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The Hidden Tax In the Trump Tax Bill

The  Govement is in your pocket again. There is a hiden tax in the newtaxbill.Do you know what it is?



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  1. Mary Wallace December 7, 2017 at 7:06 pm

    Dave, I am not for SALT, State and Local Taxes, being used as a deduction for Federal Income Taxes. We have no State income tax in Texas and we keep it that way. It is unfair to the fiscally responsible States who stay within their means to subsidize those States that “tax and party down” with taxpayer dollars. Taxpayers will never hold their State and locals accountable until they actually do not get their money back through reimbursement on their Federal income taxes (the big pot we all pay into). So taxpayers don’t like their high taxes in these high taxed States,but. Oh Well, I’ll get it back through my income taxes in which ALL the states have to pay. This leaves US paying their taxes and them getting their tax dollars back.NOT FAIR. When taxpayers do not get reimbursed for those SKY HIGH TAXES, they will complain and demand to see the books and want to know where the money is going.They will find much is being misused or just frivolously spent.
    We shall see.

    States levy these taxes, not the Federal government.It is up to the States to make a budget and be responsible. It is time these HIGH taxing States be held accountable and NOT expect all the rest of the States to pay them back. It’s just not right. The problem has been identified and hopefully it will be corrected in this tax bill, but I am NOT optimistic as the representatives of these high tax States have said they will not vote for the bill until they get their SALT. You bet it’s going to be a problem. It’s time to make an attempt at fairness and accountability, though I have little hope it will actually happen.

    Dave, it’s time for State governments to be accountable to their constituents and time for constituents to stand up to these governments who continually raise taxes without being mindful of spending.Why should they? Their constituents are not demanding their governments to be fiscally conservative because they just get their money back from the other States. I’m not asking them to pay my portion of taxes and they shouldn’t expect me to pay their portion of taxes. It’s a big rip off. It’s time to open the books and see where the money’s going.

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