The 5G Depopulation Plot- Virginia Farver- The CSS- 9/17/17 (Hour 3)





I recently interviewed Virginia Farver and discussed the INCREASING DANGERS of the 5G network that is being quietly installed all over the country. I have concluded that this is the biggest cancer risk and millions are going to be impacted.

I have known Virginia Farver for years and she is calm, level-headed and research orientated. However, in this interview, she shocked me as labled the 5G movement as being motivated by a type of slow-burn depopulation strategy. When someone as cautious and conservative as Virginia Farver makes such a statement, it is time for all of us to sit up and take notice.

This is an life-changing interview and it needs to be shared far and wide.


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If the bad guy has night vision and you don't he wins. Don't be a victim, find out more by CLICKING HERE

If the bad guy has night vision and you don’t he wins. Don’t be a victim, find out more by CLICKING HERE

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  1. laura ann September 18, 2017 at 5:04 am

    Best to use white vinegar or medicated baby powder for deodorant. I quit using aluminum based deodorant years ago. Simple flip phones are best, but like she said we cannot escape it. Our street lights have changed, are dimmer than the old ones and easier on eyes. F.lux needs to be installed on your computer to block blue light, it’s free software, just download it. Most of us cannot go off grid because we have business ties in our cities. This 5G is scary and must be exposed.

  2. Mr. Bill September 18, 2017 at 4:22 pm

    5g= death,EMP= fighting chance?

  3. gene September 19, 2017 at 5:38 am

    Thank you I think ww11 left the world with Nazi in control . Did the elite money changers loot Europe with bankers help and after war is over covertly take over powerful positions to control the world ?

  4. Bill September 19, 2017 at 10:10 am

    Dave, if you can, please see this very important video: InPower Episode #1: A Mass Action of Liability (2017)

    Get Episode 2 free: The InPower Docu-Series illustrates a powerful new method to restore social justice and accountability. Episode #1 focuses on solving the ‘smart’ meter problem: how we can prevent and reverse the installation of this dangerous technology, through holding corporate executives and government actors financially accountable — for the first time ever. And in so doing, we can restore safety in our homes, and bring balance to our world.

    Dr Mercola has a currant article explaining this at

    This subject not only applies to smart meters, but to 5 G cell towers, vaccines, and any issue.
    youtube also has the episode 1 & 2 video by going here:

    Please know that your program if extremely important to Peggy & I. I thank God for your program in getting out the truth about the vital issues we are all having to deal with.

    Bill & Peggy.

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