Most experts would agree that a well constructed panic room can greatly increase the chances for surviving a hurricane, tornado and a home invasion. However, there is no panic room, available to the general public that can be designed to protect one’s family from all threats.  What exactly is a panic room and how do they work?


safe room 1


safe room 2safe room 3Do you remember the the 2002 hit movie “ Panic Room” starring Jodie Foster? The movie  gave instant publicity to safe rooms, and a recent article in Simi Valley, CA., has validated the notion that world events and people’s pervasive feelings of being unsafe in the world has made this business an extreme growth industry. 

A safe room is a highly secure space inside a home designed to be discreet and to offer protection during a home invasion, terrorist attack or other life-threatening event. Most safe rooms include some type of communication system or closed-circuit television so those inside can contact the police.

A safe room, aka a panic room, can potentially protect a family from threats such as a home invasion, a tornado, or a hurricane. There are many features to consider when constructing a safe room. Some of these considerations include bulletproof steel and/or concrete walls, ceilings, and floors. Inside of the safe room will be communications equipment to call the police. There also will be a steel door locked with a deadbolt which should be anchored to the foundation of the house in order to guard against easy entry by battering. 

I personally know of a retired military officer who has created a formidable and extreme panic room but has also fortified his house against armed intrusion. His panic room can comfortable accommodate six for up to one year. His state of the art room has a feature that is lacking in many of these rooms, the ability to provide proper sanitation for a lengthy period of time. His system is based upon gravity, thus making it largely EMP proof. He has also armed each corner of the house with a straight line turret, each of which houses an automated 50 caliber machine gun that can be controlled from the panic room, assuming that there is power. The weapons system is partnered with audio and video surveillance. He also has three commercially available drones that he can launch to conduct surveillance and intelligence gathering.

The Illusion of Invulnerability

There is no panic room that can ward off all potential threats. Bunker busting bombs, nuclear weapons, Hellfire missiles, etc., would overwhelm the defenses. Nearly all panic rooms can buy time and provide a temporary refuge. Eventually, we are forced to face the world we are living in, complete with all the ugly conditions that are present in the world.

The Biggest Panic Room Is the One Located Within One’s Own Mind

Most Americans mindlessly moving towards the great abyss of modern civilization.

Most Americans mindlessly moving towards the great abyss of modern civilization.

Most Americans have created their own safe room within the deep confines of their own mind. Most engage in a from of group think (i.e. herd mentality) with information that they obtain from Fox and CNN.

Martin Seligman's Learned Helplessness experiment.

Martin Seligman’s Learned Helplessness experiment.

Many Americans engage in a form of willing learned helplessness in which they allow themselves to become conditioned to the notion that their personal actions cannot protect them from life’s challenges. This is a precondition of being a good little sheep that this administration is pleased to have as their subjects.

Of course, many Americans also engage in a form of cognitive dissonance in which people engage in the practice of self-delusion. In the case of cognitive dissonance the strategy is simple, simply deny the paradigm shift and the increasing level of threat that one is facing.

Both mental and physical panic rooms provide temporary solace and they buy a small measure of time. However, at the end of the day, our emotional and physical survival comes down to our level of resilience and resolve. And most certainly, no panic room, will protect one from the following emerging threats.

Civil War

Wealth disparity, loss of individual liberties and the current administration’s attacks upon the family values (e.g. Christian values) have never been more ominous. Some Americans are feeling as if they are being pushed to the breaking point in which several patriots are saying “enough is enough” in Oregon. The events at the Hammond ranch began as a peaceful protest related to the prosecution of two Harney County ranchers, Dwight Hammond Jr. and Steven Hammond. However, the events have now escalated to the point of no return.

An estimated 150 militia, led by the son of Cliven Bundy, Ammon Bundy have seized control of a Federal property and all of the BLM signs have been taken down by the protesters. The ball is in the Obama administration’s court and I think it is likely that this event could provide the pretext to commence bloodshed against the American people and to impose martial law followed by gun confiscation.

Gary Franci of Next News Network sent this press release to me this morning at 4:23 AM MST.

BREAKING: 150 Patriot Militia Facing Federal Slaughter in Oregon


“This is not how I wanted to start the new year. But may kick off something far greater.

As you read this nearly 150 heavily armed patriot militia have seized control of a Federal complex in Harney County Oregon.

The militia is headed by the sons of Cliven Bundy and have stated they are willing to die for the constitution.

I’m afraid this one will not end as happily as the Bundy Ranch Standoff…”



If this event ends as badly as I think it might, this could set off a chain reaction across the country. Most assuredly, Obama would step up his gun control efforts and an increasing number of Americans will resist. This could be the catalyst for unprecedented violence inside of our country.


There is also a second event that I am following and it has to do with food insecurity. This event is not unrelated to the events at the Hammond Ranch. Farmers and ranchers all over the West are having their ability to raise and distribute food being interfered with by an ever-increasing tryannical federal government. I am working on a story in which I am finding that as many as 15% of the nation’s food growers have stopped participating in the growing of food.  In some parts of the country, farmers could lose as much as $1,5000 per acre for growing food under the present conditions.

The impact of this should require no description. The effects would be catastrophic and all Americans could be put in a position in which this administration would use food as a weapon against the American people in order to enforce compliance in the same manner as did Stalin in Ukraine.

This article only touched upon a couple of direct threats to American security. There are presently more threats to our safety than I can count. 2016 promises to be a wild ride.

Sorry America, both your physical and psychological safe rooms cannot protect your from what is coming.



Don't wait for the collapse of the dollar because it will be too late.

Don’t wait for the collapse of the dollar because it will be too late.