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This Scientific Breakthrough Could Save Millions of Lives



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Whether it is the lead in the water in Flint, MI., or the chemtrails being sprayed in the skies, or it is GMO’s poisoning our food, there is one thing that Americans can be sure of. We are being systematically poisoned.

Now, there is a breakthrough product which will allow the average person to check themselves for the invasive devastation poised by these toxins. This interview and the resulting information could literally save your life.

Roger Landry of the Liberty Beacon

I recently interviewed Roger Landry of the Liberty Beacon. During the course of the interview, Roger revealed the unveiling of a unique medical product that will put the medical profession on its backside. The product is called TOXYsolutions and it is headed up by the esteemed Dr. David Lewis,  a senior-level research microbiologist in the U.S. EPA Office of Research & Development, and the only EPA scientist ever to be lead author on research articles published in the prestigious science and medical journals Nature and Lancet.

david lewis

In Dr. Lewis’ own words, he speaks about the medical breakthrough known as TOXYsolutions:

“Fabrication of environmental data by the EPA and CDC to hide high levels of lead in drinking water in Flint, Michigan and Washington, DC is only the tip of the iceberg. Institutional Scientific Misconduct has become pervasive throughout government, industry and academia, and involves covering up high levels of heavy metals and toxic organic chemicals in air, water and soil. The public is being kept completely in the dark; and economically and educationally disadvantaged segments of our population are being impacted the most.

The TOXYSolutions’ Environmental Justice Project™ is about to change all of that by enabling private citizens to accurately and painlessly test the levels of some of the most common hazardous chemical pollutants in their body, and in their water. These samples will be independently analyzed by research laboratories at leading universities, and confidentially reported back to the individuals who provided the samples.”

This major break through will allow the common man the ability to quickly, cheaply and painlessly check their body for toxins. This is an early warning detection system with over a 99% accuracy rate. Early detection could save your life.


Dave’s interview with Roger Landry can be heard clicking this link. 


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  1. Philip February 28, 2016 at 1:37 pm

    Dr. Lewis had better drop everything immediately until he has secured the largest possible insurance arrangements for his surviving family members following his murder by this blood-soaked lying satanic Government.

    RIP Dr. Lewis.

  2. a white man February 29, 2016 at 4:56 pm

    What is the cost of this product and how can it be obtained?

  3. lu March 2, 2016 at 8:46 am

    Until and unless he adds VACCINES to this list as a cause…., im not interested!

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