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How the US Economy Is Controlled by the United Nations-It Is Happening NOW!

The home of Agenda 21 is the United Nations. They are poised to take total control of our energy grid beginning in California, the world's 5th largest economy. In today's modern economy, if one controls the energy, they control the economy. California: The Home of Everything That Is Anti-American California, the home of [...]

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The Greatest Danger Following An EMP

There are few toic that spark more fear in many than the thought of an EMP attack.  In a personal communication I had with former Congreman Trent Franks, he told myself and my Pastor at the time, that an EMP attack is not a question of if, but when. Many of you have heard the [...]

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Why Did Arizona Rehearse Taking In 400K California Refugees? What Aren’t We Being Told?

  Why did Arizona quietly practice to take in 400,000 refugees from California last week? What is coming? A tsunami? A major earthquake? What aren't we being told? Here is the story!     THE EVENT OF THE SUMMER RED PILL EXPO Spokane, WA – June 21-23, 2018 WILL GUN CONTROL SUCCEED? MILITARY IN THE [...]

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Democratic Party Is Dead-False Flags Are the Last Resort

  This article will demonstrate that the Democratic Party is both the mouthpiece and the agent of enforcement of the Deep State. Unfortunately for the globalists, the Democrats are broke and  the much anticipated "Blue Wave" of Democratic victories resulting in returning Congress to the party, is not going to happen for a variety of [...]

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Expect False Flag Attacks-Democrats Are Bankrupt-Can’t Win!

  The "change that matters" is that the Democrats are in a state of panic. Their donations have dried up. The party is powerless to distribute funds to help influence local congressional elections. Once considered inevitable, the great "Blue Wave" is dead and the Democrats are dead broke. Meanwhile, the Republicans are rolling in [...]

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The Russian Collusion Allegations Persist but Alt Media Has Been Targeted for 18 Months

  Was this coming moment foretold on the mural at Denver International Airport near baggage pick-up? I took this picute after traveling to Denver to visit family. Shortly after thes pictures went viral in 2011, they were removed from the mural adjacent to baggage pick-up. This picture speaks volumes upon closer examination  Alex [...]

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