St. Matthews Mall in Kentucky became the scene of a massive series of individual brawls involving an estimated 2,000 people. The mall was forced to shut down and an overwhelming police presence had to be set up around the perimeter of the mall and they were helpless in restoring order. It was almost as if the police were not going to gain control of the scene until somebody else would relinquish control.

Police first began responding to reports of “disturbances” at 7pm ET on Saturday. But the officers assigned to the mall could not cope with the the multitude of violent acts.

Where have we seen this before? Is there something more nefarious behind this? Does this even make sense? In fact, it does make sense if you look at this event through the lens of this event being a beta test for a mind control experiment. This is the only explanation that makes any sense. This was a case of spontaneous mass insanity that suddenly ended as quickly as it began. Affer all, two thousand people did not wake up one morning, in unison, and say to themselves, “let’s go to the mall and spontaneously riot with thousands of other people”.

Predictive programming, involving Hollywood, gives us a means to examine this event from a broad brush perspective.

Another Case of Predictive Programming

There are two important New World Order messages associated with this movie called the Kingsman. First, the minions of the evil character, Richmond Valentine, are forced to accept implants. The implants control the minions by exploding for reasons related to insubordination.

Valentine, with his public persona known for philanthropy, employs the “exploding microchip technology” to control the various heads of state that he meets with. During these meetings, the heads of state are tricked into holding private meetings without security and then are covertly microchipped and they become part of Valentine’s Army in order to rule the world. Thus, the leadership of the planet is compromised through the implantation of microchips which result in the subjects being mind-controlled.

Valentine’s second part of the plot is to destroy most of humanity to prevent extreme climate change. The plan to control humanity is carried out through the much heralded giveaway of SIM cards, granting free cellular and Internet access. Much like the sheep of today, the public lines up for miles to receive the free (Obama) cell phone. However, the free SIM card is a Trojan Horse and is designed to control and ultimately destroy humanity.

After the elite are safely tucked away in a well-guarded underground facility in Sweden, Valentine unleashes his plan in which the frequency of the SIM card is changed and instantly, in every part of the planet, the people of this planet spontaneously and violently turn on each other and begin to kill one another (hence, the Kentucky mall reference).

Valentine’s plan is to allow humanity to destroy itself and when the job is complete, the elite, controlled by Valentine’s implants, will emerge from their hideaway and will be ruled by the evil madman. Thus, the world will be safe from the ravages of global warming.

As far fetched as the plot sounds, the technology behind the plot, is already in place and it is likely that the mall in Kentucky was a beta test for the roll out of this technology.


Examples of Recent Developments

The University of Utah has already developed a similar chip that delivers signals from an external source directly into the brain for interpretation. DARPA’s unit will undoubtedly be far more advanced.

MIT is boasting that they can implant memories in your brain. An example of this technology came directly from the mainstream media, an American Navy vet woke up in a Motel 6 without any memories of his life and only could speak Swedish. However, all his identification and evidence provided proved he was an American sailor.

This is only the tip of the iceberg. In Part Two of this series, I will expose just how far the technology of mind control has progressed.

What the Government Is Doing Today

A new book written about the US Defense Advanced Research Projects Agency (DARPA) says that wounded soldiers returning from campaigns in Afghanistan and Iraq are having computer chips implanted in their brains to help them heal. This technology holds the promise that soldiers with PTSD could be greatly helped. However, technology is neutral. This kind of technology could easily be used to enslave people. I find it interesting that veterans are at the forefront of this technology. Are they going to be neutralized is the country were be conquered and we had to depend on guerrilla warfare and the veterans would form the vanguard of that force?

The news of this mind control technology grows even more ominous as New York Times bestselling author, Annie Jacobsen, claims that DARPA has already embedded the chips into the brains of injured soldiers coming back from the Middle East.  Jacobsen told NPR that out of the 2.5 million Americans who served in Iraq and Afghanistan, 300,000 of them came home with traumatic brain injury. Subsequently, DARPA initiated a series of programs to help cognitive functioning. In retrospect, this was the original field test subjects for this technology.

Darpa’s Eric Eisenstadt told Fusion “Imagine a time when the human brain has its own wireless modem….”  That statement was made back in 2002.

The Purpose of Mind Control

Initially, I believe that the two goals of mind control were (1) profit; and, (2) control of the flow of information similar to what we see in the corporate controlled media. However, I quickly realized that I had set my sights too low in assessing target goals for these nefarious groups who are in control of this rapidly expanding technology.

It is becoming increasingly clear that the ultimate goal is the complete control of every individual through mind control. The power brokers of this planet are already installing a police state surveillance grid which is absolute in its ability to control all thought, all emotion and consequently, all behavior, when it is finally completed. The end result will be to remove all potential opposition (i.e. free will).




The purpose of this article was to connect a real world event, the mall brawl in Kentucky, with the mind control related predictive programming of Hollywood to an introduction of how far the technology behind mind has advanced. I have not even scratched the surface of this technology, but will do so in Part Two. For those that think that this is a case of fanciful flight, you are going to be sadly disappointed. In Part Two, I will be presenting irrefutable proof of the existence of this advanced technology along with specific government-issued patents, demonstrations and first-hand accounts.

If you are a Christian, you already have a good idea of where this is headed and who and what is behind this plot. For those of you who do not enjoy the advantages of being a Christian, you will soon come to understand that in a few more years, with the tremendous advancements in Artificial Intelligence and mind control technology, the term “free-will” will disappear from our lexicon.