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Health Ranger calls for First Amendment to be expanded to the online world: Vindictive censorship must be STOPPED

(Natural News) What has become remarkably clear to nearly everyone is that Google, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Yahoo and other tech giants now operate as radical left-wing censorship regimes that selectively “shadow ban” and oppress conservative ideas. Tech giants have been infiltrated by left-wing “cultists” who literally believe that they have the right to suppress and destroy any speech with which they disagree. This is all pursued under the banner of “social justice” and “equality,” of course, because to a deranged Leftist, “equality” means only hearing one side of any given debate.

The systematic censorship of independent media and conservative ideas by tech giants now threatens the very future of our society by turning the entire internet into one giant left-wing “thought bubble” where only the conforming, obedient, deranged ideas of left-wing cultists are allowed to be shared or broadcast. Far worse than George Orwell’s Ministry of Truth which was run by an evil, oppressive government regime, today’s tech giants have created a network of truth ministries that are decentralized and not restricted in the way government is restricted by the Bill of Rights.

For those who don’t know true history — and that includes nearly all leftists, who repeatedly prove themselves to be functionally illiterate about everything from economics to history — the Bill of Rights specifically limits the powers of the federal governmentso that government cannot oppress the speech or religious expression of citizens. The First Amendment, specifically, is not a “granting” of rights to the people, but rather a restriction of the government’s powers to limit such natural rights. (Leftists still don’t understand that rights don’t come from government. They think governments “grant” rights.)

Today, however, we find ourselves in a new reality where it isn’t government that’s restricting our free speech rights, but rather private industry. Specifically, Google, Twitter, Facebook, YouTube, Yahoo and other tech giants. These technology “institutions” would be operating in clear violation of the First Amendment if they were government agencies. Yet they get away with selective, punitive censorship of conservative ideas solely because they are private companies that aren’t directly regulated by the First Amendment.

That’s why this must change. It’s time to expand First Amendment’s protections to include restrictions on the ability of large tech giants to selectively restrict the speech of the people.

First Amendment protections must now be expanded to protect freedom of speech in the online world

As I explain in my full podcast, below, it’s now time for First Amendment protections to be expanded by law to encompass the online world. Congress must pass a law that makes it illegal for tech giants like Twitter, Facebook and Google to censor people due to the content of their speech. While certain restrictions obviously apply under current First Amendment rules — such as prohibiting people from directly calling for violence in their speech — it’s now clear that powerful tech corporations are going to have to be forced to stop censoring conservatives and independent media.

Realize that tech giants don’t want the free market of ideas to exist. They are fully aware that leftards will lose every public debate for the simple reason that the deranged, fact-free Left has no basis in factual reality. The Left, simply stated, cannot win any argument (especially if Ben Shapiro is speaking for conservatives). Thus, the only tactic that works for the totalitarian Left is to ban all conservative speech, thus halting the debate altogether.

This is very much like the vaccine industry, which allows no debate whatsoever about the ingredients used in vaccines (such as the toxic heavy metal mercury, which is still added to flu shots) nor the toxic side effects of vaccines in children. All scientific debate is shut down by default, and any who do not bow down to the dogma of the “vaccine priesthood” are immediately branded heretics or lunatics. Facebook, Twitter, YouTube and Google essentially follow the exact same practice to protect left-wing ideology, making sure that any who oppose the conformist demands of the Left are silenced.

This is why I have correctly labeled the political Left in America today a “dangerous cult.” The website LeftCult.com documents their insanity, revealing the Left Cult to be a toxic gang of oppressors, liars and mentally ill lunatics. Yet these left-wing lunatics fervently believe that they alone should have a monopoly over all ideas, debates and conclusions, which is why they incessantly work to censor all those who might counter their delusions with logic, reason and rationality.

Listen to my full podcast to learn more:

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  1. InalienableWrights January 14, 2018 at 1:32 am

    Expanding the 1st is not the answer as our rights do not come from the Bill of Rights Dave and Mike.
    If we go begging for new laws everytime our rights are trampled we are turning our rights into permissions.

    Instead we need to educate people as to the fact that we are the sovereigns here and we need to always demand that
    our rights be respected and that if they are not that the government is being tyrannical and needs to go.

    We also need a level playing field as it is government “regulation” and interference in the market that makes these companies virtual monopolies. In a true free market this would not be happening and if it was then it would be caused by people’s choices, which would be fine then. The only real monopolies are the government created ones like the AMA, the BAR, the ADA, etc.

  2. Stan S. January 14, 2018 at 3:10 am

    Well put, Mike. But I don’t know why these outfits can’t be sued on the basis of monopolistic practices by outfits using the public airwaves; in its way like the Sherman Anti-trust Act. In any event, thanks for posting this one, Dave.

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