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South Africa’s White Genocide-Could It Come to America?




“The President of South Africa made (March of 2017) a shocking suggestion, which left many white landowners fearing that they may face a race war in the near future. In a speech, Jacob Zuma announced that he wanted the government to begin confiscating white owned lands, before redistributing them to black South Africans.”

Political and racial tensions in post-apartheid South Africa have become so great that the minority white population is now at risk of being murdered on a mass scale, says civil defense expert Simon Roche. Dr. Greg Stanton, founder of human rights group Genocide Watch who accurately predicted the Rwandan genocide in 1994, warned that the increased killings of white farmers in South Africa are being carried out for the sole purpose of extermination and seem to be directed by government elements, Roche noted. In other words, our

[South African] government is at least tacitly complicit in these astronomical crime rates,” he said. “State-sponsored genocide, one arm’s length removed.”

If you do not think that this could not happen in America, you are not paying attention to George Soros’ Black Lives Matter, the creation of Obama’s civilian army and prejudicial handling of immigration requests from people who are white. White immigrants are generally not accepeted by our government and there are no liberal, Obama-loving judges standing by to rule against this racism. But the racism goes much deeper. Consider what is happening in South Africa and then realize, the same kinds of racist dialogue, which can often be a prelude to genocide, are appearing in America. 


 Women Are Raped and Farmers Murdered When Agenda 21 Comes to Town

As American plunges head long into Agenda 21 under the pseudo-science of Climate Change, what will the future hold? If we look across the ocean, we can see an English speaking country where Agenda 21 is much further along than it is here in this country. By examining South Africa, we can get a clear look at what is coming our way.

South Africa Has Become the Model for Agenda 21

South Africa has it all, rewilding, UNESCO’s Education for All which has dumbed downed an entire population, prohibition to thin out forests which leads to massive flooding, protection of endangered species resulting in private property forfeiture, job promotions and school admissions based upon mindless  racial quota systems, policies supporting depopulation and the installation of a system of living designed to destroy human motivation and the hope for a better future. Yes, Agenda 21 is gobbling up South Africa. And if America is not careful, South Africa’s hopelessness will soon become our national mantra as well.

South Africans Speak Out

In the last several months, I have received several communications from people living in South Africa. I have heard from a teacher, a professor, an engineer, a nurse, a construction worker, a former police officer and a locally elected political official who contacted me through a third party in order to escape detection. All of these individuals found me as the result of my weekly radio show through our live streaming capability, or they found me through my website. I come from a generation where I find this kind of international reach for a radio program broadcasted out of my home with a satellite uplink, to be stunning. But even more stunning, is the total destruction of a country and its culture and that is taking place in South Africa. To a person, these people blame their adoption of Agenda 21 policies in one form or another.

Stack and Pack Cities

One of the more popular Agenda 21 policies centers around herding people into extremely cramped and densely populated urban centers. In the United States, we are beginning to witness the introduction of micro apartments in places like San Francisco, New York City and Ft. Collins, where the living space does not exceed 500 square feet. However, in South Africa, they have turned their urban areas into a type of prison characterized by filth and squalor and extreme political control.

Many of the urban residents live behind high walls, there is electrified fencing and the properties are frequently guarded by the South African version of Blackwater.

Local police forces have been decimated and the citizens are living in fear of these privatized security firms who rape and rob many innocent victims in their jurisdiction. These security firms do so with impunity as the private security firms strictly serve the elite and their prime directive is to keep the people in line and in fear of the one ruling political party. Movement of people, especially at night, is tightly controlled. South Africa is becoming a Marxist “papers please” society.  Both educators and person who did not identify his occupation who wrote to me stated that if you are a white male and you are arrested by these private security firms, you have a very high probability of being raped in the holding cell.


Here is an excerpt of an email I received on this topic from a resident of South Africa.

Hello Dave,

I listen to your show frequently as you talk about the dictatorial policies of governments that embrace Agenda 21. I wanted you to know how bad it is here in South Africa. Our government and our political parties are more authoritarian than they are in China or were in Stalinist Russia. 

…Our third largest political party is openly Marxist and the national song is “Kill the farmer”. This is what our current president sings at his political rallies. Our seconds largest party is socialist.

Here is another email I received from South Africa on their Agenda 21 land policies and wealth redistribution policies.

Dear Dave,

Thanks for the work that you are doing to help save the average person. Could you pay a little more attention to the genocide against white people that is beginning to happen in South Africa?

We have had thousands of our farmers murdered and raped and thousands of commercial farms have been given to “previously disadvantaged people” and 98% of those farms no longer produce anything. Increasingly our food is controlled by government friendly corporations that are not white owned. 

Our roads are in a state of disrepair and 1.3 million people pay 85% of all taxes of which they receive no benefit.

In response to this email, I would point out that America has only 92 million full-time working employees. We presently have about 102 million working age Americans who do not work full-time. Fifty million are on food stamps, that is one in six people in this country. Who is paying the taxes for these former Obama phone recipients who garner about $75,000 per year in government benefits while being supported on working people’s tax dollars? On this point, we have already surpassed South Africa.

Personal Safety

South Africa is known as both the rape and murder capital of the world. American gay rights activists may want to pay close attention to what it is like to live in an Agenda 21 society. In South Africa, gays are murdered, particularly lesbians.

In America, farms and ranches are presently being seized through administrative fiat of Agenda 21 organizations such as the EPA. In South Africa, most farms do not produce food because their owners have been murdered by these Blackwater/Academi security firms. I cannot stop hearing Obama’s words echoing in my head as he promised America that he would develop a “private civilian security force that is just as strong, just as powerful and just as well-funded as the military”. This is what they have in South Africa and rape and murder rate speak to the wisdom of this globalist approach to law and order.

Extreme Gun Control
There is nothing so dangerous to a totalitarian regime as an armed population capable of self-defense. The UN ideal of totally disarming the civilian population and leaving the masses vulnerable to the ruling party is nearly complete.

In most South African communities, firearms ownership is limited to a handgun and 100-200 rounds of ammunition depending on your local communities rules. There are several communities that have totally banned private gun ownership. Some communities are permitted to “rent” guns to tourists for limited hunting, but this is reserved for the elite and it is very expensive. There have been recent prohibitions against carrying  anything on your person that might be considered a dangerous weapon. Objects as benign as key chains, cigarette lighters, pocket knives, screwdrivers are banned in some communities.

In many areas, self-defense of property and self is not a guaranteed right. We have seen this insanity in England for sometime where there are no “stand your ground” kind of codified self-defense statutes. In tightly controlled Agenda 21 communities, we are witnessing the fact that the government can be the only purveyor of force and violence even in self-defense.

Here is another excerpt from another South African who emailed about their version of South African gun control, UN Agenda 21 style:

Hello Dave,

I read your website frequently and have read everything you have written about Agenda 21. As I am sure you know, South Africa has been overrun by the UN and its Agenda 21 policies. Nowhere is Agenda  21 in more evidence than it is in gun control….It is very difficult to get a firearm in this country if you are white. It is a long process and you basically have to prove to the police that your life would be in danger without one. That definition is defined by the police.

Child Welfare In South Africa

In South Africa, parents don’t dare let their children go to play in the park or walk to local stores anymore. All of the South Africans who wrote to me have told me that is it’s just too dangerous to let your kids play outside and many of the missing children end up in child sex-trafficking rings. The privatized security firms transport the children and they are suspected of abducting many “blond haired and blue eyed children” into sex slavery rings.

America, is this beginning to sound familiar? As an aside, I previously worked on a story that demonstrated how a government official with a security clearance had her child stolen by CPS, for not touting the Agenda 21 liberal agenda at her place of employment and there is evidence that the child was sex-trafficked while in the custody of two male, homosexual parents.

Fortunately, I was able to raise enough money ($40,000) to bring in attorneys who tore the Virginia CPS to shreds and the child was returned to the mother.  This is what Agenda 21 brings to a community. This is what happens when out of control thugs become your local policemen and they are not truly accountable to any civilian oversight. It doesn’t matter if it is Academi or CPS, it is all the same.

The Dumbing Down of the Masses

President Trump has yet to make good on his promise to dismantle Common Core.  Common Core emanated from UNESCO’s Education for All (e.g. Agenda 21). Just like its predecessor, No Child Left Behind, education is being eroded in this country through no fault of the teachers and the administrators who are required to follow the senseless mandates. The South African version of Common Core has also had a devastating effect on education.

Just as is the case with American students, South African students, once the pride of Africa, have been dumbed down to the level of near illiteracy. After reading the personal anecdotes of parents experience with South African education, their government is much further along in the dumbing down of their population through the introduction of education programs which arise out of the United Nations than we are in the United States.

Quota systems are preventing many white children from going to a university. Many white children are forced to go abroad to study, if their parents can afford it. I am sure that many of you recognize these policies as classic divide and conquer strategies designed to pit one group against another so the people do not unite across racial and economic lines against the totalitarian and inhumane policies of Agenda 21.

Here is an email I received from a South African teacher.

Mr. Hodges

Our public schools are totally dysfunctional…You may not maintain your own culture. What this means is that our standard of education has collapsed and there is no discipline in schools. Our grade 12 pupils can barely read or write, yet these same people are given access to universities but only if they are not white. The schools are totally racist and white kids do not stand a chance. Parents with money are leaving for other countries. It is interesting that your government routinely turns down requests to move to the States by our white citizens. Yet, your government lets millions of Mexican cross your border illegally and with impunity. If we were not white, I believe we could come to the States. Your government is practicing the same racism that we are living under in our own country. If it already hasn’t it will soon show up in your schools…

Now consider the following video from Dr. Pook, one of the creators of Common Core who stated that he helped to create Common Core to reverse the “white privilege” that he was born into as an American.

The emerging similarities between South African schools and American schools, by intentional design, are stunning to say the least.

Racially Prejudiced Quota Systems In the Work Place

In South Africa there are quotas for almost all aspects of professional life. Two people told me that one cannot study to be a veterinarian or a nurse if you are white. Quota systems have knocked white applicants to the bottom of the hiring preference ladder if they are white. Firms that are owned by white contractors have lost their right to bid in deference to people whose firms are owned by people of color. The popular refrain that many wrote to me about is what is popularly referred to as “Black economic empowerment” rules.


One South African wrote to me and said that he wanted to give me a feel for what is coming to America and what it’s like to in a Marxist country which is dominated by Agenda 21 policies.  One theme dominated these communications and that is wealth redistribution on a grand scale. Here is another email where this sentiment is expressed and it is a sentiment that should concern all Americans.

Hi Dave,

…What’s worse is the absolute apathy of the people that live here. Most people have no idea of the different stages of a communist takeover and just accept that living like this is just the way it is. You are labeled as negative or a racist as soon as you mention this in any public forum. I thinks most of us are just hoping that something will change, but we don’t want to know the truth.

…I just wanted to give you a small idea of what life is like in the new South Africa.”

This should serve as a warning to all Americans that our society, as we know it, is living on borrowed time.  Through various George Soros organizations, white people are becoming an endangered species. 

It is only a matter of time until the full-fledged racist policies of South Africa are embraced on a planetary basis. It is difficult to not conclude that White people are not quicklu becoming an endangered species.

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  1. Nam Marine May 6, 2017 at 5:47 am

    Bring it on ! We need target practice !

  2. Vietkonggook May 6, 2017 at 6:18 am

    Packing and stacking up cities is like the modern version of ghettoes and concentration camps. All they need is spray it in the dark of night with chemical and biological agents so lethal to man. And they just let the inhabitants die and riot for food, water, fuel and medicine. Talking of how evil of a plan that is but they will do it with no hesitation . I doubt they will use nuclear weapons bec it will defeat render it unlivable for thousands of years.

  3. Guillermo F May 6, 2017 at 6:32 am

    Open season on jigs and maggots!!!!! Yeeeehaaaaa!!

  4. Steve May 6, 2017 at 6:44 am

    The gun information presented in the article is incorrect. A handgun is usually the hardest permit to obtain particularly if it is semi automatic. A long gun for sporting purposes is easiest. Also the SAP, South African Police, handle the firearms licences and they do that on a national, not community level. Check the SAP website. Private hunting businesses rent rifles to tourist who are on a bona fide hunt. Again, the communities have nothing to do with this. The SAP has begun to make it harder for hunters to bring their firearms into the country. Check the website for Safari Club international for this information.

  5. laura ann May 6, 2017 at 7:06 am

    Whites in S.A. need to leave. I heard whites were leaving several years ago in areas near Victoria falls and other winter resorts in central east Africa where Europeans visit. Muslims have over run Europe and raping, robbing and creating chaos with trucks running into crowds, and mass shootings in night clubs, etc. Breakdown of law and order and no control, as police get paid for looking other way. Destruction of property, fires set. Mass third world immigration forced on first world countries, to create chaos, part of agenda 21. Civil unrest and out of control mayhem turning the EU (if not already) into a third world garbage dump.

  6. musivick May 6, 2017 at 7:21 am

    so…. the logic would suggest that South Africa will be expelled from the BRICS in the next few years

  7. SWIFT May 6, 2017 at 7:44 am

    Target practice is always a good idea. But, practice getting a mindset to quickly change from tin cans and paper, to scum leftists. Many gun owners cannot bring themselves to getting a clear sight picture of cross hairs on a human chest and squeezing the trigger. I am not one of these.

  8. kevin May 6, 2017 at 8:07 am

    print 3-gun

  9. frankw May 6, 2017 at 8:38 am

    The fate of S. Africa was predictable from the moment Rhodesia was betrayed. The same for the USA, the difference being they’ve been unable to disarm the American public, but hope to stir up race wars so as to bring martial law which will be used to disarm Patriots.

  10. Jackie Puppet May 6, 2017 at 9:15 am

    There’s some parts of Chicago that’s not too far away from becoming S Africa – even a stretch of Cicero Avenue has been honorarily renamed for the Communist terrorist Nelson Mandela.

    I’ve heard that de Klerk has ties to George Soros – what a surprise – and was encouraged (financially) to step down as president.

    The link below has some profanity in it for those who may decide to skip it:


  11. Diogenes Shrugged May 6, 2017 at 9:40 am

    There is only one reason for the citizens of a country to have laws, and that is to actively condemn and discourage victimization. But when the agency appointed to create and enforce the laws becomes the victimizer, the result is the precise opposite of what the citizens intended. Citizens find themselves straight jacketed, unable to evade the armies of parasites who nip their flesh and suck their juices. Armies composed of the very victimizers that the citizens wished to actively condemn and discourage in the first place. Citizens find they’ve been converted to livestock, and they themselves have been reduced to a condition of permanent victimhood.

    As long as people think they need leaders and laws, they will forever remain followers and victims. And with elections anywhere in the world constantly dominating headlines, it’s clear above all else that people are unalterably conditioned to believe they need leaders … to dream up more laws.

    Religious citizens say God is their leader, but in practice, God has little say. The leaders people prefer to worship are the criminal parasites who victimize them. The leaves have shriveled on the tree of liberty; the roots have receded in the barren, dry soil. The tree will soon be dead. Our leaders will prevail over us, and as we are led to the killing fields of war, the people will shout, “God bless our leaders.” In the name of democracy, we have deified our own assailants.

    I have to concede, however, that without leaders, people might feel free to smoke marijuana. The only way to reduce that danger to national security is with ham-fisted cops doing the bidding of iron-fisted leaders. Chemo patients and Hippies are the cause of all the world’s problems. Your leaders said so … with their laws.

    Is it any mystery that so many of our beloved politicians are lawyers?

  12. Juan May 6, 2017 at 10:16 am

    Doubt this will ever happen. Whites are still the majority and still hold on the reigns of power. Forty-four out of forty-five presidents have been.white while Congress is still 80% white and male. In South Africa you had successive black presidents, here in the USA that will not happen for sometime. Zimbabwe has Mogabe and he was horrible with the whites.
    What can happen is a civil-war though between liberals and conservatives.
    Most of the American-Indians are dead Dave. They can’t rise up in revenge like the blacks in South Africa. As a white Hispanic myself, I have more in common with you than a black person. I won’t be coming after you either.

  13. James Stamulis May 6, 2017 at 11:44 am

    8 years of Obama’s constant race baiting propped up by the MSM, Hollywood, Academia and the entire communist left. Divide and conquer was always their plan when i was a kid with the Soviet unions Khrushchev. It should be obvious to any sane individual that all the hate is coming from the left and i have had my fill of it. From now on it will be met with extreme prejudice.

  14. PASTOR WILLIAM May 6, 2017 at 2:35 pm

    I’ve got your Six

  15. Vietkonggook May 6, 2017 at 6:33 pm

    two to the chest and one to head


  16. Vietkonggook May 6, 2017 at 6:37 pm

    The fight is no longer in foreign lands. The fight is here the reason why they have flooded us with the illegals and unvetted middle eastern migrants. All these leftists in schools and colleges are just the sacrificial useful idiots. The terrorist cells are the main forces to hit big . Those are the trained killers with extensive training in arms and explosives.

  17. Mark Leininger May 6, 2017 at 7:19 pm

    The reason for the war on whites is because it is the spiritual enemies effort to exterminate the chosen people of God.
    That is, as the Scripture says “My beloved is white and adom (rosy cheeked), the Chiefest (Hebrew; “dagaul”) among ten thousand.” Song of Solomon 5:1 King James Version
    Or as the apostle Peter said to the Celto-Germanic Galatians (Galatea = “she who is milk white,” gala being the Geek word for “milk” [milk now is “racist” itself maybe because whites don’t need lactaid]. Milky Way Galaxy having the same etymology, as a tautology) “Ye are a chosen race…” 1 Peter 2:9 English Standard version …echoing Exodus 19:6
    Ironically in the footnotes for ! Peter 2:9, the Complete Jewish Bible lists various OT verses that Peter refers to, implicitly admitting what real history has shown to be who’s who.

  18. Sally May 6, 2017 at 10:39 pm

    The fall of South Africa was planned a long time ago. Whites can’t just leave South Africa. Most whites are brainwashed to think they deserve to be killed and raped. The pastors and teachers did a good job at that. How is it possible to sit and watch how your nation are being destroyed and you think it is what you derserve if you are not brainwashed? Willemientje Potgieter was only one little white girl that was murdered execution style on her mother’s lap. She was only 2 years old. She is one of many. More than 60 000 whites killed since 1994. The murderers are the so called disadvantaged. So why did the white Afrikaners not rape and kill the English that nearly destroyed our nation in the Boer war? Were they not disadvantaged? The problem is that you will NEVER satisfy these monsters. They want to destroy everything, and if there is nothing left, they will devour each other. Chaos is their King – Satan himself.

  19. Shepherd May 7, 2017 at 1:31 am

    […] South Africa’s White Genocide-Could It Come to America?;SQ THIS WAS OBAMAS PLAN ALL ALONG, IN FLOO…  […]

  20. colman May 7, 2017 at 4:43 am

    Guns and Ammo with revolution are the thing coming in USA.GOP & DEM are controlled by the same group…”WE THE PEOPLE” ARE AMERICA,The government are[PIGS] VOTE means nothing anymore. So BEAR ARMS OR DIE.LORD HAVE MERCY…

  21. Phil V May 7, 2017 at 4:56 am

    Hi Dave,

    I am a born and bred South African. I read this article over on BIN. Most of what you have posted is true. But I wish to correct you on the Security Companies. We ARE NOT afraid of our Security Companies or the people who work for them.I do not trust our Police Forces to do their duties properly. [Quote:Local police forces have been decimated and the citizens are living in fear of these privatized security firms who rape and rob many innocent victims in their jurisdiction. These security firms do so with impunity as the private security firms strictly serve the elite and their prime directive is to keep the people in line and in fear of the one ruling political party. Movement of people, especially at night, is tightly controlled.End Quote] This statement is simply not true. We hire private security companies to protect us from violence and crime. We have Alarms with Armed response from these security companies. They call you as soon as an alarm is activated to find out if you are OK. If you give the wrong password, then they will immediately dispatch a control car. Yes we live behind security bars and Electric Fences. We hire the security because we do not trust the police. And murders on farms are perpetrated by armed criminal gangs, Not Security forces. Yes, most of these gangs are sent from political parties who hate whites.

    Thanks and go well, we love this country and trust in God that peace may prevail, not only here, but worldwide. We have joined an organization that will assist us to evacuate to safe areas if the worst should happen and civil war broke out.

  22. Vietkonggook May 7, 2017 at 9:14 am

    The divide and conquer of the globalist feeds its lust for blood. Its offerings to pagan god Molech and Baal. Endless war s and conflicts is what the commandments of the Kaballah worshipping zionist is all about to reach their goal of One World Govt under the antichrist.

  23. Zella May 7, 2017 at 10:23 pm

    I told my husband six months ago that white males we’re an endangered species. To be careful everywhere he goes because of the non-stop brainwashing of the masses. It is obvious the heat has been turned up, but where the plan has failed thus far is the overshoot of the MSM. They revealed their globalist colors. They will never have the trust of those 100 million working Americans again. The tide has turned in the citizens favor, and we will fight for our country. They will not be able to disarm us, but they will try terrible tactics, but they will fail. Eyes and ears and hearts are open now. We shall not surrender nor retreat.

  24. Stephen Alessini May 7, 2017 at 11:13 pm

    Once apartheid ended, South Africa began its rapid descent into chaos and corruption.

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