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The Pelican Brief Starring Justice Scalia

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In 1993, Julia Roberts and Denzel Washington starred in a movie entitled The Pelican Brief in which a well-connected oil tycoon was willing to murder two Supreme Court Justices in order to achieve an enormous economic and political gain. In the movie, anyone who got close to the truth was murdered as well.

My first reaction  to the movie was that our criminal elite would kill members of the Randy Weaver family for possessing a shotgun that was one-half of an inch too short. I knew that the thugs running the DOJ (i.e. Janet Reno) would sanction the murder of innocent women and children at Waco and our elite were perfectly fine with killing over 160 of their own federal government servants at Oklahoma City in order to achieve a political objective. But murder two U.S. Supreme Court Justices, no way! I reasoned that even the Clinton’s, with the enormous body count that followed them into the White House, could not get away with such criminality. Nor would they have the temerity to carry out such an act.

I know you are thinking, “What about JFK?”  With regard to JFK, was there any element of the globalists that were in the process of taking over the U.S. government in 1963 that JFK did not anger? I know that Congressman McDonald was also murdered. But two Supreme Court justices? There was no way that I was buying the storyline of The Pelican Brief. This was unmitigated banana republic shenanigans and even though the United States was quickly losing sight of our Constitutional principles in 1993, I did not think that we had sunk that far. At least, that was what I thought then. In 2016. I have no hesitation in stating that we live in an absolute police state, devoid of any of our Constitutional principles and in short, Americans find themselves playing a game with no rules.

Below is the trailer for The Pelican Brief.


This movie is a prime example of Hollywood, intentionally or unintentionally, engaging in a very accurate form of predictive programming.

Nobody Is Beyond “Our” Reach

Talk show host, Michael Savage, who has been very outspoken about the murder of Justice Scalia, recently interviewed Donald Trump who responded to the notion that Antonin Scalia could have been murdered. Trump told Savage that it was “pretty unusual” that Scalia was found with pillow case on his face. In a statement designed to deflect that attention of the country away from Trump’s profound Scalia-related announcement, Jeb Bush of the crime syndicate family known as the Bush family, accused Donald Trump as being a “9/11 truther”. I hope Trump wears this label with honor and distinction since half the country, according to the polls, are also qualified “truthers”. And if you are new to this site, please allow me to briefly educate you as to the Bush family crime syndicate comment:

  1. Prescott Bush violated the trading with the enemies statute in WW II by trading with Nazi Germany during the war.
  2. George H. W. was the head of the CIA and had a distinctive hand in the killing off of ancillary participants in the JFK assassination in order for LBJ and J. Edgar Hoover to maintain plausible deniability.
  3. The idiot son, George W. Bush, destroyed the Constitution by championing the Patriot Acts which eviscerate civil liberties in America’s emerging police state status following 9/11.
  4. We now see the “pot calling the kettle black” accuser, Jeb Bush, who has now taken on the public defender of the fact that there are no conspiracies. Truther? Really Jeb Bush? Can’t you do any better than this?

Here is a reasoned account of the facts surrounding Scalia’s death.


When one considers the facts as they are summarized in the above-video, one would have to be an abject moron to not come to believe that Scalia was murdered. But this rabbit hole, already burrowed to great depths, just got a lot wider and deeper with the pronouncement. that Scalia had a pillow case over his face when he was found

Raise your hand if you original reaction to learning about the pillow case found lying over Scalia’s face, was just too obvious to believe as a crime scene clue as to foul play? Originally, I had the same reaction. This piece of forensic evidence was just too convenient. However, in the aftermath, many of the people I have spoken with who have served in the Alphabet Soup agencies or in Special Forces have a far different view. One former high ranking military official told me this was a message killing just like JFK’s murder. He told me that the pillow case would knowingly draw notable attention in the aftermath of the assassination. The Scalia assassination planners wanted to send a message. They don’t care if others know that this was an old-fashioned mafia-style hit on Scalia. THEY WANT ALL TO KNOW THAT NOBODY IS BEYOND THEIR REACH AND THEY CAN GET TO ANYONE, ANYTIME. This is a widely held belief among my sources and casual acquaintances.

The Fallout

pelican brief

I have spoken to many in the Independent Media. We are all collectively shaken by this obvious assassination designed to give the globalists what they want before Obama leaves office. Namely, they want a comprehensive climate change program that will cause utility bills to skyrocket, taxes to go through the roof, massive unemployment will result and Americans will not be able to fathom the changes to lifestyle that this will bring as police state enforcement tactics will multiply exponentially.

The insiders that I speak with are shocked, not at the assassination itself, but by the accompanying message component connected with the assassination of Justice Scalia. For example, perpetrators of this heinous crime, could have hired any doctor and subsequently controlled the results of any autopsy and the American people would have had a pronouncement that Scalia died of a heart attack. However, the hurried embalming of Scalia, in order to prevent any meaningful autopsy, carried the same message as did the pillow case: “We can get to anyone, anytime“.  And as long we continue to live in this Constitutionally-ignorant, dumbed-down America, they are correct. And Obama continues to spit on the ideals of this country by announcing that he will not be attending Scalia’s funeral.

scalia rip

Over 20 years later, I would have never predicted that The Pelican Brief could happen in modern day America with the assassination of Justice Scalia. In 2016, I believe we are going to see these kinds of events playing out with regularity.


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  1. Jim February 18, 2016 at 5:42 am

    From Steve Quayle website:
    Dems in Senate passed a resolution in1960 against election year Supreme Court appointments

    Why is this the only place and only time I have heard this??????

  2. DB February 18, 2016 at 6:37 am

    Evil no longer fears coming out in the light. It use to, but not anymore. It doesn’t fear being seen for what it truly is because it doesn’t have to. The world, and especially Americans and our “leaders”, have given the OK for evil to come out in the open by embracing it. The nation is doomed and the Last Days prophecies will come true because it must. Judgement is set.

  3. GeorgeG February 18, 2016 at 7:58 am

    The rulers of ancient Rome did the same thing. We are no different.

  4. jb February 18, 2016 at 8:59 am

    For a while they can get to anyone, then things will change. I believe the “aliens” our leaders have committed treason with will “take out” the illuminati. They are their stepping stool. Then all hell breaks loose. But it will all end. Of course we may be dead, but God will prevail. Do not consent or submit to the NWO.

  5. Bloom February 18, 2016 at 9:02 am

    Everyone need to stand together, fight back by speak up – do not fear because Gods with us

  6. Nothing New Under The Sun 2016 February 18, 2016 at 9:54 am

    […] The Pelican Brief Starring Justice Scalia – THEY WANT ALL TO KNOW THAT NOBODY IS BEYOND THEIR … […]

  7. Dave February 18, 2016 at 11:13 am

    This is outrageous and msm treats it like another day in the park “no big deal”. We are lost…

  8. […] Source: The Pelican Brief Starring Justice Scalia | Dave Hodges – The Common Sense Show […]

  9. Pine 4 Better Daze February 18, 2016 at 12:02 pm

    The assassination of President John F. Kennedy WAS a government conspiracy…

    The following information from internet sources reinforces and confirms the fact that the JFK assassination was a conspiracy and a coup d’etat at the highest levels of government. The Warren Commission Report is completely discredited and it was a “cover-up” of a much larger conspiracy than first thought.

    Internet / Google search as follows:
    ……By Kris Millegan
    ……(Was the JFK Assassination guided by the Illuminati?)

    From the above reports—

    ‘The Truth About Kennedy’s Death Is Submerged In Conspiratorial Chaos’…
    ….. “MUDDY WATERS”
    One of the most effective tactics employed by the conspirators was to “muddy the waters” by bringing in as many “suspicious” individuals as possible into the assassination arena, giving different reasons for each person’s presence. If they had a covert reason for being in Dallas on November 22, 1963, all the better. Scores of people were engaged in varied peripheral plots and sub-plots, many of which were related tangentially or not at all to the actual assassination. As a result, the pertinent facts drowned in a contrived whirlpool of suspicious, but not necessarily related, activity.’

    ‘But Who Was RELLY Involved?’

    ‘Rodney Stich’s book, “DEFRAUDING AMERICA” tells of a “deep-cover CIA officer” assigned to a counter-intelligence unit, code-named Pegasus. This unit “had tape-recordings of plans to assassinate Kennedy” from a tap on the phone of J. Edgar Hoover. The people on the tapes were “(Nelson) Rockefeller, Alan Dulles, (Lyndon) Johnson of Texas, George Bush and J. Edgar Hoover.”
    ‘According to Stich’s source, there were conversations between Rockefeller, (J. Edgar) Hoover, where Rockefeller asks, “Are we going to have any problems?” And he said, “No, we aren’t going to have any problems. I checked with Dulles. If they do their job we’ll do our job.” There are a whole bunch of tapes, because Hoover didn’t realize that his phone had been tapped.’

    ‘The inner core of the conspiracy is bound tightly together by oaths of secrecy and affiliations with various secret societies, allied with various Nazi groups ((1)), mind control operations and business ventures. Much of the operational apparatus used in the conspiracy lay hidden in the shadow world of ultra-secret national security state entities such as Division V (Five) of the FBI, the Defense Industrial Security Command and double/triple agents of various allegiances. “The Torbitt Document” and “The Man Who Knew Too Much” detail the workings of this actual operational framework. Agents from “psycho” bureaus, future narcs, ultra-right-wingers, doubles and dead ringers, politicians, spies, cops all fall into the mix.’
    ‘Another key aspect of the JFK assassination is mind control. Some researchers believe Lee Harvey Oswald ((who was made the scapegoat)) was involved in CIA’s MKULTRA project (brain-washing and mind control) while in Russia.

    And, finally, anyone who still thinks JFK’s assassination wasn’t a conspiracy needs to Google– BUSH CRIMES FAMILY and the Videos for Bush Crime Family – Report Videos and watch the 10-minute video, “JFK; The Real History.”

    1. A few, short excerpts from “The Nazi Connection to the John F. Kennedy Assassination” (1983), LFP, Inc.—
    1.-A. “There were two possible assassination teams in Dallas.”
    1.-B. “There had been a prolonged controversy about how many shots were fired the day Kennedy was killed. The President’s wounds, nicks on the limousine and curb, and other bullet evidence indicated quite a few. But the Warren Commission concluded there were only three. It took the testimony of spectators in Dealey Plaza who said they only heard three. It never considered the possibility that silencer-fitted guns were fired.” ((Silencers had been made previously for special weapons for the CIA and had been perfected.))
    1.-C. “With John J. McCloy, Allen Dulles and J. Edgar Hoover in control of the Kennedy assassination investigation, the nazi connections were buried.”

    ***** ***** *****
    One final note: Gorge H.W. Bush was ‘covert’ CIA at the time of JFK’s assassination and may have been in Dallas on that day.
    In an official government letter re the assassination (copy on the internet) George Bush was named by J. Edgar Hoover as with the CIA.

  10. Charlie BROWN February 18, 2016 at 12:32 pm

    @ Jim, Thanks for the link to American Thinker. I have not searched any further, but I sure will. I hope this still stands, because if it does I am going to make a ROYAL stink about it.
    Thanks Again CB

  11. toejam February 18, 2016 at 2:13 pm

    Some backtracking on the possible murder of Justice Scalia.
    1. Pillow has not covering his face but was between his head and the headboard. Which is it?
    2. Now the media is being fed the story that Scalia didn’t die of a heart attack but that his heart just stopped beating.
    Which is it? No one could possibly know the cause of death if there was no autopsy. Being smothered with a pillow would certainly stop one’s heart for lack of oxygen. But the reports said that the death bed was all nice and neat. Which would be unlikely because Scalia would have struggled if smothered.
    However, our lords and masters have chemical agents developed in government labs that can stop a heart in seconds and leave no trace at autopsy. Also they have electronic means to do the same.


  12. Philip February 19, 2016 at 3:46 am

    I’ve been trying to tell you and others about the duration, depravity, and extent of the Government-film industry collusion. In a nutshell again, just a couple tidbits – as best as I recall, it was at the 1980 Academy Awards that Steve Martin emceed, and said cryptically – “if you want to know what is really happening in America, go to the movies”. Five years ago in Canberra at Australia’s 2020 Conference, actress Cate Blanchett presided as Chairperson of the Creative Arts Forum and spoke about governments’ (plural) collusion with their national film industries, saying it was “good for society”.

    I could bread down for you major films by the dozens and tell you what you have been missing. There were the “obvious” ones such as “Me, You & Dupree”, taken from the FBI’s investigation of New York Governor Eliot Spitzer and his prostitute, a Ms. Dupree. (never mind the film’s actual content for now, keeping this discussion brief). All the Irish- and Scottish- themed films since “Chariots Of Fire” through “A Belfast Story” a little over a year ago, have their origins in the 1981 Coldstream Guards USA tour (bagpipe music), dogged throughout by protests related to the Long Kesh hunger strike at that time. More on this if you request. The 911 attacks were infamously and repeatedly portrayed for years before that event. I’m sorry to say that most people are approaching a post-doctorate subject with a 2nd grade mentality here. If Scalia’s death was mentioned in film with any specificities at all, they did it.

  13. Arnie February 19, 2016 at 8:47 am

    Check this out for accuracy ref. the Bushes as it is way out there. It is from the April 2007 Idaho Observer.
    Deathbed confessions, photos support claims that George H. Scherf(f), Jr., was the 41st U.S. president

  14. Ringwind February 20, 2016 at 6:39 am

    Google “Ricky Dearman polygraph test”

  15. OnLocation February 20, 2016 at 12:48 pm

    OH MY GOSH!! What a sensational “cover” for the article!! VERY creative and fully interpretive of the issue. The hand pushing against the pillow from under the pillow. ’nuff said. WOW.

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