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Alert: Parents Beware of Unmarked School Busses Attempting to Pick Up School Children


unmarked school busses

This is a special alert issued by The Common Sense Show.

Attention all parents: Pedophile rings appear to have a new tactic in order to secure their children in which they are using unmarked school busses, which are not affiliated with any school district and are attempting to pick up children at their regular bus stops. Futher, it is clear to this reporter that the authorities are complicit in the cover-up of this event.

The Van Buren School District In Ypsilanti Township, Michigan

The Common Sense Show first learned about this issue from a news release and subsequent video from Fox News Channel 2 in Michigan.

“A Michigan school district put students and parents on alert Thursday after police received multiple reports of an unmarked school bus trying to pick up students.

The superintendent of the Van Buren Public Schools district in Ypsilanti Township, outside of Ann Arbor, said the unmarked yellow bus sped off after a parent who was with a group of students ordered them not to get on board Thursday morning, FOX2 reported

“Do not allow your students to approach any bus not clearly marked with Van Buren Public Schools on it,” a statement on the district’s website said.”



Walking the Story Back

Local law enforcement have now issued a statement in which they are saying that this was just a case of mistaken identity. Why would law enforcement reverse themselves on this issue without so much as an excuse for the suspicious behavior of the bus driver in question in three separate instances? Yes, that is correct, this happened three separate times. Even the cover story contains a report on the three instances. Authorities are now stating that the bus, in question, is perfectly legitimate. However, this report did not match the local and latest accounts in the Ann Arbor area. Only later, did the local sheriff say the bus was legitmate. Really? Who was the driver? Why are there now three accounts of the same set of variables being reported in the same area and in each case the bus driver drove off when confronted by suspicious parents?

The follow up report has all the legitimacy of a Jesus Campos interview on Ellen. The discrepancy between the various media and eyewitness accounts is notable and disturbing.

Covering Up the Incident

It is clear to The Common Sense Show that the cover-up is in play and this is indeed a real report. If we just apply some common sense, the real threat posed to these would-be-child victims becomes apparent. In the original report it was noted that an alert parent yelled at the children to not board the bus and then the bus “sped away” in order to avoid identification and apprehension. This begs the question: If you were the driver of this school bus and you were performing your job by picking up school children, would you not exit the bus and show the parent your school district identification which any bus driver would be required to have on their person. Additionally, the bus driver could have produced, to the concerned parent, the registration to the vehicle which clearly would have stated “Van Buren School District”.  AND AFTER THE THIRD INCIDENT IN THE SAME AREA, WOULDN’T THE SCHOOL BUS DRIVER HAVE CONTACTED THEIR SUPERVISOR AND THELL THEM THAT THEY WERE NOT PICKING UP ANY KIDS AND THE REASON BEHIND THIS? THE COVER STORY MUST HAVE WRITTEN BY THE FBI FIELD OFFICE IN LAS VEGAS. 

Wouldn’t any LEGITIMATE employee of the school district attempt to straighten out the misunderstanding so they could carry out their duty and transport the children to school? Instead, what does the driver of the mysterious unmarked bus do? He speeds off when the parent sounds the alarm, not once, not twice, but three separate times.

The Cover-Up

This even begs even a larger question: Why would the local police, after issuing an alert, the reverse themselves and issue a statement basically stating “there’s nothing to see here statement”? Are the authorities complicit in protecting child abductors presumably performing snatch and grab of children for the purposes of child-sex-trafficking?

Local law enforcement is saying that the bus lettering was painted over. However, the school district was clear that the busses (3 separate incidents) were unmarked. Which is it?

More suspicion is added to this event by the following account from the school district itself.

The Van Buren School District issued the following statement on their Facebook account which clearly contradicts the cover story:

Van Buren Public Schools

on Thursday

We just received a report that an UNMARKED bus was out in Ypsilanti Township trying to pick up students. This is not our bus. All of our buses are clearly marked Van Buren Public Schools. The incident was reported to the police.

It appears that the superintendant of the school district did not get the memor to white-wash this event.


The Common Sense Show has found one other such report in September in New Jersey. In this case they claimed the driver was lost for 4 hours. This excuse was less believable than the cover story here.

The fact remains that unmarked school busses have attempted to pick up children and the cover stories do not match the facts. Therefore, parents beware. You must educate your children to this threat.

Here is the video report of The Common Sense Show , just after the event transpired.



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  1. ronn October 20, 2017 at 6:08 am

    the NWO needs blood and bodies for sacrifices and stem cells to keep their depraved arses steamrolling along. I live on the new england coast and we have solid information that New Haven CT. is one of the ports of call for pedophile rings. The gambling casinos are used to broker exchanges of people and money because altho it has monitors all around hiding in plain site diverts those who overlook the obvious. this is no small thing. While at one of the casinos I was offered ten thousand dollars to marry a cambodian national smuggled here into the country. I told the guy he crossed the line and if he didn’t leave the premises I would call security and have him detained. He left promptly. Now I was a complete stranger to this guy; so you can see how pervasive this problem is and where it is going. Connecticut has one of the highest percentages of pedophile activity in the nation. You can hit CT, NY, and Mass in one fell swoop once you are in long island sound. They use the ships to transport, import, kidnap and relocate young children to places unknown, (saudi arabia, north korea, china, etc. there are a group of very brave and stalwart folks here in new england battling these monsters. However it is believed that the authorities are involved in this business just as the authorities have been engaged in the selling of passports, etc. There is a lot of money to be made. Seems all the supernumeraries in this cabal all seem to like CT, NY,and Mass as a port of call. Three birds with one stone. Holy cow, can you believe it? I hope you do because the threats are real and our children are not safe. Spread the word and keep you eyes and your ears open. Never relent. Enuf said, you know the roll call….

  2. Deborah Osborne October 20, 2017 at 6:58 am

    Dave, did you see the related SQ Alert on 10/17/17 re: Michigan specifically?

  3. Dan October 20, 2017 at 8:01 am

    There was a similar report on SQ Q alerts a few days ago.

  4. Kate October 20, 2017 at 10:05 am

    Little white girls are the cream of the crop. They just love to rape and murder them.

  5. laura ann October 22, 2017 at 6:27 am

    I didn’t sleep much last eve after reading this article and another similar one on another website. There are laws for us the citizens and there are no laws for the people in the deep state to incl. Equafax and other corporate leaders who can do things like engage in child molestation, drugs, even murder or insider trading to the max, and remain free in criminal acts, way above the law. This country (and others overseas) doomed for judgement. Do what you have to do to protect family young and old.

  6. Sophie October 23, 2017 at 10:32 am

    I just came across a video which alerts Americans that people are being kidnapped in Michigan, as they simply go out, for normal activities, such as shopping. See “Urgent! People! Families Disappearing! Vanishing! In Michigan. Pastor Dave’s Channel, Oct. 15, 2017.

    He is urging people to be with someone else at all times and says that the mainstream media have not covered the stories that he relates.

  7. Sophie October 23, 2017 at 11:27 am

    A second urgent comment that I made here has been deleted twice. I strongly advise that people watch the video in its entirety, as I was prevented from providing key facts.

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