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The UN Is Making Their Presence Known At Rendition Centers In Chicago


This is one of the “black sites” where torture of illegal detention of Chicago residents has taken place. These Chicago style black sites are appearing all around the country and they were linked to being a part of the Jade Helm 15 operation. Now they are being linked to rendition sites in Chicago, the announced future home of UN occupation troops.

It’s happening a lot faster than I thought it would. What is happening you may ask? The UN takeover over of Chicago is underway and I am shocked at the rapidity of the movement. Please consider the following email that is representative of several that I have received over the past few days:

Dear Dave,

I have lived in North Chicago for decades and I know when something is not right. There are a lot things I could mention but the presence of black helicopters that are buzzing houses is very upsettting with what I now know is going on as reported in your articles on the United Nations taekover of Chicago. I don’t see how this is not connected with the planned UN takeover of Chicago. What can you tell me? Thanks for all you do.


I can’t speak to what Robert and others who have reached out to me are seeing. However, I can speak to what I am being told by one of my sources in which he is saying that the Chicago black sites are now resurfacing, in their notoriety. The black sites were prominently featured in the Independent Media back in 2015.

The Blacksites were a local form of the NDAA that surfaced in Chicago. It is where people would go to disappear for awhile. People who were arrested and taken to the site were subjected to extreme treatment, denied basic liberties including the right to an attorney. Infowars, at the time, even went so far as to send a news team to the primary black site.

I was recently asked by one of my best sources whatever became of my investigation into the black sites. I reported that the topic faded away without any real resolution. At that point I was told that my source had reliable information that UN personnel, along with DHS, were making their presence known at the primary black site. The implication is that the UN/DHS is going to be involved in FEMA camp type activities in regard to the planned “policing” of Chicago by UN “Peacekeepers”. It strongly appears that the UN is going be doing a lot more than patrolling the streets trying to stop gun violence as claimed by Commissioner Boykin of the Cook County County Commissioners.

Based upon this revelation, it is imperative that we look at the topic of FEMA camps and foreign involvement on American soil. Here is what we know about foreign troop involvement in Chicago.

From FM 39.4: Training Foreigners To Take Over the Camps

“This appendix addresses aspects of developing confinement officers in other countries. For the purposes of this appendix, the terms foreign and HN confinement officers are synonymous”.

For several years, I have interviewed numerous eyewitnesses on my talk show about the presence of foreign troops (mostly Russian) training on American soil. Sherrie Wilcox has presented videotape and still photo evidence. Others have provided their firsthand accounts of these events. I have detailed the existence of a FEMA bilateral agreement with the Russians to bring in 15,000 soldiers for “disaster training”.  And despite all the evidence, there are people who have roundly criticized The Common Sense Show for accurately claiming there are foreign troops on American soil. Those who have refused to look at the evidence owe my people an apology. Second, the “bury their head in the sand crowd” ,will never know what will hit them when all hell breaks loose.

Stop! The following may contains information which is troublesome to those who suffer from cognitive dissonance and corporate media group think. 

What lies below is more proof that it will be foreign troops killing American citizens, not American soldiers who cannot be counted on to violate their oath to the Constitution.

Appendix N
Foreign Confinement Officer Training Program

Training U.S. Trainers

N-43. Soldiers and Marines w

ho are assigned training missions receive a course of preparation to deal with the specific requirements of developing the target HN confinement officers (i.e. foreign detention officers). The course should emphasize the cultural background of the HN, introduce its language (to include specific confinement-related terms and phrases) and provide insights into cultural tips for developing a good rapport with HN personnel.

The beginning of this section attempts to create the illusion that foreign troops will be under the complete control of Army personnel. However, I believe it is likely that the mass exterminations of the detainees will take place when the American military is withdrawn from the facilities. If there was any doubt as to the fact that our soon-to-be jailers will be foreign and will have no hesitation to carry out mass genocide, the following regulation from the document should remove all doubt.

Training Methods
N-48. Training programs are designed to prepare HN personnel to eventually train themselves. Indigenous trainers are the best trainers and should be used to the maximum extent possible.

The day that the detainees hear the engines start up and the American military vacates the concentration camps (e.g. blacksites), is the day that they all better “get right with God”.

An Irrelevant Question

We often hear the question: “Will American soldiers fire upon American citizens in a martial law roundup of millions of Americans”? The answer to that question is a moot point. It is clear from analyzing data from Army concentration camp materials, that American soldiers will be used  to round up detainees. However, the camps in which people will be deported to will ultimately be staffed and run by foreign troops. This document will make this point abundantly clear. The coming UN occupation of Chicago is merely a foothold to this end

FEMA Camps Are Slave Labor Camps

As was the case with the NAZIS, slave labor will be a part of the landscape as evidenced by the following Army document.

Appendix J
J-20 FM 3-39.40 12 February 2010
Commanders must organize and manage detainees in such a manner as to permit the proper and ready employment of each detainee. Establish and maintain a current occupational skill record for each detainee. Include new skills as they are acquired.
Assigning individual detainees to a work detail or job on a regular or permanent basis.
Establishing vocational training projects and encouraging detainees to study and develop needed skills to the maximum extent possible.
Detainee labor may be used to perform the following:
Camp administration and installation maintenance.
Agricultural work.
Public works, public utilities, and building operations that have no military character or purpose.
Transportation and handling of stores that are not military in nature or purpose.
Domestic service

Unanswered Questions

From the perspective of history, concentration camps are notoriously known for being institutions of murder. Based on this notion, I scoured the Army concentration camp manual entitled FM 3-39.40 Internment and Resettlement Operations (PDF), and found only scant reference to the subject of deaths in the concentration camps. Now wait a minute, this document painstakingly describes interrogation processes, food preparation, the transport and care of detainees, but they barely mention how they are going to deal with dead bodies?

In a facility filled with a divergent population with regard to age, health status and physical conditioning, should the authorities be concerned with what happens when an inmate dies from an unexpected heart attack or stroke? What would they do with the dead bodies?

If proper preparations are not taken for the proper care and disposal of dead bodies, wouldn’t that imperil the health of fellow inmates, not to mention the guards and other military personnel? This should be a primary concern for any facility. However, this is the one area where the FEMA camp Army manual is relatively silent.

The following passages speaks to how the Army deals with the subject of death as it is related to the concentration camps:

5-69. When a detainee in U.S. custody dies, the attending medical officer will immediately furnish the detention facility commander or hospital commander (or the commander of the unit that exercised custody over the detainee if the death did not occur in a facility) with the—

-Detainee’s full name.

-Detainee’s ISN/capture tag (mandatory).

-Date, place, and circumstances of the detainee’s death.

-Initial assessment as to whether the detainee’s death was, or was not, the result of the deceased’s own misconduct.

-The initial assessment as to the cause of death.


What is interesting about 5-69 is the cause of death is not categorized in any meaningful manner except to say that there is a conscious effort to determine if the death of the inmate was due to “their own actions”.

5-72. …the Office of the Armed Forces Medical Examiner is responsible for completing a final DD Form 2064 that will include a statement that “death was (or was not) the result of the deceased’s own misconduct” in the block labeled “Circumstances Surrounding Death Due to External Causes.”

Notice in the above (5-72) that only meaningful categories of inmate death are (1) the detainee’s own misconduct and (2) death due to external causes.

5-73. The NRDC will notify the ICRC of all detainee deaths. The NDRC will maintain detainee DD Forms 2064 for the period of hostilities or occupation, for the duration of any other military operation, or as otherwise directed. When authorized, the NDRC will archive detainee DD Forms 2064.

There is a key phrase that barely goes unnoticed. the phrase is “The NDRC will maintain detainee DD Forms 2064 for the period of the hostilities or occupation…”  In other words, there will be no Nuremberg trials for genocide because the records will be not be permanently maintained (i.e. destroyed).

It’s What They Are Not Saying That Is Worrisome, It Is What They Are Not Saying

For a manual which spells out, in detail, every possible consideration of how detainees will be handled, they omit the disposal of dead bodies. Will there be a military regulation that nobody can drop dead in the camp of a heart attack? Or, is this because except for the occasional spontaneous death, the Army seems very unconcerned about disposing of dead bodies at a facility of mass detention? I can only come to one conclusion, most of the deaths associated with the detainees, will not occur at the facility itself and this explains why the Army is seemingly unconcerned with this issue. 

This opens a whole host of possibilities. Are the unhealthy going to be transported to a tertiary facility to be humanely treated while their medical conditions will be treated? I think it is fairly easy to see where I am going with this. Can we really expect the “authorities” who have committed an inhumane act by incarcerating people for no legitimate reason to suddenly discover their conscience and treat the infirm with compassion and dignity?

It has been established that (1) the UN plans to occupy Chicago and (2) Blacksites which tortures suspects exist within Chicago and, (3) UN/DHS personnel are taking a big interest in these Blacksites.

Police Torture Center In Chicago .

With regard to law enforcement in Chicago, we are acquiescing in the face of tyranny. We are accepting thuggery and the existence of torture programs which are supported and funded by our locally elected leaders. For those of you that do not think that FEMA camps are real, you may want to pay close attention to the rest of the contents of this article. To those who are blinded by cognitive dissonance, rest assured that we have operational FEMA camps torturing and killing Americans today. The proof resides in the following paragraphs.

In an investigative report, The Guardian boldly alleges that rogue units of the Chicago Police Department maintains a secret interrogation compound in Homan Square. Citizens have accused the Chicago police of having subjected Americans to rendition. Victims are unable to be found by family or attorneys while undergoing enhanced interrogation similar to the CIA.

Take the case of Brian Church. He was not processed and he was shackled to a bench for a day. Nobody knew where he was at and he was not allowed to speak with anyone. However, Brian was luckier than many, he came out alive.



Of course, the police deny all claims. However, if the Chicago police are innocent of the charges, then why did they harass former Infowars reporter, Joe Biggs, for attempting to investigate the alleged scene of illegal detention and torture?

In the following two videos, Infowars reporter Joe Biggs, describes  how he was harassed by Chicago undercover police and kicked off of a public sidewalk outside of a secret black torture site in Chicago. If the police have nothing to hide, then they should have opened the doors of this alleged “black site” and allowed Mr. Biggs the right to investigate the allegations with the full cooperation of the police. Secondly, Biggs summarizes his findings with regard to this facility. A tip of the hat to Mr. Biggs and the Infowars team for some very “gutsy” reporting. I just cannot help wondering if this kind of quality reporting isn’t wasted on a soulless nation of sheep who will likely deny the content of the reports because it is easier to stay in denial than it is to actually do something.


What Does This All Mean?

The coincidence of the intention of the United Nations to patrol the streets of Chicago is concerning enough. However, when the UN presence is accompanied by black site torture centers, we should all be very concerned.

With all the information that is publicly available about the planned UN takeover, I find it hard to accept that the people of Chicago have not launched a recall effort against their public officials that think this is a good idea. However, Steve Quayle has described this blind ignorance as “DUD-DUMB UNTIL DEATH”.



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  1. James Stamulis December 20, 2017 at 5:32 am

    Time for Americans to do what George Washington did to the Hessian’s when he crossed the Delaware river! The U.N. will never be welcome in America!

  2. Craig Mouldey December 20, 2017 at 7:02 am

    The time of great testing is rapidly coming upon us. The statement regarding fatalities in detention centers, as to whether the person was responsible for their own death caught my attention. This could mean anything. The person would not renounce their faith so were beaten to death? They died by their own act. A person refused an order because they were asked to do something against their conscience? He brought death on himself when the guards shot him. You get the picture. I’m sure he has plenty on his plate to deal with, fomenting war against North Korea, Iran, Russia and China, but where is Trump in all this?

  3. laura ann December 20, 2017 at 7:06 am

    Black sites are in all repressed countries, some disappear never to be found like parts of E. Europe, China, Muslim countries, etc. Now it’s here proving the U.S. is cracking down on dissidents. Best for patriots to stay out of public protests, group activities, and stay low key. Bloggers, you tube speakers and others could be whisked away off the street anytime. Stay alert and make sure no one is following you around. If strangers act friendly consider it suspicious and a distraction as you could be pushed into a van and hauled off (like in the movies).

  4. selena December 20, 2017 at 8:13 am

    Not to go off topic but people are disappeared under color of law via the probate courts guardianship statutes and codes without even committing a crime and via CPS hearings, children are also disappeared.
    THEY make the decisions for residency and communication and withhold the info.
    and yes, individuals die and there is no accountability.
    So due to them getting away with a NO DUE PROCESS setting removing “property” and rights, why would this scenario seem far out and imaginary ?
    When the population refuses to speak up and DEMAND an end to unconstitutional laws, demand the right to know WHO EMPOWERED THEM and get them removed, this is the outcome.
    WE do have the hard facts and evidence on these kangaroo courts called probate and family and need to shut them down and replace them with courts operating under the LAW.
    stopping them would be the step in the right direction to taking down this.
    Back in the day, the righteous would know what to do and GET IT DONE.
    No organized protests and demand on the illegal seizure of property and detention to END paved the way for these actions.
    It’s time to speak up while we still can.

  5. dbaily December 20, 2017 at 8:30 am

    This is a sad day in America! This is probably happening at a fast pace because it has been in play for a number of years out of public news,behind the scenes. All those people did not just up and move out of Chicago without a good reason, because the numbers were quite large and concerning stirring attention, I know some left because of Illinois economy, but some who left could afford it. UN vehicles and other equipment has been moved all over this country and what’s happening in Chicago will take place in other violent cities, it has been reported in advance and we did not take heed. The bringing in of the national guard to help with the violence was mention by Jessie Jackson a few years back and Trump brought it up again this year and the mayor could have been more attentive. This man just mention last week of going and asking for help from the UN to come and talk with them and, they (vehicles) are already on location? When did they schedule the meeting? We are so naïve at times. They(government) have been working on a lot of things to destroy us while we were(are) asleep and assuming it had been dropped and when we awake we will find the stage has been set and we are in the middle of “act I” and no one can leave the theater, because they mean for this to go forth. We were warned some years ago and did not believe it could happen on American soil. We have been sold out by the higher ups and I believe it is too late to do anything now without a fight and fight I mean with much, much blood shed. All we can do now is pray, get our house in order and get ready for the fight. We cannot stop this at this point, its already in play and they are ready to move at a moment notice, are we ready? This is going to spread.

  6. John December 20, 2017 at 8:55 am

    So many people will not believe your report until they are shackled to the bench

  7. ronn December 20, 2017 at 10:10 am

    dave…. this has been happening for a long time. we have on the border of our town an army reserve compound which is occupied by a transportation battalion (quick reaction force), and a military intelligence company that has been in CT for the past forty five years. In 1965 the intelligence company we are talking about parked itself in middlefield Ct and patrolled a 34 acre area with armed soldiers for all that time. Altho I would like to say why they were there, I am choosing at this time to stay quiet for personal protection reasons. I will say that if I told you what the owner of the land we are talking about told me a few years back it would make you cringe. See, he had no reason to lie and also he had terminal cancer and about four months left to live. His confession was told to me because I asked about an incident on his property when we were kids in 1965. We used to go parking on his farm. One night he came knocking on our car doors and told us to leave and never come back because if we were caught there by the armed US soldiers, we would never be heard from again. The army also was so bold as to have a forty foot trailer on his property with the unit designation on a four by eight sign. My farmer friend signed a 25 year non disclosure form and was no longer bound by it, so he told me the whole sordid tale. Needless to say there are still trees in the woods near his farm which still bear the truth and evidence of the military doing very odd things in 1965. The signs are small 3×5 inch metal signs which read; National security zone. no trespassing. Use of deadly force authorized. Sec.—- UMC. Enuf said you know the rollcall……

  8. Larry Deavenport December 20, 2017 at 12:31 pm

    Salt Lake City is another place where they have a center where due process is ignored . I know someone who went through the same experience with the police in the Salt Lake area.. He was denied his rights for more than 90 days.

  9. super December 20, 2017 at 2:30 pm

    (If you have been following the Q posts)
    Q said that there will be NO UN action on US soil.
    They can just forget about that.

  10. Vietkongook December 20, 2017 at 2:41 pm
  11. Will Wilson December 21, 2017 at 3:18 am

    Where is Trump on all this?

  12. frankw December 21, 2017 at 7:01 am

    The problem is that so little information is available about this nationally outside the Info Wars related sites that most people are either unaware or in disbelief of it. It will have to become blatantly obvious on the streets of Chicago with reactions from politicians and media before widespread public reaction occurs.

  13. gene December 21, 2017 at 11:03 am

    I question what agency is in charge ? why are they able to violate the constitution and why are they allowed to do this on ANERICA soil ?

  14. Big Moe December 21, 2017 at 12:35 pm

    I find it completely incomprehensible that our current administration isn’t nipping this in the bud immediately. What the hell? Way, way, way, too much dragging our feet. Rahm the traitorous Chicago leader should hang in public along with all the rest of the traitors of this country. Public hanging is a beautiful thing even though it’s a gruesome thing. Payback is a bitch.

  15. Josie December 21, 2017 at 5:45 pm

    Dead bodies, solvent green! President Trump needs to run their a _ _ es out of our country. If he doesn’t I’m going to lose trust in him…

  16. Stan December 22, 2017 at 2:43 am

    Have you considered how Agenda 21 fits into all of this. The U.S. has signed on (Bush and Clinton) to Agenda 21 which is run by the U.N. Agenda 21 plans to push people off of their land (using any means necessary) and get the people to move into the cities. This is not a conspiracy theory, it is not a fantasy. Agenda 21 is very real and the U.S. has a binding agreement with the U.N. to see that it is carried out. It all ties in with the U.N. being inside the U.S at this time and training foreigners on U.S. soil. Did you know that the fires in the Santa Rosa area took out homes that were on land scheduled for Agenda 21 recovery of land? True. Don’t be surprised when you see more Americans driven out of the rural areas and forced to relocate in cities. IT IS ALL PART OF AGENDA 21.

  17. Cyrellys Geibhendach December 22, 2017 at 4:14 pm

    As a member of the alt-media, the liberty community, as a contributing editor at The Mental Militia, Manticore Group, and as a person who’s skill set involves work as a communication facilitator, I’m like Dave well versed and with my own sources in the paradigm. Dave is right one. However I see so many who make calls to their fellow Americans that ‘we need to do something’ and that nothing has yet been done to avert what we’re seeing and experiencing because ‘no one believed’. If I may be so bold as to suggest to everyone, that I do not see it as a matter no one believed the earlier warnings. I think it is in truth that all of you know what needs to be done and you all equally know that such doings comes with a great cost….that it is the cost that has resulted in hesitation. Everyone holds their position rather than act because the first few to do so will be as so many others have, the first casualties. Whether that cost comes as loss of your freedom, reputation, or your life or the life (lives) of people you care about. I hear so many make calls for action but only leaders act and none are leaders…you don’t want the responsibility, the risks, the cost. How many of you have scorned the word ‘militia’? How many of you have organized your fellows. How many of you have laid coordinated plans to run for office with your own crew in tow so you cannot be way-laid by system inhabitants if you are elected? How many of you have worked your way thru local system inhabitants establishing a network of contact in which circles to influence, assist, or provide safety-net for white hats already in the inside? How many have set aside employment to create a business that is not only producing a tangible asset but provides a safe-haven for like minds? How many are homeschooling the next generation so there is someone competent to pass down the hard won paradigm knowledge, skills, and positions to? Ladies and gentlemen it is leaders and builders we need. By now every fool should be at least somewhat stocked, armed, and ready….but it is what comes next that we need now. We need our ready families to turn to their communities and prep those communities for if hostilities do break out tomorrow, no solid defender can remain at his post if there is chaos, starvation, murder and betrayal at his back! YOU ARE NOT READY FOR WHAT YOU CALL FOR! So. GET READY. Be the solution not the follower. To have civilization you must be willing and able to step up to the plate to run that machine, to build, to rearrange, to organize your fellows or at least to communicate and work with them. If you are unwilling to do that then you are not ready to survive. You don’t have what it takes. Now, I have more times than I can count stood before my fellows and said that you do….PROVE ME RIGHT. FiOs, Cyrellys. A descendant of Laconia Colony and the colonists of Machias Maine 1775 who took the first ships. Our white flag with the green pine tree was give to Washington when he asked for a flag by which all the privateers who answered his call might be identified….we already flew it. Fly it once more, kinsmen.

  18. Vietkonggook December 23, 2017 at 4:47 am

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