I am still marveling at the brilliance of Trump on how he has done what no American President has ever done, namely, align the United States military with the Chinese.


President Trump’s brilliance in the art of making deal continued with the dropping of the Mother of all bombs (MOAB) on ISIS. This too, was brilliant beyond description because he covered so many bases in one fell swoop.

First, Trump demonstrated to ISIS there is nowhere you can hide and they are encountering a President that is intent on stopping their activities.

Second, Trump’s move to cooperate with the Chinese military has left Russia and Iran isolated. Did you know that Russia and China actually increased their trade by 30% last year? The new reality not only threatens Russia, militarily, but economically as well. This move further emboldens Israel and increases its status in the Middle East and Trump did not even have to spend a dime of taxpayer money.

Russia can respond militarily like a spoiled brat, but they cannot win.  This will force Russia back to the negotiating table, but on America’s terms.

Third, the dropping of MOAB on ISIS and other conglomerations of terrorists sent another message Russia: “We can still work together”.  Perhaps there is wiggle room for the future of Assad. Why would I come to that? The answer is simple, North Korea was clearly sent a message by the dropping of MOAB that they face the same fate if they do not change their dangerous behavior. However, the Russians were also sent a message. The message is, we can still work together to defeat ISIS, but it will be on our  terms.

Fourth, Russia can be persuaded that there is a better way for them to economically survive, than to fall on their sword for Syria and Iran. This could drive a stake through the heart of the BRICS desire to forge a gold-based currency. With China on board with the United States, Russia may also join the new hegemony and abandon the BRICS.  If Russia and China abandon BRICS, who really benefits?

Fifth, If Russia and China move away from the BRICS, the real winner is the preservation of the Petrodollar and the Federal Reserve will reassert the claim that the Federal Reserve’s dollar is still the reserve currency of the world. And yes, that means that ultimately, Trump is serving the needs of the Federal Reserve.  Before so many of you begin to go ballistic, please remember that if the BRICS succeed, the dollar is dead and so is the value of your money. Many Americans will face a dollar de-evaluation, loss of employment and hyper-inflation.

Sixth, Trump has silenced the noise of the corporate controlled media and the ridiculous claims that his aligned with Russia. In effect, Trump just defeated Russia the globalists are thrilled for reasons listed below.

Seventh, in the immediate future, the parents of American children may have avoided a draft and facing certain death. Armageddon may not be meant for our time. However, on this point, time will tell.

Eighth, I strongly believe we could be looking at a new evolutionary development in the New World Order. Please remember there are always two sides to every coin. Therefore, there is a downside to Trump’s brilliance to make the deal of the millennium. In examining these developments, if Putin andh the Russian oligarchy capitulates and Iran goes through a regime change, it will mark a time when a three-headed beast will rule this planet.  China, Russia and the United States could easily form a “corporate merger” of sorts and divide up the resources of the planet into thirds. And it’s not like Russia has a choice, they have been isolated both politically and militarily. The central banks would still be in play as well. The New World Order will not be dead, it will have morphed into the proverbial three-headed monster.  I do not necessarily believe that this is Trump’s intention. However, under the rule of unintended consequences, this is what may arise. And if one thinks that this permanently removes the possibility of war, I think it increases the likelihood, but at a later time because, for now, the consolidation of divided resources will be the focus.  Yes, Russia can and will be bought


Trump may very well have forestalled an all-out nuclear war, maybe. And that is a very big maybe. However, he has no ability to eradicate the New World Order. This will not happen until the Second Coming of Christ and we are two days away from celebrating the Resurrection of Christ and his final triumph over Satan and his New World Order minions.  Happy Easter weekend to all my Christian brothers sisters. The final victory will be ours.