A Good Father Is An Endangered Species

Mothers and Fathers are the building blocks of the family. The family is the foundation of society. However, there are those that wuold tear down the family, and as such, place good mothers and fathers on the endangered species listbecause the upside-down radical left hates the family in the orm of which it was intended. [...]

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Feminist college professor says women should hate men based on their gender … This is called “inclusiveness”

By Ethan Huff A radical feminist man-hater who heads up Northeastern University’s“Women’s, Gender, and Sexuality Studies” program, recently wrote an op-ed for The Washington Post that calls on all men everywhere to “step away” from pretty much every position of power in society in order to pacify the demands of feminist women like herself who hate men. Couching her [...]

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Democrats freak out as Supreme Court rules in favor of Ohio “voter purge” law that eliminates dead people from voter rolls

By JD Heyes Democratic presidential nominee, Hillary Clinton, had a conniption fit when, during one of her debates with then-GOP nominee Donald Trump, he said he’d take a wait-and-see approach before conceding on election night. “I will take a look at it at the time,” Trump said when asked if he would concede to Clinton following claims that [...]

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Social Media Threatens Democracy: Join the Movement Against the Internet Gestapo

Even Fox News is demanding Facebook, Twitter, Google and YouTube stop censoring the independent media and subsequently the pubic from the truth that the MSM is determined to coverup.Senator Ted Cruz has joined the fight but to no avail, up to this point. If Trump is going to get re-elected, and if the American [...]

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Trump Could Be America’s Best President Ever-One Thing Stands In His Way

Former CIA clandestine officer, Robert David Steele, stated on "The Common Sense Show radio broadcast, that Donald Trump could go down in history as the greatest President  ever.....but there are some obstacles." The wisdom of his words escaped me in the immediate moment. I have always seen the potential in Donald Trump's leadership and I [...]

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Google now claiming Republicans are Nazis … Search engine giant launches propaganda war on America

By Jayson Veley Remember the good old days when the liberals stuck to words like “racist” and “bigot” when describing their conservative counterpart? Now, in the age of Trump, they have graduated to more nasty and vicious terms like “fascist” and even “Nazi,” even though the President and the Republican Party are about as far from [...]

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Turnabout: Advertisers flee foul-mouthed Left-wing Samantha Bee program after she called first daughter Ivanka Trump a “c***”

By JD Heyes   It wasn’t supposed to be this way. Entertainers, musicians and political pundits on the Left are supposed to be able to say anything about anyoneon the Right without paying a price.  No loss of opportunities. No firings. No advertiser flight. Those things only happen to conservatives and supporters of President Donald Trump. Not anymore. Last week [...]

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Leftists grant Samantha Bee “social change” award after she called Ivanka a “feckless c***”

By Ethan Huff Just one day after actress Roseanne Barr was fired by ABC over a tweet about former Barack Obama adviser Valerie Jarrett, liberal “comedian” and activist Samantha Bee decided to say some horribly vile things about President Trump’s daughter Ivanka – and not only was Bee not chastised by her liberal peers like Roseanne [...]

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Armed citizen in OKC stops mass shooting with a concealed weapon, proving once again that armed citizens HALT violence

By JD Heyes Without a doubt, more than a few customers who were eating at Louie’s Bar & Grill in Oklahoma City Thursday evening are grateful to be alive after a gunman walked in and started shooting. And no doubt more than a few of them are relieved that a good guy with a gun managed [...]

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The Most Racist College In America

It is dubbed the most racist college in America. Their seething anti-white policies are illegal and unconstitutional and nobody is making this rogue organization follow the rule of law. Here is the complete story.   PREPARE WITH DAVE–  4 WEEKS OF $250 STORABLE FOOD ONLY $99 FOR A LIMITED TIME ONLY PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO [...]

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You Won’t Believe What Fox News Just Did

Fox News is advocating to Facebook, Twitter, Google and YouTube to stop censoring the independent media and subsequently the pubic from the truth that the MSM is determined to coverup. They are opposing social media. Here is the complete story. [/fusion_text][/fusion_builder_column][/fusion_builder_row][/fusion_builder_container]

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Matt Drudge vs President Trump

    The Drudge Report was long the mainstay of the Independent Media. Not any more, and this forfeiting of this title by drudge has a lot to do with his embracing of an increasing number of liberal causes. Drudge has jumped off the Trump train. Was he right to do so? Here is the [...]

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