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Consumed: CNN New Day Spends 93% of Airtime on Russia


As CNN continues their crusade to bring down the Trump presidency, New Day spent 93 percent of their three-hour program Wednesday covering Donald Trump Jr. and the Trump campaign’s supposed collusion with Russia. The other seven percent was spent on baseball (~1.5%) and negative coverage of the GOP’s healthcare bill (~5.5%).

No one is arguing that this revelation should not be covered, but when you spend 93 percent of your time talking about it, it shows an obsession, not an objective news judgment. The same liberal media spent virtually no time seriously covering the supposed collusion between Bill Clinton and the Red Chinese in Clinton’s ’96 re-election bid. They ignored the potentially corrupt behavior by the Clinton Foundation for years. Yet, when there is even a sniff of scandal surrounding a Republican, they pounce with hysterical outrage.

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  1. irateCitizen July 14, 2017 at 10:15 pm

    This country has joined the toilets of the world!

  2. Tom Jackson July 15, 2017 at 5:03 am

    You said it Dave, these people are so obsessed with bringing down Trump they don’t even see their own fate coming. It is like many other liberals who I know personally, they can’t see what these people are trying to do and are falling in lockstep with them. They are in some kind of Trance and when someone tries to explain a more factual different idea and they have to come out of their trance they become angry and possibly violent. These people are in love with Obama and because Bernie didn’t get elected they voted for Hillary. These people aren’t interested in facts, they just hate Trump and think he is a liar and that is about all they have to say, and just sit all day and listen to mainstream media and you can tell they have been indoctrinated as their eyes are glazed over. I even ask them Who members of the democratic party are and they and they don’t even know who they are like Maxine Waters Nancy Pelosi Diane Frankenstein Chuck Schumer Debbie Wasserman Schultz and all he says is we are going to put Trump in prison. The type of hate these people have for one man definitely has the potential to make a person mentally ill. Maybe that would be a good article for you to do a commentary on Dave. The mental illness behind the liberal Democrats and the facts to back it up. And I myself have had first-hand experience with liberal Democrats and they are very dangerous people,
    And I have stood toe-to-toe with them almost having to defend myself physically. And I have also had my life threatened. I have a Trump cap with a concealed weapons badge attached to it and that seems to give me a little security from them when expressing my political beliefs. I try to pray for these people and try not to judge them but it is hard when their hearts are filled with so much hate and it even makes it worse when they have to try and cover it up. Well God bless to all out there and always be in search of the truth and you will be free no matter what others think. Jesus Christ is the way the truth and the light Auburn

  3. George C July 15, 2017 at 6:52 am

    Did we forget the REASON they spend all their air time on trashing Trump? Russia is not the object of their obsession. Interfering and interrupting Trump’s ability to carry out his agenda is the purpose, and Russia is the only thing they currently have in order to continue a never ending “investigation” to keep Trump occupied and so busy fighting back, he has no time to take care of business. They don’t really care about Russia, they only care about stopping Trump from fixing our country.

  4. Mary July 15, 2017 at 5:02 pm

    This Russian are stuff is definitely another distraction. From what I’m hearing around the web. The Communists Americans need to be concerned about are the traitorous American born and bred group. Deceivers have a natural tendency to project their flaws and shortcomings on others. We have as many internal enemies in the US as anywhere else in the world.

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