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Empire Beneath the Ice- Command and Control for the New World Order- Steve Quayle and Dave Hodges



It is a talk show host’s dream to cover breaking news which imparts a dramatic effect on society as a whole. In my most recent show, I experienced such a novelty when I interviewed Steve Quayle regarding his best-selling book, Empire Beneath the Ice: How the Nazis Won World War II.

Revisionist History

Steve Quayle joined Dave Hodges for the last two hours in what Dave called the fastest two hours in the history of the show. Steve discussed how his new book describes so many things that are going on today and they all owe their origin to the fact that the Nazis actually won World War II.

Steve Quayle reveals why most of what you learned about World War II and the defeat of Nazi Germany is historically wrong.

Steve further  documented how the hidden evidence proves Adolf Hitler and many from his high command didn’t die before Germany surrendered following WW II and how he eluded capture. Hitler did not commit suicide and many notables such as Eisenhower and Stalin cast serious doubt on that particular assertion. Nazi SS members, top Nazi scientists, and top military leadership escaped with Hitler to create colonies in other parts of the world to continue their Satanically inspired and very perverse reseach.

As an aside, did you know that in 1947 Admiral Richard E. Byrd warned that the US should adopt measures to protect against an invasion by high-tech aircraft coming from the polar regions, adding, “The time has ended when we were able to take refuge in our isolation and rely on the certainty that the distances, the oceans, and the poles were a guarantee of safety.”

NASA Is a Fraud

The American pilots called them Foo Fighters. This Nazi-created advanced technology, the Nazi saucers, were able to easily defeat the US military, even after the end of World War II.

My father told me, based on his work with captured German scientists, that NASA was a cover for the secret space program which was militarized. Did you know that most of the observed UFO’s are piloted by Nazi pilots? Steve Quayle’s book validates this notion.

The Creation and the Perpetuation of the Nazi Empire

From Prescott Bush, President George H. W. Bush’s father, to IBM leadership, did you know that top-level government, corporate, pharmaceutical, financial leaders, and politicians helped Hitler come to power? There was an decidedly international conspiracy that helped  the preservation of Nazi wealth and power following WW II.

Secrets Revealed

Today’s nations are covertly controlled by a satanic shadow government and entire populations are being brainwashed by the corporate controlled media.

Through devices, like CERN, ancient stargates have been duplicated and they serve to open portals into spiritual and demonic universes. This constitutes a major threat to humanity. It is Steve’s belief, that based upon the statements of others, that select members of humanity have traveled to the vast regions of the universe. It makes one wonder where the former TV series, Stargate SG-1, was able to obtain their story lines.  The show, which aired for nearly a decade, was abruptly cancelled following the season in which ancient alien technology was unearthed deep within the poles, beneath the ice, and it was use used to defeat an invading alien force. The  show was immensely powerful and revealing.

These events constitute the basis for the takeover of the planet by a dictator, who undoubtedly would be called the  Antichrist. 

Steve Quayle’s book, Empire Beneath the Ice, fully exposes the dangers our world faces, and what you need to counter these satanic forces

Below is the two hour interview I conducted with Steve Quayle.  The interview is deep and penetrating. I strongly recommend listening to the interview followed by reading the book.




Order Empire Beneath the Ice

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  1. Vigileaks February 7, 2017 at 6:57 pm

    COMMENT ON FIRST VIDEO: I lived 1/2 block from Hitler’s bunker in Berlin. During WWII, in Berlin there was an SS Occult Bureau and a Nazi Occult Bureau. Constance Cumbey also wrote on this. In 1997, I met a very old woman in Oregon. Virginia Hernandez. She married a Mexican but was Jewish. In 1945, at the end of WWII, Hitler’s plans and blueprints for UFOs were confiscated and sent to the USAF base in Washington state. There, in the USAF warehouse in Washington state, in 1945, Virginia revealed she was serving daily coffee when one day she accidentally went into the wrong warehouse. There, before her, a UFO was being built by MIT grads who were USAF officers. They successfully duplicated a functional UFO. They asked her if she’d like to sit in it. She said yes and she drew me a picture of the controls inside. One MIT grad officer showed her how to raise it 3 stories inside the warehouse and she did, then brought it back down. He told her this was built by UFO blueprints confiscated from the Nazi scientists…

    In 1947 – a key year as Steve has been showing – these flew away from the warehouses in Washington state and brought on the Kenneth Arnold sitings. Virginia related the finest propagandists in the world were hired to convince the public these were from other worlds. But they were built on earth. There are three crystals – white, green and red – powering these and are constructed and installed underground north of Cold Lake, Alberta.

    In regards to DNA, see the movie currently on Netflix called “Look Who’s Back,” a comedy about the return of Hitler. Needless to say, this Hitler is convincing! Does this long-running film on Netflix prepare the world for the return of Hitler? History is replete with dictatorships originating with humor.

    We must remember that to have a cohesive and unified world government, the globalists use for the main Internal Threat the environment (as they collect billions from weather derivatives from the Chicago Mercantile Exchange, hedging their bets on localities then targeted by HAARP in Alaska in conjunction with Rothschild mixtures sprayed through nanotubing into the jet stream) destroying the USA while destroying its infrastructure with “natural disasters) and en External Threat to the globe which is UFOs. Both threats unite the world into world govt. as both are borderless and experienced around the globe, calling for a management-by-crisis solution of a central world govt. to handle these borderless concerns. UFOs are vital to the creation of world government!
    IMPORTANT TIP: Search for a retired MIT-grad USAF officer who worked on these in Washington in 1945. Or a family member who knows this true account…

    The globalists will wait out in Antarctica and Australia the 1/2 day nuclear scenario they plan in the northern hemisphere between Russia and America, as they are hoping the major nationalist countries will destroy each other. Harvey Rockefeller built 26 mansions for globalists illegally in the National Parks of Australia, as stopping points to and from Antarctica…

  2. brad mac intosh February 8, 2017 at 8:56 am

    Dave,check out Gaia,Cory Goode from the secret space program will blow you away with his information on the poles and space travel..

  3. John T. Banewicz (LTC Ret) February 9, 2017 at 7:28 am

    Need to google Galen Winsor. Nuclear radiation is a hoax. Nuclear bombs are a hoax. You will be discredited by pushing this. please research yourself.

  4. Jay S. February 9, 2017 at 8:04 am

    Question, at 23:20 on video number 1 – Steve was talking about Nazis who escaped to South America.

    “You go into Berelote in Argentina… when you follow the placements and eye-witness testimonies of people who actually saw Adolf Hitler, actually saw Goring, actually saw different Nazi high command, especially Dr. Mangele. You come to the conclusion that they were planning their escape for a long time.”

    Goring was convicted at the Nuremburg trials and sentenced to death by hanging. He escaped the noose by committing suicide with cyanide the night before.

    Either Steve misspoke about Goring or there is some other explanation.

  5. Jay S. February 9, 2017 at 9:32 am

    Wow. I feel like I just watched a racquetball bounce around for an hour and a half. I tuned in to these 2 videos to learn about Antarctica and what’s beneath the ice. Steve covered that for all of 6 or 7 minutes while he bounced all over the place non-stop, hardly pausing to breath. Dave, I tune into your stuff each day but I probably won’t be tuning in when you have Steve back. He may have a ton of knowledge but when it’s spewed at an incredible rate with no real focus, it’s like riding a spinning merry go round for an hour. I tune in to you. I appreciate your work. I’ve gone out of my way and donated. But I give these 2 “Antarctica themed Discussions” a thumbs down.

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