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Obama’s Newest Victims In Police State America

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1984 has arrived complete withe police state surveillance, mayhem and murder. America is well on its way to becoming the most prolific police state in all of history. Here are some examples of the handiwork of police state tactics.

They blow up buildings, kill thousands to achieve political objectives

911, the 24/7 excuse for terrorizing individual civil liberties.

911, the 24/7 excuse for terrorizing individual civil liberties.


They murder an ambassador to obscure gun running, drug running and child trafficking in support the funding of terrorists

Covering their tracks in an election year.

Covering their tracks in an election year.

They Murder Ranchers to Get Their Lands

They murder ranchers for objecting to the theft of their land and subsequently their livlihood.

Here lies  Lavoy Finicium, shot down while his hands were in the air,  for daring to object to the theft of their land and subsequently their livelihood.


 The Obama protection rackets murders a Supreme Court justice over climate change initiatives.

The Obama protection rackets murders a Supreme Court justice over climate change initiatives.



Now, the protection rackets of Obama’s American Police State has an additional target. It is your child who is attending college. 

Bad Boys, Bad Boys, Whatcha Gonna Do When They Come For You?

In America, Warren Buffet and Goldman Sachs don’t pay taxes. Yet, well armed swat teams, from the Department of Education, now kick in doors and mug student loan defaulters and terrorize their young children.

Kenneth Wright, from Stockton, CA., was grabbed by the neck, and drug out on his front lawn before being handcuffed as his three young children were put in a police car as the officers searched his house. Wright was in his underwear and amazingly, the warrant for his estranged wife, not him, and she was not home at the time of the raid. and today, when Obama’s domestic terrorists show up at your door, they have brutalize someone even if the subject of the warrant is not home.

Acting on behalf of the Department of Education, the swat team damaged the house and have refused to properly repair the damage. Wright was held for over six hours before federal officials released him.

The federal government has an extreme motivation to engage in predatory student lending for college tuition. The government is charging exorbitant interest, on a balance of $1 trillion dollars and for this kind of money, they will break your door down and terrorize you and your family. This is life in a police state

Very soon, perhaps, we will be reading that the Department of Education has purchased 2.2 billion rounds of ammunition as well as 2700 armored personnel carriers as we have seen with the DHS.


The U.S. Department of Education “Mafia Protection Racket” Terror Tactics

According to the Wall Street Journal,71% of all college graduates have an average student loan debt of $35,000. Paul Aker, the man pictured below, found out what happens to those who don’t pay back their college student loans. Their tax refunds are not seized, they do not receive a letter threatening action against their bank account, instead, they have automatic weapons pointed at them as they are physically brutalized by America’s newest addition to the United States government police state, the Department of Education.

Paul Aker was arrested in his Texas home by U.S. Marshals with automatic weapons for not paying his student loans, he claims.

Aker told the NY Daily News that he was caught by surprise by the heavily armed agents that showed up at his home to arrest him for failing to pay a nearly 30 year-old college student loan debt totaling $1,500. The agents, armed with machine guns, roughed up this educational loan terrorist as they brutally threw Aker to the ground as they initially refused to tell him why they had broken into his house.

Aker told Fox News 26 that he has been ordered to pay $5,700 for the loan, including interest. However, Aker was also ordered to pay for the cost of the morning arrest which is almost $1,300, plos interest on the student loan. If he didn’t pay that amount by March 1, he said, he was told he would be arrested again. This is like the old English debtors prison in which you don’t get out of prison until you pay off your debt, but the interest outstrips most income levels in an effort to keep up with the debt.

When will the first college student be murdered by the goon squads sent out to collect on predatory student loans?


The brown-shirted domestic terrorists of the Obama administration will soon be leaving another trail of bodies over such issues as gun confiscation, free speech rights and religious freedom. Congress is lost, the presidency is lost and now with the death of Scalia, the Supreme Court is lost. Where are Americans to turn? We are playing in a game with no rules.

One has to wonder how far will the sheep allow themselves to be pushed, before pushing back?

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  1. Shyebaby February 17, 2016 at 5:57 am

    I hope and pray once again that this a BIG WAKE UP CALL TO ALL who want to POOF us so called NAYSAYERS. More importantly FOLKS understand something this ISNT about MONEY, this is more about SHOWING the American people who is in CHARGE and who WIELDS THE POWER

  2. Open eyes in ahwatukee February 17, 2016 at 6:25 am

    Several different conclusion can be drawn from this article. In no particular order, a young person get into heavy debt to get a college degree and then he or she realized once is trying to get into the work force that the college degree is 99% useless to get a decent paying job (you can always use your college degree to flip burgers at your local burger join)
    if the student-debtor does not pay, now he or she is treated as a violent offender.
    It is incredible how low our society has allowed the government to fall. What is happening? why we are letting all this to happen?? Are we so busy trying to make a living that anything else matter? Are we so distracted in meaningless sh*t that we don’t pay attention to the abuses of government? why we are so indifferent to this?? why? why? A Supreme Court Judge die in rather suspicious circumstances and we just don’t care. People are being arrested for CIVIL debts, something we outlaw hundreds of years ago. Our food is being genetically modified to kill us faster and we are not capable of get this poison labeled. Our water and lands are taking away from their legitimate owners who have own the land for generations and we can’t care less.
    Sadly, we have to concede that the monsters and non-humans in power have made a wonderful job in keeping us in a zombie-like state. I wouldn’t be surprise if one of these days they come to take our wives and daughters away to be trade them as a sex slaves and we are not going to do anything at all. Disgusting.

  3. Shyebaby February 17, 2016 at 6:45 am

    I hope and pray once again that this a BIG WAKE UP CALL to the Amercan people.We must understand one very important thing this is not about the MONEY after all they know they can’t get BLOOD OUT OF DRY TURNIP , this is about showing the American people who is in CHARGE and WHO WIELDS THE POWER OF AUTHORITY. We must understand that this is a COMPLETE AND TOTALITARIAN LUCEFARIAN ROGUE BUNCH WE ARE DEALING WITH . NO ROGUE GOVT. SHOULD HAVE EVER EVER BEEN HANDED THE KEYS TO THIS KIND OF POWER . I have tried for years to tell people what is coming down the Pike and all EVER heard from most was you are so NEGATIVE ,oh that could never happen here in America.My 6th great grandfather was amongst the some 10,000 REVOLUTIONARY WAR SOLDIERS THAT FOUGHT TO PRESERVE THE FREEDOM THAT ALL YOU AND I HAVE HAD THE OPPURTUNITY TO ENJOY ,AND I AM DARN PROUD TO CALL MYSELF THE GREAT GRANDAUGHTER OF ELIJAH DUNCAN.Remember one thing folks our REVOLUTIONARY SOLDIERS WERE CALLED TERRORIST NOT UNLIKE TODAY OUR YOUNG MEN WHO HAVE SERVED THIS COUNTRY ARE NOW BEING DEEMED AS MENTALLY UNSTABLE AND POTENTIAL DOMESTIC TERRORIST. Many,especially our young people today are being taught that our FOREFATHERS were NOT GOOD PEOPLE and that is if they are being taught about it all SHAME ON YOU TEACHERS FOR GOING ALONG WITH THIS AGENDA !!!!!!REMEMBER ONE THING THESE GUYS FOUGHT AND SACRIFICED TO AFFORD YOU THE FREEDOM THAT YOU HAVE CERTAINLY ENJOYED UP TO THIS POINT . FOLKS WE CAN NOT CONTINUE TO TURN A BLIND EYE TO THIS NON SENSE!!!!!! This shows HOW DESPERATE THEY ARE BECOMING TO SPEED THEIR AGENDA ON ALL FRONTS !!!!Now with Scalia out of their way they hope to move this LUCEFARIAN AGENGA UP AT LIGHTNING SPEED. Once again thank you Mr. Hodges for all you do to try and WAKE up people .

  4. W February 17, 2016 at 7:28 am

    Always aim for face,legs and groin and never hesitate or you will die.

  5. Nothing New Under The Sun 2016 February 17, 2016 at 8:22 am

    […] Obama’s Newest Victims In Police State America […]

  6. Mr.Jameson February 17, 2016 at 8:58 am

    The dumb sheep will allow the continued violation of their rights until it is too late to fight back. The freebies, the internet, all the things people care about will continue to work until it is too late to wake up from their technocratic slumber. They will awaken to find they are duct-taped to a chair, no where to go, as everything that should have been important disappears. If people were capable of saying no to the tyranny, they would have revolted against it already. I can’t imagine it getting much worse.

  7. stardot February 17, 2016 at 10:11 am

    You should probably quite down before you kill your family and then commit suicide. Sarcasm.

  8. wb February 17, 2016 at 10:48 am

    the deaths are now starting to roll in and they will continue as we get closer to zero hour. trump should be careful as obama just warned him he will not win the nomination. notice no one said a word about this veiled threat. meanwhile, hundreds, perhaps thousands of terrorists are now streaming into the country. one has to wonder what their role will be after the lights go out and our phones and computers go down. after all, the left only to arrest 25 or so million americans to get away with destroying what is left of our freedoms. half the american population will actually cheer what is about to happen, as well they should. once those 25 million are gone the inner city poor get to move in and take their stuff.

  9. Seen2013 February 17, 2016 at 12:20 pm

    “One has to wonder how far will the sheep allow themselves to be pushed, before pushing back?”

    I’d surmise never as the line is drawn beyond the point of no return; they’ll rationalize going along to get along although this effectively means not just compliance but also cooperation in the conduct.

  10. Judy February 17, 2016 at 2:33 pm

    Dave…the sheep will never see….they are the walking dead…and the Lord says you can’t revive the dead….let the dead bury they’re dead….the country is done, but thank goodness for guys like you and the Steve Quayles, Hagmann and others….truly you are the “men” that are left…the rest are males only. Thank you. JudyR

  11. toejam February 17, 2016 at 11:12 pm

    John Whitehead, linked by Lew Rockwell, tells us exactly what Americans are up against.
    The dictatorship is just waiting with itching fingers for the people to react to their police state tactics. Then the dictatorship will use that as the rational for martial law.
    If there is no general uprising of the people, the dictatorship will still continue growing the police state, using the rational that the people need the police state martial law to be protected from terrorists. Yes, the very same terrorists trained, armed and funded by the dictatorship both foreign and domestic. These terrorists are in the pay role of DHS, FBI, CIA -every government alphabet agency- now, even including the department of dumbing down, misnamed the department of education.
    One can sense the desperation in the dictatorship to gin up reaction by not quite yet breaking the legs of those for one reason or the other can’t or won’t pay their student loans.
    Dave, is quite correct. It’s just another variation on the age old
    “protection rackets”. Anyone who receives any so-called benefit from the dictatorship will one way or the other see gun butt end of the government enforcers all under the watchful gaze of the black robed mafia.



  12. GlenL February 18, 2016 at 5:15 am

    Forgive me for being off topic, but I think the following article by F. William Engdahl is too important to risk being missed, at least by anyone who wants to understand what is going on today in the Middle East.


    Washington’s Machiavellian Game in Syria

  13. USMCVeteran February 18, 2016 at 5:40 am

    Velcome to Amerika.

  14. Mary G February 18, 2016 at 6:33 am

    There is no point in going into debt with college loans , there are no jobs worth a college degree any more . Save your money , learn a trade and owe nothing to anybody .use the brain God gave you , show these criminal govt goons you are smarter than them.

  15. LanieLou February 18, 2016 at 8:11 am

    This is a False Flag Event, intended to get college student in a rage. Obama, Ayres & Soro’s are training & funding massive riots, planned for this summer. Black rappers are doing their part, publishing songs saying “Now is the Time, Kill Cops & Whitey”… Fake student loan arrests to get students involved.. funding BLM, La Raza & CAIR to train & recruit for the riots. Get ready for A Summer of Hate.

  16. Tea Party Against Trump February 18, 2016 at 9:07 am

    The dept of ed is illegal. No one can seem to get rid of it. Reagan had promised us but they wouldn’t let him.

    Now you know why they were stockpiling guns and ammo.

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