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Prosecution Under the RICO Statutes Should Apply to Most Members of Congress



immigration the beast part 2

“Step right up and place your bets. Only a short time left, please place your bets. Final call, place your bets.”

What are we betting on? America is betting on the fact that Congress will not do a thing related to solving the “dreamers” dilemma of having been brought to America before the age of decision. It is safe to say that most Americans are sympathetic to the dilemma of this group of illegal immigrants. They did not willfully violate the immigration laws and they have nowhere to go if there were to be deported Most Americans are fine with letting them stay and work.

In recent times, the rank and file of America has more decency, common sense and compassion that the US Congress. Congress has defining set of values that guides their behaviors because most members of Congress only follow the money no matter what the cost to the country.

It Is Easier to Blame Trump

President Trump was told by the DOJ that if he did not undo Obama’s illegal and unconstitutional executive order that created DACA, he would be sued. In other words, Trump is being held accountable for Obama’s unconstitutional actions with regard to immigration.

Trump waited until that deadline and issued and order that would phase out DACA. However, Trump showed his true colors as he showed his racist nature (sarcasm) as he said if Congress failed to act, he would revisit the issue. In other words, it is Trump’s clear intention not to deport any Dreamers who are productive and not a criminal threat to the United States.

Even though the facts clearly support the fact that Trump is acting with compassion towards the Dreamers, he is being labled a racist from coast to coast.

Last night on Tucker Carlson’s show on Fox, he interviewed a wild eyed, lunatic radical from the Libertarian Party,  Katherine Mangu Ward. Not only did this radical support the Dreamers, she quickly moved away from all reason when she was asked what how many immigrants should be allowed in America, she said “As many as want to come”. Clearly this Libertarian liberal has never pondered the question “How many third world people can a nation take in, before they become the next third world country?”  Then, Tucker Carlson asked her if illegal immigrants should be hired for jobs vs. American citizens and amazingly, she said yes and that these people deserve a hand up.

here is interview which begins at the 20 minute mark:

First of all, this is why I quit the Libertarian Party after I briefly flirted with these ultra-liberals because I was originally attracted to the less regulation philosophy approach of the party. Secondly, this interview the extreme disdain  and contempt that American citizens are held in by the ruling class in America. Third, this is what has happened to California.

California is ready to fall into the ocean. No, not because of the San Andreas Fault, but because of some very faulty immigration policies. Here on Tucker Carlson’s show, he interviewed, Calexit leader Shankar Singam, who said California doesn’t have much in common with the rest of the country. He declared, “This is California. We’re not the United States.” The Calexit proponent also said it is a “good thing” that the middle class is fleeing the state because it will make room for the “new wave” of immigrants. Singam told Carlson that “the United States” should be thanking “us” for “exporting” the state’s middle class to the rest of the country.

“If everyone in the middle class is leaving, that’s actually a good thing. We need these spots opened up for the new wave of immigrants to come up. It’s what we do,” Singam told Carlson.

California has often been a bellweather for the rest of the country. This fact should frighten the other 49 states.

Here is the interview:

The American Congress Has Become a Criminal Enterprise Organization

The American Congress is a criminal enterprise organization, not an alleged criminal enterprise operation, a proven criminal enterprise operation. Meanwhile, you and I are treated like the real criminals as we are detained, by Border Patrol as they illegally check our citizenship status while they are really looking for drugs that could compete with CIA drug trafficking operations.

In this article I have chosen to provie one example of how the government has been corrupted beyond belief, while at the same time the government is engaged in destroying our traditional freedoms and liberties.

The Duplicity of the Border Patrol

Every day in America, our citizens are subject to unconstitutional searches of their vehicles and their persons by Border Patrol. The main purpose of the Border Patrol appears to be to eliminate competition in the drug business from anyone else except for CIA approved drug trafficking cartels.

The CIA runs drugs on our Southern border and they always have since before the days of Air America. The CIA has run drugs, for profit, to fund their illicit criminal enterprises for a very long time. Even the former head of the Drug Enforcement Agency, Robert Bonner, acknowledges the fact that the CIA runs drugs into the United States. Yet, the 60 Minutes interview with Bonner listed below is the only mainstream media reference to this fact.

Even a much younger Ron Paul named George H. W. Bush as co-conspirator in government sponsored drug trafficking.

Below is the testimony of top law enforcement, governmental and agency personnel and what they have to say about the CIA running drugs into this country.

 The Border Patrol Protection Racket

The United States clearly has an immigration problem. The sheer number of immigrants have overwhelmed our hospitals and schools with unreimbursed expense. Some estimates place the number of illegal aliens in the United States as high as 30 million. That means that literally, one in ten people walking the streets of our country are illegal aliens. The federal government would have the public believe that they are powerless in stopping the human tidal wave from coming into our country. The government even sanctions television shows to further this myth  in their thinly veiled propaganda pieces such as the TV show, Border Wars.

In actuality, the government possesses satellites so sensitive, so accurate, that they can read the inscription on a dime dropped on the ground in the midst of a violent sandstorm in Iraq. Yet, the American public is expected to believe that our federal government is powerless in defending against this onslaught and that the people should accept the unconstitutional practices being carried out by Border Patrol personnel dozens to hundreds of miles inside the United States.

Have you ever wondered why the Border Patrol checkpoints are 50 to 100 miles from the border? Have you ever wondered why we have these warrantless checkpoints in places like Indiana, Minnesota and Tennessee?

The entire immigration check point issue is a smokescreen. When you and your family are pulled over and asked if you are U.S. citizens, the Border Patrol agent is not interested in your citizenship, he is interested in whether or not, you are transporting narcotics. The prime directive of the Border Patrol is to run interference for the CIA sponsored drug cartels and to eliminate the competition. The border enforcement issue should also be viewed as a Trojan horse in order to continue the installation of a totalitarian government bent on the destruction of United States sovereignty, its culture, and most importantly, its time-honored civil liberties in this “papers please” totalitarian government. But most of all, the Border Patrol exists to permit the free flow of drugs into the country while eliminating any competition to the status quo.

While, as former DEA chief Bonner suggests, the CIA conducts illicit drug trafficking criminal enterprise, American citizens are abused by the thousands at these illegal checkpoints.


Stopping the drug trafficking on the border is not a priorty for Congress because that is not where the money is. Congress gets free healthcare for life, no exclusions, a hefty lifetime retirement after decades of fleecing the American people. They follow the money and there will be no immigration reform under this Congress because there is too much money to be made by promoting border chaos. Just ask the CIA.

In a similar vein, how can Google be moving towards owning everything and Congress does nothing? How can the CIA be allowed to extend the war in Afghanistan in favor of perpetuating their heroin business? How can Senator Diane Feinstein enter the Senate as a millionaire and be currently worth over a billion dollars. In principle, the same could be said for Franken, McCain, Warren, Pelosi, Rangel, et al. The fact remains that we are living under a criminal enterprise.

The RICO statutes were created for Congress and the sad part lies in the fact that the American people are to blame. Congress has a 9% approval rating. However, the American people return over 90% of these criminals to office after every election. Oh yes, there are a few good ones (Gosar, Gowdy, Paul, Biggs, etc.), but there aren’t nearly enough to effect any real change.

The RICO statutes were created for the behaviors exibited by Congress, but the odds of prosecuting the more nefarious members of Congress are slim and none, and slim just left town.

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  1. The grim rapper September 7, 2017 at 7:49 am

    This government is neck deep in treason and corruption. The deep state knows if all of it is exposed the people would revolt. They are doing their best to prevent this. Why a level headed person such as Dave Hodges would flirt with coo coo bird Libertarian party is beyond me. This type of party highlights the treachery within. Let’s hope AG Sessions is working on indictments or we are finished.

  2. Vietkonggook September 7, 2017 at 7:59 pm

    Cloward Piven Master Plan at its finest hour. America being torn apart from the inside. Thats what these globalist commies intend to do whether they be GOP, Left Democratic Progressives and Fake Libertarians who are for open borders. All of them are traitors to the US Constitution of 1776.

  3. Coco September 8, 2017 at 9:52 am

    The reasons why this is all happening has to do with Agenda 21/30. This docuseries has experts who have been studying the UN and the impact on the country, states and cities. Todays talks are enlightening.

  4. Coco September 8, 2017 at 9:52 am
  5. Scott Lowell September 8, 2017 at 10:55 am

    I have advised that RICO statutes would be well suited for the LARGEST CARTEL in the WORLD, THE US CONGRESS. THIS would be wonderful Come on President TRUMP, US Department of JUSTICE, The JUDICIAL BRANCH. I AM ALL FOR THIS.

  6. Stan September 9, 2017 at 2:14 am

    Dear Mr. Singam,

    I am an American citizen living in the fine state of California. I refuse to vote because people like you have made it a crime to vote in this state. That is tis ay, to aid and abet in the commission of a crime. Because people like you have managed to give the vote to millions of ineligible voters – illegal aliens and other ineligibles, dead voters, and dual/multiple voters, because a) no ID is required to vote in this state I(let alone photo ID), and even if it were, b) you have a Motor Voter law that automatically registers people to vote, and c) you now allow illegal aliens to acquire a driver’s license. And to to[p it off, d) you don’t ever clean your voter reg rolls, because (as I was told by an official source): “People register on penalty of perjury.” So they don’t bother to clean the rolls. Because, well, because. Sweet. And thereby, I have been disenfranchised by the likes of you.

    And the Secretary of State. And the Governor, with whom the buck stops. But you all went a bridge too far, in failing to cleanse the voter reg rolls. As you did with allowing the creation of sanctuary cities. Both, cases of breaking federal laws. So I look forward to federal agents coming into the state and setting things to rights. At which point, your Calexit movement will be dumped into the trash bin.

    And not a moment too soon, by the looks of things.

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