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Salon.com Is Promoting Beastiality As They Are Helping America Remove the Last Taboos

  Not even in the days of Rome did we see such perversion. Now Salon.com is promoting beastiality. Sex with children, is that ok too? The last taboos are being passed as America is becoming the most decadent nation on the face of the earth. The following video lays out the perversion and who's [...]

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Breaking News: China Attacks India-The Implications Are Staggering

  Breaking news as China attacks India in an event that could culminate in World War III: "As Prime Minister Narendra Modi was preparing to meet Donald and Melania Trump at the White House, China on Monday launched a scathing attack on the Indian Army accusing it of stopping the construction of a road in [...]

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The Real Purpose of Cern

  The shocking and real of purpose of CERN is revealed in the following interview with Dr. Ted Broer.  This will make you want to hide under the bed.       From the Hagmann blood sugar protocol to the Hodges joint protocol, Dr. Broer has helped hundreds of thousands of people. There is something [...]

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The Real Reasons Why Podesta Must Testify In Secret

  All of the MSM's are reporting  that the House intelligence Committee plans on interviewing embattled John Podesta later this week. Podesta served as Hillary Clinton’s 2016 campaign chairman. What is disturbing is that Podesta's testimony will be held in secret because usually when something is done in secret, there is something definitive to hide. Indeed, the secrecy [...]

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Secret Branch of Military Being Formed-And It Not of This Earth

  Key members of Congress are behind the intent to create a new branch of the military. This is something that has not been done since after Roswell in 1947, when the NSA was formed. The intent of the new branch will be to solely operate in outer space. The following video has all all [...]

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Wall Street Journal Reporter Fired for Covering Illegal CIA Gun Running for the Deep State

  The CIA is the main conduit for the 4 biggest economic activities of the deep state. The 4 endeavors are drug running, gun running, child-sex-trafficking, and organ harvesting. In this story, we take a look at how the CIA can hire and fire reporters for covering their illegal gun running operations. The [...]

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Loretta Lynch Under DOJ Investigation for Obstruction-Mainstream Media Blackout

h   Attorney General Loretta Lynch, another criminal in the long line of Obama administration minions. She is now accused of obstructing justice and is under a criminal investigation by the DOJ. Will this get legs or will the Deep State be able to kill the investigation? The details behind the allegations are [...]

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USOC Permitted Sexual Abuse of Its Young Gymnasts- Is Any American Child Safe?

  The United States Olympic Committee has been caught with their hand in the proverbial cookie jar. Multiple allegations of child sexual abuse of Olympic athletes are surfacing and prosecutions are commencing. It is unclear how much how much of this is related to the Deep State child sex trafficking activities that have been widely [...]

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How the 10th Commandment Is Collapsing the Economy

Traditionally, Americans' saving habits are far below what they should be. Conventional wisdom says that everyone should aim to have at least six months' worth of expenses socked away for the unexpected. What Is the Root Cause of Our Financial Misery? From the Christian perspective, and without hesitation, it is because most Americans are violating the 10th Commandment. The [...]

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Fox News Ratings Are Up – and Why the Numbers Matter

  By Peter Barry Chowka Some readers may be wondering why the frequent reporting lately on cable news ratings – in an online political publication that is not well known for catering to the business side of media – is worthy of their attention. The simple answer is that the ups and downs of the [...]

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EXPERIMENT: I sank four ammo cans full of ammunition to the bottom of a pond for one year… here’s what happened when I opened them

   by: Mike Adams   (Natural News) I just ruined over a thousand rounds of ammo to find out which ammo storage containers really work in harsh environments. A little over a year ago, I sank four ammo containers full of ammunition to the bottom of a muddy pond. Two of the ammo storage containers [...]

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Hysterical Democrats who say health care reform will “kill people” don’t seem to realize how many Americans are already killed every year by the medical system

   by: Mike Adams   (Natural News) To hear hysterical Democrats say it, any attempt at health care reform by the GOP is equivalent to “killing Americans.” In their delusional world — which has long since abandoned anything resembling reason or reality — the Obamacare system saved lives and killed no one, while a Republican-run [...]

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Both Putin and Obama Feared an Alien Attack-Is Trump Joining Them?

  Donald Trump recently tweeted that something very "threatening" Most have taken this threat and have linked it to Chinese EMP weapons. Given what I have written in the past, I agree that this is a strong possibility. However, We should note that during the Obama administration, Putin threatened to reveal the existence of UFO's. Is [...]

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Household Names Arrested In Hollywood Child Sex Trafficking Bust

  Attorney General Jeff Sessions Is Leading the Fight Against the Deep State  and their Child-Sex-Trafficking. The DOJ combined with several local and state agencies have bused hundreds of pedophiles. According to the DOJ, some of the perps are household names, politicians, high ranking clergy and other people of note. This breaking story is [...]

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Must See: How Social Media Brainwashes an Unsuspecting Public

  The psychological and technology tricks are now revealed. The social media giants do indeed practice PSYOPS (ie mind control). Here are the details. Please Donate to The Common Sense Show PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL AND DON’T FORGET TO “LIKE” US This is the absolute best in food storage. Dave Hodges is a [...]

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