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In the aftermath of the San Bernardino, ISIS-inspired mass murder of 14 Americans, Attorney General Loretta Lynch, took it upon herself to violate the First Amendment of the Constitution based solely on her own authority, when she announced that her office was going to prosecute any journalist who dared to say anything critical of Muslim inspired terrorism.

Of particular interest to Lynch is her intention to prosecute journalists who dare to criticize the Refugee/Resettlement program of the Obama administration being carried out on behalf of the United Nations in which Muslims (no Christians) are admitted to the U.S. without being screened for threats to national security.

It was during this same time frame, that Doug Hagmann had a clandestine meeting with a Depart of Justice official who informed Doug that Lynch has created an entire DoJ division of over two dozen employees which is headed by an U.S. Attorney.

In short, Loretta Lynch has declared war on anybody who is critical of Obama’s immigration policies. Subsequently, I have decided to turn the table and investigate the current Attorney General. The revelations are stunning and very disturbing and point to the undeniable fact that Loretta Lynch is not fit to hold any governmental position in which there is an expectation that the U.S. Constitution is going to be upheld. Here are the results of my very cursory investigation.

Attorney General Lynch Belonged to Jew-Hating, Pro-Terrorist Harvard Group While Attending Law School


Lynch’s expressed desire to act against those who purposely endanger Muslims is an expected part of her role as the Attorney General of the United States. However, he expressed intent and the carrying out of this intent by persecuting journalists for daring to disagree with the administration’s immigration policies is completely unconstitutional.

While attending Harvard Law School, Lynch advocated and helped to organize the presence of PLO terrorists to come to Harvard University. Her group would not allow Jewish students to challenge the views of the PLO. The PLO is a known terror group. At that time, in 1984, the PLO was actively advocating for acts of terrorism against Jews and they further supported efforts to destroy Israel. The would-be Attorney General supported Jew-hating terrorists. However, she has an issue with journalists criticizing the act of bringing in unscreened Muslim immigrants who come from a part of the world that is decidedly anti-American.

Loretta Lynch Is a Race-Baiter

Loretta Lynch was a charter member of an all-black Harvard sorority, the Xi Tau Chapter of Delta Sigma Theta Sorority
 along with Eric Holder’s wife, Sharon Denise Malone. White females were not allowed to apply for admission.

Lynch’s association with the Holder family is very concerning to say the least. Former Attorney General, Eric Holder, left the position in a cloud of controversy as he was found in contempt of Congress, for his refusal to tell Congress what he knew about the illegal gun sales to Mexican drug cartel members which led directly to the murder of Border Patrol agent, Brian Terry in what became known as Fast and Furious. Loretta Lynch is of the same ilk as Eric Holder.

Who could forget the Black Panthers with billy clubs, along with their silly paramilitary outfits as they blatantly confronted voters at a voting station?  Holder was shown video, proof, and took no action.

Attorney General Loretta Lynch has inherited this open investigation and has done nothing with it. This is a case of selective law enforcement coming from the Attorney General’s office and it clearly smacks of racism because the victims were white. Just imagine if the tables were turned. How quickly would Lynch have responded then? As a white person, am I naive to expect the Attorney General, regardless of race of gender, to defend American citizens against such actions?

Lynch Does Not Protect and Defend the Constitution

When Lynch was sworn in, she inherited two note-worthy cases involving Lois Lerner’s misuse of her IRS power to illegally harass political opponents of the President (e.g. Tea Party members). The second case she inherited was Hillary Clinton’s illegal use of a private computer to conduct classified State Department business as well as obstruction of justice as Clinton deleted 36,000 emails. Clinton should be under criminal indictment along with Lois Lerner. It should be clear that Americans are playing in a game with no rules as long as Loretta Lynch is the Attorney General.

Lynch Supports the Government Sponsored Theft of Private American Assets Without Due Process of Law

For 27 years, brothers Jeffrey, Richard and Mitch Hirsch have owned  a business in which is was necessary to make cash deposits. The Hirsch brothers had over $450,000 dollars taken from them without due process of law by then US Attorney, Loretta Lynch. Lynch’s office quietly dropped the $450,000 action against the brothers only after she was nominated for the Attorney General’s position. The Hirsch brothers are being represented by the Institute of Justice.


Because this is an article and not a book, I am going to hold it here. Suffice it to say that I found seven other acts of troubling an unconstitutional behavior as it relates to Loretta Lynch.

The Common Sense Show is calling for the immediate removal of Loretta Lynch as the Attorney General of the United States.

Don't wait for the collapse of the dollar because it will be too late.

Don’t wait for the collapse of the dollar because it will be too late.