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The 5G Depopulation Plot- Virginia Farver- The CSS- 9/17/17 (Hour 3)

    I recently interviewed Virginia Farver and discussed the INCREASING DANGERS of the 5G network that is being quietly installed all over the country. I have concluded that this is the biggest cancer risk and millions are going to be impacted. I have known Virginia Farver for years and she is calm, level-headed and [...]

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Patrick Wood and the Technocracy Takeover-The CSS- Hour 2- 9/17/17

  I recently interviewed Patrick Wood, who is a very upbeat and outgoing person. However, this interview was frightening beyond belief. Patrick Wood detailed how the elite are using technocracy to spy on our every move and he also revealed with the end-game purpose is. Please make this interview go viral as it is earth-shattering [...]

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Congressman Gosar-Joe Hagmann- CSS- Hour 1- 9/17/17

Congressman Paul Gosar (R) Arizona I recently interviewed Congressman Paul Gosar (R) from Arizona. We discussed immigration and DACA, the Sheriff Joe Arpaio pardon by President Trump as well as the possible prosecution of Debbie Wasserman Schultz and Hillary Clinton. In the second half of the hour, I was joined by Joe Hagmann [...]

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Houston Residents Being Sprayed with Deadly Neurotoxins


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Impotent Churches Cannot Keep Christians from Using the Two Effective Types of Prayer

    Many readers know that I am not a fan of the modern church, although there are exceptions. If Jesus were here today, he not only would chase the money changers from our temples, he would also chase most of the pastors, rabbis and priests from their pulpits for their abrogation of the word [...]

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PROOF: Flu shots are the greatest medical fraud in the history of the world

by: Mike Adams   (Natural News) As one of the very few independent voices willing to stand up against the scientific dogma of our modern medical regime, I’ve long felt a need to communicate the dangers of flu shots to the public so that people can have better information to prevent vaccine injuries and save lives. [...]

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There is Only One Way to Protect Yourself from Credit Agency Fraud and Incompetence (Equifax)

  The Equifax false flag attack will never touch my family. This article and accompanying short video will explain why I am not worried about Equifax and their total lack of cyber-security. The Boobs From Equifax Before I tell you how it is possible to avoid credit agency fraud and incompetence, I wanted all of [...]

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CSS- 9/17-Congressman Gosar-Joe Hagmann-Pat Wood-Virginia Farver

Listening to the Common Sense Show by phone   ADDING THE LISTEN BY PHONE OPTION 605-475-8092 See you tonight at 8pm Eastern! Tonight’s guests are: Hour 1: Congressman Paul Gosar                 The Hagmann and Hodges News Report Hour 2: Pat Wood-Tightening the Noose on the Police State Surveillance Grid Hour [...]

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Venezuela Is the Next Vietnam- VZ Oil Companies Align with China-Intervention Co

What are the odds that the Federal Reserve is going to allow Venezeula's oil companies to align with China's paper currency and allow a further decline of the Petrodollar? The answer, of course is slim and none, and slim just left town. Look for a false flag (i.e. Gulf of Tonkin) which will serve as [...]

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The Coming Oil Spike Could Lead to Hyper-Inflation

HOUSTON, Texas --The Port of Houston, the busiest in the nation in terms of foreign tonnage, is accessed by a 54-mile long ship channel. In an average day more than 700 vessel transit the channel. Here, a ship passes under the Fred Hartman bridge on the Houston ship channel, USCG photo by PA2 James [...]

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Why Are All Combat Troops Being Sent Out of US?

Trump said we did not need to send our troops to 117 countries and that we needed to stop being an imperial power. So what has Trump done, he has increased the number of troops being sent out of the country. The real answers behind the shipping of US troops out of the country is [...]

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The Numbers Don’t Lie: The Middle Class is Dead and It Is Not Coming Back

The term the American Dream, is a term first coined by writer James Truslow Adams 86 years ago. The American dream has become an unmitigated nightmare.   Michael Snyder recently wrote a very astute article in which he bemoaned the present status of the middle class. I want to begin where Mr. Snyder and I agree and [...]

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The Real Reason Behind Cloning and How the CIA Plans to Use It

  A lot of infromation is coming to light about cloning. Ask yourself a question, when has the government not weaponized an invention of breakthrough? If you can answer that question, then you are ready to view the following video.     Please donate to offset the costs of The Common Sense Show PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO [...]

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New York Times: Spike the food supply with sterilization chemicals to cause global infertility and depopulation

by: Mike Adams (Natural News) A November 4, 1969 New York Times feature article authored by Gladwin Hill called for sterilization chemicals to be added to the food supply in order to achieve globalist goals of human depopulation. That article, entitled “A Sterility Drug in Food is Hinted” came with the byline, “Biologist Stresses Need to Curb [...]

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Obama Paved Way for Russia and China to Takedown US Grid

With the news that Hackers can take over the grid on command, we must consider the fact that when Obama allowed the Russians and the Chinese to participate in the EMP prep drills calls Grid EX, he gave our enemies the know how on to simulate an EMP attack and take down the Grid. This [...]

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