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UWEX 16 Drill Practiced Extreme Torture in FEMA Camp Facilities




UWEX 16 is the establishment’s training efforts to defeat rogue American military gone guerrilla in anticipation of joing forces against the people.

A source, inside of the UWEX drills has once again reached out to me and this is what he had to say about the torture techniques being taught in this drill.



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  1. Arizona December 17, 2016 at 1:55 pm

    THEIR going to KIDNAP the children out of the schools,and IF the parents don’t do what they want,THEY WILL KILL THE CHILDREN,and chop off hands and feet of the parents and children ,THE FEMA DEATH CAMP personal are the filth of the earth,EVERYONE worshipes the police gangs and military,they’ll regret that,the police are in bed with the chinese military ,WHO will later kill them all,and their too dumbed down to realize it…

  2. Old ironsides December 17, 2016 at 4:57 pm

    If they come after me I pepper spray them then kick em in the gonads!

  3. One who knows truth December 18, 2016 at 4:24 am

    Is anyone surprised by this. We as Americans were played for fools by the powers that be. Very effectively maneuvered into voting for the latest version of Idi Amin with a nice dose of Adolf Hitler and Charles Manson thrown in for good measure. He will be executed along with every politician that went along with this plan in hopes of power and riches. Those whom were blackmailed or threatened by their handlers will be deemed no longer trust worthy and rounded up during the first wave. All of the US military personnel the go along with this plan and have been enabling this deadly charade to continue either by order or greed will be exterminated immediately after the first wave of gun confiscation with some being kept around as translators. All US military personnel will be shadowed by foreign troops to make sure they are doing as ordered. The only troops that will go door to door will be US as to make them the the ones shot by desenters. This will be the excuse used to send in the UN thugs. Whom are the lowest of the criminal elements from each country seeing troops. These troop will be robbing , raping and murdering everyone in there path and will do so with impunity and with the promise of gaining from all the loot and selling women and all children the collect. When they have finished and believe the will treated like the French Foreign Legion, by being released from their obligation to the UN and given new names and passports when in reality they will be loaded onto ships and the ships sunk by Chinese and Russian submarines in the Indian Ocean where Flight 370 was crashed. Who wants a to give all that loot to a bunch of murdering scum when it’s easier to make fish food out of the. After they desolate America the United Nations will be resolved and every one involved with it in any way will be murdered as well. There will be no recourse to stop the two most powerful Communist Nations from killing and enslaving everyone else on earth as Amirica will be busy trying to save herself with what little Obama has left her with. Homosexuals in charge of drafted young women with F-35 aircraft that have been designed not to be capable of doing anything theirs designers promised. This is brought upon the world by people in high positions, positions in countries that had been saved one time or another from tyranny and destruction by the blood and treasure of the United States of America. Those people in high positions think they are gods. They are not, they are only rich inbreds that enjoy a life of no work and to much time on there hands and will fall because they live in a world that is just a sick and twisted fantasy. Which is why the will fail. In the five Thousand years of there efforts they have failed and will fail to their end on this attempt. The world they promise is a lie, it’s the greatest lie to ever be told or sold because it can not work as long as mankind exists. But in their pathetic inbred minds they have allowed the sick and pathetic influence of one who’s desires only that. The extinction of all mankind. A twisted and jelous fallen angel whom believes that without man the existence of he whom cast him down will end. Leaving the fallen one as the only god. He who would rule over only the filth and emptiness of what is left without the Holy one. Let there be light and there was and it was good.
    Nough Said.

  4. Jan Palmer December 18, 2016 at 10:22 am

    We can only spiritually prepare. We can’t hide from this unless it is the Lord’s will.

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