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The 5 Stages of a Purge-The War On Whites Is a Prelude to Christian Persecution

Ladies and Gentlemen, there are 5 stages to a purge of any people whether they be Jews, live in Rwanda, Bosnia or Serbia or reside in the United States.  America has entered on the path of a purge of white people. However, this initial purge is merely a transitional step to the persecution of Christians.

I have recently written a series of articles on the fact that the early stages of a potentially deadly purge are forming inside the United States. Some have questioned me and have repeated what I have said, the VAST MAJORITY of Latinos and Blacks would find any purge against whites to be reprehensible. Many would stand in defense of their white brothers and sisters. Therefore, we are not facing an all-out racial civil in America as most reasonable people, of any race, will not participate, except to stop it. I have a very close friend in which our friendship arose out of basketball coaching circles, who now works in the top level of Arizona State government. He finds this discourse to be vile and disgusting and will not stand for it. This person is part Black, Puerto Rican and Native American. He is angry about this movement because it is resurrecting feelings of racial hatred that had been minimized until people like Soros have come along and attempted to exploit any differences in order to bring the country down. However, this agitator, or a former Nazi collaborator, named George Soros who specializes in regime change on a national level, has white people in his crosshairs.  I think it is reasonable to assume that before Soros is done, Christian persecution will be the main focus of Soros and his globalist allies.

One of Soros tactics is to pit one group against the other in a classic divide and conquer scenario. In this sense, George Soros is the new Charles Manson and he has resurrected “Helter Skelter” and is trying to unhinge the country along racial lines. When I read that Will Smith says that Trump supporters need to be cleansed or any number of professors say that white genocide would be a good thing, I wonder how much money was thrown at these people, by Soros, to get them to promote such insanity. Soros  loves to use false flags to promote these artificially created divisions.

When Donald Trump was running for office and was scheduled to address the people of Chicago, I covered how Soros paid for protestors, obtained through Craig’s List, to show up and shut down the Trump rally which eventually had to be canceled. And I also covered the fact that Bill Ayers, convicted felon and former head of the Weathermen, was in the crowd agitating the people at the Chicago event.

Since most Blacks and Latinos will not support such contrived violence, we have nothing to worry about correct? That assumption is dead wrong. Soros only needs to reach a small minority of these people to create such havoc that an intervention is needed on both a state and national level. And Cook County (Chicago) has already shown us what that intervention will entail. It will involve the roll out of UN troops on US soil in an artificially created racially motivated crisis under the pretense of restoring order. And this is when Christians need to worried.  The racial violence is merely to justify the roll out of UN troops. When the UN troops are on the streets, they will first come after the guns. This will be followed by coming after people with politically incorrect views, such as believing that Jesus is the son of God. This will be the fulfillment of end times prophecy of Satan’s all-out war against the followers of Jesus. Remember, we are locked in a spiritual war. Soros represents the side that wants to destroy Christians. The war on whites is only the opening salvo.

Steve Quayle and his associates are sponsoring a “can’t miss” conference this September in Branson, Missouri. One of the main themes of the conference is the attack upon humanity itself by the globalists. This is a Satanic attack and the goal is the ulimate eradication of the human race and the souls of each person. Although Soros’ attacks are centered on whites, this conference in Branson will cover the underlying motivations for these attacks. Christianity represent the hope of humanity. Without the support of Jesus, most would perish and the rest would be enslaved by very evil forces. The attack on whites is only designed to put UN troops on the street so that the attack on Christians can commence. As I write these words, I feel affirmed by the Holy Spirit that these words are a true representation of what we face in the near future.

Meanwhile, as I stated in the opening, there are 5 stages of a purge. These are covered in the following video. At what stage do you think this plot against whites, and ultimately Christians is at? Please leave your response in the comments section. God bless all of you and in this time of chaos, it is important to remember to be kind and loving to people of all backgrounds and races. If humanity would unite under a banner of love and respect, the globalists would perish. However, as unlikely as that may be, individual salvation is still very much possible. Sometimes I think we forget just how much Jesus loves each and everyone of us. All we need to do to reach his divine protection is be obedient in the Word. Believers will never be given more than they can handle if we stay in the light of Jesus.

We are frightening close to “end days” prophecy.


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  1. Dan Adams (@artillerycrew77) January 13, 2018 at 8:38 am

    Once the globalist get UN troops on our streets we need to stand up and force these invaders out,sorry to say,force will be required.

  2. Gene Maynard January 13, 2018 at 9:16 am

    Today the most unpleasant emotion imaginable has gripped the nation…it is called fear. Fear debilitates and paralyzes. It cripples ones health and destroys relationships, especially our relationship with God. God did not give us the spirit of fear. We are far too comfortable with this “emotion” seeing that it has it’s origin in the dark realm. The wages of sin is death but Jesus took that death for every man at Calvary. The Gospel pure and simple tells us Jesus died for our sins according to the scriptures, He was buried and rose again on the third day according to the scriptures. We are commanded to live in faith; if one man died for all men, then all men died. Now, those who would live must live not for themselves but for He who died and rose again. He was made to be sin so that we might become His righteousness…if we believe. The just shall live by faith. We have been given the ministry of reconciliation [katallage] to exchange lives with Christ…we do that through being reconciled [katallasso] to God through Christ by faith. 2 Cor.5 Christ took two men, Himself and man, and made made one new man who has never before existed Eph.2:15. We must not place our confidence in man which means also not placing confidence in flesh; our faith must be wholly and totally in the Lord Jesus Christ to deliver us.

  3. Beezow Doo-Doo Zoppitybop-Bop-Bop? January 13, 2018 at 9:32 am

    I think we’re working on the denying of rights stage. Fake news is prevailing hardcore and efforts are constantly being made to deny the right of free speech to politically incorrect individuals online.

  4. TheTruthBurns January 13, 2018 at 9:59 am

    If you are White this is how I respond to nonWhite hatred towards me. If a nonWhite calls me a White Supremacist I say Thank You for accepting Your Inferiority to me. If a nonWhite calls me a Racist I say Thank You for helping me to Never care about You or Your kind. If a nonWhite says I have White Privilege I say you’re Damn Right & you’re just Jealous! Point being they Hate You Anyway so Never Back Down & be prepared to Kill them before they Kill You!

  5. James Stamulis January 13, 2018 at 10:01 am

    Obama also race baited for 8 years using allies Black Panthers, Nation of Islam, Al Sharpton, Jesse Jackson, NAACP, BLM and anyone else willing. Soros was the chief for sure.

  6. Chuck Wilcox January 13, 2018 at 10:53 am

    This is very similar to the methods that were used to engineer the Civil War in 1860. In 1822 the globalist powers of Europe, allied with U.S. Democrats and bankers, used the weakness in the U.S. immigration laws to flood the nation with people who had no allegiance to the U.S. system of government or the precepts laid out in the Constitution and Bill of Rights. Then the Democrats blew up the Missouri Compromise that put a check on the spread of Black slavery by passing the Kansas-Nebraska act. All the while, Pope Pius IX had fulminated against the very principles the U.S. was founded upon. This history is all laid out in the book Perverting the Promised Land, http://www.Lulu.com/ctwilcox We are, in fact, repeating history. Lincoln knew that the only remedy to end the war was to guide the Nation into a collective state of repentance and prayer, appealing to God with a humble heart. A day was set aside in 1863 and every business and school closed down, all government activity was suspended, every church was filled, and the entire nation plead to God in unison for deliverance to end the war and restore the Nation. God answered that effort with the twin victories of Vicksburg and Gettysburg. The same national effort will be required.

  7. GJJGJ565J January 13, 2018 at 9:28 pm

    The war on whites is a prelude to a war on Buddhists, Hindus Jainists, Yoga, and Atheists

  8. GJJGJ565J January 13, 2018 at 9:44 pm

    66 questions and answers on the holocaust,,, youtube

  9. Angelo Russo January 14, 2018 at 8:54 am

    I do not know what insane universe the democrats are operating from, but to rationalize a concept where flooding the country with illegals will somehow translate into a majority voting block for democratic victories is seriously flawed. The illegals will vote for whom they are told to vote for by communist front groups such as La Rasa, and this will not be votes for the hated white gringos. Lets not even talk about voter fraud.in these cases .Purges of whites in these infested areas will commence in earnest.

  10. a January 14, 2018 at 9:03 am

    Jesus died for our sins, in that, HIS torture and death opened the gates of Heaven once again (that were closed to us due to Adam and Eve’s original sin).

    The opening of the gates of Heaven is to everyone, who dies without mortal sin, and is baptized in the Holy Ghost, into the Catholic Church.

    Jesus established HIS Church (not many) and endowed it withl all the Sacraments and graces NECESSARY for us to avail ourselves of, that will help us be eligible for Heaven. Besides Baptism, the Sacrament of Penance (Confession to a valid priest) is essential. Without it, Heaven is not attainable.

    At your judgement you cannot speak. You are rendered unable to speak and defend yourself. You listen to Jesus and the devil bantering back and forth for your soul, determing where you spend eternity. There’s only one place left that you can go. Hell is NOT a utopia. This is a lie of the devil. It is a huge furnace that expands as more souls fall into it. There’s plenty of room for you……and me. There are hideous creatures of great size that will torture us every second of every day and eat us repeatedly and stab us repeatedly and cut off our limbs repeatedly, while we burn. The stench of sulpher and garbage (the garbage that we are) is so overwhelming that we can’t bear it and it never stops.

    Is this what YOU want for YOURSELF? Think of yourself and where you want to spend eternity because there is no changing it, unfortunately.

    You are reconciled to Christ by the Sacrament of Penance only attainable as a member of HIS church. Period. Not by love. Not by faith alone.
    His rules!

  11. Gene Maynard January 15, 2018 at 7:06 am

    You don’t understand, physical force is only required in battles of the flesh; God is Spirit. When I was in seminary we were taught, and pastors still teach that the Bible says, ‘God helps those who help themselves’. Again that’s not in the Bible. You read my first comment but you didn’t actually comprehend it. The exchanged life is exactly what it says, “Jesus made two one”. This is what the gospel tells us. Read 2 Cor. 5. Jesus died for us, if He didn’t then we are most miserable; but if He did then we do not not have to die again. That’s what the scripture about the ‘Testator’ tells us in Heb.9. He can never live His life again without voiding the will. He must live His life through us. That’s the exchanged life. The resurrection wasn’t over when Jesus walked out of the tomb, it was only beginning…He was the ‘first fruit’ of many to come. In 2 Tim 2:17-18 Paul met two preachers he accused of preaching heresy. Paul told them, “you are stumbling people by preaching the resurrection is past”. The resurrection would go on for 2000 years. All who are in Christ are among the first fruit. Shaking the preachers hand and saying a prayer doesn’t save us…it is all by faith in the exchanged life.

  12. Gene Maynard January 15, 2018 at 8:04 am

    Come on, think about it; You drink water and bathe in water contaminated with mercury, fluoride and radon. You breathe heavy metals and mold spores with every breath. You are bathed in nuclear materials everyday. Your rights are eroded while the U.N. works overtime to flood in illegal aliens. A deadly weaponized flu epidemic is sweeping the nation…judgement is here and your reaction is; “force will be required to remove these people”. Really? 2Co 5:14 For the love of Christ constraineth us; because we thus judge, that if one died for all, then were all dead:
    1Pe 4:6 For for this cause was the gospel preached also to them that are dead, that they might be judged according to men in the flesh, but live according to God in the spirit.

    We all died with Christ, the gospel is preached to the dead in order to judge the flesh so that we might live according to God in the spirit.

  13. noguano January 16, 2018 at 6:19 am

    Meh….A small percentage of whites can create havoc too. As well as defend themselves. After living in NJ all my life I’ve seen the writing on the wall. We’re moving asap down South. What a shithole NJ has become.

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