Thanks Donald for giving the Independent Media a new audience to spread this message to.

Thanks Donald for giving the Independent Media a new audience to spread this message to.

We in the Independent Media, who are outside the corrupt corporate control that has criminalized our Federal government, work tirelessly everyday to bring the public the truth about how our American dream has been stolen away from us and our children.

We are involved in a never-ending endeavor to awaken the bulk of slumbering Americans who derive their perverted sense of reality from news outlets such as Fox News and CNN, and we do so in an environment of high-risk/low-reward. We have seen some of our colleagues murdered in the pursuit of the truth (e.g. Breitbart and Hastings, et al).

The 2016 Presidential election is the most contentious election that I have witnessed in my lifetime. Donald Trump is challenging the establishment like they have not been challenged since JFK and we all know how that ended. Reagan, too, had aspirations of being a reformer, at least until a family friend of the G. H. W. Bush tried to assassinate him.

Also in my lifetime, I have never seen a political party turn in on itself like the Republicans are right now. They are in absolute chaos. It could be said, pun intended, the GOP is cruzin for a bruzin if they do not unify quickly. For if they don’t the Lizzy Borden of the modern era, Hillary Clinton, will be all too happy to pick up where Obama has left off.

Millions of Americans are now paying attention to issues like they never have. The voter turnout for Republican primaries is at an all-time high. The Democrats are going backwards. I almost feel sorry for America’s version of the Soviet Communist Party, the Democrats. They are in chaos. How could any self-respecting, Constitutional supporting candidate support anyone from the Democratic ticket? That being said, this elections provides the Independent Media to call attention to the issues like we have never seen before and that is because people are listening like they have never before. All Constitutional supporting Americans need to redouble their efforts to educate an awakening mass of Americans as to what the REAL issues are all about.

Super Tuesday Results

The elite got their lunch handed to them. Trump is now the presumptive winner. If Cruz or Rubio had 285 delegates after Super Tuesday, the Republican party would be unifying behind them. But the American people cannot have someone who will keep unscreened Muslims out of the country. The elite cannot be told that they will pay tax on their imports after the fire American workers and move overseas for cheaper labor. Here are the results.

Donald Trump 285

Ted Cruz 161

Marco Rubio 87

Statistically, this race is over.

The Establishment Minions Attack Trump

The vitriolic attacks are something to behold. Trump’s own party is attempting to destroy him. Why? They know how they are supposed to serve, namely, the elite.

From CNN

Mitt Romney, the 2012 Republican nominee who recently reemerged to predict “a bombshell” in Trump’s tax returns,accused Trump Monday of “coddling … repugnant bigotry” and called his failure to immediately condemn the endorsement of former Ku Klux Klan leader David Duke “repugnant & disgusting.”

Ted Cruz has built his campaign on a southern strategy from the start,which crumbled. Trump destroyed Cruz throughout much of the South. Trump won 40 per cent of the evangelical vote, further sabotaging the main strategic premise of Mr Cruz: that born-again Christians would rise up, across the South especially, and carry him to the nomination. That did not happen. Trump won seven states. The race is over. 


It does not matter if you like Donald Trump. Frankly, I still don’t know if I can trust him. However, because the typical brain dead American is now paying attention to something outside of sports scores and Oscar winners, those of us who are away have a great opportunity to wake up the sheep and we are doing it all on house money.

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