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america in bible prophecyDave Hodges interviewed Biblical scholar John Shorey about the end times prophecy in the Bible. Shorey is the author of The Window of the Lord’s Return. 

In the interview, Shorey discussed the five wars which will take place in Revelations including the one which just started with Turkey’s invasion of Syria.  There are reasons why the United States suddenly disappears from the Bible and the reasons why are very disturbing. 

Shorey’s predictions go hand in hand with Deagel’s projections as well in which it is predicted that the U.S. will undergo a tremendous reduction in population, per capita GDP and military size and expenditure.

America2050.org makes exactly the same projections as it clearly shows that the United States will be reduced in population by 90%.

After reviewing the evidence and listening to the Shorey/Hodges interview below, it will become very clear why it is important to get your house in order, today. Food, water, gold, guns, lead and alliances should be at the top of everyone’s preparation list.

To listen to Dave’s interview with John Shorey, please click here


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