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The World of “Lee Harvey” Paddock Reveals What Happened and What’s Coming


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Paddock was not a  “suddenly-gone-deranged” person who killed 59 people and wounded hundreds. Paddock was a bad man, a very bad man. He engaged in the some of the planet’s most nefarious activities ranging from gun running to child-sex-trafficking. However, he is not the mastermind and he was not the perpetrator of the events at the Mandalay Bay Hotel. This article sheds light on what really happened and blows the official narrative out of the water.

Who Was/IS Stephen Paddock?

Is he dead, or is he alive? I am not certain. There are stories and photos that suggest he is still alive. One thing I am certain of is that the photo alleged to be of the dead Paddock is not him. The reasons for this belief will be revealed as this article unfolds.

What we do know is that Stephen Paddock was an arms dealer and in the world he lived in, when one is an arms dealer, they are aslo moving the CIA’s gold, guns, drugs, arms and children.

In the following clip, very early into the recording, Paddock’s brother slipped and admits Stephen was an arms dealer. When you reach the part in which Eric Paddock says that “…Steve was an arms ___”, you can move on to the next narrative and 14 second video for further analysis of what was revealed.

In order to be as certain as we can be, that Stephen Paddock was undenniably an arms dealer. For that proof, we had to look no further than his moronic brother. Let’s isolate those 14 seconds and you will hear a classic “Freudian slip” in which his brother catches himself in mid-sentence admitting the Paddock was an arms dealer.

Play those 14 seconds over again. Is there any doubt that his brother is saying that Paddock was an arms dealer?

The Philippines Connection

I have interviewed Dr. James Fetzer and ex-CIA officer, Robert David Steele and they same thing. Stephen Paddock, among other things was transporting child-sex-trafficking slaves out of the Philippines. Here is why I believe this account regarding Paddock’s clandestine activities.

President Duterte of the Philippines was very aggressive when he took the reigns of power in the Philippines. Duterte was dubbed “The Donald Trump of the Philippines.

The Deep State is presently attacking the Philippines and they are using ISIS, among others, to do the deed. Why would the Deep State want to attack the Philippines? The goal is destabilize the Duterte’s rule in  the Philippines. Why? Because after initially meeting with President Trump, Duterte promptly returned home, prosecuted 3,000 online child-sex-traffickers. He later referred to Obama as the “son of a whore” and an “SOB”.  Duterte further found that the Deep State has positioned ISIS to destabilize the Philippines with the goal of regime change. Several months ago, ISIS was actually occupying territories inside the Philippines and employed military force to do so. And what did Duterte do? He pivoted his country towards a Chinese alliance. He announced that the Philippines would not engage in any future joint military exercises with the United States and that he like President Trump but realized that Trump was not in control of his government.

Stephen Paddock was a part of the child-sex-trafficking organization that Obama was trying to protect te child-sex trafficking opration when Duterte so vicously attacked Obama.

Any intelligence operative will tell you that if one is running any aspect of guns, gold, drugs, kids and arms, they are engaged in the transport of all these commodities. Paddock would also have been involved with guns and drugs and this would have put him in contact with ISIS in the area. Are you ready for some dot connecting?

  1. I received a call from my best source on 10/1/17 at 3pm, Pacific. He stated that in relation to Antifa’s pronouncement, three days earlier, that they were going to engage in violent activites that would culminate in a civil war inside the United States. Relative to that proclamation, my source informed me that Antifa had joined forces with MS-13 and ISIS. This revelation was made two hours before I was to go on the air. I did not have the time to research these connections prior to the show, but I knew enough from other areas, to know this information was correct. After my show, I was researching these Antifa connections, which led directly to George Soros and the Southern Poverty Law Center, and I concluded that the tip was accurate. However, in the middle of my investigation, I received the news about the massacre. I felt helpless that I could not have acted sooner.  I had actually spoken to a man, who I have agreed to keep his identity secret, and he told me that something big was going to happen in Vegas. By the way, this same man (a LEO) told me that Times Square will be hit in November.
  2. ISIS has claimed responsibility for the Mandalay Bay Massacre. According to ex-CIA and others, ISIS has always been involved when they make a claim of this type.
  3. ISIS has repeatedly claimed that Paddock had been radicalized for 6 months. But wait, is Paddock even dead? He had a tatoo on his neck that read “13” (pictured to the left). On the right is the alleged picture of the “dead” Paddock. Where did the “tatoo” go?

4. In the weeks prior to the JFK assassination, Oswald mail-ordered an Italian rifle, which later was dubbed as the murder weapon, from a drop ship organization out of Chicago. The rifle was subsequently traceable to Oswald. In 1963, Oswald could have walked into any gun shop and anonymously bought a gun. Why would Oswald have done such a seemingly stupid thing? Because Oswald, as we know now, was in the CIA, and he was following orders. He was being set up. In much the same way, I believe that Paddock was set up. There is no question that Paddock transported the guns. He would not have necessarily been aware of what was going to happen, but he must have had some idea when he delivered the guns to a known ISIS contact. Yes, that is what I have been told by a higly placed confidential source. The FBI is doing everything that they can do to cover this up. We know Paddock purchased 27 guns. his delivery of the guns allowed him to be sheep-dipped as the patsy and that is when he became “Lee Harvey” Paddock. I have produced over 10,000 articles and Youtube videos. I have done over 600 broadcasts and 500 interviews. Once an investigator immerses themselves in this field, one comes to know the globalist playbook frontwards and backwards. The globalists constantly work from the same script and they are betting that the propaganda machine, known as the mainstream media can lead people away from the real truth.

5. Four guns are missing from “the room” at the Mandalay Bay Hotel. I suspect they were used for the ground version of the assault.  Have you seen this account of a man, with extensive weapons experience, who stated that he was shot by a gunman on the ground near the Mandalay Bay Hotel? The man’s name is Rocky Palermo. I am putting this story forward because if the same JFK cover-up practices are followed in this event, this man’s life is in extreme danger. My hope is that by calling attention to him, we may generate enough attention to save his life.


6.  The attack on the Mandalay Bay Hotel area was a classic military-style hit. Other hotels were also attacked, just in advance of the Mandalay Bay Hotel attack, so that police would be diverted to the wrong hotel. View the entire tape. Hundreds of people being sequestered against their will at the Bellagio Hotel. You will see what happened when this woman and her husband tried to go outside. This is stunning. “What there is reporting on the news is incorrect”…..this needs to go viral. The woman reporting is named Rene Downs.

From Forbidden Knowledge:

“I was alerted about this video by a subscriber whose brother drives a limousine in Las Vegas. He’s spoken to several other drivers and bellmen at the Bellagio, the Flamingo and other hotels surrounding Manadalay Bay. All reported that their lobbies were shot up last Sunday night. This indicates that more than one gunman was involved in the horrifying events that evening.

My subscriber wrote, “The hotels were on lockdown and shattered glass was all over the floors. A friend of his posted a video of the Bellagio lobby and people sitting in corridors because they were not allowed to leave…this was a coordinated effort.”

I sincerely hope you watch the video to its conclusion. The last 90 seconds are telling!

How Deep Does the Rabbit Hole of the False Flag Narrative Go?

The very groupthat is trying to preserve the lone gunman narrative, the FBI, has some explaining to do. The following is from USA Today and it was published in January of 2016. The activities mentioned intersect with Paddock. How coincidental? From USA Today:

“WASHINGTON — For nearly two weeks last year, the FBI operated what it described as one of the Internet’s largest child pornography websites, allowing users to download thousands of illicit images and videos from a government site in the Washington suburbs.

The operation — whose details remain largely secret……”

If I were trying to compose a fictional account of the Vegas event, I could not event think of something like this to make up. The old saying that truth is stranger than fiction certainly applies here. Was this related to Pizzagate? I would not be surprised. Additionally, does anyone else find it interesting that Paddock’s illicit activities and the FBI revelation intersect? The FBI should be reminded of the old Shakespeare admonition about protesting to loudly!


If it were not for the horrific loss of life and the resulting tragedies, I would be delighting in the fact that the MSM, the FBI, and the CIA are being exposed on such a widespread level.  Never before, with regard to such a major event have I seen the MSM is such a damage conrol position.

Look at Youtube’s message that is now on top of all video lists which now appears on all Youtube channels:

If you’ve earned less from ads recently, it may be because some of your videos have been identified as not suitable for all advertisers

Youtube, owned by Google, is the most hypocritical organization on the planet. They ban videos from making money on advertising, yet they still make money on their part of the advertising, just like Facebook. And more to the point, Google has determined that they are going to tell you what the truth is. You are not mature enough to make up your own mind.

One of my recent articles on the Vegas massacre received 15,000+ views. However, Google did not list it, even with The Common Sense Show in the search term until the 5th page. And did anyone waste their time watching 60 minutes on Sunday evening. I have only seen clips, but how much can one learn from listening to cops who are reporting on what they saw from a doctored crime scene? This is an example of how much CBS and the rest of the mainstream media is scrambling to preserve their false narrative.

This event has turned the average person who survived the Vegas massacre into citizen journalists. I have never seen anything like it. The FBI has lost control of the narrative.

There is an opportunity here for Trump to gain control over his presidency. The key, as I have said many times, to exposing and unraveling the Deep state, is exposing child-sex-trafficking in its entirety.  This could be what lies next as I will be revealing the steps that Trump could take with regard to Vegas in order to gain control over his administration.

Finally, I have been told that when I learned that MS-13 was being let into the country, I predicted a “Tet Offensive” of mass murder and terrorism. I have been told by many that I was correct, just a few months ahead of schedule.



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  1. Dave Galvin October 9, 2017 at 7:11 am

    Trump could change the world by exposing this false flag. It would expose the Deep State/Shadow Government and all the alphabet agencies.

    Thus, unfortunately, it won’t happen.

  2. ray October 9, 2017 at 7:28 am

    The Power is LOVE !!!! You are what you LOVE and you Love whatever you are giving your attention to than right now !!!!! Be Love , it is what can spin our world into a positive Heaven for us All , all we have to do is our part moment by moment !!!!
    This is a place that will give you the LOVE & support you are looking for , http://www.whyVNI.com http://www.VNIINC.com/ray , http://www.realjoy0008.MyCTFO.com/ewlcp , http://www.realjoy0008.MyCTFO.com/ExtremeWealth , http://www.realjoy0008.MyCTFO.com http//raymondshealthblog … Always Loving !!! Ray !!!

  3. Nicole October 9, 2017 at 7:38 am

    The deep state politicians are gibbering idiots. I’m stating that as fact, not an opinion. It’s time for the God-fearing men in the US to get their weapons ready, spiritually and physically. The (your) women are at your backs. A God fearing citizen is exceptionally more intelligent, mindful, productive, successful in life, and more charitable towards their fellow human being than one that is not.
    The Americans and freeloaders and criminals protesting and fighting against their own freedoms have no more backbone than a jellyfish. If this is judgement for hidden sin so be it, but the remnants will stand up and persevere for eternity.

  4. Holly October 9, 2017 at 7:53 am

    Good article Dave! The alternative media and citizen journalists along with some lawyers, perhaps the Becks and Tom Fitton should form a team and crack this wide open!

  5. Philip Pixler October 9, 2017 at 7:55 am

    The winds of change can’t you feel it in your old bones?

  6. James Stamulis October 9, 2017 at 8:38 am

    Another great article and makes a lot of sense. Sgt report has a a good video as well where you can hear the actual police calling in multiple shooters from different casinos like Bellagio, Flamingo and Mandalay as well as on at gate 7 of the concert. I hope those cops tell the truth.

  7. Jeff ollerich October 9, 2017 at 8:51 am

    Dave, no one is taliking about how it would be absolutely essential for there to be more than one shooter…to produce mass casualties it is imperative to have interlocking fields of fire….im a former infantry guy, was an rto rifleman and for along time an m249 gunner…at the squad level we would have 2 gunners that when brought on line would be on opposite ends of the formation, thereby providing interlocking fields one gunner cant do this..

  8. old bat October 9, 2017 at 9:16 am

    hi dave, not so sure about that tattoo. i have seen another pic of that photo and the 13 is much less pronounced. cnn (where i got a 13 tattoo pic, and a couple of other newpapers site, too) may have “sharpened” the image to make it less grainy for publication. or either could have been retouched before publication?

  9. James Jensen October 9, 2017 at 9:17 am

    Okay, you might think his brother was going to say Arms Dealer, I think he was about to say an “Army of One” which considering what just happened would not of been a good comment.

  10. Benjamin D Fazio October 9, 2017 at 9:28 am

    Average AR15 weighs 7lbs unloaded. 23 guns found, most of them long guns. 5.56x45mm weighs 11.60 grams per round. 0.410oz’s. So just in weapons alone hes got (excluding the pistols found, to which i have no idea the make and model, nor the other weapons, going off the generalization the “MSM” puts out) around 130-160lbs worth of firearms right there… Another thing Americans and MOST PEOPLE do not understand- Psychopaths, Sociopaths have a PATTERN of BEHAVIOR. One does not just SIMPLY lose their minds and decide gee wiz i’m gonna go massacre people today.. Does not work that way. This man, was definitely involved in some very nefarious activities.

  11. Dan Benson October 9, 2017 at 9:59 am

    All these guns and explosives, multiple planes, disappears for months at a time, many trips to the middle east, millions and millions of dollars. Why was he not on someone’s radar (or was he)? Was he an Arms, sex and drugs dealer? Good chance! No wonder this guy was having nightmares at night. All the crap he was doing really finally got to him. Paddock may have snapped, people do that. There was a trigger event. Did he do this alone? Probably not. Will we find out fore sure (clear facts) probably not.
    There are plenty of other pictures of paddock w/o the 13 tattoo. Was that a real tattoo or some ink marks from a night of drinking?
    Yes ISIS antifa are connected and working together. Have we created these monsters yes. That’s what America does. Was this part of a plan or did Paddock with his inner circle help just flip out. In either case it does not matter. They will and have to cover the clandestine connections he had.

    How about the new Tom Cruise movie about a CIA sponsored pilot who flew drugs and guns out of Mina AR; “American Made” Could Steve Paddock be another CIA operative who went bonkers? And now they have to cover their tracks?

  12. Michael D Howard October 9, 2017 at 10:11 am

    Dave problem with Oswald story and rife purchase. Oswald and we know from his writings and that of his wife used the same said rifle to shoot at General Walker. I don’t know what your talking about some purchase 1 week before JFK shooting. Another false fact in your list so many false facts. Did Paddock have a plane ?. Could it fly to the Philippines ? What what was his pilot ratting.. Ans: License for single engine with medical that expired in 2013, Can a single engine plane fly child slaves to and from US.

  13. Glow October 9, 2017 at 11:13 am

    I live in Las Vegas and I drive with a rideshare company part time. There are videos of the mayhem from the rooftop of Mandalay Bay as the Foundation Room lounge is up there. I have personally seen one of these videos. These videos are telling as they have the entire view of the concert below. If there are multiple shooters which I believe there were one of these videos will reveal it. Hope the gentleman who showed me his video posts it on utube. It’s on his Twitter feed but I don’t know who he is. He turned into the FBI also.

  14. IrishinAthens October 9, 2017 at 12:22 pm

    Strange video. Shooter on the ground by building whereby once you hear the shot the tarp moves. Then a person walks straight to the shooter and a few seconds later a cop walks around right in the path of the shooter as another officer claims there is a shooter directly ahead.


  15. IrishinAthens October 9, 2017 at 12:23 pm

    Shots heard by the back of the venue first before the last song.

    At the 3:20 to the 3:25 mark you hear the first three shots then again at the 3:46 mark another three shots near the back of the venue as people start to leave in mass. All of these shots happened prior to the last song of the night – another lie by media.

    As Jason starts his last song with the front of venue near the stage totally oblivious as to any shots fire you hear the third round at the 3:59 mark and the lights are out on the stage. Jason leaves the stage without warning to his fans as the overhead lights on the stage go on to making his fans sitting ducks. Later his tweet is about him.

    Injured fan at Gate 5 confirms police radio calls going out as the videographer captures it on his camera.


  16. Victoria October 9, 2017 at 1:14 pm

    Dave, I am in agreement with what you are reporting. As I viewed the video about the lockdown at the Bellagio which is meant to give credaence to more than one shooter, I vaguely remembered the story I read at allnewspipeline for October 6. Susan states this video was from a robbery at the Bellagio that took place March 2017. She reports that it was reloaded a day or so after what just happened. Susan’s article is also on the censoring of info on this event. Please read for yourself. Thank you for providing all that you do on a regular basis.

  17. KCK October 9, 2017 at 1:26 pm

    There are quite a few stretches when it comes to ‘evidence’ on this guy.

    1. Steve was an Arm…….. If you follow the line of thinking as witnessed by his previous sentences, you can most assuredly finish the statement with “Steve was an Army of One.” Example ” Steve didn’t need any help.” “It didn’t take a village with Steve.” Where does the train of though “Steve was an arms dealer” fit in with the other sentences? It doesn’t.

    The numbers on the photo in the area of the neck. This has been shown NOT to be a tattoo of any kind. The edges are not sharp enough nor the ink clear enough as it would have had to have been a RECENT tattoo since other photos of him with the woman in the Philippines do not show this and he was said to have only known her for 6 months?

    This was most definitely a ‘mixed’ event. Part drill, part hoax, part real. They got smart in doing it that way because with so many angles, so many differing accounts, throw in the crisis actors (both women who told of the woman/couple telling everyone they were all going to die) and you really have to be careful! If a person gets ONE THING wrong, most people will stop listening and say that person is ‘unreliable.’

    We have to sift through and sort things into their proper categories after doing due diligence in our research and investigation especially with online sources.

    Example: The taxi driver video. I saw the flashes in her side mirror and but was unable to really look at it as it goes by pretty fast. Others are saying it’s muzzle flashes and that’s exactly what I thought on first watching it. THEN, I found the video and watches it again, looking for that point. concentrating on it. The shooting stops BEFORE the flashing so I looked even closer in slow motion. When you do that, it’s clear it’s NOT muzzle flashes but coming from a car that is turning.

    Another: The video of the crowd where the ‘security guards’ come through. It is dark and it goes by so fast you miss details. Others are adamant that though they had guns and they were drawn and crouched down, they did NOT SHOOT. BUT! Slow down the video and watch it again. There is a man who ends up directly in the line of the ‘security guard’s’ muzzle when they crouched. Watch that man go DOWN as if hit buy gun fire and others around him jerk. Was it fire from the ground? Was it from above and it’s just a coincidence it was timed so well it ‘appears’ the ‘guards’ shot him? Was he shot? Did he trip, passout..etc? WHO KNOWS but my money is on the so called ‘security guards.’

  18. nathan dunning October 9, 2017 at 1:45 pm

    That’s fine accept the Tattoo,this only makes sense if he was killed.If he’s still alive your theory disintegrates,doesn’t it? I don’t know.I was intrigued until that contradiction.

  19. Savannah October 9, 2017 at 3:30 pm

    Excellent as usual, Dave. The “dead man” in the photo DOES NOT look like Paddock to me. NOT AT ALL. He looks younger for one. I have warned people NOT TO GO TO THE FBI with any info because you risk being eliminated — like in the JFK situation and 911. I HOPE by giving the man in the vid this kind of exposure, he will be spared.

  20. Cherri October 9, 2017 at 8:03 pm

    You are the first person I have heard of who has asked what I have asked for days on FB and Twitter: Where is the tattoo on the neck of the “dead” Paddock? I also know that ISIS does not take responsibility for every terrorist attack, so when they did, it made sense to me; and when the FBI came out TOO SOON and denied it, it did not make sense at all. Nice report.

  21. Gulf charlie October 10, 2017 at 3:18 am

    If you look a the 2 pics of the guy seems like his ears are not the same one has loobs bottom of ear and the left pic he has none?

  22. DB October 10, 2017 at 3:19 am

    ….and last night sheriff Lombardo had a presser and lied his butt off. If you ever want to see a man in emotional conflict and turmoil just watch his presser. He has officially been silenced….they got to him….no surprise.

  23. John October 10, 2017 at 3:32 am

    Really big question : 2% are running this world by the rich ! What goes to proved that they will get away with anything they want too ! They cannot be STOP if you try they would get rig of you fast !

  24. a October 10, 2017 at 4:41 am

    wow. Well done story, Dave. Thorough as well.

    Thank you.

  25. Tom Johnson October 10, 2017 at 6:01 am

    Anyone who has an ounce of brain power knew from the get go, that this was done by mass shooters.

    Daisy Luther of organic prepper was linked on SHTFplan, where she linked a lot of what antifa is doing and who they are joining forces with, BLM, any socialist organization, CPUSA, ISIS, and others. As you know their goal is to overthrow the government. Sorry, but I didn’t get the youtube address, but in a 10 minute video, he says basically the same thing, but adds along with this all starting 11/4, they are going to do a ‘purge,’ just like in the movies. Use the violence in the cities, with running in packs, killing and looting all over. Kinda scary? Not kinda, really scary!

  26. Jeff October 10, 2017 at 6:56 am

    Dave, I am not a professional investigator of any sorts but after listening to the videos you have linked here, as well as many others posted to the internet, I find your story highly believable!! Where would a 64 year old man get millions of dollars to gamble with every night? Why did he have so many weapons in his room, as well as in his car? He was a CIS gun runner!! Now that ISIS and MS-13 have successfully crossed the Mexican border, they need to buy weapons to carryout their planned terror plots on American soil…starting in Vegas. Paddock was the gun runner for this activity and just like Lee Harvey Oswald he became the patsy-fall guy. Lame stream media will never give us the truth; sadly most folks I know think I’m a lunatic to think such “conspiracy theories”.

  27. mike geremia October 11, 2017 at 4:48 am


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