Trump’s Secret Weapon Needed to Defeat Hillary

I do not trust polls because I understand the psychology of polls, derived from the Tavistock Institute, and how they are used to mold public behavior and change perception and subsequently voting behavior. I have previously written an article on not trusting any polls that one reads because they are all globalist polls designed to [...]

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Last Night. the GOP Rejected the New World Order

  The GOP rejects globalism as Heidi Cruz is chased from the floor of the GOP Convention. The world is rejecting the New World Order like never before. The best and most recent example is Brexit in which th UK left the globalist organization known as the European Union. The French, the German [...]

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The Globalists Have Prepared to Enslave You- Have You Prepared to Survive?

  Trump and the Independent Media have brought millions of new people to the battleground of the fight that can be labeled as the People vs. the Globalists. The globalists intention is to destroy the soveriegnty of every major nation along with their culture, economy and military. One person recently wrote to me and said [...]

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Why America’s Youth Would Choose Terrorist Gadaffi Over Clinton as President

Another victim of the central banksters. Bernie Sanders was a modern-day Gaddafi, but unfortunately Sanders abandoned an entire generation of youth that pinned their inexperienced and naive hopes on a candidate who was only offered as a candidate in order to provide the illusion that Americans actually have a choice in elections, when [...]

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Why Do Young Adults Hate Hillary?

Terrorizing America one generation at a time. And Hillary cannot figure out why young people can't stand her. Several recent polls indicate that the youth of this country loathe Hillary Clinton. One poll in particular showed that Clinton only fairs well among young black voters. There stated reasons are not as obvious as [...]

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Why Clinton Cannot Debate Trump

  Donald Trump has been handed a golden opportunity. Under the premise that there is a silver lining in every cloud, the FBI's exoneration of Clinton is a blessing in disguise for Donald Trump. Hillary Clinton has skeletons falling out of her closet. Trump, although not perfect, is an open book. Clinton is a sociopathic, [...]

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Civil Disobedience Is Mandatory When the Government Becomes Lawless

    FBI Director, Comey, did the American a people a favor by his handling of the Clinton Affair.  He has awakened a sleeping giant. Americans everywhere will soon be practicing civil disobedience. The progress made by the NWO can be stopped in its tracks. The catch phrase, Just Say No, now applies to the [...]

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Donald and Hillary Walk Into a Bar

  , DONALD TRUMP and HILLARY CLINTON are in a bar. Donald leans over, and with a smile on his face, says, “The media are really tearing you apart for 'That Scandal'.” Hillary: “You mean my lying about Benghazi?” Trump: “No, the other one.” Hillary: “You mean the massive voter fraud?” Trump: “No, the other [...]

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George Carlin and Donald Trump “Political Correctness is fascism pretending to be Manners”

    Donald Trump is the only politician to decry the First Amendment-killing concept of "Political Correctness". However, George Carlin could have been Trump's campaign manager as he tore apart the concept of political correctness long ago. The biggest danger posed by political correctness, is that it threatens to obfuscate the identification of our real [...]

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Should America Follow Texas’ Secessionist Movement?

  Englishman James Delingpole wrote a stunning article for Breitbart News that was entitled “If You Truly Believe In Britain There’s Only One Way To Vote Today…” In the article, Dalingpole offered a tribute to his nationalist patriotism and what his love of the UK means to him:  "...a heartfelt sympathy with our island story–-1066; Magna Carta; the [...]

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Anonymous – Message to the Citizens of America

  Is freedom free?  Can change happen without a revolution? Can a revolution ever be nonviolent and successful at the same time? Does America need change? If so, what are you willing to do about it? Leave your comments below after viewing the following short message.   Please Donate to The Common Sense Show   [...]

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BREXIT May Hand the Election to Trump

  British voters issued a stunning repudiation of the ruling establishment and the march towards a the establishment of the New World Order and a one-world government. Donald Trump is betting America is about to do the same. "Come November, the American people will have the chance to re-declare their independence. Americans will have a chance to [...]

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Trump Only Needs This One Thing to Win the Presidency

We are witnessing a seeming miracle in America with the rise of Donald Trump’s movement which is exposing the extreme exploitation of the middle class and the ongoing attempt to make America go extinct. On the way to America’s Armageddon, someone through a monkey wrench into the political fracas and America started paying attention, in big, very [...]

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If You Love America, You Must See This Movie

RE-RELEASE OF POPULAR MOVIE IN MULTIPLE MARKETS I interviewed Gary Haevin the Executive Producer of the blockbuster movie, Amerigeddon. This movie is like no other movie that has ever been produced. America is hit with an EMP attack. The United Nations takes over the military and begins to confiscate American guns. This production is more [...]

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Putin is the Leader that America Wishes It Had

  I reject the New World Order!   Obama has destroyed the country, Clinton is Obama on steroids. Trump has promise, but he is still a political unknown. Putin is, hands down, the best leader for his people in the world. What makes Putin so great? Russia's wealthy pay tax with a 13% [...]

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