civil war coming

Never before have we seen such a collection of mainstream media outlets to conspire to take a sitting President out of office. The Washington Post (a proven front for the CIA), ABC News, CNN (another CIA controlled operation) and the New York Times have presented a uniform front of falsfied evidence against Donald Trump with absolutedly no concrete evidence that Trump has violated the law and should be impeached and criminally convicted and sentenced.

If Trump is impeached will there be a civil war?

Allegations and Evidence Against Trump

Trump is accused of conspiring with the Russians to fix the results of the election. He is also accused of leaking intelligence information to the Russians. Further, it is alleged that Trump obstructed justice.

The evidence for these crimes is absolutely nonexistent. There has not been one shred fo evidence to support any of these allegations. The closest that the Deep State has come to producing evidence is the word of one man immediately after being fired by Trump and I am referring to James Comey. Comey allegedly wrote down conent related to conversations he had with Trump in which Trump “obstructed justice” by telling Comey to stop investigating Flynn. If this were true, Comey would have been required to report this to the Department of Justice, IMMEDIATELY! Comey, by not reporting the allegation, either obstructed justice or is lying. There is no other evidence to support these allegations.

As I said in yesterday’s article, the clear intent is to keep Trump and Putin divided because of their expressed common desire to eliminate child-sex-trafficking from the landscape of government and Deep State politics.

Rules for Thee but Not for Me

While the people of this country live under the mantra of repeating a big enough lie, often enough, the people will come to believe it, the MSM outlets have totally ignored the heinous and serial criminality of Hillary Clinton:

  1. Illegally brokered arms deals with 16 nations with terrorist ties and laundered the gifts into the Clinton Foundation through HSBC Bank while James Comey was on the bank’s board of directors.
  2. Illegally sold 25% of the nation’s uranium to Russia while husband Bill received overpriced speaking engagements in Russia. This is called treason. By the way, the New York Times first reported these allegations involving Uranium One as the front company.
  3. Illegally laundered her ill-gotten Clinton Foundation gains into her presidential campaign.
  4. The Clinton Foundation stole $2 billion dollars in Hatian relief money.
  5. Stored national security emails on her private server and attempted to cover it up.  There’s your obstruction of justice violation along with Comey’s facilitation of this crime.

There are a host of other serious crimes that have gone unpunished. But justice is selective in America, today, because there is an agenda to destroy the American dream. Why? Because in the New World Order, under the direction of the banksters, everyone is in debt so that they can be controlled.

Impeachment and the Total Loss of Civil Liberties

Because we are playing in a game with no rules, it is important to know that Trump will be impeached solely based on the strength of fabricated evidence and in most cases, no evidence at all. In today’s Deep State America, perception is reality. Opinion rules over fact, Intimidation rules over the free expression of ideas. We have officially entered the Nazi Germany period of the Enabling Act.

Soon, your guns will be confiscated. The 1st Amendment and the Internet will soon become strangers. George Soros controls the modern day Brown Shirts. The fate that befell Seth Rich will become standard and with a completely controlled media, there will be nobody to identify and speak against the abuses of the ruling party.

Donald Trump is the stop gap for this movement. With his removal, there is a clear road for the total subjugation of America.

Will There Be a Revolution In America?

The answer to the question is no, an emphatic no.  Donald Trump’s campaign should have been enough to wake Amerians up. There was no more of a salient issue as the Free Trade Agreements.  These agreements remove Amerian sovereignty. They destroy the employment market at home. They have done move to lower the standard of living that any other single factor. However, most Americans don’t know a free trade agreement from a free agent in football.

America has become one fo the most dumbed down countries in the world. A full two-thirds of Americans cannot find N. Korea on a map. We are buried in our entertainments. We are distracted to dumbness. Many Americans make the mentally retarded look informed by comparison. In short, we are being led to the slaughter with smiles on our faces! It is game over except for one possible factor.

Can’t Anything Be Done?

Won’t the people get tired of the abuse and when Trump is impeached and thrown out of office, won’t the people revolt? The short answer is no. The event will be theater for 3/4ths of the country, and nothing more.

There is, however, one issue that could awaken a sleeping giant. It is not the loss of guns, Internet, First Amendment and the loss of jobs and ultimately the foreiture of our country’s sovereignty. The only thing that even the most ignorant will hold dear is the overall welfare of their children. America may not know what Internet freedom means, but they understand what sexual abuse of a child is all about. On this point, most species will defend their offspring to the death.

This fact, alone, tells us where we in the Independent Media should focus our efforts. Quite simply, Pedogate and the Deep State connection to it must be hammered home day after day. Trump must be protrayed byus as a defender of Children. If he won’t say it, we need to say it for him.

And what if we are successful in rousing our citizens to action based on the crimes committed against children? We will have a civil war and many will die.

What will happen if we do nothing and the globalist agenda goes forward. Soon, 90% of you will not be around to see how this is going to end.

America, you have a choice. You can distract yourself until death. Or you can risk death by defending what is precious. And to my colleagues in the Independent Media, I feel I have identified the anti-sleeping pill that America has taken and it is to fully expose child-sex trafficking.

Tick, tick, tick, time is very short.