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TEPCO’S Plan to Make Fukushima An Extinction Level Event

TEPCO plans to dump all available radiation in the Pacific Ocean. This could be an extinction level event. The entire story is in the video at the bottom of the page. We all know that the Fukushima disaster has created complete dead zones in the Pacific. What TEPCO is planning to do is [...]

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China and Russia Are Doing the 2-Step to Bring Down the US Economy

The American economy is on the rocks. Most would tell you that it is because our government and its citizens have acquired massive debt. That is only part of the picture. At the present moment, China and Russia are doing their version of the two-step to take down the US economy. Make no mistake about [...]

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Russia and Gold Are Trading In Gold-Bad News for American Banks

  Just when you think the news could not get any worse, China and Russia have announced they are now trading in gold. The news could not be much worse for anyone with an American bank account. Here is the story...     Please Donate to The Common Sense Show PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO OUR YOUTUBE [...]

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  Do you know how to listen to the Common Sense Show by phone?                                        Yes, the number is 605-475-8092 THE SHOW AIRS FROM 8-11PM EASTERN  

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Do You Know What to Do When the Banks Fail? Are You Ready?

By Dave Hodges|July 15th, 2017 Do you know the tell-tale signs of bank failure? They are here and the bank failure events are unfolding right before our eyes. The following video explains what is going on.     Please Donate to The Common Sense Show PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL AND DON’T FORGET TO “LIKE” US [...]

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This’ll Keep You Up At Night: The Trigger Event and a Horrible Truth—Dave Hodges Bombshell

Lisa Haven recently interviewed Dave Hodges about Child-Sex-Trafficking ring around the public. This is one of the major money-makers for the Deep State.  This is a frightening interview because of the subject material. Viewer discretion is advised due to the sensitivity of the topic.       Please Donate to The Common Sense Show PLEASE [...]

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The Economic Collapse Is Here- Have You Prepared?

  My mother's side of our American family's roots are traceable to 1745.  One of the names from our family line is Ford. Yes, Henry Ford and Gerald Ford are distant cousins. My family was wealthy and successful in Midwestern politics and in business. The "Jenkins" and "Ford" side of the family owned hotels, real [...]

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Stanford professor: Students suffer “microaggressions” when told homework might be easy

Saturday, July 15, 2017 by: Mike Adams -Natural News   (Natural News) In the latest chapter of libtard lunacy sweeping across America’s insane left-wing universities, a Stanford professor warns students against saying their homework was “easy” because it might trigger so-called “microaggressions” in other students who didn’t find it easy. Yes, the brave new world of weak-minded, universally-offended college crybully [...]

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Frightening: The Mark of Beast Is Upon Us

Just like vaccines are becoming mandatory with no exceptions, RFID chips are headed in that direction as well.  Soon, if you are not willing to take and RFID chip, you will not be able to buy, sell or hold a job. The Mark of the Beast is nearly upon us.   Please Donate to The [...]

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Why Are Retired Deep State Minions Suing Whistle-blowers?

  Why are retired Deep State minions suing private citizens and members of the Independent Media? The following video has the answers.     Please Donate to The Common Sense Show PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL AND DON’T FORGET TO “LIKE” US     This is the absolute best in food storage. Dave Hodges is [...]

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Trump’s Damaged Administration Needs to Go After Low-Hanging Fruit

    The Trump administration is in a quagmire. They quickly need a victory and that victory needs to come by picking the low-hanging fruit. That low-hanging fruit is Hillary Clinton. This is what needs to happen. Please Donate to The Common Sense Show PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL AND DON’T FORGET TO “LIKE” US [...]

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Education Secretary Davos to Put SPECIAL Emphasis on LGBTQ Education in Government Schools

  God is the final arbitrator. This is why I can be socially liberal. I could care less who sleep with whom. However, I care greatly when our children unwarranted indoctrination by a special interest group and they are using the power of the government to achieve their ends. Students should not have to sit [...]

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The Clinton Body Count Grows By One More

The people of Haiti have been victimized. And just when the two people, Bill and Hillary Clinton were ready to be fingered in Haiti's official judicial circles, as well as the in the US government, the star witness was "suicided". A Beleaguered People Outside of Syria, it would be hard to find a people who [...]

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Consumed: CNN New Day Spends 93% of Airtime on Russia

  As CNN continues their crusade to bring down the Trump presidency, New Day spent 93 percent of their three-hour program Wednesday covering Donald Trump Jr. and the Trump campaign’s supposed collusion with Russia. The other seven percent was spent on baseball (~1.5%) and negative coverage of the GOP’s healthcare bill (~5.5%). No one is arguing that [...]

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Those Above Will Be Eaten By Those Below

The 1960 movie, The Time Machine foretells the time we are living in. In the movie, the Time Machine, 800,000 years in the future, the people below ate the people above. This is where humanity is going. The complete story is in the following video.    

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