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The Economic Collapse Is Underway- Financial Expert Robert Kudla



Bob Kudla is one America’s financial experts. Kudla believes that America has entered the realm of economic decline that will start to reach crisis levels. The only ones making money are the banks. Consumerism is dying. Wages are in decline when we account for inflation. Trump will falsely get the blame and this is by design.


How bad will it get?



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  1. Steve ONeal March 17, 2017 at 5:49 am

    Dave, this needs to be discussed in the larger arena –

    The matter of interest rates is more complex than domestic finance. The real issue is global equity flow, with the dollar as the reserve, in which there is a competing effect between the need for return on deposits (the natural virtues of savings) and problems associated with the strength of the dollar relative to the other weakening currencies.

    In essence, interest rates need to rise from the near zero condition they are in for the entire ensemble of retirement funds to avoid collapse and for natural incentive for a society to save, but in opposition to this are the need for interest rates to remain low to avoid increased cost of government borrowing and secondly to prevent the dollar from getting stronger in a global environment of collapsing currencies. The Fed has lost control with near zero rates, and use of negative interest rates is disastrous, as we certainly see from Europe, as well as common sense. The use of QE has done nothing to help the domestic economy because only a small part has been introduced into circulation, and this has seriously aggravated the drop in money velocity. Meanwhile, in the backdrop of lackluster returns from savings and stagnant salaries, core prices meaningful to the consumer, but manipulated out of the CPI to avoid justification for increasing COLAs, are rising substantially – all leading to stagflation.

    I spoke candidly with a local banker about returns on deposits, and he said that as the Fed increases its rates, the bank(s) will recover from their current 2.5 pct margin on loans back towards the norm of about 4.5 pct, and this will mean that although Fed rates increase, we will not see significant increases on interest paid for deposits and other savings instruments. The effect of this is to demonstrate that there is, in essence, a latent heat of sublimation for recovery of returns on deposits (and earnings for many retirement funds) that has been built in because of such extremely low Fed rates, and the target of about 3.5 pct for the Fed will be required to see any recovery. The alternative is to invest in comparatively risky instruments, and this is in general not compatible with retirement instruments, and is particularly significant as the Boomer generation imposes an exaggerated set of demographic pressures due to the effect of low birth rates behind it.

    [footnote – In part, the global elite, who own islands, with no use for national loyalty, and who don’t give a damn about America or its people, simply have attempted to fill this demographic labour gap with the Mexican influx, as well as to dilute the American cultural identity, all to their advantage, but certainly not ours. If American government policy was actually acting in the interest of the people, or if it were to the advantage of the IRS, we are quite capable of making sure that a cockroach could not survive a border crossing. A direct analogue is the immigration policy forced upon Europe under the specious title of “multiculturalism,” through the likes of NWO proxies such as A. Merkel, Europe’s “Hillary.”]

    On the other hand, a return to the interest rates of the early eighties would be disastrous as well, so we are left with the hypothesis that there is an optimal level for the Fed rates that is comfortably above zero but not too high either.

    Another consideration is the removal of taxes in general, and simply inflating the currency naturally by injecting money into the economy in accordance with the needs of government, assuming, of course, that this is done with thrift, in principle. Otherwise, big government is big government, and it will implode under any arrangement. This developing infarction of government on a global scale is what is actually happening, and if Trump is either taken out or is rendered impotent by the inertia of a defacto republican-democrat proxy for NWO interests he was elected to obviate, then we will either rapidly, as a result of an untoward event, or else insidiously on the floor of Congress, descend into conditions ripe for civil war, along with a number of other nations. Most people in government are simply lacking in the necessary sophistication, or are sufficiently owned by conflict of interest, to understand the global socioeconomic picture associated with the dynamics of global currency flow. Even the global elite are missing the boat for understanding the socioeconomic bifurcations soon to shake their world to its foundations. The counter reaction has been Brexit, Trump and other less visible revolts, but it remains to be seen how it all will play out. Realistically, the situation does not look good at all.

  2. DHB March 17, 2017 at 7:04 am

    Spot on Dave.

    Trump was meant to win.

    Hillary’s campaign was deliberately bad.

    This ends up being a perfect tool to demonize the right (especially the far right).

    The fix is and has been in.

  3. gojoe March 17, 2017 at 7:30 am

    Sounds too extreme. Trump is doing pretty good with jobs.

  4. NEIL CAHILL March 17, 2017 at 8:06 am

    kemosabe! kemosabe! THE SKY IS FALLING THE SKY IS FALLING! (peyote?, weed?- Tonto, leave it alone!) Here we go! The Stockman roller coaster has left the loading zone- I would expect crash and burn of the economy, but, what will we experience???? if it’s like the last 10 years…. NOTHING….. I don’t get it. Its like an old cliffhanger, that just goes on and on…. oh yeah? well, you’ll see! its really gonna be bad this time, we’re going down…. “crickets” FLASH: END OF THE WORLD ECONOMICS, CIVILIZATION, AND YOUR NEIGHBORHOOD AS YOU KNEW IT : IMMINENT…… “CRICKETS” yeah ,well you skated by that time, but it’s gonna get ya next time!!!!! scene: you are 85 years old, a’hidin’ out since u wuz 40, and just know that THIS TIME YOU’VE HAD IT! I HOPE ITS SO….. this “escape: to be continued is ridiculous- WHY BOTHER TO EVEN PAY ATTENTION? “BECAUSE THIS TIME ITS REAAALLLY COMING!”

  5. Bishop Yaroslaw Sereda March 17, 2017 at 9:42 pm


    Our daughter rents in a 54 unit apartment building. Since the oil crash in Northern Saskathewan there are now 27 empty units. And in her 5 square block of Condo’s most there are also for rent or for sale. In my city almost 30% of apartments are for rent and no takers.
    We are in bad times here in our Province.
    Truly enjoy your Common sense show.

    Bp Yaroslaw

  6. Marti March 18, 2017 at 11:34 am

    It never ceases to amaze me that when we speak of societal collapse, the bad guys are always the roving gangs who will come get you less than150 miles out. While I really liked the book One Second After, I have to wonder if this end time scenario is based on that book. Practically speaking, if the average American does not have 3 days worth of food and has to be told by the government to store it, by the time those gangs travel 150 miles, most of us will be already done in by our “average American next door neighbor”. Just because you may live in a “sustainable location” doesn’t mean your whole neighborhood is “sustainable.”

  7. Ed Foster March 20, 2017 at 1:17 pm

    History tells us that every time there has been a shift in mankind’s social/economic arrangement three things change at the same time. The 3 things that change are energy, communications, and transportation. Steam power, 1st industrial revolution ended Feudalism. The advent of Electricity, TV,Telephone and the automobile Marked the second industrial revolution, the rise of free market capitalism and its nemesis socialism. Now once again we are facing a shift. We now have the capability to power our entire world for net zero cost by using renewable energy. The Internet has all but killed all previous forms of media and retail. And now we have Automation of the transportation industry on the immediate 5-10 year horizon. Capitalism is obsolete. Our social structure is obsolete. Together they are causing our current climate disaster and standing in the way of solving it. We have reached a new age but we are frantically clinging to a 1000 year old system. And if you haven’t noticed…. Its on life support.

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