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A Good Father Is An Endangered Species

Mothers and Fathers are the building blocks of the family. The family is the foundation of society. However, there are those that wuold tear down the family, and as such, place good mothers and fathers on the endangered species listbecause the upside-down radical left hates the family in the orm of which it was intended.

 Fathers Day

Did you know that Father’s Day is over 100 years old? According to some accounts, the first Father’s Day was celebrated in Washington state on June 19, 1910. Sonora Smart Dodd came up with the idea of honoring and celebrating her father while listening to a Mother’s Day sermon at her church in 1909.

In 2014, when UK Facebook users were registering, they were able choose from one of 71 gender options, including asexual, polygender and two-spirit person, following the feature’s successful integration in the US.

Users can choose a different gender option from the previous male and female choices by selecting ‘custom’ in the gender tab of their profiles.

In addition, people who select a custom gender will now have the ability to choose the pronoun they’d like to be referred to publicly.

Has anyone reached for their barf bag yet? Surely, this was merely a passing fancy, correct? Not exactly! By the way, the number of genders has grown to 97 and the two least preferred are male and female. It is safe to assume that the perpetrators of this perversion of God’s creation are not cleebrating Fathers Day. And of course this perversion is a direct assault on the Bible and traditional male and female roles. In an age where transgender, or whatever they call themselves, former males. can be allowed to dominate the Florida state track meet and sweep the medals for the femal events, we live in a totally insane world. Is there such a thing as Happy Shemale Day?

It takes a real man to be a father and there are some that want to remove the manliness, or masculinity from being a man. In fact. the social justice warriors (SJW) from the University of Texas have delared masculinity to be a mental illness.

From PJ Media

The Counseling and Mental Health Center at the University of Texas at Austin recently launched a new program to help male students “take control over their gender identity and develop a healthy sense of masculinity.”

Treating masculinity as if it were a mental health crisis, “MasculinUT is organized by the school’s counseling staff and most recently organized a poster series encouraging students to develop a “healthy model of masculinity.”

The program is predicated on a critique of so-called “restrictive masculinity.” Men, the program argues, suffer when they are told to “act like a man” or when they are encouraged to fulfill traditional gender roles, such as being “successful” or “the breadwinner.

”Though you might enjoy “taking care of people” or being “active,” MasculinUTwarns that many of these attributes are actually dangerous, claiming that “traditional ideas of masculinity place men into rigid (or restrictive) boxes [which]… prevent them from developing their emotional maturity.”

This is the height of radical leftist lunacy. Superstition and fake science is enjoying a rennaisance in the 21st century world view of the SJW’s.

A Good Father Has Many Great Qualities

There are many qualities of a great father. Among these traits include:


A Strong, Masculine Man That Will Defend His Wife and Childre

He Accepts That His Kids Aren’t Exactly Like Him 

He Spends Quality Time With His Children

He Treats His Spouse with Respect and Demonstrates To His Sons How To Treat a Woman

He Leads By Example

He Accepts That His Kids Aren’t Exactly Like Him

 He Spends Quality Time With His Childrenrs

He Models Humility and Openly Submits To The WIll of God

He Teaches His Children that God Made Adam and Eve As The Only Two Genders on Earth

A Good Father Ensures That His Sons Allow the Survival of the Family for Another Generation


There are some radical leftists who pretend to be good fathers but all too often they come across in the following fashion because their perverted subculture has made weaklings out of them.


I miss my Father greatly on this day, but I celebrate that I ahve a son who can make me feel special.

Happy Fathers Day From the Common Sense Show! 




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  1. DB June 17, 2018 at 8:47 am

    I heard this on a local conservative radio talk show in my area this past week.
    “What do all of the school shooters have in common? None of them had an “intact” healthy relationship with their father.”
    I would also add that none of them were believers in Jesus Christ (to my knowledge) and all of them were male.
    It show how important a good, Godly father is in a young boys life.

  2. Bill D June 17, 2018 at 10:30 am

    Happy Father’s Day, Dave. Blessings to you from another proud Father, Bill

  3. CH June 17, 2018 at 11:55 am

    Happy Father’s Day Dave. Your son is lucky to have you for a father. God bless the Hodges.

  4. Weary of it all June 17, 2018 at 1:10 pm

    Ask a Title-IV ‘Fedguv trough-licking / incentivized State ‘family’ Court what the word ‘Father’ means.

    Sift through whatever legal pablum / gobleygook / pc trash they offer up in response, then translate with the cold, stark filter of reality:

    ‘Father’ = AT LEAST an 18-year ‘meal ticket’.

    Not just ‘For the child’:

    But for legion of worthless, bureaucratic for (their own) profit, agenda-driven leeches.

    Do your own research.

    IF after doing so you’re not thoroughly pissed:

    ..You’re either one of them, or you are neither Human, breathing or have a pulse.

    .. WHEN does the Revolution start again?

  5. Marti June 17, 2018 at 5:37 pm

    OK, I am going to try again. Don’t know if my first comment went thru as I didn’t get a confirmation or “awaiting moderation” acknowledgement, so here goes as best I can remember:
    Thank you Dave for informing us of the ongoing perversions and mental illness of liberals. HAPPY FATHER’S DAY to you and a belated HAPPY MOTHER’S DAY to your wife. As a single and seasoned (older) woman, I grew up with male role models who had rough and calloused hands from manual labor, smoked cigars, believed men should work their butts off and for whom sweat was a thing of honor. They took their hats off in the presence of females, opened doors, and a lot of other gentlemanly things. Today so many men don’t know a screw driver from a hammer, are more concerned about their manicured nails than I am about my own, and have no shame for women to financially support them. Unfortunately I know too many females, both young and old who chase men, financially support them, and have no standards but rather a “at least I got a man” mentality. I resolved long ago that I can be miserable all by myself, but fortunately I am content and not a miserable woman. I am confident enough in myself that I could not endure a girly girl or cream puff man that so many have become today. I don’t believe these guys represent even a majority of men but they are the ones that get the press.

    On another note, the selections of genders issue – this winter I was in need of an urgent care clinic and found one in Wilmington, NC. I started filling out their on line application and was befuddled when I got to the gender part. I had at least 20+ choices. Needless to say, I chose not to go that clinic but rather went to the emergency room on base. .Don’t these folks realize that medical care for males and females is often different and these “cultural” differences may one day kill them as medical science contorts itself to accommodate perversion?

  6. Vietkonggook June 17, 2018 at 8:13 pm

    Real fathers produce real men. The globalist fascist model doesnt want real men to resist their tyranny. The reason why they are promoting all sorts of sexual deviancy as stated in the 45 goals of communism , ie, promiscuity and homosexuality being normalized. And the vaccines are laced with sterilants and hormone disruptors to produce more gurly men and trannies. Its all by design based on their luciferian world order.

  7. CD June 18, 2018 at 2:52 am

    Happy Fathers Day Dave.

  8. mary June 18, 2018 at 5:57 am

    Good luck on finding a soul mate with 71+ genders to choose from. This is nothing more than full fledged rebellion against God. Which gender or how many would you have to pick and choose to be loved by so and so? How often would you have to change or add genders to your personality to keep so and so happy? Way too much unnecessary responsibility for me.

    Happy Father’s Day to men who appreciate that role. Spare yourselves and your children from this twisted generation.

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