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Today, for the first time in America, average people are talking about free trade agreements, instead of NFL free agents. Trump has won the info war that Brezezinski and Hillary Clinton have lamented that they are losing. Millions of Americans are finally realizing that their have jobs have been lost, or will be lost, so a few rich corporate owners can make obscene profits off of the demise of the United States.

A Quick Primer on Free Trade Agreements

When something is secret and kept from you, it is usually very bad for you.

When something is secret and kept from you, it is usually very bad for you.

Following World War II, the American people were best paid, the best educated and had the highest standard of living in the world and it was not close. A factory working in an auto plant in Detroit EVENTUALLY made $20 per hour with great benefits and job security.

The owners of this industry and other industries in America, sought to lower labor and production costs by relocating abroad and taking advantage of cheap foreign labor and subservient foreign governments.

However, there was one fly in the ointment and that was the omnipresent tariffs on foreign goods shipped into America. These high taxes were designed to keep American manufacturing plants and their jobs at home. These tariffs were designed to protect price stability in the stores. Because tariffs keep American jobs intact, the local tax base is well-supported and this shows up in road maintenance, lower utility costs, funds for schools, etc.

It was no accident that Cloward and Piven were present at the signing of NAFTA.

It was no accident that Cloward and Piven were present at the signing of NAFTA.

Then came Cloward and Piven along with their friend Saul Alinsky and his Rules for Radicals. These three set the stage for financial rape of America.

Free trade agreements became the way around protectionist tariffs. Free trade agreements, such as NAFTA, would erase all tariffs between signatories of free trade agreements. Then businesses would be free to move to anywhere within the confines of the agreement and the nation states that signed them.




nafta at workThis was the beginning of the end for the American worker as we know it. America has lost 86% of its manufacturing. Generally, and adjusting for inflation, since NAFTA, the average American works 20% longer (hence the shift from hourly wages and time and a half to salary workers) for almost 20% less. This is why the second job industry has become such an art form. I remember, the movie Sicko, President GW Bush said to a lady on the campaign trail “You have three jobs? How uniquely America”. Need I say more?

America must fall for the New World Order to be implemented. The way to destroy American is through economic means. Therefore, the free trade agreements have taken front and center in Trump’s campaign and people are getting Trump’s watered down nation. However, most Americans know a bad deal when they see it.

And how did the multinational corporations get Congress on board? Simple, they bribed them with campaign donations and other perks. As long as America allows its politicians to be bought off, in the form of campaign donations, we will continue to mourn for our lost Republican form of democracy. Simply put, my middle class friend, you do not matter and you are not even a consideration until four more years have passed and it is time for another sham of rigged election cycle.

There is nothing that Trump could do to erode his base because the people of America, at least those who are waking up by the millions, are voting for their survival.

Free trade agreements and saving American jobs is what this election is becoming and people are seeing the corporations and the banks as their enemy for the first time on a collective basis. We are living history in the making. 

What Is At Stake

Donald Trump’s message regarding the devastation of the free trade agreements is so resounding, that he is correct when he says that he could literally shoot someone and his base of support would not erode. As we approach today’s important Republican Primary, Americans have a clear sense of what is at stake. Below are a list of alternatives to Trump. The emptiness and the foolhardiness of the following three choices are becoming apparent for for all to see.

  1. Ted Cruz does work for the Council on Foreign Relations. His wife is a senior executive for Goldman Sachs, one of the primary supporters of NAFTA, CAFTA and now the TPP free trade agreements. Cruz’s wife works for the Council on Foreign Relations. Further, he supports unlimited illegal immigration, as he is saying so in his rounds in Florida as he panders to the Latino community on the issue. What he is discovering is that the majority of the Latino community does not support these views.
  2. Marco Rubio is a politician who is eloquent, handsome and is totally without depth and substance. There is nothing for the voters to latch on to, because there is nothing of substance to this man as he continues to try and run from his sordid, Obama-like past.
  3. John Kasich is a man who could not inspire his shoes to go into the closet. His public persona is so predictable and repetitive that I literally cannot listen to him more than 30 seconds of his rants of “I have done that….”. In the raucous debates, Kasich once appeared to a mature person, the only adult in the room, if you will. However, his recent and desperate rhetoric has brought him back to the pack and exposed his “insider” status on immigration as he has now reversed himself on immigration in Cruz-like style.


Why would America vote for any of these three with their losing track record? They are part of the problem. If one votes for any of these three, they are voting to continue the status quo.

All three establishment candidates and their campaigns are supported by corporate money. The same corporate money that underwrote NAFTA, CAFTA and the TPP. These are same free trade agreements that have turned Detroit into a war zone. And now we see Baltimore, Pittsburgh, St. Louis, Cleveland and at least 50 more cities following in the footsteps of Detroit in which free trade agreements have devastated the lives of the people in America as millions of jobs have been moved to foreign countries.

America is becoming a hell-hole. We have pockets inside of America that are literally a third world country and, under the aforementioned politicians, things are only going to get worse.


The Corporate Elite, Bought-Off Politicians and the Media vs. The People of the United States

Today, on this day when some very important set of primary races will be decided, Americans have a chance to unify and send a clear message that includes “we are as mad as hell and we are not going to this anymore”.

howard beale made as hell

We are living in very unique times. We are witnessing not only a political  canrevolution, but a revolution of consciousness in which average people are no longer willing to acquiesce to the elite and their one-sided policies.

If Trump wins both Ohio and Florida, the teachings of Cloward and Piven will surface and this country will face violence like we have never seen before. If Trump does indeed prevail today, and I think he will, minus major voting fraud, Part two of this series will explore the depth of devastation and violence the liberal left is willing to participate in. Soon our country could look Syria.

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