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Sacramento Is Being Flooded EVEN BEFORE 0ROVILLE DAM BREAKS- Paul Preston Interview

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This picture was taken three days ago. Later in the article, you will see how much the water level has increased at this S. Sacramento levee.

The pounding of the Oroville Dam area by a series of storms has begun in earnest. Rains are heavy and the stress on the dam is great. Governor Brown has replaced the local workers at the dam site with his own union-affiliated workers so that he can control the flow of information. Governor Brown is eerily silent.

The Danger to Sacramento Increases Exponentially

Local flooding in Sacramento due to the present series of storms coming through the city are flooding out many of the areas in the city. At the present rate, there will be only one way out of the city and that is to the East.

The levees are failing, see the link below for a video of the distressed condition of the Sacramento flood control.

Paul Preston Interview

I interviewed Paul Preston regarding the increasing danger to both the Oroville Dam and the lack of functional flood control in Sacramento. In this interview, Paul Preston clearly lays out the danger to both areas. I would respectfully ask that all forward this interview with Paul Preston to as many people as possible.  The dangers are real and California has a governor that is acting with complete depraved indifference toward the people.


Paul Preston is self-evacuating very soon.  Paul Preston badly needs to be wrong about his assessment of the situation. If he is right, he will live his home.

The People Speak Out

I have received dozens of emails from people in the impacted areas and there is a growing awareness that Governor brown is not doing his job.


Dave Hodges,

I live across the road from the Feather River. It is running swift and high.  Many of us are leaving

We respect the job you are doing. Up here we all know what’s going on and Brown doesn’t give a dam about the people. Brown spends 25 billion dollars on illegals and nothing on protecting dams that could save lives.  Did you know Brown replaced locals working on the dam with his own people?  He doesn’t want people to know what is going to happen. I would like to get away from Governor Moonbeam, but I cannot afford to move.  Keep telling the truth brother



Dear Dave,

I talked to one of the Sheriff’s Deputies and he says it is only a matter of time until the dam fails. Many are evacuating themselves. Some still don’t get it. We do not know what to do with our animals.

Thanks for all that you do.


Dave Hodges,

I live Sacramento. You know that our levees are failing.  Parts of the city are already taking on water. Sacramento is going to be flooded out even if the Oroville Dam does not break.

Many people here have laughed at the idea that we are in danger. When our TV reporters started covering the problems, many  got scared.   I have taken a weeks vacation and am leaving with family until we see whats going to happen with these storms that are rolling through.

Author’s Note: This is is what this reader is talking about.  Paul Preston was sent a disturbing video yesterday afternoon and it shows how bad of a shape that the flood control is in near S Sacramento. 


Updated February 17, 2017 at 6:10 pm Video Removed

A video shot in Chico, CA near the Oroville Dam site in Butte County proves there is a mass ‘re-evacuation’ underway has been removed!

A facebook video made by “Lyric Little” around midnight on February 16, 2016 at a Chevron gas station off highway 70 in Chico, CA captured a conversation she had with a National Guardsman who told her there was a re-evacuation and that the National Guard was setting up evacuation centers as far south as Merced. Evacuations are to be starting within a day.

Rio Vista, CA Levees Cresting, Water on the Rise at the Confluence of the Sacramento and America Rivers February 17, 2017

In the mean time the word coming out of Sacramento, CA is that the American and Sacramento Rivers have joined together and are on the rise to the tops of the levees on both sides of the Sacramento River in downtown Sacramento. Below is a facebook video by Pastor-Jess Foglesong shared Rvbridgeman‘s videoof the levees cresting south of Sacramento in Rio Vista, CA at the The Helen Madere Memorial Rio Vista Bridge.

To view the video regarding the dire condition of the levee in S. Sacramento,  click here.


Mr. Hodges,

I wrote to you a few days ago and told you that you full of s***. I apologize sir, I was wrong. Jerry Brown wants us all dead.

Skip Benson



Many people here don’t get it. I live in Sacramento. They know there is a problem but they don’t think it is going to reach us. Because the government is not saying anything, many people don’t think there is a problem.  Paul Preston and you need to keep spreading the truth. You need to do daily updates. Hourly if possible.


There are two simultaneous events being played out. First, if the Oroville Dam breaks at some point, the entire region will be devastated. Second, Sacramento is already being flooded independent of the condition of the Oroville Dam and these conditions pose a direct threat to the people of Sacramenot as six more days of storms come rolling through.

Again, my advice is the same. People need to self-evacuate, now, as a precaution.

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  1. christine February 18, 2017 at 9:53 am

    How do I forward 2 photo captures from radar.weather.gov – 12:25 PS PST Fri Feb 17, 2017 that shows concentric circles of color coded as Severe Thunderstorm (weather modification? – not a natural weather pattern) over Oroville.
    After listening to your interview with Paul Preston and his knowledge of the history of Brown’s ideas about dams, this may provide visual proof that there are multiple dirty hands in this multi layered coordinated North American garden basket of catastrophe. Just like Katrina, there is deliberately no support for the ‘little’ people.

  2. Desma Jones February 18, 2017 at 1:12 pm

    I have family that live in Gridey an da stubborn elderly mother that is in LIve Oaks that will not leave. My brother and sister in law left Gridley and went to Sacramento to be with the family. I believe in prayer. Just as we overcome in the election and it was due to Jesus Christ helping us win a reprieve, I have faith to believe that God is also in control of the dam. I have been praying and praying that the Lord will not allow harm to come to the righteous. He can spare the whole area because of the righteous ones. People are unaware of how powerful group prayer is.

  3. Donald Canaday February 18, 2017 at 3:05 pm

    One way to keep damn from collapsing is to insert a metal grid,that used in East cost on bridges. Second,pouring liar where metal grid are inserted.third,if another measure is needed place horizontal and vertical steel beam,behind the damn,those beams,that are high rise construction.

  4. Khl February 18, 2017 at 4:21 pm

    If your life saving plan is for the government to save you, your plan has a fatal flaw

  5. Grumpy Granny February 18, 2017 at 4:58 pm

    Seems to me this is part of Agenda 21. CA became a great agricultural producer because of irrigation. Destroy the irrigation system and you destroy the state’s economy. Not even Mexico will want it then. The byproduct of the dam failure is a pogrom “caused by Mother Nature”.

    Moonbeam Brown has never been notable for his intelligence or moral rectitude. He is also a traitor. At this point, a lynch mob would be appropriate. The people of California have been more than patient with the psychopathic loonies. You will have to wrest the power back from them as they will not relinquish it civilly. Logical reasoning is not in their political lexicon.

  6. jerry February 18, 2017 at 5:17 pm

    I was telling people this 1 year after Katrina. This LITTLE MAN Moon Beam needs to get a cold shaft of steel up his LIBTARD ASS. Personally, I thinks its all part of DA PLAN MAN. How many agricultural acres does the Oroville complex deliver too? Think about it. The damages will be catastrophic to anybody that eats food. And 2 years ago, this IDIOT EMPTYS water from the largest dams (Fulsom in particular and during THE DROUGHT no less) and then turns around and tells the farmers from 950,000 acres from the south central district that they are not going to get water deliveries that year. Now the big corporations (Monsanto) can swoop in for pennys on the dollar and just clean up on the farm land that will now be ‘reduced’ in price. You and I know that He AND Obumma have something up their sleeve. So much for him running for president hahahahaha. Inefficient piece of crap. And THEN…on top of ALL THIS….you can add the geoengineering and Fukashima radiation. Move you say? With what. They have already stolen my farm. Whats (left) in your wallet???

  7. jerry February 18, 2017 at 5:28 pm

    PS. Dave; I failed to add this little tid bit. There are 40-50ft of snow at the upper elevation of the Feather River Canyon with more rain to come. All we need now is that nice warm spring rain….geoengineerd of course…..and you can see ya later. Twinkle Toes Moon Beam SHOULD BE calling out the guard ASAP. THEY WON’T EVEN HAVE AN HOUR WHEN THAT DAMN GOES.

  8. Lisa February 18, 2017 at 5:29 pm

    I have been looking on line and low lying parts of the valley are already flooding. In Maxwell and Williams there is water in the streets and some are evacuating.Other small towns such as Hamilton City on the Sacramento River are in warning flood stages. Roads are flooded in Chico, Gridley, and Oroville. All of this water is headed toward Sacramento. The land is saturated. There is an atmospheric rainfall on the way. So South Sacramento County is flooded and counties north of Sacramento are flooded. The National Weather Service is warning of flood from 2/18 until 2/ 23. Prayer needed.

  9. Mike February 18, 2017 at 6:29 pm

    All bogus nrws to keep the suckers mind off of the fact that their retirement intetest income has been ripped off for nearing a decade and thus their standard of living……not

  10. dakota February 19, 2017 at 8:06 am

    whoever heard of journalism with no date?

    journalism with no date could = false story; old story; old pic; etc. to promote deceit and avoid libel?

    We want dates, please, or story and pic will be deemed as not credible. And rightfully so.

    I’ve brought this to your attention before, so it is definitely done deliberately. WHY?

  11. David Giles February 21, 2017 at 10:57 pm

    if you think brown wants you dead then I have some property down from the dam…..it is not fire sale priced it is flood sale priced

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