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Can Families Isolate Themselves From the Coming Holocaust?

Many have asked me, “Should I stay or should I go?”


There are two options that most people face when confronted with a difficult choice. They can choose to run away or to stand and fight. Both positions have merit, but knowing which to choose is a matter of timing and good judgment .

Throughout history, good people have been faced with this dilemma, should I stay or should I go? History speaks very clearly on this point, but there is not a hard and fast answer.

America is entering a very difficult time and the election of Donald Trump bought America some time. The election of Trump saved us, for the time being, from the complete police state that Hillary Clinton would have imposed. But 2o2o, looms large in the overall scheme of things.

It is true that good, conservative people, outnmber the Satanists that form the mentally ill liberal left. However, the left controls the Deep State, which in turn controls much of the government. The left has almost no opposition in the media, except for the alt media which is under attack like never before. The liberals control banking, Hollywood and most major corporations. This has left the majority of the country in a disenfranchised state. On the day that Trump leaves office, the march towards a total police state will move forward at a rapid pace.

 A Lesson From History

I remember in my undergraduate days, when I was taking a history course,  and I subsequently read the diaries of Virginia farmers at the beginning of the Civil War. Many of them just wanted what most of us want. Most people want to be free to pursue our interests, love our friends and families and to be left alone by the government. In short, most of us just want to be left alone, but there are some people who just won’t leave us alone.

In the memoirs and diaries I read from these Virginia farmer from the early 1860’s, they actually believed that the coming war would somehow avoid their farms and not touch their land or harm their loved ones. That ended up not being the case. Many of their farms were in the way and were destroyed. Many “innocent” civilians were killed, even the elderly and the children. Women were frequently raped by the advancing soldiers from either side. My takeaway from this enlightening educational experience was to appreciate the fact that there comes a time in every person’s life that they must make a stand and one cannot run away from the problems of the day. Cognitive dissonance is the enemy of all people facing a crisis. The Virginia farmers would have been better off declaring a side to back. At least they would have some measure of protection from the military that they chose to align with.

A Contrasting Lesson From History

Unlike the Virginia farmers, there is a time when it is prudent to run away as quickly as possible. Many of the people in the early days of Nazi Germany were distressed and concerned about Hitler’s obsession with the Jews. However, many people, including most Jews, believed that Hitler’s brand of totalitarianism was a passing fancy and would quickly fade away. However, many people, like Albert Einstein did recognize the danger and did subsequently flee and survived where many more ignored the warning signs until it was too late.

Running Away Does Not Guarantee the Future

Against all common sense and against all the clear warnings of what lies ahead for many of us, I am still not going to leave my country.When the persecution against Christians begins in earnest, and it is coming,  I am going to stand and fight. Often times, running away is a fools errand. The following story illustrates the futility in trying to prepare for all eventualities.

I am reminded of the story of an American man lamenting about the fact that the Soviets and the Americans would someday engage in a devastating nuclear war. The man researched and studied the best place to relocate to in order to avoid what he felt was the coming nuclear holocaust.  He literally took years before deciding to move as he studied prevailing wind patterns that could potentially carry deadly radiation as well as alliances between the Soviets and the Americans before deciding to relocate. Eventually, he decided to move to the Falkland Islands, and as fate would have it, 36 years ago, he found himself in the middle of a war. Subsequently, his new home was shelled and bombed by the British in the Falklands War with Argentina and the man lost family members. It is impossible to prepare for all eventualities. And like the Virginia farmers from the 1860’s, he would have been better off making a stand from where he was at. 

One Caveat

As with any history lesson, or life lesson ,and to borrow from the world of phonetics, there is always an “I before E”, exception to the rule. There is one time when I believe that it is wise to leave the US and that is when your children’s lives are on verge of being thrown away. If the US government ever reintroduces the military draft, ostensibly to fight in the Middle East, I would leave the country and take my soon-t0-be-draft age son with me. We should all take a pledge that none of our children will ever fight and die in a Rothschild’s war for banking profit, ever again.


America is indeed well on its way to becoming a totalitarian state. When I was a child we used to make fun of the Soviets because they had to build fences and assign guards to keep people in. Now we see the same thing in America. We don’t build fences to keep people in, we have created financial fences, but they are just as tyrannical as anything the Soviets ever did. If you try and leave America, you will be assessed a 15% exit fee. Yes, that is correct, you are penalized for exercising the privilege to leave the country. This is similar to the Third Reich Flight Tax that was implemented as part of a larger emergency decree with the goal of stemming capital flight during the unstable Interbellum period. After the Nazis seized power in 1933, the Nazi government largely used the tax to confiscate assets from persecuted people (mostly Jews) who sought to flee the Third Reich. By the way, Russia has a flat 13% tax rate.

To those of you that write to me and ask me for advice about leaving, I am not going to give it. In this article, you can clearly see that there is no absolute answer to this question at hand.  I have listed some facts that you may wish to consider. However, I will not bear the responsibility for advising people on such an important decision. This decision is between you, your family and God.

For all the illegal immigrants that think it is so important that you obtain U.S. citizenship, I would advise you to look at the reasons on why so many Americans have already leftthe US, as well as the reasons I have listed in this article. The grass is not always greener on the other side of the hill. When you leave places like Mexico or Peru, you are trading one form of overt government and corporate corruption for another that is a little less obvious, but America will prove to be just as enslaving at the end of the day because that is the nature of every elite ruling class that has ever existed on this planet.

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  1. Inretrospect May 12, 2018 at 7:29 am

    There are two mind-sets you must have in order to know when to go, and when to stay.

    1. You must suppress your fear of death, and
    2. embrace Mark Twain’s observation about humans: “When we remember we are all mad, the mysteries disappear and life stands explained.”

    You can’t prep for every conceivable happenstance; however, the first and last place to be prepared, is in your mind… and to stay focused.

  2. scooter May 12, 2018 at 8:02 am

    Reasonable article and very wise and fruitful information. I read often on other web pages people telling Americans the best place to go
    to avoid the Coming Holocaust. The best is to stay here in The U.S. regardless of what occurs because in other lands you may not be able to protect your self
    with a firearm and you could be singled out for criminal activity and local law enforcement make not even intervene on your behalf.

  3. jenifer Alley May 12, 2018 at 8:12 am

    I just watched the movie on Netflix…. The Rain…… have you seen this series…? and I think of the bio terrorism use like this….. scares me…

  4. mary May 12, 2018 at 8:44 am

    An old lady told me when I was 21 years old: “You can run but you can’t hide.”. Lots of truth there. I moved from New York City in 1990. I was tired of the overpopulation, traffic congestion, the high cost of housing, the senseless crime rate, etc. 28 years later. I’m looking at an almost identical environment here in the south. A lady told me that she sees more moving vans moving people into Charleston, SC than she see moving people out. Personally I have no desire to live in a big city. I don’t want my nest to be located somewhere where everyone vacations and are moving to. High density areas are a recipe for disaster in my opinion.

    Even though I don’t live in a metropolis. I don’t think I’d bother evacuating even if the need arose. The population in my area seems to be increasing by the day. If I needed to evacuate. I would have to start a minimum of 24 hours before everyone else. During the hurricanes of 2016 in the Charleston, SC area. At least one major highway leading into Charleston was rerouted and used for the mobs to leave Charleston since the highway leading away from Charleston was flooded with bumper to bumper traffic!

    Guess I’ll be one of those who stays in the U.S. and fight. I don’t have enough resources to buy my way outta here, relocate and live in another country.

  5. Kate Frederickson May 12, 2018 at 8:58 am

    You can’t fight radiation. You all will have to immigrate south of the border.

  6. torus May 12, 2018 at 9:20 am

    Careful with that word, “holocaust”, as I believe It’s copyrighted. NOBODY else can experience a “holocaust” due to THE HOLOCAUST. In fact, to even infer a “holocaust” might be coming is probably a form of “anti-Semitism”.
    And yet, any “holocaust” is a LIE. Holocaust comes from “holokaustos”; a burnt sacrificial offering dedicated exclusively to God.
    And we all know that….

  7. laura ann May 12, 2018 at 12:33 pm

    I have told others to stand up where you are and go down fighting if you are out numbered. Never be taken alive to who knows where. Most cannot leave cities and towns because of jobs and other business ties, rental property, extended family that need your help, etc.

  8. Vietkonggook May 12, 2018 at 2:08 pm

    We ve seen how civil wars were engineered by the deep state in other third world countries that ended up in total death and destruction… Case in point were the bloody breakup of the former states of Yugoslavia; Ukraine, Libya and Syria…its always pitting political/ religious/ ethnic groups or what not—- to hate, fight and kill each other to the death. Its the proven Jacoban style of inciting into violence towards regime change wherein they install their puppet masters into power. And these leftist will not stop to incite a civil unrest here in America ….they have all the money and power whatever it takes …America has been neutered for a very long time to comply and obey but since Trump came into office, more Americans have awaken up . And the deep state doesnt want people to rise and truly take back their freedoms.

  9. Gary Orlic May 12, 2018 at 3:50 pm

    Running is not necessarily the best idea. If you haven’t noticed the streets are filled with zombies..

    Not to many fully functional brains out here these days

  10. Teknikid May 12, 2018 at 8:55 pm

    Dave, this is why I am against a wall on the southern border. I’m not worried about the people we’d be keeping out so much as I am worried about being kept in. The wall could be built with the intent of “securing our border” against those who come in. But, one day, it could be the next Berlin Wall. The US could get so bad that people will try to escape, but won’t be able to get over the wall leading out of the country.


  11. Mark John May 13, 2018 at 3:48 am

    News Flash. The invaders are already here. Sleeper cells in every state. You can Thank former Clowns In America with help of former POTUS Obummer and his band of thieves and vipers. You and I know them by name. they are Brennan, Clapper, Comey, McCabe, McCain, Pelosi, Schummer, McConnel and Ryan. All of these VIPERS are clearly Traitors to the Republic. Noting is as it seems and we have been lied too…..just about practically everything. American Intel Agencies are loaded with Goobermint Employees whom are Hell Bent on Destroying the Republic. Look at the evidence and Facts. There, there is is for all to see whom are awake. Tick Tock.

  12. Mike May 13, 2018 at 4:57 am

    Thecomment against a wall has great insight. Never thought of that. Stay and fight these pukes. Never surrender your guns. Never.

  13. Vietkonggook May 13, 2018 at 8:20 am

    The 2nd A was put there in order we have the means to resist. There is no leaving but confronting what is before us.

  14. King Lizard May 13, 2018 at 3:24 pm

    I began to notice problems that had been hidden for YEARS in the 1990’s.
    Lost my job in government due to health and being Black-listed / Profiled by the ‘Hidden Hand’.
    I lost my mortgaged home…
    I am also a Service-Connected Disabled Veteran, and it took 12 years to win my DVA Comp via a lawyer after denials were incessant from the DVA, probably under the direction of an alphabet agency.
    I joined a so-called ‘reputable’ Veterans Organization that I later found was infested with Freemasons.
    Upon myself and a couple of other ‘unenlightened and profane’ members coming into the organization, the Mah Hah Boners and their Tubal-Cane Shriners left to form-up another unit, absconding with our money to do so.
    Then, in typical Masonic fashion, we were accused of theft in office.
    After contacting our insurance company with regards to our D&O policy, we got the go ahead to sue these evil people!
    I was countersued for 7 million; I was suffering bad health, was unemployed, and then noticed thru my previous military training, that we were all being followed around.by various entities of Alphabet Police.
    The Judge recommended that the offending party (Freemasons) settle upo with us out of court, and their D&O policy would not cover their loss. After many months, we each received the $10K back into the coffers, had our attorney’s fees paid, and $1200.00 in compensatory punitive damages.
    Then, our Treasurer was approached by a party who ‘wished to make donations to the organization, but also ‘wanted the right to with-draw any amount of money at any time’. Our Treasurer was a former Bank President who quit due to the massive problems in the ‘Banking Industry’ instantly recognized an attempt to launder money.
    He called the DEA.
    Turns out that the former Masonic members were trying to set us up with their attempts to launder money. It also led to DEA involvement by busting one of the biggest cocaine rings in the history of the particular Midwest State.
    Afterwards, we shut the Veteran’s Organization down.
    Since I was unemployed, I had plenty of time to research what went wrong with my employment, my on-going DVA denials, and having my phone tapped, and my movements followed!
    I began to notice two men who were excessively arrogant and hostile showing-up where ever I went (ie shopping, etc.)
    I bought a phone tap detector, a bug sweeper, and would oftentimes pull over when driving to see who / what would go by.
    Then, 5 years later from the onset of this, I was visited by the Secret Service. They said that they received a tip that I was going to assassinate Clinton.
    I was never arrested. My lawyer found out that it was an anonymous tip probably from a member of the Veterans Organization that we sued for slander, defamation, and theft. The SS investigation lasted for 90 days, and I was not arrested. In fact the Federal District Attorney also concluded that I / we were being set-up / framed on false accusations, and even the Federal District Court Judge agreed with the DA, and threw the case out.
    But, the harassment of me being a Targeted Individual did not stop there;
    My overhauled 1988 Ford Mustang was bombed with a magnesium thermite device on the 4th of July 1999! Total loss! The Suburban Fire Department took the long way around to the burn scene, and left without so much as a word…(ALL Freemasons).
    My replacement vehicle was heavily vandalized days later…
    The Church that I took my child to was infested with an alphabet spy, and members there in the so-called ‘Chirch Leadership’ were being paid as informants! Not one of those people have had the guts to face me afterwards! (see & read the book ‘Stasi in the Pews’)
    I heard bullets ricochet twice, fired from a silenced weapon…when in the parking lots of the various stores I frequented.
    (I then bought a 9MM Makarov for self-protection).
    I wrote to my ‘elected officials’ and sent books, and documented proof that there was a Hidden Hand / Secret Government’ operating at the expense and detriment of the American People. The response that I got back that the material that I sent to a US Senator was getting ‘ditched’ as per an inter office note that wasn’t supposed to have reached me when the items were returned.
    When I called their office and discussed how their constituents were treated, they then called the FBI!
    I told everyone I knew what was happening to me, and the past occurrences, but I was ignored, laughed at, and sarcastically ridiculed.
    When I won my DVA Comp after 12 years of DVA denials at the instructions of the Masonic elements, I moved to Florida, where the Targeting continued.
    Eventually, I came to find out that even RELATIVES were paid informants!!!
    I then sold off what I could, and moved to an English-speaking country in the Southern Hemisphere.
    I have been here for 20 years, but it too is starting to mimic America in many ways.
    I am reminded of a neighbor who was elderly, and who was conscripted in the Hitler Youth in the 1940’s.
    I saw him one day standing in the yard while the movers loaded-up the moving van. I asked him where he was going? He said ‘Back home to Germany.’ When I asked him why after all of the years that he lived and worked in the U.S., he said ‘I have seen these things before, like the Patriot Act, the Anti-Terror Laws, and this is a pre-curser to the tyranny we all experienced in Nazi Germany!”
    Makes sense, since the Bush Family are supposed to be from Germany circa 1930’s by the name of Sherff, according to Otto Skorzeny’s shoebox photos…
    I tried to stay and fight, but no one believed me, and thought that my experiences were the result of a ‘Conspiracy Theorist’.
    You can’t fight this on your own.
    & now, under the NDAA, it is very easy for the Powers That Be to disappear someone-PERMANENTLY!
    The Governments of the Earth are corrupt, self-serving, and dangerous to humanity, as such entities are run and managed by PSYCHOPATHS!!!
    See also Jeff Daniel’s presentation of ‘Will’ in the series titled ‘The Newsroom’ where he styates ‘America isn’t the greatest country anymore!’
    But then again, no country is, or ever has been! America was formed up as a corporate entity by Freemasons, and now that they have used the US Constitution and the Bill of Rights to assist them in their ‘Great Work’ of total global control, they want to take those same rights away from us!
    & when you peel away the veneer from Banking, Religion, and Government with the hell that they have wrought, you will also see the Talmudic Zionist elements at work, coupled with the enforcement arms of Secret Societies and Alphabet Agencies.
    Even so, come quickly, Lord Jesus!!!!!!!!!!!!!

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