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The Stealth Invasion of Somali Terrorists Coming Across the Mexican Border- Jobs Awaiting



What was happening there, is now happening here. Refugees? Really? Where are the women and children? Are there any Christians among them? This is national suicide!

What was happening there, is now happening here. Refugees? Really? Where are the women and children? Are there any Christians among them? This is national suicide! What is happening there, is happening here.


In the interest of national survival and individual preservation, it is important to do some much needed dot connecting. There are a serious of late-term actions taken by Obama that are very concerning. On the surface, Obama’s individual action would appear to be Obama just being Obama as he works up until the last possible moment to eviscerate our national boundaries and give preferential treatment to foreigners over American citizens. However, when one starts to connect the dots, a much more ominous future begins to take shape.


Mexico and Obama Are Shipping Thousands of Somalians Into the United States

In the brief following video, below, shot by a Mexican national, we see Africans being amassed in preparation to enter the United States. The local Mexican citizens have never seen anything like this. I have learned from one of my sources that these individuals are from Somalia. The public is being told that these people are refugees and are fleeing for their lives. One of my sources tells me that nothing could be further from the truth. Simply look at the images, these people are all male, young males of fighting age. There are no women and based upon past experience, one can safely bet that this is a fifth column invasion force similar to what we have seen with MS-13  brought into the United States in the summer of 2014. In fact, as Paul Preston and I have discovered, these terrorist immigrants, admitted by DHS in the summer of 2014, involved in the Calexit scenario should legislative action not be successful in obtaining California’s release from the United States. Paul and I have previously reported that an undercover source reported that random violence against white people would be perpetrated to force a California withdrawal in order to become a free and independent country. Although I do not know the final destination for these Somalians, I am willing to bet that their final destination is Northern California where they can disrupt the State of Jefferson movement which would result in No. California becoming the 51st state, but would disrupt the Calexit movement.

With regard to bringing in terrorists to so disrupt California, thus forcing a break away from the US, we are witnessing massive amounts of terrorists entering California.

Are we just supposed to forget about the stabbing incident at Ohio State?


At the 20 minute mark of the following video, listen to the 3 minute explanation of this enterprise.


In short, we are being overrun by unscreened terrorists who are entering our country with bad intentions.


Obama Passes Two Executive Orders That Allows Foreign Nationals to Hold Civil Service Positions

This past Tuesday, President Obama signed a pair of executive orders Tuesday giving federal agencies “more flexibility in hiring for civil service positions”. These two EO’s wave competitive requirements for Fulbright Scholars, foreign service officers and others. What in the world is meant by the term “others”?  This could mean anything, any position. And do these EO’s relate back to the importation of fighting age, male foreigners to come into the country for no good reason. Question: Why aren’t the fake news publications of the New York Times and the Washington Post reporting on either the Somalians coming into the United States or on the EO’s that will hire foreign nationals like these for foreign service jobs? Dot Connecting Exercise #1: What if these Somalians are the beneficiaries of the new Executive orders? Or, do you believe in coincidences?

The endless justifications never stop when it comes to destroying opportunities for our citizens. Obama went on to say that “The federal government benefits from a workforce that can be recruited from the broadest and deepest pools of qualified candidates for our highly competitive, merit-based positions.” Really Mr. President? What about the 100 million American people of working age who do not work full-time or work at all? Don’t they deserve these jobs, whatever they may be, over any foreign nationals.  By the way, Obama should be known as the Executive order President. These two executive orders were his 260th and 261st of his presidency.

Dot Connecting Exercise #2: Why are newest immigrants all male and are of fighting age? Isn’t this exactly what we saw n Europe with the Muslim immigration? No children, no women and certainly no Christians were part of the invading forces that are destroying Germany, Italy, Sweden, France, et al., are in the Muslim invasion force that are destroying the European cultures with massive acts of terrorism and the refusal for these immigrants to assimilate?

muslims against free speech


sweeden muslim riots 9


And what about the impact this movement with no screening of immigrants for terrorist ties show up in our communities and interact with our children and have access to our neighborhood schools? Can you say Columbine on steroids? Wait a minute, as I have already reported, Muslims with clear and distinct ties to terrorism dominate key positions in our intelligence community (e.g. CIA Director, DHS, NSA).

muslim bros in the whitehouse



The fifth column invasion of places like California are well underway, in fact, I do not think this can be stopped as it has progressed too far. Trump, if he survives the Electoral College revolt and possible assassination,which inherit a country that is disintegrating before our eyes. Do not make the mistake of thinking that this unholy invasion will stop with the Calexit movement.

On a more disturbing note, I am investigating the veracity of the claim that some of the immigrants will indeed have federal jobs, working in FEMA camps.

The next dot connecting exercise may include this FEMA camp connection that I am investigating.

Are We Next?


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  1. Puffy O'Neil December 2, 2016 at 5:14 am

    I guess Trump could open up the FEMA camps and send them back after having pork sausages and ham sandwiches. Let’s face it we have 800 of them unoccupied. Let’s load ’em up.

  2. Sophie December 2, 2016 at 5:26 am

    This information could be sent to one or two local news stations in every state. President elect Trump has the qualities needed to nip this in the bud, since the real numbers are pro-American. The racist, anti-white materials could also be sent.

    Every one of your readers can help with this, Dave.

  3. James Stamulis December 2, 2016 at 10:03 am

    Absolutely. While Obama, the left and their MSM portray Trump as a white supremacist aligned with the KKK Obama slips in thousands of Muslim soldiers to bolster groups like Nation of Islam, Black Panthers and all those armed Muslim training camps around our country. When they attack like they have MSM continues to make excuses and blame Islamophobia and racism on Americans. Again i say is congress that stupid or are they complicit and i am not sure which is worse.

  4. John December 2, 2016 at 5:19 pm

    They will gladly run the footings.

  5. dakota December 3, 2016 at 5:46 am

    Obama can’t even write any, let alone enforce any so-called Executive Orders.
    Obama is not and never was the president of the United States. The presidency is vacant.

    When taking the oath in the Oval Office, there was a white piece of paper covering the entire cover of the bible. His hand NEVER TOUCHED that bible when taking the oath. SURPRISE.
    And a national TV cameraman zeroed in(close-up) on the fact that the piece of paper was separating Obama’s hand from that bible. All the politicals in attendance were laughing. IT WAS ON TV.

    Pay attention to the camera. What is the camera man REALLY showing you (despite what the reporter or anyone else is saying. The camera men can and do talk using the camera itself.

    So throw all his ‘executive orders’ in the toilet. He can’t force us to do ANYTHING. Remember this!!!!


  6. dakota December 3, 2016 at 8:43 am

    I will explain why bumma was never president of the USA.

    Freemasons are the only ones allowed to be president of USA. Fact: Freemasons truly hate blacks.
    They use blacks (as in useful idiots, like they use the rest of us). However never never would allow a black to be PRESIDENT OF THE USA. Never. So they played this game of pretend because they are using bumma to further the agenda of the Musim occupation of USA and ultimately to incite the blacks to riot.
    This will cause many whites and blacks to be killed. Pitting us against each other, while they sit back, smoke their cigars and laugh at their success of causing mass deaths from within.

    It’s up to us all to come together somehow (regardless of race, creed or color) and make sure this doesn’t happen, or the wrong people will be the ones dying. You, me and our families. Death is something that can’t be repaired. Think, people.

  7. The know it all December 3, 2016 at 1:15 pm

    If we can manage to get trump inaugurated much if not all previous executive orders will be soon reversed. We are rapidly approaching that date. I predict there will be massive manhunt to round up terrorists and illegal alien criminals and border security will happen. The recent influx of illegals highlights the need for a wall not cameras and kind words.

  8. Stan December 4, 2016 at 1:22 am

    The reason why Obama “was never president of the USA” is because he is not a ‘natural born’ citizen. He is not a ‘natural born’ citizen because that term describes a person”born in the country, of parents who are citizens”. The definition is from the definitive tome of the day of the constitutional Frames on such matters, E. de Vattel’s ‘The Law of Nations’. And that eligibility requirement for the office of the presidency STILL STANDS, absent a constitutional amendment to the contrary.

    The Republican Party did not make an issue of the ineligibility of Obama to be a candidate for that office in either 2008 or 2012 because they wanted to run their OWN ineligible candidates through that breach in the wall of the Constitution; as they subsequentty did in this election year in the form of Cruz, Rubio, and Jindal So, both of our major political parties are in the tank for the New World Order crowd. With their man in the Oval Office still pushing that agenda.

    And as for those ‘refugee’ Somalis: Of COURSE they are here to guard the FEMA camps. Which are not for them. They are for us patriots. Who refuse to bow down to our erstwhile masters, in the totalitarian ‘prison planet’ of their NWO.

    Clear enough YET, America??? About what has been going on, on your watch??????????????

  9. Thomas Kane December 5, 2016 at 8:14 am

    Just try to get livestock into the USA without proper paper work. Not going to happen!
    Or, Just drive a horse to another state without proper paper work. Not going to happen!
    Reason , The USDA fears for the safety of other livestock. Soros is now shipping raw beef into the USA from S.A.
    A hotbed for Mad Cow disease and Hoof & Mouth Disease, South American Soros ranch raised beef is now restriction free.
    Bottom line is; Okay to import highly probable terrorist Jihadist Fighting Aged Males hell bent on having their Grand Jihad
    without vetting but Not haul a horse across State lines without a Vet Certificate.

    What a CF having a Radical Communist President and his Administration in solidarity with Islamic Jihad..

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