeper searches have discovered another ‘Moeller Engineering’ who is indeed owned by Tim. Located in Ohio. Lesson learned: trust but verify further.

  22. Megan December 3, 2015 at 11:58 am

    . . . yes, I’m being a ‘Negative Nancy’ here, but my tact for not surviving, is ‘opting out’ – if you get my drift. I don’t want to survive.

  23. janet December 3, 2015 at 12:37 pm

    Dave, You have the high calling of a watchman. Sadly, theses people have no clue what is about to come upon them. Jesus has used you to bring awareness to our fily. We have preped and trust the Lord to bless the efforts of our hands.
    Thank you and may the Holy Spirit continue to rest upon you and protect you and your family in the days to come.

  24. Honeybee December 3, 2015 at 5:36 pm

    No. 5 implies we will all just start over after a collapse and martial law like business as usual as if Bank of America will send the repo guy and the notice of foreclosure. After the collapse and martial law, and WW3 bombing of the U.S., nothing will ever be the same again. Those who believe it’s just a period of tough times we’ll go through and then back to our jobs after dropping kids at daycare and Saturday soccer NEED TO READ THE BOOK OF REVELATION. WE ARE IN THE END TIMES.

  25. Sarah Jenkins December 4, 2015 at 10:38 am

    Regarding antibiotics, colloidal silver, patented by the Third Reich as Movidyn, has already been banned in the EU. It was tested and found to be effective against all pandemic pathogens tested. John Loftus discusses this, but I don’t remember which book. Also, read Codex Alimentaris, writeen in 1962. It’s a eugenics plan based on deprivation of vitamins and minerals required for life; requires irradiation of all foodstuff, the feeding of bovine growth hormone to all dairy animals, a ban on all natural and herbal medicines, etc… Stocking up on items included in CA bans might keep some of us alive.
    Also, I don’t know if Snowden’s leaks on tall whites (Nordics) has been covered here, but I think they’re very important in general and add info to Dave’s posts on ET-Nazi associations.

  26. Canadianhillbilly December 4, 2015 at 12:45 pm

    Good afternnon Dave,

    Ive been a quiet yet loyal reader and follower of yours for quite some time. I’m making this one and only comment because I’m alittle bothered by the way you respond to some of your followers comments. It seems that when somebody disagrees, questions or challenges you, you resort to belittling, name-calling and rude replies. I find this to be childish and unprofessional and unfair, as these people like myself are otherwise very loyal to you. I hope in the future you can address this is a more mature manner. Just because one may have a different opinion, or have questions, doesnt make them an idiot or a “troll.” We can think and do our own research for urselves too. With that being said, this is my first and last comment, so ill take it to thank you for all you
    do. Keep up the great work and may you and yours be blessed, and like you said, the nay-sayers will see the truth and eat their words eventually. Take care!


  27. Nicknamed December 5, 2015 at 9:45 am

    I appreciate the reportage. I read your articles fairly regularly and am always left with a sense of “why doesn’t he state the rest of the story?” You usually say you can’t reveal more because of x, y, or z. I get it, but it makes it hard for folks without your sources to ferret out the rest of the story.

    Anyway, thought I’d contribute in this way: plans afoot to put 50k us troops in Syria. I suppose I could get more confirmation of this, but I don’t want to put friends on the spot. This media coverage of just a few spec ops folks, well I suppose it’s a good cover story so if troops are noticed being deployed, it must be for that, not the larger qty that isn’t acknowledged. anyway, my experience in that world is such that 50 warriors need hundreds of remfs In support. A move like this is a stick in the eye to some. Revelations has it about who will attack Israel, but it is looking like Obama might lead that charge. given UN involvement, that could happen. there might be a spark in the next few months, according to those better connected than I.

    As far as prepping for a possible war. Well, that is all well and good, but,understand, plans of man fail if not aligned with Gods’ plan(s).

    Suggestions of going into debt to fund survival supplies is against Gods word (obviously He doesn’t say exactly that, but going into debt, especially with no intent to repay….) so obviously that isn’t a good plan to follow.

    Keep up the Watchman role, we do appreciate it.

  28. Ugly as a troll but not one December 5, 2015 at 4:39 pm

    Canadianhillbilly, Trolls and morons are identified by their own actions. If you follow Dave’s posts and sites where he is published you will see an almost “copy & paste” approach to the trolls posts. Morons… well… they just are!

    Dave is right to have started calling these people out for the sake of the gullible.

    Let ’em have it Dave! With BOTH BARRELS!

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