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The newly forming State of Jefferson.

The newly forming State of Jefferson.  Our 51st State? The beginning of a civil war?


The gap between upper-income and middle-class Americans is greater than ever, according to a recent study published by the Pew Research Institute.

The report, based on data from the Federal Reserve, indicates that the median wealth for high-income families is now nearly seven times that of middle-class households. Median wealth, determined by subtracting debts from assets, was found to be unchanged over the past three years for middle-income families, standing at $96,500 after adjusting for inflation.

A full third of Americans are in the low-income bracket, while 21 percent are classified as high-income. No country can survive this income gap without the end result being a bloody and protracted civil war!

The Pew Research Center found that 27 percent of registered voters say they think of government as an enemy, up 8 points  since 1996. The latest poll looked at the general public opinion regarding the federal government.

The Pew Research findings indicate that 57% of voters feel frustrated with the government, while 22% feel angry and 18% feel “basically content.”

The Three Stages of Revolution Are Being Systematically Being Visited Upon America

Thomas Jefferson predicted that the country would need a revolution every generation- We are long overdue.

Thomas Jefferson predicted that the country would need a revolution every generation- We are long overdue.


As I have highlighted before, there are three distinct stages of revolution. Presently, 20 of 58  counties comprising Northern California have entered stage two on the path to revolution, namely, the civil disobedience stage as these 20 counties have entered the civil disobedience phase with a vengeance as their County Board of Supervisors have voted to secede from the state of California. Now they don’t call it secession, they call it withdrawal in a rose of a different color. The fact remains these people want out from underneath the tyrannical rule of the state of California which has fallen under the Agenda 21 mandates of the United Nations as being enforced by the EPA and the Bureau of Land Management (BLM). Subsequently, as their own state, they will be in a better position from which to battle the Agenda 21 forces of the Federal government.

As I read their local community’s media accounts, accompanied by their reasons for secession, I feel like I’m reading an old United States history textbook in which we could substitute the state of South Carolina for the seceding California counties of Siskiyou and Modoc.  Emotions are running very high as the residents lifestyles and livelihoods are facing total obliteration.

Northern California Is At the Epicenter of An Agenda 21 Battleground

Over the years, many rural residents have been frustrated by federal environmental laws restricting logging and other forestry activities. The timber industry is dead. The mining industry is dead. The entire region is being deindustrialized and many residents and local leaders have stated that becoming a state would finally allow them to push the federal government to alter the onerous restrictions on government-owned land as well to forsake the private property rights restrictions being imposed upon them.

I have been aware of Agenda 21 abuses in places like Fort Collins, Colorado, where the courts steal the children from parents who protest against draconian Agenda 21 policies. I’m also aware that in places like Santa Cruz, California and Austin, Texas that individual property rights are severely limited because the local governments have adopted United Nations Agenda 21 policies. However, nothing and I mean nothing, matches the Agenda 21 abuses of individual liberties and private property rights that is going on in the northern counties of California and Southern Oregon. And true to form for the mainstream media, barely a word of coverage has been broadcast or published for a national audience.

Put this map into your GPS, it will tell where you soon cannot go. The UN's manifestation of forcing people into stack and pack cities.

Put this map into your GPS, it will tell where you soon cannot go. The UN’s manifestation of forcing people into stack and pack cities.

The red areas are targeted for human depopulation. Why do you supposed that most Americans have never heard of this?

Along these lines of selective media coverage, please allow me to ask you a question. Would you find it a tad bit interesting, and would you want to see it on your nightly news if you were to discover that a portion of the country was purposely being made to go broke by the Federal government? Would you further find it newsworthy that the people in Northern California are soon going to be forced off of their lands, by the tens if not hundreds of thousands of people, which will result in their relocation to urban areas to the south? Have you ever seen a Wildlands Agenda 21 map where all the red dots and red colored areas are targeted for becoming “no human habitation” zones? Well, all of these things and more are taking place in Northern California and I’m willing to bet that none of you have heard of the horrific abuses that have been perpetrated by the Federal government and their minions in California state government. This is their story.

 Secession Moves Forward

Our 51st State?

Our 51st State?

A public meeting in September of 2013, in which the Siskiyou County board of supervisors approved a secession declaration, the Redding Record Searchlight reported.  They want to make this entire region a dead zone. The fervor to leave the state of California was also fueled by Modoc County Supervisors  who voted 4-0 in favor in secession. Federal government abuse of property rights is fueling this rebellion in Northern California and Southern Oregon.

   “Over the years, many rural residents have been frustrated by federal environmental laws restricting logging and other forestry activities. Byrne said becoming a state would finally allow them to push the federal government to alter the onerous restrictions on government-owned land.”

Agenda 21 Objectives Are Being Fulfilled

The "Wildlands" biodiversity boundary surrounding District 12.

The “Wildlands” biodiversity boundary surrounding District 12 in the Hunger Games.

There are clearly a number of forces at work here. First, we see the clear Hunger Games type of agenda in which people have been forced off of pristine land, denied the use of water which results in the destruction of their local food supply. This fact makes people dependent upon the government and the residents of this region will be forced to relocate to urban areas following the devastating loss of their land. This is becoming a popular way in which the federal government is forcing people off of their land all across the country while not having to pay the costs associated with legitimate eminent domain. Plain and simple this process represents a cost-effective method to steal private property on behalf of special interests.

Secondly, we are going to witness the total depopulation of this area in the name of protecting a non-indigenous fish. This is the environmentalist creed of Gaia which turns upside down the traditional and prioritized order of the hierarchy of life on this planet.

The traditional Christian view of the hierarchical structure of power on this planet consists of God, man, fowl, fish and land. The radical environmentalists hierarchical structure of power consists of land, fowl, fish and man with no mention of God. These opposing paradigms are what make most of us scratch our heads and state “What the hell do they think they’re doing?”  The plan begins to make sense when one considers the prime objectives of Agenda 21 as outlined by the United Nations. The United Nations seeks to remove all people and all human habitats from her wilderness areas and to relocate all people into 11 mega-regions in what is euphemistically referred to as “stack and pack” cities.


I believe that it is entirely possible that we are witnessing the beginning a national trend. The globalists have put America into a dire state politically, economically and socially. At some point, self-preservation will kick in and the people will rebel in greater numbers.


Don't wait for the collapse of the dollar because it will be too late.

Don’t wait for the collapse of the dollar because it will be too late.