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New Agenda 21 Policies Call for 90% Depopulation of the US



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Four years ago, a Medford, Oregon  man was jailed for collecting rainwater and snow runoff on his very own property while the developing world is trashing their environment at alarming rates, suffocating waterways, rivers, and lakes with trash and other forms of pollution.

Agenda 21 have morphed into Agenda 2030 which has now morphed into Vision 2050. In the video below are the noteworth and provisions of the newest flavor of Agenda 21.


In the video, you heard me mention the emergence of the Megacities concept. Here is the map for this dastardly notion:

The legend of the map indicates that each of the 11 megacity regions will considt of 6 million people, each. Where will the other 250 million Americans have gone?

I support Agenda 21. And despite all my scandals, I will be the President in 2016! And....I am crazy!

I support Agenda 21. And despite all my scandals, I will be the President in 2016! And….I am crazy!

Hilllary Clinton is a supporter of Agenda 21 and its policies.


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  1. laura m. July 30, 2016 at 1:06 pm

    Gov. control freaks want everyone on bicycles, smart cars, roller skates or on foot. Smaller houses will be needed as electric rates will go thru the roof. Not into micro sized houses but smaller ok since we downsized. Some think gov will outlaw meat eating (soylent green foods only) . There is no way you can walk to all shopping since dept. stores zoned on four lane away from residential. I need to keep bike maintained and get several extra pairs of roller skates. Me and others I know will probably be dead by 2050 unless we live to be over a hundred plus. Gov will have to force people out of their houses in the suburbs or high end subdivisions and since people are so stuck in stupid nowdays, they will fall for anything except the very few informed like us..

  2. Bea July 30, 2016 at 3:20 pm

    What will become of the rest? BLM and the police will annihilate each other. The terrorists (home grown and those who infiltrated our unprotected borders) will kill the rest. Problem solved.

  3. Kate Derrickson July 30, 2016 at 3:28 pm

    I agree with you Laura, I went to go buy a car last weekend and they were pushing a small car on to me. Some kind of Japanese car. I am over 6 feet tall and I have a big rear end. I could barely fit my big butt into the driver side door. I didn’t fit. I told the sales guy no and I need something bigger. He went and brought me another car. A four door car of the same brand. I looked at him and told him no. I can’t fit in there. He says to me. It’s a four door. I said I can see that but it is exactly the same size as the other. Only you cut it in half and now you can squeeze someone else in between my big butt and the back of the car. I walked off that lot. I went to a used car dealership and found a big car from the 80’s And old Cadillac that someone took care of and it had very little miles. I fit in it like a glove. I saved money too! I drove by the lot I had gone to earlier and honked at the little sales guy who was standing outside smoking. Will probably be my last car. I hate to see what will happen to the America I knew, regardless of who will be president. I fear it is too late.

  4. Max July 30, 2016 at 4:16 pm

    If DJ Trump is elected these plans are first revealed to US public in which people become very very outraged and secondly trump will mobilize EVERYTHING in his power to derail this dastardly NWO plan!

  5. Lorelei Vision July 30, 2016 at 4:59 pm

    World War 3 will kill millions around the globe, perhaps billions if chemical, nuclear and bio warfare weapons are used. This isn’t a matter of If, but WHEN. The Banking Cartel has Trillions of Dollars of Debt that must be reset, they will push for that powder keg to be lit. Millions of us will perish, and many of us will be in the USA. They need to tear down our nation to bring the NWO to power. Foreign soldiers will have no problem killing us, Americans don’t realize how many people around the world hate, detest, loathe us. Besides the foreign troops, we have internal occupiers who wish to tear us down as well: self-haters, sociopaths, psychopaths, professional victims, race baiters and hustlers, Kool-Aid drinkers and the list goes on. Never in modern US history have I felt the war drums beating so loudly for spilt blood on American soil fomented by puppets of the NWO. These are the times to turn to God, to stay close to God, to be in His will, there is no other solution for the slaughter that is coming in the near future.

  6. Tony July 30, 2016 at 9:27 pm

    I would totally support eliminating 90% of the liberals in the US. They want to depopulate us? Let’s start with eliminating all the libtards out there.

  7. ildiko studemire July 31, 2016 at 4:57 am

    It is proven that soyproducts not only not healthy ,but dangerous for human!!! so who is smart should not eat it!!

  8. LogicalMadman July 31, 2016 at 5:03 am

    “Tony: I would totally support eliminating 90% of the liberals in the US. They want to depopulate us? Let’s start with eliminating all the libtards out there.”


  9. Tom Gallagher July 31, 2016 at 5:27 am

    The cabal is finished, they are in their death throws. Just like a supertanker, even when in neutral it takes miles to come to a stop.The signs are all around us, subtle and just under the surface, but many of them and growing exponentially. Yes we have some grief and chaos ahead, but there are blue skies on the horizon. The trouble was I totally FOCUSED on the gloom and doom, digging a hole so deep that when I looked up, all I saw were storm clouds. I crawled out of the hole, did my homework, and can see an end to all this.

    NO NUCLEAR DETONATIONS,killing millions. NO PANDEMICS killing millions, in fact NO MASS DEATH PERIOD! Yes there will be death and destruction as the cabal thrashes around in their death spiral. But the mass of humanity will prevail and pick up the pieces to build a new world.

    How can I say this? First there has been an internal revolt, people realized they made the wrong choice and are fighting back on the inside. Secondly, we have help, lots of it. Third and most importantly, there is a mass awakening happening, even if they don’t know it. people can feel things are wrong but keep it to themselves for now , until they meet others who speak up and then they are off and running, asking questions and challenging the status quo. This will explode in numbers , day by day.

    So thank you Mr. Hodges, for all your work, and all the others, such as yourself, sounding the alarm. But you are in the hole you have dug and can only see a small piece of the sky. It is time for solutions and actions that raise the vibes around us. Such as turn off the drama – if no one is watching, what good is it to cut off heads – and start focusing on calming our souls and be a positive example to all around you. The cabal, and their minions will STARVE if our energy is positive and progressive! Yes it is that simple. Energy flows where the focus goes. So find your joy, visit often and stay awhile. GOOD BYE CABAL.

  10. laura m. July 31, 2016 at 5:34 am

    Tony: 90% of the stuck in stupid Americans are libtards anyway, many take no side because they are like cattle, so I classify them with the stupid crowd. Useless bunch not even tuned in to globalism-too busy with their smart phones playing the game apps.. These are the idiots that think Hillary, Soros or Obozo are the top dogs to run the show and follow main stream media.

  11. Tom Johnson July 31, 2016 at 5:59 am

    You want to see what one of these mega-cities look like watch the original, ‘Judge Dredd.’ The elites always tell us what they’re going to do.

  12. tom duffy July 31, 2016 at 6:24 am

    dave, are you familiar with mrcati’s work? looks like an event in lower manhattan sept. 23,24. 10k nuke 42st. td.

  13. REM July 31, 2016 at 1:05 pm

    Sadly that is exactly what TPTB wants Tony. Order out of Chaos is their motto you know and if we don’t start to reach out to every dull minded sheep out there to at least plant the seeds of liberty and self reliance from these evil overlords it will be curtains for all of us in quick order.

    Yes there will be those who are fellow travelers of these minions of Archons who have sold their souls for power but there will be many more who will be open to the words of truth. All a person has to do is lay it out simply and truthfully once, then move on to the next. Those who are true believers in the Evil ones and their plans for destruction will have to be dealt with sooner than later though.

    So get right with God, ask for the armor and shield that will protect you from their fiery arrows and take up the sword of truth and heavenly power that will vanquish the demons that will be walking the earth soon literally looking for his children to devour. Get your own house in order first then branch out to others that have done the same. Make haste because the storms are about to let loose over our once blessed land.

  14. Racing4home July 31, 2016 at 2:06 pm


    Pope to Young on Poland Trip: BELIEVE ‘IN A NEW HUMANITY’
    From the Associated Press article:

    KRAKOW, Poland (AP) — “Pope Francis encouraged hundreds of thousands of young people at a global gathering of the faithful Sunday to ‘believe in a new humanity’ that is stronger than evil and refuses to see borders as barriers … ‘People may judge you to be dreamers, because you believe in a new humanity, one that rejects hatred between peoples, one that refuses to see borders as barriers and can cherish its own traditions without being self-centered or small-minded,’ Francis told his flock, many of them in their late teens, 20s or 30s.”

    Considering the immigration tragedy has been orchestrated to eviscerate “the badges of our national identity, which most of us have always taken for granted” (see Keys of This Blood, p. 15), I’m not surprised the Pope is encouraging everyone to hang in there and become a world “that refuses to see borders as barriers.” The architects of the NWO intend to subject us to “the most profound and widespread modification of international, national and local life that the world has seen in a thousand years” (KOTB, p. 16).

    I remember when others were encouraging people to read the book, The Keys of This Blood, and get a handle on what this world would look like if the process described in its pages came to fruition. However, it was really hard to get excited about a man-made construct that may or may not evolve according to the understanding of one writer. But now, looking at the world we see, Dr. Martin was right on point.
    Malachi Martin was a Jesuit and worked at the Vatican for Cardinal Bea during the time of Vatican II. Because of his assignment, he came into close association with Pope John Paul II. The fruit of this association is the book: “The Keys of This Blood: The Struggle For World Dominion Between Pope John Paul II, Mikhail Gorbachev & The Capitalist West.”

    Here are a just a few quotes from the first couple of pages that will help you better understand the “profound” changes going on in this world. Bear in mind as you read these comments that this book was published in 1990. Consider:

    “Willing or not, ready or not, we are all involved in an all-out, no-holds-barred, three-way global competition. Most of us are not competitors, however. We are the stakes. For the competitions is about who will establish the first one-world system of government that has ever existed in the society of nations. It is about who will hold and wield the dual power of authority and control over each of us as individuals and over all of us together as a community; over the entire six billion people expected by demographers to inhabit the earth by early in the third millennium” (p. 15).

    “The competition is all-out because, now that it has started, there is no way it can be reversed or called off” (p. 15).

    “No holds barred because, once the competition has been decided, the world and all that’s in it–our way of life as individuals and as citizens of the nations; our families and our jobs; our trade and commerce and money; our educational systems and our religions and our cultures; even the badges of our national identity, which most of us have always taken for granted–all will have been powerfully and radically altered forever. No one can be exempted from its effects. No sector of our lives will remain untouched” (p. 15).

    “The competition began and continues as a three-way affair because that is the number of rivals with sufficient resources to establish and maintain a new world order. Nobody who is acquainted with the plans of these three rivals has any doubt but that only one of them can win. Each expects the other two to be overwhelmed and swallowed up in the coming maelstrom of change. This being the case, it would appear inescapable that their competition will end up as a confrontation” (p. 15).

    [Note: Remember the USSR? There was “a confrontation” between the USSR and the other two players–The Captialist West and the Papacy. The USSR is no longer with us. The dissolution of the Soviet Union was formally enacted on December 26, 1991, close on the heals of the publishing of Martin’s book.
    Details of the plan to overthrow the USSR are documented in a TIME Magazine article entitled: The Holy Alliance, which can be found here: http://content.time.com/…/mag…/article/0,9171,159069,00.html

    From the TIME magazine article:
    “Only President Ronald Reagan and Pope John Paul II were present in the Vatican Library on Monday, June 7, 1982. It was the first time the two had met, and they talked for 50 minutes … In that meeting, Reagan and the Pope agreed to undertake a clandestine campaign to hasten the dissolution of the communist empire. Declares Richard Allen, Reagan’s first National Security Adviser: ‘This was one of the great secret alliances of all time.'”]

    Back to Martin’s book: “As to the time factor involved, those of us who are under seventy will see at least the basic structures of the new world government installed. Those of us under forty will surely live under it legislative, executive and judiciary authority and control” (p. 16).
    “What these competitors are talking about, then, is the most profound and widespread modification of international, national and local life that the world has seen in a thousand years … Ten years before this competition became manifest to the world at large, the man [Pope John Paul II] who was destined to become the first, the most unexpected and, for some at least, the most unwelcome competition of all in this millennium endgame spoke openly about what he saw down the road even then” (p. 16).

    “Perhaps the world was still too immersed in the old system of nations-states, and in all the old international balance-of-power arrangements, to hear what Wojtyla [Pope John Paul II] was saying” (p. 16).

    Referring to Pope John Paul II, Martin continues: “…he was himself the head of the most extensive and deeply experienced of the three global powers that would, within a short time, set about ending the nation system of the world politics that had defined human society for over a thousand years. It is not too much to say, in fact, that the chosen purpose of John Paul’s pontificate–the engine that drives his papal grand policy and that determines his day-to-day, year-by year strategies–is to be the victor in that competition, now well under way.” (p. 17).

    “Their aim is to foster increasing cooperation on an international basis–and to do that by maintaining the peace, at the same time they accomplish what war has rarely achieved: the breakdown of all the old natural and artificial barriers between nations” (p. 18).

    “There is one great similarity shared by all three of these globalist competitors. Each one has in mind a particular grand design for one world governance … Their geopolitical competition is about which of the three will form, dominate and run the world system that will replace the decaying nation system” (p. 18-19).

    Regarding the movements of the “Captialist West,” Martin penned these words: “The final contender in the competition for the new world order is not a single individual leader of a single institution or territory. It is a group of men who are united as one in power, mind and will for the purposes of achieving a single common goal: to be victorious in the competition for the new global hegemony” (p. 17).

    Hegemony is an interesting word, so read this paragraph again and let Revelation 17:12-13 wash over your mind. Did Dr. Martin see the similarities in the language? Is this a coincidence? You decide.

    “In the new world order of the Wise Men of the West–the most powerful of the Genuine Globalists–the rights and freedoms of the individual would be based on positive law: that is, on laws passed by a majority of those who will be entitled to vote on the various levels of the new rule, however, will be far removed from the ordinary individual … Similarities of public rhetoric, therefore, do more to mask than clarify the profound differences between the contenders, and the profoundly different consequences for us all of the grand design each one proposes for the arrangement of our human affairs” (p. 19).

    Does this not describe our world? As you can see from the quote above, President Obama is not making unilateral decisions. He is following the directions of “the Wise Men of the West–the most powerful of the Genuine Globalists.” Clearly, what is happening has been orchestrated and implemented without the knowledge and understanding of the majority of the earth’s population. This is not conspiracy theory. It is right there in front of us if we are willing to open our eyes and read!

    The most interesting part to me is that they spoken about what they have been planning to do, they have written books telling us what they are going to do, and they are doing it! We must wake up!

    “And in the latter time of their kingdom, when the transgressors are come to the full, a king of fierce countenance [the papacy], and understanding dark sentences, shall stand up. And his power shall be mighty, but not by his own power: and he shall destroy wonderfully, and shall prosper, and practise, and shall destroy the mighty and the holy people. And through his policy also he shall cause craft to prosper in his hand; and he shall magnify himself in his heart, and by peace shall destroy many” (Dan. 8:23-25).


  15. […] Turkish forces surround NATO’s Incirlik air base for ‘inspection’ amid rumors of coup attempt New Agenda 21 Policies Call for 90% Depopulation of the US Just before election, Obama doubles down on illegal immigrant fly-in program Border Patrol union: […]

  16. Just Me August 2, 2016 at 11:22 pm

    I invite you folks to play with this idea a bit. The idea is for Donald Trump the brilliant negotiator to meet with a group of Globalists and hammer out a fair divorce settlement between Trump supporters and Clinton supporters.

    What if Donald Trump could make a 50-50 no-fault political divorce deal with the Globalists divvying up the 50 States into 25-25 states, East-West, or North-South, something like that? The idea behind this divorce deal is no fault, i.e. no bloodshed. The 50 States are “community property,” and thereafter, the exes go on their own merry ways.

    TRUMP’S CAMP—Those good people who want “jobs, jobs, jobs,” who are willing to work hard like Donald Trump, who want to enjoy life in prosperity with their children and grandchildren, who reject chemtrails, TPP, vaccines, Obamacare, opening our borders to unvetted Syrian refugees, etc., will follow Trump to 24 contiguous states plus Alaska or Hawaii.

    Which is better for you? Having a country that is only half its original size, or being tossed into an oven near railroad tracks on a ranch in Colorado?

    HILLARY’S CAMP—Those lunatics who want to welcome millions of Syrian refugees with open arms, who are willing to live under the barbaric Sharia Law, willing to give up all of their rights in exchange for a lifestyle of a parasite, willing to be taxed to oblivion, and willing to go to exitless “Fun Camps,” where guillotines may be waiting to chop useless eaters’ heads off, etc., would follow Obama and Clinton to the other 24 contiguous states plus Hawaii or Alaska. Hell, if I could get Obama and Clinton out of my life and into another country, I wouldn’t care if they allowed UN troops to run all over their 25 states. If you’re “with her,” you 100% deserve what you would get from Hillary.

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