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The War on Whites Is Setting the Stage for the Overthrow of the Government

Manson has died but his ideas of a racial civil war are very much alive thanks to George Soros. George Soros has resurrected Manson’s “Helter skelter” and is promoting a racial civil war in order to overthrow America. Although Manson is now dead, his ideas of promoting a racial civil war did not die with him. They live on in the hearts of many liberals including George Soros.

I have never seen a time such as the one we are presently living in. The foundations our once stable society are being uprooted and challenged by people who are Godless and immoral. The only thing that one can count on is that tomorrow will bring great change as the mentally ill and morally bankrupt Left thinks of new ways to unhinge our traditional beliefs. As troublesome as the attacks are upon conservative belief systems, one must be cognizant of the fact that any student of history will tell you that all the elements of civil war are already in place. The rhetoric is at such a fever pitch that certain groups have been depersonalized to the point that genocide would be an acceptable option to some.

Reverse Racism

One does not have to like Donald Trump as our President. However, when one calls Trump a racist, I draw the line and label these reports as fake news. Take the controversial DACA situation in which young children were brought to America by their parents. There is a widespred belief, including by this author, that these individuals should not be held accountable for their illegal trespass into our country and if they are not criminals, or terrorists, they should be provided with a naturalization period and a path to citizenship. President Trump is on the record stating that he does not want to deport the noncriminal among them.

The sole statutory authority arrest, grant amnesty, provide a naturalization period, or to deport rests with Congress, not with the President. When Obama issued his EO regarding DACA, he broke the law like he has donw so many times before. Despite these Presidential proclamations, he is still being labled a racist by the MSM.

America should be praising Donald Trump for following the law with regard to DACA. If Trump wanted to deport this population, they would already be gone. Instead, he issued a six month stay on deportation. President Trump has forcefully told Congress, in a very public manner, that the responsibility to deal with the DACA issue rests solely on its shoulders. To date, Congress, including the most liberal Democrats, who never met a border that they respected, have shirked in regard to their responsiblity on this important issue.

Trump’s six month delay on the DACA issue does not make him a racist, it make him a compassionate, but law-abiding President. The people protesting Trump on this issue are woefully ignorant and their efforts would be better spent going after Congress for their failure to act.

By the way, in this present political climate, what do you think would happen to President Trump if he granted amnesty to the DACA group? Well of course he would be instantly impeached for violating the Constitution.

The War On Whites

As a note of contextual reference, I have worked in professions which have brought me into direct contact with people of color and I can accurately state that the vast majority of Blacks and Latinos do not hate white people. Many I know are  sensitive to issues of equality as well they should be. However, they do not hate whited, they are not advocating for violence against whites and they are abhored by the manufactured racial strife being promoted by the ultra liberal professors in our country. Even the President is the victim of such vicious attacks. The following is an excerpt from a liberal rag that is trying to promote racial discord, not trying to correct inequality, but promoting separation among the races:

All across this country we are witnessing inappropriate and propogandizing messages being transmitted to our young adults that all whites are racists and any economic advantage enjoyed by a white person has been obtained through racist practices. Some college professors have gone so far as to promote genocide against whites.

If one knows their WW II history, they recognize this racially-directed hatred as mental preparation to “kill the enemy”. All World War II military draftees were show racist propaganda against the Germans and/or the Japanese in which the entire group was stereotyped and categorized as evil and subhuman. This is necessary because before one can commit genocide, the intended victims must be dehumanized. This is exactly what is happening to white people on many of our college campuses.

I have spent all last week discussing how a coup against our government is underway. The manufactured rhetoric against white people is not the result of the average Black person, it is the result of the contrived actions of people like George Soros and his media allies who use a minority of Black people to promote blatant racism. The ultra liberal left needs foot soldiers for the coming revolution. The racial divisions are largely the artificial creation of those who would use people of color to promote an overthrow of the government with the promise that a change, any change, would be better than the system we have. And of course if this revolution is successful, the people used to promote and carry out this revolution will receive nothing for their efforts. They are being used and most people of color can see right through this plot, but that does not mean that George Soros is not going to garner enough support to create total havoc in this country.

As a case in point, take the case of Drexel professor Cicariello-Maher who began a Twitter thread after the Las Vegas shooting in which he proclaimed the perpetrator was “A White Man.”

“It’s the white supremacist patriarchy, stupid,” he tweeted.

In another case, we see the following headline in the Washington Times:

“Trinity College professor calls white people ‘inhuman’: ‘Let them f-ing die”

I could go on and on with these vitriolic attacks upon white people. This is totally a manufactured crisis and one has to ask why?

The Reasons for the War on Whites

Although I believe that people from all backgrounds are too sophisticated and intelligent to fall into the trap being set by George Soros, the issue is still a threat. Soros does not need to convince most people from one or two races that they are in danger. He only needs to convince a minority from several groups and these people can be led to extreme violence even while the majority do not approve.

Every revolution needs a target. We have witnessed the reverse Apartheid in South Africa and we are witnessing the beginning of this in America. The real enemy of people from all racial backgrounds are the people trying to destroy the Constitution, the free worship of God and the attacks upon family values.

If the coup to take over this country is successful, millions will die in the camps like we have seen in so many places in the past. The stage is being set and this will be the topic of the next installment of this series.

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  1. Lucky December 31, 2017 at 8:12 am

    Your lumping all white people together. That’s bull, wealthy white people have nothing in common with the lower class working white people. We have more in common with the people we live next door to and the people we work with and talk to. They are brown and black and that is okay. We hate rich white people because we know just like our neighbors know where they got it from. They do everything to get it except legitimately get it. If you didn’t pay for it with sweat, it’s not yours.


  2. Itchydog1 December 31, 2017 at 9:09 am

    if you hate you are lost! People can become wealthy many ways not all are illegal.

  3. a December 31, 2017 at 9:14 am

    “There’s one reason Trump can get away with a vulgar, dysfunctional White House: He’s white The White House’s bad boys benefit from the privilege that society grants white men.”

    This statement is total bullschitt. Bumma is black and look what he and his cronies, including muslims got away with!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!!

    Folks, see how they are subtly still pitting us against each other? It’s the powers-that-be who are to blame for all of our plights. Whites and blacks.

    Whites and blacks MUST unite to save ourselves (to save blacks and whites and our children and families and siblings and our friends). There’s no other way.
    Since whites and blacks have fought side by side in major wars, I don’t see this coming UNIFICATION as a problem, but rather, as an amazing major asset for the people.

    Get moving. We all have to UNITE. IMMEDIATELY.

  4. Craig Mouldey December 31, 2017 at 9:17 am

    I don’t think Soros has the numbers yet to cause any serious damage. Remember ‘Nov. 4th it begins’? That date has long come and gone with hardly a whimper. At some point, they will have the numbers, however, given the ongoing indoctrination in the institutions of higher learning, with their communist professors. And then we have those who have already been infected, who likely can’t be helped. If and when they figure out that they can breed, they will be raising little replications of themselves. So, at some point, they are likely to have enough dopes to act as their army. I just don’t think they have the numbers yet. But there are almost endless ways they can stir up the population at large. Especially given how many are barely getting by or needing handouts to survive. Just turn off that spigot and we will have more chaos than we can handle.

  5. tekki3 December 31, 2017 at 10:07 am

    The only comment that I can make is that is NOT going to end up well.

  6. Larry Deavenport December 31, 2017 at 10:13 am

    Just like in the civil war between Ethiopia and Eritrea, the rebels were promised freedom from the dictatorship in Ethiopia at that time. After it was over, the fighters suddenly realized they had been betrayed by a communist sympathizer put in by the UN. Degan a friend of mine and his had fought for Eritrea during the civil war. After The regime had been put into office. Many of the soldiers who had fought for Eritrea found themselves on the run.as there government turned on them. Degan said they were suddenly charged with “genocide; war criminals although there had been atrocities on both sides.He eventually escaped through Israel and came to the US. .

  7. Mitt December 31, 2017 at 10:14 am

    That’s what happens when you let “chosen people” run your media and academia. They have turn everything into a racial war. Most “chosen people” are leftist subversives, that’s why I don’t have this love affair with them like most on the right. Most professors say kill all white people? I say start with them! Lead the way professor. Die!

  8. Bill December 31, 2017 at 11:28 am

    Yup, we will see how well this works out for these racist Marxist libtards, if anyone in my family gets murdered by this marxist scum vermin then many of them along with their families will be wiped out not tong thereafter along with there leaders in our government, media and especially the madman traitor#44. This is a direct threat to me and my family and it will be dealt with when it begins.

  9. angustry December 31, 2017 at 12:14 pm

    Whites are just 8% of the world’s total population,and now every country with a white majority is being flooded with black,brown,and islam. Eradication and subjugation is the goal.Diversity is death to white people and our culture.If you even question this genocide with facts and reality, you are called,racist, Nazi,or white supremacist. Do not let these words shut down the truth.
    Denigrate & degrade the White Male …. all Propaganda ….. I mean all media features Black male, White female, White male always depicted as stupid or subservient…. now who designs/approves media?
    It was NEVER about “equality”. IT has always been about REVERSING the roles ….

  10. Solace December 31, 2017 at 12:42 pm

    DACA recipients must not receive amnesty, period. I do not say this to be cruel, but out of practical wisdom. If they do receive amnesty, there will be an endless flood of others through chain migration, and millions more foreigners will attempt to smuggle their children into the country to receive the same amnesty. The American people simply cannot afford this, nor should they be expected to foot the bill for every foreigner’s child, which is what they have been forced to do for every single DACA kid. It may not be the DACA kids’ fault they were brought here, but it sure as heck isn’t the fault of the American citizens who have been forced to bear the brunt of the cost. There must be winners and losers in this situation, and there is no reason why illegal aliens should win over American citizens who have done nothing wrong. It is not racist to enforce our country’s immigration laws. It is wrong for one group of people to invade another’s country, and it would be perfectly fair and just to send them all back. A message must be sent: this disregard for our country’s laws will NOT be tolerated.

  11. William December 31, 2017 at 1:00 pm

    So, just like Dr Stanton’s 8 stages of genocide. ( you can be the judge of which stage we are on) This is A Typical setup for that. Just like South Africa & Rwanda only 10x worse. The world is against America whitey.

  12. manuel December 31, 2017 at 3:04 pm

    In 1961 I worked with a couple of Mexicans. We ate together, families went on outings together, picnics and campouts. Kids played together and everyone got along fine…I mean damn fine. When we talked about politics I expressed my concerns that blacks were being given too much preferential treatment. Yuh know what their concerns were “too damn many wet-backs entering illegally into the United States.” guess wot??? that was over forty five years ago and now look at us.

    In the mid-60’s there were the riots in watts that caused the FED to give over two Trillion dollars to blacks in an attempt to “help” them with a hand-up and look how that worked out. Now, we have an actual invasion of illegals that are composed of drug dealers, murders, rapist, child molesters and human traffickers. Wish I had listened to my friend in 1961 and done what he told me.and moved out of this country then. I would have been a Canadian citizen for many years by now.

  13. JRC December 31, 2017 at 3:36 pm

    Above comment is 100% correct!

  14. Dano December 31, 2017 at 5:50 pm

    Wow Lucky you sound exactly like the armed communist group I was reading about just yesterday, you seem to be stuck at categorizing every body by their skin color, you define all wealthy people as white even though there is countless super wealthy people of many different races, you want to turn wealth disparity into a race thing.
    What you need to realize is that communism failed, along with its kindred marxism and socialism, they have a huge death toll, they are flawed and corruptable like any system, there is no workers utopia.
    You want to be the white guy defending your friends of color? You see I work hard with people of many different races, they are my friends, i don’t pigeon hole them by their skin color, i would defend them because they are my friends simple as that, your mind as much as it seemingly wants to help is stuck in a thought pattern of racial segregation which you are perpetuating.

  15. Frank Brady January 1, 2018 at 1:51 am

    The likes shares a.d retweet numbers for the anti white comments are fictitious, same number repeated within the digits of the larger number.

  16. TheTruthBurns January 1, 2018 at 3:15 am

    I grew up in Oakland, CA during the Black Panther days in the 60’s when Darkies taught their pickaninnies to go to school & beat up Whitey & the school administration even back then cowered In Fear of Blacks. I learned Racism from Hateful Blacks. Now it is true that there are Many decent Black Folks but sadly as Chris Rock has said in his Comedy specials “I Love Black People but I Hate N. iggerz. So when a nonWhite says I am a White Supremacist I say Thank You for accepting Your Inferiority to me. When a nonWhite calls me Racist I say Thank You for helping me to Never care about You & Your kind. If a nonWhite says I have White Privilege I say you’re Damn Right & you’re just Jealous! It’s OK to be White! Remember Rhodesia & South Africa White People. Get Armed & prepare to Defend Your White Skin.

  17. James Stamulis January 1, 2018 at 4:58 am

    If we shut down every liberal college in America our country just might get saved. They have become communist indoctrination camps with lipstick on.

  18. mary wallace January 1, 2018 at 8:56 am

    I live in the real south where we live and went to school with large numbers of blacks.They hate white people.They are taught from the cradle to hate white people.The people you think are your friends who are black people–are not your friends.If they’re brutally honest, they will tell you to your face that you are “working associates” but you are not friends.Even the black you feel are OK,you find out are all about “tribalism”, not civilization.The only topic they want to discuss is “their rights” and “how they’re mistreated”.They have no other reason to exist or think about anything else.I have 3 black great nieces and nephews and husband has 1 black nephew and 2 black nieces plus his niece married a black man but divorced him.They had no children as she had her two children with a white man whom she divorced for the black man. Are any of you this close to the blacks? I doubt it.Blacks will be the undoing of this country, it will not be the Muslims.Blacks hate white people.Those that say some blacks are their friends should put it to the real test and find out how it truly is.They want to marry your wife, daughters,granddaughters to show you they can.Abraham Lincoln despised blacks.He did not emancipate blacks as American citizens, but as free men to leave and go back to their homes in Africa.Liberia was set up for them to leave the U.S. It was said, “IT is not possible for the TRIBAL and CIVILIZED PEOPLE to leave in peace together”.It has been so since their emancipation by Lincoln. IN FACT: the 14th AMENDMENT was NEVER ratified making slaves American citizens.Lincoln never intended blacks to stay in the United States. He meant to free them and send them home.He never dreamed they would stay in the U.S.
    To add misery to the White Man: THE EEOC was passed giving blacks, female,&anybody else who can get themselves into a protected class, priority in all jobs, contracts, and everything else making the white man left with NO protected class at all, which meant in time he would be pushed to the bottom of the pile. This was by design.Your white sons, grandsons, etc., will be the last person considered for any job.I am in Texas and that is the way it is throughout the south. If you are in a part of the U.S. with protected “white privilege’, it’s coming to you late I suppose. It’s called Reverse Discrimination.You screwed over me so I will screw over you.For how long? It’s been since the early ’70’s, and it’s just getting worse.
    The ONLY way this country will survive is to -once again- give blacks the opportunity to leave the U.S. and have their own government.Those that want to stay will need to sign a disclaimer they will shut their mouths about how they’re “disenfranchised”. It’s all they talk about and we’re all sick of it and them.Those that really love the U.S. and declare to stop the overthrow of the U.S. would be welcome, the other can go on to Liberia or wherever and overthrow that government.It’s the only solution.The more you give blacks and I do mean “give”, the more they hate you.
    If you don’t know this, then move into the Deep South and try to get a job as a white man.You will not get one, you will stand in line until EEOC standards have everybody they need, then you will get the last, worst job available. THAT’S THE WAY IT IS. To think differently, you are lying to yourself or you don’t know any better. WHITE GENOCIDE IS WHERE IT’S AT, BUT PARTICULARILY WHITE MEN,BOYS,NEPHEWS,GRANDSONS.YOU’RE OUT!

  19. Bob Boskey January 1, 2018 at 12:42 pm

    So, people afraid of working for a living or from life in general, stay on campus, land a few nonspecific grants, take out a few more student loans and submerge into grad school with hopes of landing a cushy PhD job at some university or college somewhere!!!

  20. Bob Boskey January 1, 2018 at 12:44 pm

    One of my fraternity pledge brothers was the HR manager for a major university and he said he had not run into a more arrogant and stupid group of employees than at universities.

  21. REBECCA LANDRITH January 1, 2018 at 10:22 pm

    I wish what Dave was saying was true that blacks are really not racist and that this is just some scheme, now I do agree this is some scheme and obviously there are people out there trying to create a Civil War – I definitely see that and you would have to be a complete retard not to, however I personally get harassed constantly SEVERAL times on a DAILY basis… I can give you a few quick examples but it’s too many examples to list in this post, I’ve had black males walk up to me in restaurants and call me a quote “cracker” unquote and make Obscene comments about their private parts and other Bizarre stuff that is just completely and totally inappropriate and ABUSIVE, that black male works Security in the Wall Street District so even the supposedly professional ones and even the supposedly educated ones are still out there pulling racist crap and Imposing Bizarre things and Harassing people, this has happened MANY MANY times to me so what I’m talking about is not an isolated incident, I have had black males multiple times say bizarre and abusive things and use the racial slurs mentioned above. Most of the stuff these people say aren’t even worth repeating it’s such nonsense and like I said I try to ignore them and I filed police reports and it’s interesting that if you try to take a picture of them they run off like a little coward. I had a black female one who I try to befriend and had helped out a lot call me quote “white privilege” and I have no idea what she’s talking about –
    she’s the only one asking for handouts, I’ve worked responsible jobs and paid taxes since I was 15 and every car I’ve ever owned I paid for myself and I’ve had not just one but two car stolen and they were both Robbed by black people, in fact I get robbed by black people all the time for that matter they’re constantly smashing my phone stealing my wallet using obscene language threatening to kill me… the list is endless and the black male I listed above sorry he didn’t introduce himself to me so I don’t know his name but the point is it’s not an isolated incident – They Bully and Harass ppl on a regular basis, it happens to me all the time where I am harassed by black people and I am the victim of a hate crime, so it is what it is – I’m just saying it’s like THEY’RE the ones asking for handouts, how am I supposedly privileged when THEY’RE the ones asking for special treatment. And the black female who said that, I met in a domestic violence safe house and Obviously that is Supposed to be an environment where people empower each other and hear this woman is after I’ve just bent over backwards to help her and befriend her and she’s trying to make this a race issue, ?????? , Total Insanity these people are insane that behavior makes no sense and it’s extremely ABUSIVE, how creepy is that. And the blacks in domestic violence safe houses abuse the system, they go there and they steal people’s things they threaten to kill people they damag, destroy and steal people’s property and cause them physical harm and some they openly admit that they’re abusing the system but most just go there and wreak havoc, and play this weird game they’re all scams – she told me she would go to the grocery store and ask people for food and I’m like okay I mean this kind of stuff just irritates the crap out of me how am I supposedly “privileged” when I work for what I have and I’m not out there stealing it, and they’re not only stealing it they’re targeting certain races – I had a black male told me that they specifically target white people because a. they have things worth taking and b. he said that black people perceive them as “soft,” so sometimes these people admit and sometimes they play games and they’re passive-aggressive or subtle and they try to cover it and they won’t admit to what they’re doing, and I’ve had a black office manager who was very racist and definitely treated people differently despite the fact ironically it was a labor law firm they violated just about every labor law in the books and like I said the black office manager was so freaking racist it was a joke and I had a lawyer tell me they were like yeah that woman definitely tried to cause problems for you. I mean there’s something very very wrong with these people and I’m not trying to be mean or anything of course but it’s just ironic that they’re the ones banging their fists on the table saying that people are racist when they’re the only ones depriving people of their property threatening to kill people robbing people and committing hate crimes and going up to people they don’t know and using Bazaar and abusive language and bothering people in other ways basically violating their human rights, they obviously have no legal right and no business to be depriving me of my property or my rights, ironic that they’re always claiming that other people are racist when they’re the ones filling up the jails and the mental institutions and abusing the welfare system etc etc. and the other ones use their jobs to harass people and commit crimes that way and violate people’s rights, how in the hell are they so deprived when THEY’RE bothering people okay you know I’m not out there stealing cars for a living you know I’m not out there threatening to kill people and damaging their property and harassing people in a work environment and stealing their money and I mean the list is too long… the list is way way too long – I’ve only given three short examples here and I can give you so many more … it wouldn’t even fit in a post like this, in Fact, I could probably write several books about it, I mean it’s just so bizarre – they definitely need help. I wish that what Dave were saying was true – I wish I wish – I wish that what you were saying were true that the majority of these people are not racist but the FACT s is they ARE, whether they want to admit it or not they are racist, and if they don’t admit it it comes out sideways like I mentioned above where it just is like passive-aggressive and they’re trying to cover it up, and they’re out there targeting and harassing ppl actively and they will bend over backwards to do this so like I said it’s ironic they claim everyone’s violating their rights and people are supposedly racist when they’re the ones bothering people and they’re the ones engaging in this bizarre abusive nonsense. And blacks who don’t steal from me borrow money from me and then don’t pay it back. Which is also stealing of course. And then they harass my friends and Stalk them and borrow money from them if they’re dumb enough to give it to them (and if they do it’s because they see the association with me so they’re doing it to do me a favor to me because they don’t really know the person, and they will even use their association with me to pull this crap). Like I said it’s too many examples to list here… I truly wish that would Dave were saying we’re true and I wish that any racism was an isolated incident but I get this constantly…


  22. Jasper January 2, 2018 at 4:46 am

    I live in the UK, and sold a vehicle to a German Police inspector. He told me that when he retired, that he was going to move to the UK and live in Cornwall (that’s a bit like Texas in mindset). The reason for his decision was the influx of migrants into Germany, mainly from Turkey at that time. That time was in 1985 !

    By the way, George Soros (an avid Tweeter) has not tweeted since 26th November. I wonder if he’s shacked up with Tony Podesta.

  23. Wowee January 2, 2018 at 7:58 am

    Multiculturalism ethnogenocide Cultural marxism division by design deceit Judaism communism

  24. Wowee January 2, 2018 at 8:00 am

    Socialism vs God

  25. REBECCA LANDRITH January 2, 2018 at 9:03 am

    Another example of how they’re not only waging a war on whites as from the few examples above but also they truly are racist and they truly believe that others are ironically, it’s ironic because they’re the ones engaging in the hate but yet they’re projecting their own behavior and their own hate and their own racism onto others, here’s a couple of quick examples, I’m leaving a fashion show and I have some drunk guy putting his hands all over me and I immediately say stop stop stop stop touching me and I don’t even know the guy which makes it inappropriate as well of course, I don’t think most women would appreciate some drunk guy bothering them okay anyways so then the guy starts accusing me of been racist and that the reason I supposedly don’t like him is because he’s quote ”caramel” unquote so he accuses me of supposedly being racist -here’s another quick example I’m waiting for the train and some black male jumps all over the furniture and threatened to expose himself to me so naturally I’m a bit alarmed and frightened as would be the natural response from anyone, the MTA guy tells the guy stop jumping all over the furniture stop harassing the woman and then the black male starts going after the MTA guy in addition to me and so the police were called and it’s a felony to assault an MTA employee but he started calling the MTA guy a “faggott” and a “racist” and all this other stuff, and race had absolutely nothing to do with it so how are we supposed racist when we simply want people to not harass us. If they’re so concerned about not having their rights violated and if they’re so concerned about human rights then why are they out there violating the rights of others and not treating others like human beings and then ironically enough they Falsely accuse their victim of being racist when THEY’RE the ones being disrespectful. It makes NO sense, they’re Crazy!!! They’re always playing this race card. Race had absolutely nothing to do with those situations but they chose to make it an issue and pretend like people were racist when they were the only ones committing crimes against people

  26. The Chauffeur January 3, 2018 at 6:50 am

    This nightmare has been brought to us courtesy of the Frankfort School, that was founded in the early 1920’s in Frankfort, Germany. They were a group of jews who were communists. Their goal was to spread communism thru out Germany. In 1933, Hitler thru them out…Where did they go??? Columbia University in New York City. Yep, Cultural Marxism has been pushed into ALL of the mainstream colleges and universities. Columbia’s famous alumni…Cloward and Piven…OVER WHELM the system…

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