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Dallas-Style False Flag Warning Issued for Shreveport, LA



Contrived race riots, tainted and false mainstream media reports and widespread provocation of violence across our country designed to usher in martial law dominates our lives for the moment. Just when we felt that Hillary might face justice before Congress, the Dallaa shooting and the Soros-inspired race riots have removed Clinton from the headlines as she has once again escaped justice.

In the past 24 hours, I have received multiple accounts from Baton Rouge and Shreveport, Louisiana which indicates that a Dallas style false flag attack could be imminent. It is my profound hope that by exposing this plot, we may keep it from happening. Amazingly, the FBI has issued a warning which supports my assertion that my issuing of a false flag warning for law enforcement personnel in Louisiana is warranted.

I begin this warning with several  email communications from people, in the impacted areas, who are fearful of a Dallas style false flag attack. This will be followed with the FBI warning. And finally, the reader will be presented with very simple evidence that supports the fact these events are not spontaneous responses to perceived racially motivated instances of police brutality. This is  coordinated effort that is operating with behind-the-scenes intelligent design.


I am a listener to your program in Bossier/Shreveport, LA.  I am concerned something may be happening in Shreveport very soon.  Just this week, on Wednesday, July 6th the DHS conducted an active shooter drill in Shreveport at Mall St. Vincent and then Friday, all of the shootings in Dallas occurred and now, CNN reports FBI warning of reports on social media of planned riots and “purges” in Shreveport and Baton Rouge.  Here is the link to the active shooter drill in Shreveport that happened two days before the Dallas event (we are only 3 hours from Dallas…  Here is the link to the active shooter training drill from July 6th
And here is the link to the video that someone posted of the CNN report of purges in Shreveport and Baton Rouge…

Dear Mr. Hodges,

I read your columns every day and I fear you may be correct when you said that the Dallas shootings are a false flag attack with ulterior motives.

In my work I encounter many LEO’s here in Shreveport and for the three I have already spoken with, to a person, they feel that they have been targeted and that something big could happen very soon. None of the LEO’s feel that Micah Johnson did the shooting of the dozen cops in Dallas. One LEO told me that these cops were wearing riot gear, some were wearing bullet proof vests and were ready for violence when the shooting started. He said that the moment that shots were fired from one location, most of the cops would have sought cover and immediately returned fire.  He also said the only reason that this did not happen is that they were shot from different angles and they had nowhere to hide. He emphatically stated that there was nowhere that was safe and this was an assassination carried out by MULTIPLE SHOOTERS.


One other LEO I spoke with told me that they have been warned of a Dallas style attack here in Shreveport.

Monday will be the first workday since the Dallas shootings. I will see more LEO’s on Monday but I do not think I am going to hear anything different.

I fear that this is going to become a national trend and this will be the most violent summer for law enforcement in the history of our country. Finally, there is no way that these are random acts of violence. Some force behind the scenes must be coordinating this. The MO in every city is eerily similar.

Keep reporting Dave, but please keep my name out and redact any potential identifying information because I fear that anyone that warns others of what is coming will be at risk.

Thanks for the work that you do.


I have listened to your show since you were on RBN and you seem to be frequently ahead of the curve on many of these issues. However,  I have a piece of information that you could not be aware of. I am a nurse in Baton Rouge and I am aware that we are receiving massive amounts of shipments of blood that could be used for transfusions and we are also receiving a lot of pain medication. I lived through Katrina and we did not see this kind of spike.  I feel that something big is about to happen.  Do you have any information that could confirm my suspicions? Please keep my name out of any report you make because I am aware of what happened to one of the trauma nurses in the Batman shootings when she was questioning the accuracy of the police reports based on what she saw in the operating room.

To those of you who  who have written to me and have stated that this is nonsense and that there is no such thing as a false flag attack, you might want to consider the following FBI memo coming out of the Fusion Threat Center in New Orleans.

The FBI Issues Warnings of Riots and Threats to Law Enforcement Personnel

The FBI confirms that the threats potential threats in these emails is real and an FBI Memo, speaks to this specific issue. They are called Situational Information Reports (SIR). Their purpose is to alert first responders and law enforcement agencies of potential and/or imminent threats. Violence against law enforcement personnel and riots are among the highest priority for the dissemination of SIR’s. 
From the Associated Press:

“BATON ROUGE, La. (AP) – A prominent Black Lives Matter activist was one of several people arrested Saturday night during an often-tense protest in Louisiana that included a contingent of hundreds of people who took to the streets to call for justice and voice anger over the fatal shooting of a black man by two white police officers.

Demonstrators gathered at the convenience store where 37-year-old Alton Sterling was shot before fanning out to the Baton Rouge police department and the state Capitol for another day of demonstrations.”

 (AP Photo/Max Becherer). Jay Morrison gives a speech in front of the Triple S convenience store in Baton Rouge, Saturday, July 9, 2016. Protest were planned all over Baton Rouge by groups demanding justice for Alton Sterling, a black man killed by whit...
Jay Morrison gives a speech in front of the Triple S convenience store in Baton Rouge, Saturday, July 9, 2016. Protest were planned all over Baton Rouge by groups demanding justice for Alton Sterling. The leading BLM activist and provocateur was arrested for his actions in the protest.
Clearly, the events on the street coincide with the FBI warning and the concerns of the citizens of Louisiana who have written to me expressing apprehension and concern about what is coming.
For those who think that these are spontaneous events in response to white on black police brutality, these kinds of protests have spread from the US to the UK.  The following took place in London. George Soros is everywhere fermenting revolution for the purpose of causing martial law to be declared so that all opposition can be eliminated.
Soros is also pursuing a second objective, which is to take the anti-Hillary rhetoric off of the front page.  In effect, Soros is driving Clinton’s get-away car.

How Many Shooters? Was Micah Johnson the Modern-Day Lee Harvey Oswald?

I have someone close to me who was a sniper in a branch of the military. From day one, he was telling me that one person did not do all that shooting. He said this was a coordinated mission using multiple shooters and the police were caught in triangulated fire with nowhere to run. He also believes that a patsy had to be created and Johnson fit that need. And just like the Aurora Batman shooting, where the perpetrator had over  $100,000 of high grade military hardware in his apartment, where did either man get the funds to have such a cache of weapons? Johnson was a man of meager means as was the Batman shooter who was a starving medical student. These weapons stockpiles in both cases were designed to enhance the false-flag narrative.
I was watching CNN following the shooting and CNN reported at least two shooters on multiple occasions. By the next day, the lone nut gunman scenario replaced these original reports.
I would encourage everyone to read Doug Hagmann’s account as he has interviewed an insider about the Dallas shooting.
And to Hillary Clinton, we hope you have enjoyed your brief respite from the relentless attacks upon your lack of moral character and integrity. You will soon return to the front pages of the media until justice is done and you stand charged with your many crimes you have committed against the American people.
Finally, I want to refer the readers to an Obama speech made in Germany in 2014. This 19 second video says it all and no further elaboration is needed as this represents the end game with regard to the present level of insanity that we are witnessing.

 Red List News reporting false flag warning for Shreveport, LA.


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  1. DB July 10, 2016 at 6:29 am

    Excellent reporting Dave,

    I have a relative who is a police officer in Florida and they have been told to let people go who are breaking the law as far as misdemeanors go. We have told this relative it’s time to retire. Lawlessness is around the corner. Anything and everything will be allowed to happen so people prepare yourselves spiritually and otherwise.

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  3. john f July 10, 2016 at 9:06 am

    can soros use these as a tax wright off??

  4. Tony July 10, 2016 at 9:06 am

    Black thugs running around with “we matter” signs combined with our Judeo-Marxist corporate controlled media stirring up blacks by only running stories where the victims are black (even though more whites are shot by police than blacks) and you have a recipe for disaster.

  5. Curly July 10, 2016 at 9:09 am

    As always, excellent reporting. I purposely stayed up late to watch the coverage on Thursday into Friday morning. Fox also relayed 2 shooters repeatedly for several hours. Around 11:30-1145pm EST they showed the footage of the first arrest. He was a black man covered in camo clothing, a red hoodie like jacker over that w a bullet proof vest over the red hoodie. He wore what looked like military/swat team head gear of the communications variety. They mentioned that he had relinquished his weapon. This footage was broadcast live when it occurred and several times after until a little past midnight. By morning, I did not see it shown again.


  6. john f July 10, 2016 at 9:10 am

    why cant the blm people .know thay are being used by soros??


  7. SparrowhawkSIxActual July 10, 2016 at 9:28 am


    The shooting in Dallas definitely had multiple shooters involved. In the early morning hours, before the reports could be filtered to fit the narrative, the reports were that the shooters were using military tactics, (triangulated fields of fire) The shooters were trapping cops in the open by triangulating their fire upon them from different angles (different locations) to deny the officers adequate cover. As seen in the videos of the shootings

    (I typed this after reading the second gentlemen’s post from Shreveport, then went back to continue reading the article to see is there was anything else that I wanted to comment on)

    Your sniper contact is 100% correct for the exact reasons I posted above. Military people, recognize military operations and tactics when we see them.

    I am attempting to confirm the blood shipments to Baton Rouge hospitals and will post up what I find out.

    I am ex military–SARC– Force Recon

    Baton Rouge is less than 15 minutes from my AO and I have connections to personnel in some of the major hospitals in the BR area.

    The copy of the FBI purge threat was disseminated through our FD

    Keep up the good work Dave.

  8. Useless Eater July 10, 2016 at 5:10 pm

    Seems to me that it was a planned shooting from a multi-level concrete garage to hide the locations and the number of them. The echoing makes it near-impossible to pinpoint. If this is true, then it would have been more pre-planned than the actual demonstration was – almost as if it was an attack waiting for an opportunity.
    Just another Useless observation. Best to simply ignore me.

  9. Txmonkeychaser July 10, 2016 at 5:44 pm

    Everything the media reports is a illusion.no way one shooter could pull this off.total B.S

  10. Mr Jameson July 10, 2016 at 8:20 pm

    Sorry I meant globalstar 7/10 show is the 7/3 show repeat.


  11. Tammy July 10, 2016 at 9:24 pm

    There was a peaceful protest tonight in Memphis, TN. Protesters shut down the I-40 bridge that connects West Memphis, Arkansas to Memphis, TN. All traffic was stopped on the bridge that stretches over a river for about 3 hours. The I-55 bridge connecting West Memphis to Memphis was left open for traffic crossing the river. Chief Rallings from the Memphis Police Department linked arms with Black Lives Matter protesters and peacefully marched with them as he persuaded them to get off the I-40 bridge and meet him in town to discuss issues impacting the black community. The protesters listened to police officers and got off the bridge without any violence. Considering the high crime rate in Memphis, everyone was relieved that there wasn’t any violence tonight. Cops were nice to the protesters, and WMC TV Action News 5 showed prayers with the protesters. There were a couple of cranky protesters who cursed and were rude, but there was no violence.

  12. Tammy July 10, 2016 at 9:30 pm

    To clarify my last comment, the bridge isn’t 3 hours long, traffic was stopped for about 3 hours during the protest in Memphis, TN.8

  13. William Jones July 11, 2016 at 5:25 am

    anyone note the shift in news coverage to down play the cops shooting citizens to promote the sympathy of police being shot by rogue person? This seems like public manipulation of opinion by news media. (for who). Does anyone see this? Look closely. You will see, even this article points toward information of which non-political party is acquiring power. Corporations/Money. Say goodby to US Sovereignty. Even Obama threatened the UK. The is no difference in what Obama is doing as compared pre takeover of Europe in the 30’s. We are being lied to!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!


  14. Tom Johnson July 11, 2016 at 5:32 am

    Just saw on Fox 32 Chicago, that CPD has filed multiple felony charges, including trying to take an officers weapon, against a BLM protester at a BLM protest over the weekend. I think it was a total of 5 charges. Chicago has enough problems as it is. I live about 40 miles outside of Chicago and only go there when I have to visit the VA hospital. even that scares the living snot out of me.

    We all know about Soros, but without money backing from the others, even he’ll run out of money sooner or later.

    I’ve never seen that video of BO(body odor) before. I guess he doesn’t realize he’ll be cast aside once he’s out lived his usefulness.

    Stay safe everyone and get right with God.

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  17. MMM July 12, 2016 at 8:20 pm

    Hi, I’m new to this group. I just wanted to mention that I am from Texas and our governor. Greg Abbott (the one in the wheelchair), He went head to head with the establishment regarding the syrian refugees. He basically told Obama to go f himself and that he would not allow the syrian refugees to migrate to Texas without prior vetting. He was one of the only governors in the U.S. to make such a bold move and statement. I’m curious if maybe he was trying to settle a score or send a message. Just wanted to mention. I’m enjoying this page. Good work.

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