The One Reason That Trump Will Win Today’s Primary Elections

  Today, for the first time in America, average people are talking about free trade agreements, instead of NFL free agents. Trump has won the info war that Brezezinski and Hillary Clinton have lamented that they are losing. Millions of Americans are finally realizing that their have jobs have been lost, or will be lost, [...]

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The Psychological Reasons Why Trump Has Already Won the Presidency

  In 2011, Zibigniew Brzezinski lamented that the people were waking up to the tyranny that he and his fellow globalists were perpetrating upon humanity. At the time, I thought that the following Brzezinski quote was alarmist and not based on fact. So long as the global elite controlled 95% of the media, courtesy of Bill [...]

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Fox News Is Reporting Trump Has Huge Lead In Florida’s Early Voting

Can he be stopped?   Despite Hillary Clinton, George Soros and Bill Ayers planning and implementing violent protests at Trump events, in order to blame him for being too "toxic", Trump has roared out to an early lead in the early ballots in Florida. Before we get to the early return tallies, I [...]

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Obama Is Responsible for the Rise of Trump

  "Thank you Mr. President for making the country realize how much they need me to restore unity to the country. I am the silver lining in your very dark and ominous cloud that has arisen out of your perverted notion of social justice, and communist ideals."   Obama Is Asked If He's [...]

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Three years on, pope leaves Catholic conservatives feeling marginalized

Pope Francis with Anglican "Archbishop" of Canterbury Justin Welby Three years on, Pope leaves Catholic conservatives feeling marginalised By Philip Pullella and Tom Heneghan VATICAN CITY (Reuters) - Three years after the election of Pope Francis, Roman Catholic conservatives are growing increasingly worried that he is quietly unravelling the legacy of his predecessors. Francis' popularity [...]

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Why Did God Invent Liberals?

    smWhy did God make liberals? He probably did so for the same reason that he created Lucifer. At the end of the day, they serve the same purpose. Liberals, like Sanders and Clinton, serve as a reminder there are those ready separate us from the fruits of our labor. The omnipresent threat posed [...]

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Can We Really America Great Again? Hodges and Hagmann Report

      America used to have the following: 50% of the World's GNP 90% of the World's Phones 100% of the nuclear weapons Highest literacy rate in the World Highest per capita in the World 90% of all World Manufacturing   WHAT HAPPENED?  CAN WE GET IT BACK? Hodges and Hagmann discuss how America [...]

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Join The Common Sense Show Team of Investigative Journalists

  Tyranny is at all-time high and so is Globalist criminal activity.Corruption in government is rampant. In order to keep up with the demands of quality reporting in these troubled times, we are asking for volunteers who will share your videos and still photos of NWO activity that will be of interest to the reading public. [...]

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Judge Jeanine Predicts the End of the GOP If Trump’s Nomination Is Stolen

  Judge Jeanine issued a stern warning on Saturday night. The judge warned that any attempt to follow "choker" Mitt Romney's lead to have a brokered convention in order to steal the nomination from Donald Trump and subsequently subvert the will of the people will result in dire consequences for the GOP. Donate to The [...]

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Millions of Americans Can Be Awakened to the Tyranny and Depopulation That Lies Ahead

  "Clowns to the left of me, jokers to the right, I am stuck in the middle" of corporate welfare specialists who do not give a damn about the American people.   Meet the three NWO stooges who were supposed to be serving in the capacity of moderators. Yet, the three did [...]

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Welcome to the New CSS Website, but Please Pardon Our Dust

Welcome to our new website. The site is functional. However, and as you can see, we are still undergoing critical renovations and redesign. We appreciate your patience during this exciting time in which we are bringing our readers the very best in news-gathering. This website exists to "Free America, One Enslaved Mind At a Time!" [...]

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Major Announcement From The Common Sense Show

  The website will be off line for part of Friday. We in our migration phase of transferring the old site to the new and improved website. In the meantime, I was disgusted by the Republican debate. The strategy of the elite was painfully obvious. Cruz and Rubio double up Trump Fox News anchors follow [...]

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The Elite Got Trumped On Super Tuesday

Thanks Donald for giving the Independent Media a new audience to spread this message to. We in the Independent Media, who are outside the corrupt corporate control that has criminalized our Federal government, work tirelessly everyday to bring the public the truth about how our American dream has been stolen away from us [...]

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NY Times column says pedophiles deserve civil rights and should not be treated as criminals

PF Louis  Natural News (NaturalNews) Sure, The New York Times published it, but that doesn't make it an official endorsement of pedophilia. This deserves to be parsed. It was published in the Op-Ed section, which is open to outside experts, such as Rutgers University law professor Margo Kaplen, for editorial opinions. According to Op-Ed author [...]

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The Psychological Reasons Why Americans Will Embrace Their Coming Enslavement

    The Common Sense Show is bring forth a story of unbelievable implications to the people of the United States. Originally, the story was to be released today. However, when I released Part One, Facebook moved to suspend my account. Both of my computers have crashed within a 12 hour period, and my phone [...]

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