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America Is On Life-Support As Predicted by the Independent Media a Long Time Ago



Steve Quayle has many sayings which are both clever and illustrative of various points of view. My favorite Quayle-ism is “What is coming is no longer coming, it is here”. Truer words were never spoken. And not only is Steve correct about the “it is here” observation, it can be accurately said that Steve was among a number of journalists that have told you for sometime what was coming and America did not listen. And now, we are paying a steep price for our ignorance and our collectivve arrogance.

In the following paragraphs, I detail a scant few of the predictions that predicted the dire times that we find ourselves in today. And at the end of this article, there is salvation, both literally and figuratively.

Mike Adams and Dave Hodges

I previously interviewed the Health Ranger, Mike Adams, about the Trump phenomenon over nineteen months ago.  Both of us were in full agreement that, unless Trump was assassinated, he would likely win the Presidency. The article and subsequent interview was published in March of 2016. At that point, the liberal left, including the government, the corporations and the media will launch domestic terror attacks against the American people which would be designed to destablize the country and lead to the breakup and occupation of the country.

Mike Adams and I agreed that America had not seen this much volatility since the Civil War in which the the liberal left (ie the banking cartels and the media we control) are not going to give up their kingdom. They will kill millions of Americans if they have to. Their Cloward and Piven as well as Rules for Radicals strategies that the globalists are following include starting World War III, launching a series of false flag attacks upon the people of the US and they will surely declare martial law and send millions to FEMA camps. The following is a stunning interview that needed to be circulated widely in March of 2016. The interview can be heard by clicking here.

Since that time, we have witnessed an ever-increasing rate of terrorism. Google’s obfuscation of the truth by controlling Youtube and 80% of Internet traffic due to the fact that Google controls that four out of five Internet searches, provides the most evil institution o the face of the earth to determine what people see, hear, read and ultimately think. The MSM have labled the Independent Media as “Russian spies”, while organizations like CNN and the Washington Post are controlled by the CIA and profit from their illicit drug running, gun running and child-sex-trafficking.

In the March 2016 interview, Mike Adams predicted that the media would become complicit in terrorism directed against the American people. Look at the behavior of the MSM along with Google, Youtube, Facebook and Twitter with regard to Vegas. Now, do Mike Adams and I have a crystal ball, or are we just that smart? The correct answer does not lie in either variable. Rather, Adams, Hodges and most of all Steve Quayle have a copy of the Luciferian inspired playbook in which they tell us what they are going to do.

We Have the Globalist Playbook

It is safe to say that we often know what the globalists are going to do before they do, because we fully understand the playbook that they operate from. In the early hours following the Vegas tragedy, I accurately predicted that the alleged perpetrator would be a lone-nut assassin who was white. Despite the overwhelming evidence to the contrary, the Deep-State controlled MSM, the compromised FBI and the spineless Las Vegas Police leadership have followed that script to the letter.

Since that interview with Mike Adams, the George Soros inspired CALEXIT has emerged as a threat to both a threat to the American economy and political sovereignty. Both Paul Preston and I believe that the California fires are a deliberate attempt to destablize the Constitutional effort to make most of California the 51st state. There are 23 movements in America to get states to withdraw from the United States and 21 of them are controlled by George Soros who has partnered with foreign powers, most notably the United Nations, to make this happen. Here is my most recent interview with Paul Preston in which he dicusses these developments as well as the bio-terror of the Hepatitis A deadly outbreak that is consuming California and will soon be spreading across the country.

By the way, Youtube banned this interview which should tell one that Paul Preston has a lot of legitmacy.

Steve Quayle

This past Sunday, Steve Quayle was a guest on The Common Sense Show. There are so many highlights, in the following interview conducted on October 15, 2017, that accentuate what has been stated in this article, it is mind-numbing.

This interview of Steve, conducted by Bob Griswold and myself, reveals that Steve was predicting today’s events 25 years ago!

There are a couple of issues that stand out in the following interview. Steve told the audience what the occupation of America, by Chinese and Russian forces, will look like. Given Steve’s track record, all of us should pay close attention. The most remarkable revelation by Steve Quayle has to do with how to combat the growing Satanically inspired Deep State/globalist forces. Steve’s solution is simple and I have come to believe that it is the only viable alternative and it does not involve political action, but rather spiritual salvation. In other words America, we are quickly running out of options.


Whether it is Preston, Adams, Hodges, Hagmann(s), Jones, or Quayle, et al, we are all saying the same thing. And we have been saying the same things and have been overwhelmingly correct the vast majority of time. This is not an egotistical statement, we are correct because we know and understand our enemy.

Most people would enjoy the opportunity to decide how we will die. America has that choice as well. You have been exposed to all that you need to know to make the decision on how we are going to collectively die as a nation. I believe as most of my colleagues do that America, the government, is doomed. However, “America” is an idea that can live on inside of most of us. The original idea of America is based on the fear of God, adherence to the rule of law, and the living of a moral life as much as possible. The original of idea of what it means to be an American is certainly not what we have become.

We have a choice America perhaps we should start paying attention to what you are being told as we collectively turn off the mainstream media.



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  1. Falcon101 October 17, 2017 at 7:36 am

    Can you imagine the effects of a stock market crash like the one in 1929 if it were to happen in today’s world? CHAOS!

    If they really wanted to take America down, a crash would accomplish all of their goals simply because it would trigger the chaos they have been promising for so long. There would be looting like never witnessed in this country, massive unemployment, no food, evictions from homes on a massive scale for non payment, cars repossessed like mad, grocery stores empty and much more chaos than you could imagine. The ones in power, including the UN have said this for years and now it appears to be coming very soon. I think Las Vegas was the warning to us that they are preparing for their end game.

  2. Cathy Leta October 17, 2017 at 9:33 am

    PLZ stop referring to peole loke Alex Jones. it shakes my underatanding for the credibility of what others are trying to put forth! it confuses me…i have watched Alex for over 10 years. He gets hysterical when disclosing certain truths..jist enough to bite. Then is notorious for backing down and jumping onto something else. never taking it from the beginning to the end…never really advocating scripture or backing it up with Jesus…like so many lf you honest truthers do. it bothers me when journalist of info is put out there and is supported by quotes of others like Alex Jones or Joyce Meyer. What the heck is wrong with sticking to the script on your own or via the Bible. Steve Quayle and Doug Hagman..Dave Hodges etc. don’t need to quote anyone outside of their own integrity levels. It really puts a dark shadow where light is needed. I personally don’t have anything against Alex Jones…I don’t lnow him well enough personally. But, I have watched and analyzed his take and position on many things over the years..where he’s been very very hard on Steve Quayle or other truthers at the time, then switches position at another time that the agenda and that person is needed. simply put…Steve Quayle..Doug Hagmann…Dave Hodges don’t flip flop. They know God is not a liar…so why refer any testimony to someone who is always flip flopping??? Alex Jones has opened my eyes to alot…none of it Biblical or in God’s plans…because of what he has wakened me up to…I give him credit for helping me seek TRUTH. not his..God’s. plz take that into consideration. especially when I think he rides off of some of the best! stick to your own testimony and God’s.

  3. Charles in Virginia October 17, 2017 at 11:21 am

    ““America” is an idea that can live on inside of most of us”

    And that, my friend, is why they have to kill us ALL. If even ONE of us survives, we will be setting brush fires of freedom in people’s minds on a daily basis.

    “the living of a moral life as much as possible.”

    Well… they’ve made that damned near impossible in today’s age, haven’t they? That’s no accident either.

    We had a good run while it lasted. Everything that has a beginning has an end. Our time appears to be short.

  4. internetsurfergirl October 17, 2017 at 5:17 pm

    America must be destroyed for the Phoenix of the NWO to rise.

  5. Gerard Trip October 18, 2017 at 6:35 pm

    Hungary has now come right out and declared Soros is an agent of satan .. and they are delivering to every home a brochure outlining Soros’ past actions and future plans to destroy Europe and allow Islam to overrun it.
    And believe me, there are a large number of good Catholics around the world who know this Pope is apostate. Against the Pope’s wishes, the Polish Bishops supported the recent prayer crusade where about 2 million went to 4000 places around their border to pray against muslim invasion. Their Prime Minister fully endorsed it too. The Poles were instrumental in turning around the previous muslim invasion of Europe centuries ago, so they fully understand, and are not deceived by the nonsense of the EU and Merkel …

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