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Amazon has made a fortune selling counterfeit products… and today it might cause thousands to lose their eyesight


Image: Amazon has made a fortune selling counterfeit products… and today it might cause thousands to lose their eyesight

(Natural News) Every tech giant has a dirty little secret that behind its market success. In the early days of dial-up internet, for example, AOL (which stands for America On Line) earned most of its revenues from pay-by-the-hour connection fees that granted users access to adult chat rooms. Google’s success has been ensured by it functioning as a surveillance engine for the NSA; eBay is the internet’s most popular sales hub for stolen goods; and Facebook was thrust into a dominant tech position by its alliance with intelligence entities (CIA, etc.) that use Facebook to track the whereabouts and social connections among hundreds of millions of users.

So what’s Amazon.com’s dirty little secret? Counterfeit products.

Amazon has been selling counterfeit products for over a decade

Amazon.com has, for over a decade, extracted obscene profits from the sales of counterfeit products of all kinds. Dietary supplements, Birkenstock sandals, luxury watches and brand-name clothing… it’s all being counterfeited and sold by Amazon.com by the minute. The problem is so bad, in fact, that Jeff Bezos — who also owns the counterfeit news publication known as The Washington Post — has a moral (and perhaps legal) responsibility to stop the mass counterfeiting of retail brands taking place at Amazon.com. Yet he does nothing.

See, Bezos makes money whether the products are authentic or not. Counterfeit sales earn Amazon just as much as the “real” brands, but customers are getting ripped off by being sold fake products at seemingly “reasonable” prices.

Now, Amazon may have finally crossed the line. The company has been selling counterfeit eclipse viewing glasses that falsely claimed to protect viewers from the eyesight-damaging effects of direct sunlight radiation. It turns out the fake viewing glasses don’t offer the protection they claimed, and potentially thousands of people may suffer permanent eyesight damage — or even blindness — after using these counterfeit products they purchased on Amazon.com. (These counterfeit products are made in China, the same country where a baby milk manufacturer replaced powdered milk with kidney-damaging melamine to boost their profits, resulting in the widespread deaths of hundreds of infants. So don’t have any illusions about what Chinese-based manufacturers will sell you in order to make an extra buck for themselves. They’re communists, after all. They have no morals or ethics whatsoever… just like communists everywhere.)

Amazon admits it sold counterfeit eclipse viewing glasses

Now, Amazon has been forced to admit it sold people counterfeit viewing glasses that offer no protection at all.

As CBS News 2 reports:

Millions of people have purchased special glasses to safely watch the solar eclipse that’s coming up August 21, but over the weekend Amazon notified some customers that the glasses they bought may not be safe. Hucksters out there who are making counterfeits claiming they are real, but aren’t.

Coincidentally, CBS News 2 doesn’t dare point out that Amazon.com is the “huckster” selling the counterfeit products to consumers, nor do they point out that Amazon has been selling counterfeit products for years and seems to take no real action whatsoever to try to stop doing so. So who’s the real huckster here? The counterfeit manufacturer, or the online retailer that has knowingly sold — and continues to sell — counterfeit products day after day, year after year?

American Paper Optics, a manufacturer and retailer of a variety of viewing glasses, is even reporting that their own brand is being counterfeited. They’ve posted this warning page to help people know the difference between real vs. counterfeit. Their warning seems to imply that counterfeit versions of their glasses are also being sold on Amazon.com, and they’ve now posted an “Amazon Approved Vendor List.”

How many people will go blind thanks to Amazon.com selling counterfeit products?

Amazon.com is already a hub of heavy metals contaminated food and supplements, many of which are counterfeit. But at least those products didn’t make people go blind. Now, thanks to Amazon selling fake eclipse viewing glasses that don’t protect eyesight from direct sunlight radiation, the reasonable question is simply this: How many people will go blind after buying counterfeit eclipse viewing glasses on Amazon.com?

Directly viewing the sun without proper protection is extremely dangerous and can cause permanent eyesight damage in seconds. As Karl Denninger explains on Market-Ticket.org:

There will be thousands of people who will either damage or entirely lose their eyesight tomorrow and there is exactly zero that a doc in the ER or anywhere else will be able to do for you if you wind up screwing yourself by being ignorant, stupid or both.

I smell a class action lawsuit forming. And I wonder if Amazon will ever get serious about halting its ongoing sales of fake products.

If that ever happens, then maybe they can figure out how to stop the Washington Post from publishing fake news, too.

And if Amazon.com is refunding customers who purchased fake eclipse viewing glasses, shouldn’t the Washington Post refund subscribers who bought all their fake news? (Notice how the “Russians hacked the election” conspiracy hysteria has suddenly vanished, by the way? That’s because it was a total hoax to begin with, backed by nothing but innuendo and junk journalism.)

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  1. laura ann August 21, 2017 at 6:40 am

    I have been thru various type eclipses over decades, not looking at any of them except on TV, not knowing what types of eclipses were safer than others to view outdoors. I have a 55 inch TV to see it on. Yup, some glasses could be defective according to various MSM reports. Even if none were deemed defective it is not worth the risk. All this fascination with this event with people travelling and motels packed full, people parking and sleeping in cars in many cities with traffic gridlock makes me think their lives are shallow. Even in my area south of the full eclipse zone, around 1pm here, people are lining up for glasses and meeting in local parks.

  2. robert g bernardini August 21, 2017 at 7:08 am

    Maybe enough people don’t get the message and a massive lawsuit takes place it potentially could do some serious damage to this commercial giant that has shut down so many small business’s that simply can not compete .

  3. Martin August 22, 2017 at 10:52 am

    Buyer beware….OR just don’t buy. Three things in this world are the most deadly and corrupt- killing the world: Commercials, regret and ignorance.

  4. Rosewood11 August 22, 2017 at 6:38 pm

    Considering the manure Bezos peddles through the Washington Post, does it really surprise anyone that he sells counterfeit items just like those sold by vendors US and foreign at your local flea market!?! Hopefully, those who got their “eclipse glasses” through Amazon will sue the SOB, and bankrupt his corrupt organization. I have been a regular purchaser of books through Amazon, but I’m looking for alternatives to this–like buying from the publisher!!! Anyone who would knowingly sell products that would cause blindness deserves to be bankrupted.

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