/, Featured, Main/SOURCE: Leftists plotting violent uprising and communist coup on January 20… Here’s why the ‘crybaby diaper brigade’ won’t succeed
SOURCE: Leftists plotting violent uprising and communist coup on January 20… Here’s why the ‘crybaby diaper brigade’ won’t succeed




(NaturalNews) You may have heard by now that leftist activists who hate democracy are planning a massive “protest” on January 20 at the inauguration of President Trump. See Soros and Liberal Mega-Donors are Plotting to Resist Trump Behind Closed Doors from Planet Free Will. What you may not have heard yet, however, is that these same leftists are hoping to escalate the protest into a communist coup against the government, taking over the power structure of Washington D.C. and declaring Hillary Clinton to be their “dear leader”.

I almost can’t stop laughing. Seriously. It hurts because I’ve been laughing so hard from last Tuesday’s election night that I’m sore. Please, liberals, stop making me laugh by posting Youtube videos of yourself screaming for mommy because the world stopped conforming to your lunacy… oh God, please make it stop…

The crybully diaper brigade thinks it can conquer America with stupidity

Yes, the leftist libtards who grew up with “everyone’s a winner” school sports and who are too mentally weak to handle any challenges at all without whining and screaming like crybabies now think they can overpower the entire U.S. military and stage a successful leftist coup in Washington D.C. by bussing in unemployed leftists and telling them to “cause something.”

This is going to be hilarious to watch. I seriously can’t wait. Gonna have some popcorn ready for this one…

I know, it’s funny just to consider how all this might go down, and it begs the question of whether the crybaby leftists have thought about the logistics of delivering all the necessary diapers to their front line protesters who are apparently going to assault our nation’s capitol with some slam-dunk signs like, “Rape Melania” or “Love Trumps Hate.” (Yes, both of those wildly contradictory signs can now be spotted in the same leftist protest group, side by side, because liberalism doesn’t have to make sense! It just has to achieve the necessary level of HATE…)

They quite literally believe they are going to march into the nation’s capitol without guns (because they hate guns) and somehow overpower the world’s most powerful military (which has lots of guns) composed of soldiers who are almost universally in support of President Trump. They are going to accomplish all this, they think, by assaulting America’s psyche with violence, hatred, bigotry, intolerance and sheer stupidity, all on display for the whole world to see and backed by CNN’s on-site zombified reporters who are just as stupid and mentally disconnected from reality as the protesters they’re covering.

Can I please have a front row seat? Pretty please? This is gonna be epic…

Oh, and they also have plans to assassinate Trump, but you already knew that if you’ve been reading Twitter, the social media site that openly allows violent leftists to threaten Donald Trump’s life without their accounts being suspended. They are apparently hoping one of their leftist lunatics can be pushed over the edge into “beyond” lunacy status, and then unleashed in the direction of Donald Trump with an ice pick or something.

That attempt is going to last about five seconds, after which ice pick moron is going to be slammed to the ground by about fifty Secret Service agents who have been itching to finally kick some ass under a new President.

Oh man, I really, really want to be there to see this in person…

Patriots asked to serve as human shields… no weapons, no gear, no combat uniforms

I’m being told by my source that patriots who wish to help defend America against the crybaby assault brigade should show up in large numbers to simply occupy the space and serve as human shields.

Do not bring any weapons to the event. Dress in casual, civilian clothing. Do not engage violent protesters. (Just LAUGH in their faces!) Let the police and the U.S. Marines do their jobs, but be available to help them out of things somehow devolve into real chaos (which isn’t likely).

The overall stance of patriots in all this is simple: Let the libtards show the world how totally insane they are, even if they try to burn down monuments or occupy the Capitol building. Trust me, they won’t succeed for very long, and it will be beyond hilarious watching crybully leftists get tossed on their heads by the U.S. Marines… or even the “Bikers for Trump” patriots who will also be attending the event.

Natural News is seriously looking to hire a photo journalist to help document all this, because we think the pictures from this attempted leftist coup will supply uproarious laughter for the next eight years, at least. If you’re interested in working for us to document the great “communist diaper uprising attempt” by libtards, find a way to contact us and we’ll chat. It could be YOUR photos featured on Natural News on January 20! (I’m totally jealous that YOU are going to be there and I’m not…)

The ultimate defense against leftists: Diaper wedgies!

I’m also told that no weapons will be needed to quash the leftist communist uprising because they are highly vulnerable to an old, tried-and-true tactic: DIAPER WEDGIES!

Just reach down the back of their baggy, saggy gangster jeans, grab the back of their diaper and yank it upwards with extreme vigilance. This will cause leftists to pee themselves, then crap themselves, then scream for mommy… creating the perfect opportunity to take a photo and send it to Natural News so the entire world can share in the hilarity of it all.

Those leftist crybullies who aren’t wearing actual diapers can be tripped up by tying their shoe laces together, causing them to face plant directly into the pavement. CNN will report surreptitious shoe-tying as a “whitelash” or “hate crime,” which will set off another new round of total laughter at the lunatic media that just doesn’t know when they’ve been defeated and should just go home to mope.

While all this is going on, somebody please throw a cream puff pie into Michael Moore’s face, which won’t even slow him down because he’ll just lick it off, swallow the calories, and keep lumbering forward in his droopy diaper jeans. The guy’s got some guts to keep trying to lead the lunatics on the left… you gotta give him that much, at least.

Seriously, though, the leftists are really planning a communist coup on January 20. I’m not joking, although I can’t stop laughing. I’m not even going to bother telling anyone to bring your guns because you won’t need them. You can defeat the entire front lines of the crybully libtards with nothing more than a bar of soap wrapped in an old sock. Swing it around, bash some heads, and you might just knock a little sense into these hopeless people.
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  1. Davis November 15, 2016 at 8:29 pm

    I went ahead and bought a lot of silver and night vision just in case.

  2. Vietkonggook November 15, 2016 at 9:21 pm

    These socialist army Fifth Column should not be underestimated. These are brainwashed human bots triggered to disrupt and destroy their target. Trump and his security must not take these threat s lightly.

  3. a watcher November 15, 2016 at 11:29 pm

    You’re underestimating the marxist left organizers Bill Ayers https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/Weather_Underground 60’s anti-war radical unapologetic terrorist bomber of Weather Underground and pals of Prairie Fire https://archive.org/details/PrairieFireThePoliticsOfRevolutionaryAnti-imperialismThePolitical -Ayers fled charges then returned to become a professor https://spectator.org/37001_theyre-all-together/ Prairie Fire student for democratic society http://www.sds-1960s.org/PrairieFire-reprint.pdf

    DNC & Democrat ideology have been subverted by Marxist 60s political radicals, installed across states counties cities, throughout elitist academia professors and administrators nursed the breeding ground for sleeper students now dogwhistled by trigger words, racist, hate monger, rapist, or the more direct anti war, anti imperialism social justice feminazi msg amplified and repeated on loop by the MSM propagandist globalist zionist messengers. The “system” has painted Trump as representative of and firebrand for all evil by maleable minds being led into terrorist actions against their own neighbors believing they are part of history changing mission of good.

    And it doesnt hurt that the wealth is available to hire thousands of these hopeless kids for 15-30 bucks an hour in a bleak jobless landscape as many are saddled w/insurmountable student debt – not unlike the ripe circumstances for enlisting recruits of cia created ISIS to destabilize and overthrow governments to those who’d play ball with globalist US policy or Clinton Foundation objectives.

    “They believed a more *militant group, one that would preach violent class hatred and worldwide revolution*, was needed. They called themselves the Weathermen after the Bob Dylan line, “You don’t need a weatherman to know which way the wind blows.””

    http://www.democracynow.org/2008/11/14/exclusive_in_first_joint_broadcast_interview democracy now amy goodman interview with ayers and bernadette dorhn who is quoted as saying she’s a radical communist,

    Black Lives Matter is a replacement for the Black Panthers that dorhn forced out of her true communist marxist group after one called for PussyPower, causing malechauvenist label to be attached to Students for democratic society- as you can read here https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Jacobs_(activist) At this link you’ll notice mention of the main cities the rioters target now were their HQs in 60s-

    On Dorhn- Dohrn opened the conference by telling the delegates they needed to stop being afraid and begin the “armed struggle.” Reminding the delegates of the murder of Sharon Tate and four others on August 9, 1969 by members of the Manson Family. “Dig it,” Dohrn said approvingly. “First they killed those pigs, then they ate dinner in the same room with them, they even shoved a fork into a victim’s stomach! Wild!”[29] She then held up three fingers in what she called the “Manson fork salute.

    another excerpt from https://en.wikipedia.org/wiki/John_Jacobs_(activist) see if this doesnt fit the current chaotic message of the professional radical driven rioter-
    The “Weatherman” statement denounced imperialism and racism,[23] and repudiated PL’s claim that youth culture was bourgeois. The Weatherman manifesto also called for revolutionary violence at home to stop imperialism, and the formation of collectives in major cities to support the military struggle and stop factionalism. The Weatherman faction counted on RYM supporters to help them not only control the convention but also to pass the Weatherman manifesto. But Klonsky, Bob Avakian, and Les Coleman—all key members of the pro-RYM caucus—disagreed with many of the positions advocated in the Weatherman statement. They issued their own position paper, “Revolutionary Youth Movement II” (RYM II). Although the Weatherman and RYM II factions were opposed to PL and nearly constituted a majority of delegates, they still lost control of the convention. Leaders of the Black Panther Party made an appearance designed to attack PL supporters on the issue of racism. But when the Panthers made references to “pussy power,” they and the SDS leadership were accused of male chauvinism. The next day, the Panthers accused PL of deviating from “true” Marxism–Leninism. PL leaders accused the Panthers and SDS leadership of redbaiting. Dohrn, Rudd, Jacobs, Klonsky and Robbins huddled in an attempt to strategize a way to defeat the PL faction. Dohrn took to the podium and demanded that all “true” SDSers follow her out of the convention hall. Gathering in an adjoining hall, Dohrn demanded that SDS expel all PL supporters. On June 20, the Weatherman and RYM II caucuses re-entered the main convention hall, accused the PL supporters of racism and being insufficiently opposed to imperialism, and demanded that all PL supporters be ejected. When they were not, Dohrn, Rudd, Jacobs and the other national leaders led approximately two-thirds of the delegates out of the convention hall.[5]

    After the split in SDS, The Weatherman/RYM II faction began establishing collectives in cities around the country. Jacobs moved to Chicago. There, he shared an apartment with girlfriend Dohrn and Weatherman advocates Gerry Long, Jeff Blum, Bob Tomashevsky, and Peter Clapp.[5] He began traveling the country, visiting other SDS collectives to enforce the “party line,” identify leaders, educate members in Marxist theory, and lecture on the need for violent action.[2]


    Ayers in his 70s now, some sources say he was mentor to Obama, both deny this-though they interacted in Chicago political circles.

    Ayers weather underground and Rennie Davis protested the first time at the Democratic National Convention in Chicago, where radical organizer Rennie Davis of Chicago 7 fame, boasts of his being the mass organizer for the riotous protests- he’s the last living member of the infamous 7 or 8 depending on who tells it, who sold out his anti-capitalist mission to become a tech venture capitalist, preaching alternate society launched a site for that purpose- http://www.ffh.org/ Foundation for humanity

    His bio ennie Davis, Chairman Foundation for Humanity: In the 1960s, he was the coordinator of the largest anti-war and civil rights coalition in he United States. He was one of the Chicago 7. He remains a recognized spokesman for his generation, featured on numerous network television documentaries and media forums, from the Legends series produced by CBS to Larry King Live, Barbara Walters, VH1, CNN and other network programs. His leadership in the socially responsible investment industry has been profiled in the Dow Jones Investment Advisor.

    He was the managing partner for a consulting company with an exclusive clientele of board members and officers of Fortune 500 companies and wealthy private families. He has been the financial planner for the President of the Manville Corporation, President of HBO, the Gates Rubber Company Board of Directors and people in the Forbes 400 richest. His consulting company purchased and developed the 80-acre elegant Greystone estate for the purpose of establishing a unique Colorado technology development center for inventors and scientists.

    He has searched the world to identity and develop close relations with inventors of breakthrough technologies. He has also supported startup technology companies in capital development and taken them public. He has experience in technology deal structures and presented various technology projects to U.S. financial markets. He has also served as a valued consultant to directors and senior management of diverse Fortune 500 companies in executive search, leadership training, financial planning, team building, inspired business cultures, employee benefit design and executive outplacement.

    books http://www.renniedavis.com/Rennie_Davis/Book_Pre-Sale.html

    I am Rennie Davis–one of the Chicago 7–and a key organizer of the global events that helped change the world in the 1960s. I directed the historic demonstrations at the Democratic National Convention in Chicago in 1968, watched by more people on television than watched the first man landing on the moon. I also organized the largest civil disobedience arrest in American history in Washington D.C in the spring of 1970, and I partnered with John Lennon in our effort to end the Vietnam war.

    Now I am writing a story of how people in their 20s today, using the lessons of the 1960s, could re-script the human future again. To tell this story and launch a movement, I need your assistance and appreciate your support.

    In this book I will tell the best Sixties stories ever, an insider’s look at what it was like to be at the leading edge of a historic movement for change. It is the story of how we stood down an entrenched racist culture in the 1960s and forced an end to an unjust war.

    And it is a story of how a new generation can and must change the world again. This book will launch a real-world movement today to pioneer a whole new way of living and create a new global nation on Earth.

    I invite you to join with me today!

    MSNBC documentary Rennie Davis april 22 2016 http://www.msnbc.com/documentaries/watch/you-vote-they-decide-rennie-davis-672042051858

    http://www.fjc.gov/history/home.nsf/page/tu_chicago7_bio_davis.html Conspiracy Trial Rennie Davis

    Do not underestimate the efforts of these frustrated Marxist Communist radicals who now have following and wealth, plus globalist and other unknown faction support to overthrow with violence the government of what they view as imperialist war machine United States before they leave this mortal coil, its been their life mission and purpose and now they can pay an army- and have media on their side.

    One other thing- if we bite and take the bait which has been purposely shoved in our faces to spark anger by design, a civil war can break out and give Obama the justification needed to declare martial law and remain in presidency under emergency conditions indefinitely- we’re still under war power act after all. It is a bad idea to provoke trump supporters to act as tomato cans or targets for the weaponized left who will use this to ‘strike fear into every cracker household in America’ as Bernadette Dorhn stated.

  4. Bruno November 16, 2016 at 5:38 am

    None of the people are going to back this “revolution” as it is put. The main reason is the people know they ….the rabble rousers will not make life easier for them…the people. It will go nowhere just like his other “color” revolutions. The people are already enjoying the fruits of Trump’s election….no world War with russia.

  5. Jim November 16, 2016 at 9:54 am

    Now, if you tie Michael Moore’s shoelaces together, it will take the Marines to untie them and get him back on his feet! He is a disgrace to the name Moore (thinking of John Moore). Actually, he is a disgrace to the name human!

  6. Manuel November 17, 2016 at 12:29 am

    Mr. Adams:
    You don’t give the criminal element enough credit in this article. Soros is amazing in that he can, and does initiate much hatred and confusion in many countries, not just the U.S. It is apparent that even a complete moron is capable of bringing chaos to any given situation. All that has to happen is one, not several, of these bozos bring a weapon, and start shooting. Many innocent people will die, and the ship will hit the sand. Extreme caution should be taken, and each and every person that attends this event must be vigilant. Think positive… expect and prepare for the worst.

  7. Ish November 17, 2016 at 8:08 am

    Be ware and don’t fall asleep, while the diaper babies may not have any weapons the ISIS and MS-13 terrorists who have entered this country through the open Mexican border do. This could turn out to be the next 9-11 false flag attack by George Soros’ color revolution just like the Arab Spring in Egypt, Libya, Somalia, Syria and Ukraine that he funded (along with Hillary and Obama’s support) for the purpose of regime change.

    This is a serious threat!

  8. jake d November 17, 2016 at 12:04 pm

    Actually we would all be better off in the long run if the idiots would push it. I would prefer we just get on with it and be done with it.

  9. Stephen Alessini November 17, 2016 at 11:25 pm

    Please tell me Rennie Davis did not actually leave the above rambling comment. I thought he was dead. If not, he should be, or will be soon. The left has only a fraction of the arms that the right possesses. If a successful revolution does occur, it will be from the right, not the left. Sorry, Rennie. You had your fifteen minutes of fame back in the sixties. Go take a nap.

  10. Mr. Plumlee November 19, 2016 at 7:19 am

    Methinks president trump will round up the Perps day of inauguration and send to nearest FEMA camp.

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