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Will Google be the Tool of Deception for the Anti-Christ?




“There is nothing hidden that won’t be revealed, and there is nothing secret that won’t become known and come to light.”

Luke 8:17

Google has been exposed for what they are. As scripture tells us, all will be revealed in the end days and Google is doing its best to be a major part of the end days. With the way that the control of culture, history and ideas is going, Google would be an ideal tool for the Anti-Christ when he finally makes his appearance.

Google may use these strategies…

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But this is Google’s ultimate goal

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Google Is Exposed on Charlie Rose

Eric Schmidt, the found of Google was askedby Charlie Rose  about the future of Internet searches and he said the following:

“Well, when you use Google, do you get more than one answer, Of course you do. Well, that’s a bug. We have more bugs per second in the world. We should be able to give you the right answer just once… and we should never be wrong.”


The following is one of the most disturbing and frightening interviews I have ever seen. If the boook 1984 was to ever add another chapter, this would be it.

Therefore, according to Google’s logic, there is only one answer to every question, only one interpretation and only one reality; The only reality in world that will be allowed is the Google reality.

In the book 1984, Big Brother had the answer to everything. Every historical question, every cultural interpretation, every political reality was under the control of Big Brother. Today, Big Brother has a name, it is the AI monolithic giant known as Google.


Google and John Podesta Are Best Friends

Thanks to Wikileaks, we are able to frame the political interests of Google.

‘WikiLeaks delivered a well-timed steaming dump, revealing that Eric Schmidt had been working with the Democratic National Committee (DNC) as early as April 2014. This news came courtesy of a leaked emailf rom John Podesta, former chairman of the Hillary Clinton presidential campaign, who wrote: “I p thousands of pages of entries for Hillary Clinton, hundreds of searches for Bernie Sanders and nothing for Donald Trump. Google, when caught red-handed simply said it was a “bug” just like the bug that Eric Schmidt told Charlie Rose exists in Google when it gives more than only answer to a question. And despite all the deceipt and fraud on Google’s part, Donald Trump still won the 2016 election. Were you aware that even CNN called Google Trump’s biggest enemy? Subsequently, Google has set out to make certain that the will and the voice of the people is never heard from again.


Google bends over backwards to promote their twisted version of diversity and tolerance. The world’s DNA must have changed overnight as we now have 97 genders and Google fully supports this peseudo-scientific fiction. Yet, when it comes to honoring diversity of opinion, Google shows no tolerance. Google is as totalitarian in their control over the Internet as any third-world Marxist regime in history. Eric Schmidt is the commander of the intellectual death camp we call the Internet.

Google has turned the Internet into an intellectual death camp where ideas of dissent and political diversity go to die. There is only one answer to every question. There is only one reality. There can only be one truth, the Google truth.

What will be the final destination of the Internet? The Internet is only a means to an end. As Mike Adams recently stated in an interview on The Common Sense Show, “This is the beginning of the Mark of the Beast. 

History shows that the control of publishing is followed by the control of thinking and when that does not work in terms of the supression of dissenting thought and action, genocide against the “outliers, the fake news artists” is the final arbitrator of what constitutes acceptablity. It is the same in every culture in every society since the dawn of time (eg the Spanish Inquisition, the Salem Witch Trials, the Nazi Death Camps, Idi Amin, Pol Pot, Stalin and the Gulags and now Google

Google represents the rise of the 4th Reich with all the intended consequences. I have no question in my mind that Google will be the tool of deception for the Anti-Christ when he is thrust upon the world.


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  1. Rajiv Abraham September 10, 2017 at 8:37 am

    Hi Dave, in Revelations 13 we read about the “image” of the Beast in addition to the Number. If u check the thesaurus for “image” in MS Word, u will see words like icon, copy etc. Rev 13 does not mention where the image will be created or of what material it will be constructed ie gold, silver, stone etc. But we are informed that it will speak which implies that we will hear- perhaps thru the speakers in our mobile phones. Did John witness people in the last days downloading the Google Chrome icon on their mobile phones and being spoken to by Google Assistant (the voice of the Anti Christ)? And which is the first icon the majority hit on their smartphones to access their online bank account. I believe that God’s martyrs were right, the Pope is indeed the Anti Christ. But the beast with 2 horns who rises from the land is probably a banker. It’s possible that the Pope, Google and the Banker are connected to bring about world slavery. In India Mobile operators are offering 4G VoLTE feature phones free of cost and already orders have been received for 6 million units. All SIM cards in India will be linked to Biometric Unique ID cards. This will facilitate digital transactions on a massive scale. If this works well in India it will work anywhere in the world. Is this what John witnessed on Patmos Island? I don’t know abt u but I understand that the Banker is Jewish (beast that rises from the land). We are witnessing the literal fulfilment of Rev 13. God wants to save there fore He warns- to blunt the surprise element in the arsenal of the enemy. Those accusing u of spreading conspiracy theories and fake news are paid to do so. Surprise is the most potent weapon of the enemy which they CANNOT afford to lose. This weapon will certainly work on those who are already lost, cos the day they confront this reality it CEASES to be conspiracy and becomes a cold hard facts. On that day ur scoffers will find out the hard way that those who called u a conspiracy theorist are nowhere to be found, they had disappeared to their own safe havens just as they were supposed to like paid servants. Rest assured Dave, those of us who believe in the living God are all with u. God in His mercy has appointed u as a watchman for US, not for those that are lost already. Those whom God has called beforehand will listen to u, the rest will scoff, its always been that way Dave, has’nt it?

  2. Angus September 10, 2017 at 11:55 am

    Judaism has been the “anti-Christ” since the Temple Priests had Him crucified and hounded His Followers for the last 2,000 years.

  3. Emery September 10, 2017 at 7:08 pm

    Of COURSE it will. EVERYHING will be a tool of deception, as it currently is, and always has been. According to the inspired word of God, anyone who is part of ANY religion of the world is antichrist. Anyone who is part of any government of the world is antichrist. In fact, anyone who is not part of “the great crowd” is antichrist, since they reject God and His inspired word, and INSTEAD cling to what God says are false religion and what Jesus said are “works of the flesh”. God’s word says there isn’t a single “antichrist”, but all who are antichrist are referred to as “the antichrist”. Jesus taught the only “real” religion that exists, and he said it’s “the one true faith”. He never said it was a church, and in fact, he taught against churches saying they are in opposition to his Father in the heavens. He said all divisions, dissentions, sects, and anything pagan is false religion. All religions of the world are pagan. Christendom pretends they aren’t, but almost all they teach originated with pagan religions in Babylon. Compare their “translations” of God’s word to all the ancient existing texts from the Biblical period that began with the birth of Jesus, and ending with the death of John on Patmos. Not a single one of them compare accurately to those ancient texts. They don’t even compare accurately to the secular texts of the period. They’re so altered from what God inspired 40 people to write over 1,600 years, that they bear very little resemblance. All who created those “interpretations” (not translations) of God’s word are antichrist. All who use them are antichrist. All who created the religions of the world are antichrist. And absolutely everything about the “world” as it is, is so created by man with the total influence of Satan, God’s opposer.

  4. Jack September 10, 2017 at 9:08 pm

    Hey, Dave. Good work. You and other often mention the repetitive history of collapse. Doesn’t that indicate a common source? The source is the generational ?Satanic priesthood started back with Nimrod the kind of ancient Babylon. All the priesthood does is change headquarters. After they bled the middle east, they moved to Greece, then Rome, then the British empire. Now it’s the US’s turn. It’s been the same story for 5000 years. Thanks, Dave.

  5. Tom Johnson September 11, 2017 at 6:53 am

    Dave, this is completely off subject here. I know you read ‘1 Second After’ and maybe, ‘1 Year After,’ both great books. The third is out now and you’ve got to read this, it’s call, ‘the Final Day’ by William R. Forstchen. What was put forth in this book is what I’ve been telling family and friends for years. You’ll also love the character Maj. Gen. Bob Scales. In real life he would be a 10 star general, not a 2 star.

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