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What Exactly Are the Soros Gangsters Protesting?




The Faces of Civil War


Forget the “build the wall” pledge by Donald Trump for just a moment. Everything else he is trying to do benefits the American people, even the most ardent Hillary Clinton supporters.  Even the rank and file, but misguided, members of the Democratic/Communist Party benefit from President Trump’s economic policies. Everyone who carries a Federal Reserve Note in their wallet or purse benefits from having Donald Trump as their president because their money is worth more as a result of his stance on negating the trade imbalances America suffers under with nations such as Mexico and China.

President Trump’s Economic Policies Are Color Blind

Donald Trump’s policies put Americans first and it doesn’t matter if one is Latino, Black, or whatever race and/or religion, we are all better off with Donald Trump as our President.

The President wants to protect your civil liberties. He wants your children to have good jobs. And he is doing all of this at great cost to himself. I say all of this because the $18 per hour protestors, employed by George Soros to protest and riot as they are bussed to city after city, don’t even know what they are protesting. The fact remains is that Trump is trying to improve their future as well. In fact, the only people who do not benefit from Trump’s presidency are illegal aliens who have been convicted of serious felonies and face deportation. Another group that does not benefit from Trump’s policies are the criminal members of Wall Street whose economic policies have ripped off 99% of all Americans, regardless of race, in the bailouts and in the free trade agreements. For everyone else, President Trump is risking his life in order to save your future.

If you have children, regardless of race, Trump is fighting for their future. The radical left is attacking the interests of every American.  They are trying to tear down the one document that separates all of us from Nazi Germany. The radical left wants to destroy your religion, your justice system, and rob the citizens blind. They want to lead us into a nuclear war of depopulation of which many the Soros’ paid protestors will die. To the women protestors, your children, your husbands, your fathers, and many of the men that you love, are going to perish under the rule of the radical left globalists because of the wars that they have planned. You are protesting the man who is trying to stop this insanity and who wants to preserve the lives of the men you love.  When you protest Trump, you are protesting the only President in the past 30 years that ever gave a damn about the American people, regardless of race, SES, religion, sexual preference, etc. When you protest Trump you are biting the hand that is trying to feed you.

America Needs the George Soros Protestors

If the Soros’ protestors had any common sense and any awareness of current events, they would soon come to realize that they are supporting the side that seeks to enslave them and rob them of their future. Donald Trump has not created any free trade agreements, started any wars, nor has he engaged in the private theft of public money.

When you protest Donald Trump, you are committing professional suicide. When you protest Donald Trump you are a moron who is punishing, not just yourself, but your children’s future as well.

Just as a judo expert uses the weight of their opponent against their opponent, America could use the Soros protestors against our enemies if we only get them to see that they represent the side that will use them and then cast them aside like garbage when they are done being used. The Soros protestors should be protesting Soros, not Trump.

There are those that say that Donald Trump s driven by pure ego. This may very well be true. However, it Is clear that Trump’s ego is dedicated to creating a legacy for the Trump name. And with his policies, what will that legacy consist of? Trump wants to leave behind a legacy in which he would be known for fighting for the common person against the satanic forces of the New World Order.


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  1. Vietkonggook February 17, 2017 at 7:53 am

    The DeepState is at war with Trump. They know they are done . They have to put the lid back out as their stench is coming out. They are cockroaches rampaging in all direction as light is shine upon them.

  2. Jim February 17, 2017 at 9:03 am

    Dave, I think they are frightened! They are afraid of a future where they don’t have owners to tell them what they can and cannot do! They are afraid that they are not intelligent enough to survive on their own. And they are afraid they will lose all the “free” stuff the past presidents have given them (that the rest of us have to pay for!).

  3. scooter February 17, 2017 at 5:24 pm

    Get nominees through the Senate and then roll out the pedo-gate arrest warrants and drain the swamp. The Satanist, Illuminati, Jesuit led communists, Nazi’s and fascists pushing global domination for their pimps will expose themselves as the sick destructive treason rats they are. They are all over our government constantly deceiving, thieving, and grieving the American people. Either Trump drains that swamp to the utter amazement of the propagandized fools which will see their heroes standing naked with their pants on the floor—or we are all dead. This is going to be painful.

  4. Zane February 17, 2017 at 8:23 pm

    Im confused Dave. Wasnt it you just a couple days ago that wrote an article about Trump enforcing the RICO Act? Isnt that stealing public money? I cant believe even the Alt media cant see that hes a plant to buy time. Everything hes doing is being stone walled as planned. If hes real why isnt Obama, Billery and Hitlery and half of DC in jail? Why is the geo engineering still going on? Why isnt the 4th 5th 9th and 10th amendment being enforced? I dont have room here to list all he should be doing and isnt. Wake up. This is just the kind of game the NWO loves to play and laugh at us buying it.

  5. Vietkonggook February 18, 2017 at 7:37 am

    Pray pray and pray for Donald Trump. He is going slowly to drain the swamp. Its more complicated than we think until all his cabinet is in placed. The reason why the criminal cabal and their operatives are trying hard to derail him.
    We want to see chemtrails stopped. We want the end of poisoned vaccines. We want to see patriots in the Bundy Ranch and Malheur standoff released. We want the pedos and criminals in Washington DC led to prisons. We want prosecution of Hillary, Obama and Bush for crimes against humanity . We want low taxes. We want jobs . We want the wall built and deport all illegals and undesirable aliens. We want cartels and gangs rounded up.

  6. Toni February 18, 2017 at 12:09 pm

    Brilliant article, I am going to try and post this on FB, everyone should read this.

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