It Is Time to Confiscate All Cars

Where is David Hogg(wash) when you need him? Cars kill more people than guns and most diseases.. Why are people still driving? Pleas help me lead the fight to confiscate all guns, oops, I mean cars!     PREPARE WITH DAVE–  4 WEEKS OF $250 STORABLE FOOD ONLY $99 FOR A LIMITED TIME [...]

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Indict Loretta Lynch on Multiple Felonies Say 11 US Congressmen In Letter to Jeff Sessions

Attorney General Loretta Lynch, another criminal in the long line of Obama administration minions. Eleven US Congressmen want her indicted on numerous felonies. These Congressmen have made their feelings known in writing to Attorney General, Jeff Sessons, and FBI Director, Christopher Wray. The evidence against Lynch for her alleged obstruction of justice, malfeasance of [...]

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How Does the Alt Media Obtain Classified Information?

  I have established military and intelligence community contacts which have provided me with invaluable assistance in bringing the public the truth about many issues that may have remained hidden. In some instances, these sources are known to the public (eg Scott Bennett, Vance Davis). In most instances, they prefer to remain in the shadows [...]

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11 GOP Reps Demand that Sessions Prosecute Clinton for Multiple Felonies

  Hilllary Clinton is one of several former Obama cabinet members as well as current minions of the Deep State who have been the subject of an intense Congressional review of their alleged criminal actions. This particular publication explores what 11 GOP Congressman are demanding from Attorney General Jeff Sessions and FBI Director Christopher [...]

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YouTube restores Health Ranger video channel without explanation as tech giants feel the heat from censorship backlash

by: Mike Adams   (Natural News) YouTube, an authoritarian techno-cult run by deranged lunatic Leftists who despise free speech, has restored the Health Ranger video channel without explanation. Upon restoration, almost 100,000 subscribers were stripped from the channel as yet another “F##k You” from YouTube to content creators like me. The message from YouTube is clear: We can ban you [...]

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Zuckerberg Had Already “Bribed” 85% of the Congressional Committee Investigating Him

Haven't you given him enough of your privacy as well as your money? Do you realize that when Zuckerberg went before Congress, it was only a cosmetic appearance. He had already bribed 85% of the Congressmen in attendance with campaign condations? How many congressmen had the integrity to recuse themselves? The answer was zero. [...]

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Geoengineering Revelations by Dane Wigington

    Dane Wigington GeoengineeringWatch.org On a recent interview from New Zealand a front-line climate researcher has given an update on the severity and immediacy of our collective fate on a dying planet. Is he telling the whole truth? On the opposite side of the spectrum, Brietbart "News" is telling us that air pollution and chemicals like DDT [...]

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Is the White House Down?

Make AMERICA great again! I am growing inreasingly concerned that the White House has been compromised and the President Trump is being prevented from carrying out his agenda. There have been some shocking developments coming out of the White House in the past week that has made me question who is in charge. [...]

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Will Trump Have to Declare Martial Law in California? Paul Preston on CSS

Middle and upper middle class people are fleeing California in droves. tey are weary of high taxes and liberal policies befitting a communist country. What is Califronia turning into? This interview with Paul Preston talks about the absolute state of rebellion that the Democrats have brought to the state of California. Will Trump be [...]

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