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A convergence of EVIL: Google, Amazon and Facebook use technology to enslave humanity, suppress knowledge and accelerate human suffering



Image: A convergence of EVIL: Google, Amazon and Facebook use technology to enslave humanity, suppress knowledge and accelerate human suffering

(Natural News) With Amazon.com now purchasing Whole Foods, giving it a near-monopoly over multiple sectors of the U.S. economy, we are entering the age of corporate giants dominating and enslaving humankind. Apple has more debt-free cash than nearly all world governments, including the United States of America (which is drowning in debt). Google has a near-monopoly over all search results, a position of power it exploits to silence dissenting views and disconnect humanity from important knowledge. And Facebook suppresses all truthful information that challenges the false narratives of the globalists. Corporations like these abuse their power to enslave humanity rather than setting us free.

At the dawn of the invention of television, the technology was hailed as a way to bring uplifting education to every corner of the globe. It didn’t take long, however, before broadcast television was turned into a means to control the masses through the dissemination of fake news — which has been going on forever — and the programming of consumers to purchase branded products often made with toxic ingredients. The dream of turning TV technology into a mechanism to set humanity free was quickly crushed, and today it is widely known that the more hours people spend watching TV, the more unintelligent and unaware they are. (Do you know any intelligent, self-aware, healthy person who watches TV at all?)

Similarly, the internet was once hailed as a means to set humanity free. But that dream, too, has been crushed under the extreme censorship and obfuscation of internet-intensive businesses like Google, Amazon and Facebook. Here are just a few examples:

  • Google censors nearly all REAL news publishers from Google News, making sure that only FAKE (mainstream) media achieves visibility so that fake media narratives dominate public attention. Those fake narratives include everything from the collapse of WTC 7 from “office fires” to the pharmaceutical industry’s ridiculously false claim that vaccines have never harmed any child in the history of the world. For all the same reasons, Google also algorithmically suppresses websites it doesn’t like, including independent news publishers covering investigative stories on vaccines, GMOs and the climate change science hoax. Far from setting humanity free to find what they want on the internet, Google covertly limits search results to primarily those content sites that agree with globalist narratives, all of which are anti-human and anti-progress. Google is also pro-Big Pharma and bans the advertising of natural supplement products that help people prevent disease and reduce suffering.
  • Facebook follows a similar algorithmic censorship track, penalizing websites that dare talk about children being harmed by vaccines, science corruption in the genetic engineering industry, the dangers of pesticides or the scientifically validated benefits of carbon dioxide to planet Earth. Facebook manually assigns penalty scores to entire websites, crushing their reach and making sure their content can’t even reach fans who have deliberately “liked” the site and want to receive its information. Mark Zuckerberg, the grandson of a Rockefeller, is being groomed for a position of globalist domination and says he might run for president. He’s already obediently spouting every official lie that Hillary Clinton repeated on the campaign trail in 2016.
  • Amazon.com, founded by evil globalist Jeff Bezos, uses its marketplace dominance to promote the interests of the pharmaceutical industry while suppressing natural medicine. Did you know that Amazon is getting into the prescription drug business in the hopes of putting local pharmacies out of business? The company also bans FBA (Fulfilled By Amazon) activities with many nutritional supplements and botanical extracts that can prevent serious diseases such as cancer. Now that Amazon is purchasing Whole Foods, Jeff Bezos is likely going to use the same pro-pharma stance to try to transform Whole Foods stores into prescription drug pharmacy locations while eliminating most of Whole Foods’ staff by replacing them with robots.
  • Amazon has already pioneered robot-staffed retail stores and has also developed a way to eliminate human cashiers by using RFID tracking of all customers and the items they pick off the shelves. Whole Foods workers are already freaking out, realizing they’re going to be replaced by robots and drones. In effect, Jeff Bezos will promote mass unemployment, mass drug addiction, the censorship of natural products and centralized control over retailing. All of this makes Jeff Bezos richer and more powerful, but it also destroys human dignity, human health and human knowledge. (For people like Jeff Bezos, selling opioids is a great business model because people keep buying them over and over again… the impact on society be damned!)

Evil corporations, evil globalists and evil agendas

What do all these evil corporations and globalist leaders have in common? They are all enemies of humanity:

  • They all promote toxic vaccines that are right now killing over 1,400 children a year in the U.S. alone, injuring another 100,000 plus annually.
  • They all promote Big Pharma’s toxic medications that earn high profits.
  • They all suppress natural medicine, medicinal herbs and cannabinoids (CBD).
  • They all supported Hillary Clinton and promote Democrats, the DNC and big government. They all hated Trump just like they hate America, the Bill of Rights and the Second Amendment.
  • They all promote Monsanto, GMOs, glyphosate and pesticide chemicals as being “good for humanity.” They all claim to be “pro environment” even while supporting the corporations that poison our world with toxic chemicals that kill life and devastate ecosystems.
  • They all believe in censorship and suppression as a way to shore up their power and silence dissent.
  • They all put profits first and humanity last. To them, human beings are just “useless idiots” to be manipulated or exploited for profit. If Jeff Bezos could fire every single Whole Foods worker right now and replace them all with robots, he would absolutely do so.
  • They all believe the ends justify the means, which is why Jeff Bezos’ Washington Post feels justified in completely fabricating “anonymous sources” to publish fake news in an attempt to overthrow the American Republic.
  • They all despise diversity of thought and demand absolute conformity and obedience to left-wing narratives covering everything from LGBT issues to the elimination of gun rights. Diversity of opinion is not allowed. Conformity is mandatory.

In effect, these corporations are pure evil. They are run by evil globalists and they ally themselves with other evil corporations that poison our planet, enslave humanity and seek to deprive us all of basic human liberty and dignity.

You’re not helpless: Here’s what you can do to protect your power, your liberty and your future

All these evil corporations depend on one thing to remain in business: Compliant consumers.

If people stop financially supporting these evil corporations, they will cease to exist. The only reason they continue to grow right now is because people continue to feed them economic resources.

Until now, many people had not been fully aware of just how evil these corporations truly are. They had no idea they were about to be enslaved and overrun by Google, Amazon, Facebook and other similar corporate entities. Suddenly, however, it’s becoming obvious to even those who previously decried such warnings as “conspiracy theories.” Suddenly even Whole Foods workers are waking up, flipping out and realizing they are all about to be made obsolete by the Jeff Bezos robot apocalypse. From Reuters:

“I’ve heard that Amazon’s culture is really cutthroat. That worries me,” one bagger at a Providence, Rhode Island, store said.

At least one customer was concerned that an Amazon purchase would further distance Whole Foods from its roots as a purveyor of premium, organic and specialty foods.

…”I think that they are a very profit-driven company, so there might be some streamlining as far as labor,” said Sasha Hardin, 28, of the Mount Pleasant store, who has been with Whole Foods for 6-1/2 years.

Here are some action items you can take right now to stop feeding these corporate monsters that are destroying our collective future:

  1. Stop using Google. Find alternative search engines such as DuckDuckGo. For searching news and the independent media, use GoodGopher.com or read Censored.news each day, which aggregates headlines from the internet’s most censored indy news sites.
  2. Stop using Facebook. Why would you divulge all the details of your private life to an NSA data collection front anyway? Facebook is nothing but a massive social network spy machine that ruins your life and makes you feel disconnected and depressed. Check out GAB.ai instead.
  3. Stop shopping at Amazon.com and Whole Foods. Support local retailers and local grocers, or you’ll soon find them all out of business. If you don’t consciously decide to start shopping at other retailers, you’re going to wake up one day in a world totally dominated by Amazon, where natural health products are banned and prescription drugs are pushed for everything. For lab-verified natural health products, support the Health Ranger Store. For fresh produce, grow your own food or support your local grocers that provide organic and non-GMO options.
  4. Make conscious choices about where you spend your money, knowing that every dollar you spend is a “vote” for that organization. Globalist organizations like Google, Amazon and Facebook are all about enslaving humanity and stripping you of knowledge, dignity and health. Vote for the kind of companies who share your belief in natural medicine, empowering individuals, decentralizing political power (returning power to local communities) and halting the mass poisoning of our world with pesticides and GMOs.

The power is in your hands.

P.S. On a personal note, I’m ready to pre-announce a massive expansion to the Health Ranger Store warehouse and fulfillment center in Texas which will be completed at the end of this year. I’m going to post a survey where you can tell us what sort of products you want us to carry and ship. Because we’ll have so much warehouse space available, we’re going to substantially expand our product offerings so that you have an ethical choice of where to buy those products. Watch for a story + survey to be posted soon on Natural News. Although we’ll never be able to compete with the sheer scale of Amazon — nor its free Prime shipping — we aim to bring you a real alternative to Amazon.com and Whole Foods for the non-perishable products you want the most.

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  1. Dan Benson June 17, 2017 at 3:50 pm

    God said that He would ordain judgement on the world. The 1st was water and the second will be fire where everything is consumed (even America). God said as we approached the end, things would get worse and worse. That He even ordained that the final age church under the final Anti-Christ would be allowed to persecute the church for 42 months; death captivity or on the run.
    In fact God said that He would ordain the one restraining real evil to step out of the way and open the door to let real evil to be unleashed on the earth.
    I think we are seeing that door beginning to open up. If what we are seeing is what God said He would do, we can’t stop this. We can pray for protection, being left alone with power and perseverance to run that race and fight that fight in a way that glorifies God. “Precious in the sight of the Lord is the death of His Saints.”
    If this is, this, then trying to stop the evil would be like telling God, Not now, not this time, put this on someone else but us? Do you really think God will hear that prayer? We as the Apostles should be praising God that we would be privileged and considered worthy by God to suffer for the sake of Christ. To live is Christ but to die is gain.
    Even John at the end of Revelation after seeing all of this said, “Amen” Come Lord Jesus,(yes Jesus lets do this)!
    But if we love the world and it’s systems, the love of God is not in us. Are we working for what is temporal or are we working for what is eternal?

  2. Useless Eater June 17, 2017 at 6:12 pm

    I don’t know why you guys don’t believe me, marginalize me and censor me. I am way ahead of you all when it comes to your solutions. You see, I am a contract man. I know that God is law and I pay close attention to God’s Law. All of these social media contracts are inequitable. They are, as you are finally figuring out, evil in nature. They break God’s Law so why do you not see it? Why do you contract with the devil, so to speak?
    Beats me.
    Start listening to my words. I am anonymous. I proclaim to be nothing more than a Useless Eater, in fact. So, you have nothing to go by except my words. Do they not seem like common sense? LOL!
    Do my words sound evil to you?
    HA HA HA!
    You are picking the wrong side in this coming war.
    The federal government won the last “Civil” War. BTW, THE “civil war” was not even a civil war by definition. That is why they capitalize it. This is law and you had best pay attention to it. A civil war is defined as a war among different factions of the SAME nation or country. At the time of the Civil War, the states were separate and sovereign countries. It was actually a war between nations, or states, if you prefer. The 14th Amendment gives people the opportunity to voluntarily enslave themselves. Period.
    You have all been duped. Many know this and yet I still see so many slaves doing the wrong things and saying the wrong things.
    If you stand behind Trump, you are still a traitor to the original form of government and the original constitution which binds the states which still stand as sovereign nations. Think about it… if they truly made the states federal colonies, then you would have no nation states in which to take refuge and, therefore, no choice. Your servitude would no longer be voluntary and then they would be guilty of slavery, by their own laws. Do you still think that you are smarter than they are.
    Listen up. Pay attention. I f I were to give one piece of advice to everybody out there, it would be to strive to die a free man or a free woman. At this point in time, I know very few of either.

  3. Sarah June 18, 2017 at 5:11 am

    I like the Health Ranger and would like to support his products but they are outrageously expensive. I resent his prices.

  4. Patrick Blunt June 18, 2017 at 5:31 am

    i have tried buying local and well lets face it its expensive, our local grocery store sells hamberger 4.89 a # where down the road is 2.75#. what do you do. greed comes in many ways, what is the answer?

  5. Mark June 18, 2017 at 11:40 am

    Thanks Dave. I REALLY like your idea of expanding the Health Ranger Store–I would buy their products that I need.
    Effective 12-31-2016, I completely boycotted Amazon and protested on ALL my product reviews about how corrupt Bezos’ Wapo is and his CIA contracts, just to piss them off, and closed my Amazon account and flagged their emails to Spam.

    I may (with no account) look at their site as a ‘dictionary’ just to see what vendors are selling–and then go DIRECTLY to those individual vendors and order what I need and totally bypass Amazon. I may not get free shipping, but so what.

  6. sonny June 18, 2017 at 3:32 pm

    I, for one, am looking forward to Mike Adams’ new warehouse at the end of the year.

    Please keep us posted of the “official” opening date.

  7. F. Scott Rice June 18, 2017 at 7:01 pm

    I find it very interesting that no comment were make about this story. It seems that many want to complain about the news and social media but no one wants to change their lifestyle and adapt to a new way of getting there information. I really appreciate you giving us all alternative media that we can get our news from and a new way to receive E-Mail. Thanks so much for all you do for all of us on your Common Sense show.

    Scott Rice

  8. Stephen Alessini June 18, 2017 at 10:04 pm

    Great article. So true. I refuse to buy from Amazon. Have not done so for a few years now. Fakebook, as I like to call them, disabled my account about a month ago, without giving me a reason, and after fretting about it for a few weeks, I now feel relieved that they did. I’m assuming it was for so-called “hate” speech, or anti-Muslim comments on MSN perhaps. Anyway, good riddance to Mark Zuckerturd. You are correct in calling him evil, as well as Jeff Bozo. They are enemies of the people. Google is the next one I will attempt to wean myself off of and maybe go to Yahoo instead for searching. What is your opinion of Yahoo? Keep up the good work and fight the good fight.

  9. Keith June 19, 2017 at 4:30 pm

    I use duck-duck-go for searches. Never have used facebook, amazon, stopped google way back when I found DDG

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