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The Real Reasons Why Podesta Must Testify In Secret


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All of the MSM’s are reporting  that the House intelligence Committee plans on interviewing embattled John Podesta later this week. Podesta served as Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign chairman.

What is disturbing is that Podesta’s testimony will be held in secret because usually when something is done in secret, there is something definitive to hide. Indeed, the secrecy aspect is very troubling on a number of fronts. James Comey recent testimony was carried on every network. Attorney Jeff Sessions testimony was carried on every network. Yet the Podesta testimony will be held in secret and the participants will not be able discuss their testimony with the public. Why the discrepancy? The answer is as simple as the nose on your face. The House Intelligence Committee is doing the work of the Deep State and are protecting them from further exposure as to their collective forays  into child-sex-trafficking.  Podesta, literally and figuratively knows where all the bodies are buried in this heinous arena of subhuman, Satanic behavior called the Deep State.

Does This Voice Belong to John Podesta As He Violates and Tortures a Child?

Please forward the following Youtube video to the 18:45 mark. The evidence presented purports to be John Podesta’s voice as he violates and tortures a child. Listen and observe the evidence, is this indeed John Podesta doing what is being alleged. From my perspective, there is certainly a lot of smoke. Is there a full blown fire? Will Congress dare touch on this subject? Is this one of the reasons that Podesta’s testimony has to be held in private? In the comments section, please tell us what you think.

Will Podesta be Questioned About Nick Bryant and the Franklin Scandal?

Over 8 years ago, I interviewed Nick Bryant, the author of the book, The Franklin Scandal. Among all the scandals in the book that were revealed included the fact that many newly elected members of Congress are implicated and framed in sex scandals involving children after they are first elected and this takes place at a location called the Franklin House. The tapes that are made can be used as leverage against the congressmen at a later and more convenient time. Bryant’s work has stood up to extreme scrutiny through the years.

Three years prior to Nick Bryant’s work, I was told the same thing by the late Bill Pawelec who had done some contract work for the CIA. Vance Davis, a personal friend who is formerly of the NSA, and a recent interviewee on The Common Sense Show, on multiple occasions,  was a part of these discussions. Bill’s wife, Annie DeRiso, was my News Director for six years and was also privy to these discussions.

Subsequently, we have another motive as to why the Podesta hearings will be secret as some of these congressmen will have a lot on the line given some of their collective and nefarious past.

Podesta feels the walls closing in and he is a wounded animal who is likely desirous of taking everyone down with him. No doubt he blames fellow Democratic Congressman for Hillary’s defeat because they did not do enough. These are very strong motives that lead to secrecy.

Relevant Background

Podesta drew some much unwanted attention last year when thousands of his emails went viral as they were released on WikiLeaks a few months prior to the 2016 election.

Many in the Independent media believed that the Wikileaks emails, a few short weeks, caused more damage to Hillary Clinton’s campaign than what Comey’s FBI did with the revelation of that Hillary “grossly” mishandled over 33,000 classified emails.

Most in the Independent Media (IM) are keenly aware that Seth Rich was finished off at the hospital. This is an omnipresent claim from the IM

Many Feel that Podesta Made the “Leaker” Pay With His Life

As previously reported on The Common Sense Show, after the Wikileaks emails appeared, Podesta stated “let’s make the leaker pay”.  And as history would have it, Seth Rich was murdered a few short days later. It was later discovered that Rich was the “leaker”. As has been widely and previously reported, Podesta was prominently linked to the organization known as Pizzagate whose euphemism was altered to pedogate. In other words, Podesta was, and remains, a strong person of interest in the child-sex-trafficking allegations connected to Pedogate.

Reportedly, Podesta will meet with the House panel in a private session.  He is one of the first set of  key witnesses to appear before the House panel to testify about the 2016 election.
The committee is expected to question Podesta about the leak of his emails that goes back many years. They are particularly interested in his emails connection to Russian influence in the election and possible tampering. At least this is what the House Intelligence Committee is saying. In reality the House Democrats are very nervous about another factor.

Liz Crokin

Liz Crokin, writing for the Hagmann Report produced a very revealing article in support of the claims made in the abovementioned paragraphs as evidenced in the following:
“John Podesta and a group of Democrats called for Rep. Steve Scalise to resign shortly after he began his efforts to combat human trafficking as the Majority Whip of the House.”
And what was Scalise doing at the time he was attacked?  He had sponsored a bill on child-sex-trafficking which was to be heard on the day that he was shot. This puts a whole new light on the assassination attempt on Scalise at the Congressional baseball team practice.


It is as plain as the nose on your face as to why the Podesta testimony is being held in private and it was my distinct privilege to connect these dots as to why this is so. Do you need any more motivation than to clean house on Congress in the mid-term elections?  This is assuming our country makes it that far.

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  1. Jackie Puppet June 26, 2017 at 5:23 pm

    I’d be really glad if the Russians were able to tap into Podesta’s testimony, and release them to the public.

  2. BenjaminGhazi June 27, 2017 at 4:09 am


    Your article from last year mentions Fairfax, VA as ‘ground zero’ for child-sex trafficking at:


  3. gene June 27, 2017 at 4:12 am

    I think we should call it child kidnappers not child traffickers it sounds like bus drivers.. Did the Satanist have a ritual sacrifice for summer season . The insanity of dealing with the devil is enough for GOD to start over and no one really wins . Stop cancers like child molesters once and for all Let the public see what going on . Why is this not on the front page of every newspaper ?

  4. James Stamulis June 27, 2017 at 8:19 am

    I have a dream where Trump gives our special ops guys a free reign to clean our world of all the scum like Podesta and all the way up to the real elites.

  5. Charles June 27, 2017 at 8:30 am

    “You can throw your rocks and hide your hands,
    and work your evil ‘gainst your fellow Man.
    But as sure as God made black and white,
    what is done in the dark will be brought to the light!

    You can run on for a long time, but sooner or later God’s gonna cut you down!” – Johnny Cash

    God is coming for YOU, John Podesta!

  6. TheTruthBurns June 27, 2017 at 8:33 am

    ALL Pedophiles MUST be KILLED! These Demons are EVIL. They Must be TORTURED TO DEATH – CHOPPED INTO PIECES & BURNED!

  7. Martin June 27, 2017 at 9:48 am

    The closed door testamony of Podesta is clearly a coverup. There is no reason for it to be behind closed doors except for congress to try to do CYA..

  8. josh June 27, 2017 at 10:07 am

    If you’ve interviewed Nick Bryant you really should interview John Decamp and Paul Bonacci and for the same reasons.
    Also, Mike Riconsosciuto is to be released from prison today if you’d like to interview him, you might remember him from the PROMIS software/Inslaw deal as well as Iran/Contra and his time with Tim Osman aka Usama Bin Laden as well as his knowlege of much of the nwo dealings of that era. I don’t know how to contact Mike but I bet you can figure that out for yourself. Getting in touch with John Decamp, who can get you in touch with Paul Bonacci and other Franklin victims, should be easy.

  9. William June 27, 2017 at 10:39 am

    Tremendous analysis as always. I would point out, though, that there is no “organization” called Pizzagate, or pedogate. These were hashtags and memes, not organizations, based upon FBI-recognized pedophile code language found in Podesta’s email wikileaks, and later a pizza parlor in Washington DC that had, temporarily, logos resembling FBI-recognized pedophile symbology. This is an important distinction, not to be muddled, which could discredit your otherwise extremely salient points.

  10. Dale Anderson June 27, 2017 at 11:32 am

    Prosecute the Clinton Crime Family now!

  11. bee June 27, 2017 at 5:47 pm

    This is out of control! I am so sick of him Podesta getting away with this. private my foot how and who can we complain to?

  12. zee June 27, 2017 at 8:40 pm

    > Bezos thru WaPo giving Podesta cover as ‘ghost writer = MUST STOP ASAP …

  13. Sophie June 28, 2017 at 2:57 am

    I found this related video. It is disgusting and vile, but possibly has some use in prevention.

  14. Sophie June 28, 2017 at 2:58 am

    “The FREEMASON’S SECRET KEY is SODOMY” Jeremiah Weeps
    I came across this video, of which the content is disgusting. It may be necessary to understand these facts in order to protect society.

  15. gene June 28, 2017 at 3:57 am

    Global 3500 arrested when will this be front page news ? No matter where this evil is its necessary to get all , no matter who or how high up the ladder they are! Equal justice all around with public watching no closed doors or classified B S . Time is most important., please don’t let them off with a slap on the wrist.

  16. mike. June 28, 2017 at 4:07 am

    I believe ALL of Congress needs to be removed. They let a foreigner run this Country for 8 years and did NOTHING. They are ALL complicit, bought and paid for, and if Russia dropped a bomb on D.C. No one would weep. They are above the law, corrupt to the corp. if they have not been bought out, they will be. Americans are sick of the politicians, their unjust taxes, their butchering of babies and their promotion of Sodom and Gomorrah. Nothing will come of the podesta hearings, except more coverup. That a–hole should be locked in a dungeon with all the rest of the perverts.
    The fox certainly is guarding the henhouse.

  17. Robert H Hodges III June 28, 2017 at 6:26 am

    Dave ,
    How are things up north cuz?? Love your radio show ! Keep on keeping on!
    Robert Harry Hodges III

  18. Michon Ziobro June 28, 2017 at 6:27 am

    Keep shining the light & thank-you for all you’re doing to free these children!!!

  19. Pete June 28, 2017 at 7:29 am

    I don’t like this closed session. There are far too many crimes that need to be discussed. The Dimocraps won’t ask those questions that need to be answered. Then again, taking the oath to tell the truth is BS. They have lied before after taking the oath. Pedogate is very important to all citizens to prosecute. It is happening all over the world by the elite. This must stop.

  20. Bob Boskey June 28, 2017 at 10:28 am

    Secret testimony related to Deep State reveal. You are right Dave.

  21. Ginny June 28, 2017 at 12:25 pm

    My thoughts exactly, mike.

  22. Jackie Puppet June 28, 2017 at 2:25 pm

    I’d be really glad if the Russians were able to tap into Podesta’s testimony, and release them to the public.

  23. Victor June 28, 2017 at 2:44 pm

    He is guilty! That is what heart says to me. Let his peers decide this in a public court of law. He might fool the public, but once he sits on the White throne of judgement , he has no where’s to hide. Good! Let the chips fall where are LORDS Will dictates. So Be It.

  24. sarabella gignac June 28, 2017 at 5:16 pm

    Hillary’s Hidden Server was a Pedo-Perv-Honeypot … that no one ever thought Trump and his Jar of Military Whoop Ass would get their hands on … So many Busts happening …

    there’s a reason Schiff was rendered speechless after seeing what Nunez Exposed > within the week you’re going to see a list and your Jaw will Drop Hard > Alec Baldwin has been caught engaging in sexually explicit acts with an underage girl. Alec Baldwin co-starred in the independent film Mini’s First Time, with Nikki Reed. The film contains many racy scenes, including an explicit sex scene — even though Nikki Reed was only 16 when the movie was filmed. (via Breitbart)

    Alec Baldwin revealed this information in his new memoir Nevertheless. In the tell-all he writes: “When I found out, just as we finished, that she was 17, I flipped out on the producers, who had told me something different.”

    However, the film’s producer, Dana Brunetti, has spoken out against Baldwin exposing his lie.

    Did Hillary’s > Secretary of State pick > Pedo-Perv-Podesta > use Hillary’s Server … as a Form of PERV-SURVEILLANCE ?

    Is that why > Hillary didn’t Give the Server over to The FBI? … was it the “Perv-Surveillance HUB” … aka … Honey-Pot-Central???

  25. Don June 28, 2017 at 8:42 pm

    Great outline. A lot of these guys need to be recalled and now. About the “if we make it that far” comment, shouldn’t we all be marching on Washington or at least in our local reps offices at this point? We all see the s#@t is about to hit the fan.

  26. Stephen Alessini June 28, 2017 at 9:23 pm

    Podesta had better be careful or he may be added to the Clinton Body Count.

  27. petcre June 28, 2017 at 11:08 pm

    Clintons , Bush, Obamas . All reputedly reptilians and paedophile devil worshippers . And the reptilans eat children but only when they have killed them fresh . Clinton and Bush, Prince Andrew all allegedly attendees at the Epstein paedophile island.

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