Gary Heavin Exposing the Deep State Clinton Mafia- The Common Sense Show (Hour 3- 2/12/17)

Gary Heavin, the producer of Amerigeddon. Now, the sole support for a million hurricane victims on Haiti. Heavin is on the short-list to be the next ambassador to Haiti. In the following interview, Heavin exposes the massive criminality of the Clinton Foundation. You will not beleive your ears at the luandry list of crimes [...]

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Oroville Dam Nearing Collapse-Local Officials Begin Evacuations

I have received some incredibly ignorant emails regarding the condition of the Oroville Dam.  One email said the government has nothing to worry about and they have "fixed" the problem.  If the government has fixed the problem, then why are officials working on the dam 24/7?  It is this kind of moronic misinformation that could [...]

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Trump Threatens to Invade Mexico and Destroy the Cartels- Finally, a POTUS Who Defends Americans

The Mexican drug cartels are in business with the Muslim Brotherhood, Hamas and ISIS. They posion our youth with their drugs and they are threatening our national security. Finally, we have a President who is willing to do something about it.       Please Donate to The Common Sense Show   PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO [...]

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The Future of Humanity

    The mission of The Common Sense Show is to (1) expose government and corporate corruption; (2) champion those who go above and beyond in exposing and fighting corruption; and, (3) Make America Great Again (MAGA) which means returning to our traditional Christian roots. Up to this time, 99% of my work has centered [...]

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Maxine Waters Leading Impeachment Against Trump -“No Evidence Needed”

There is no shortage of mental midgets in Washington. Increasingly, there is no shortage of Congressmen and Senators that are guilty of sedition. Sometimes. we find people who are both. Maxine "Muddy" Waters is both. Oh by the way, she is a member of the Congressional Caucus, which is a front group for the Communist [...]

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How Is That Immigration Working Out for You France?

Mass terrorism, the consequence of uncontrolled and unscreened immigration. The French are protesting President Trump's desire to screen immigrants from the Middle East.  I would like to ask the French a question: How's that unscreened immigration working out for you France? What part of the phrase it is stupid to admit anyone to [...]

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A Major Purge Is Happening in the Secret Service-Trump is Firing Traitors, Muslim Brotherhood and Communist Party Supporters

This article is the first in a several part series which will expose the fact that a major shake up, A MAJOR DRAINING OF THE SWAMP, is going on inside various Federal agencies. President Trump is attempting to drain the swamp of the Obama/Clinton holdovers who are acting as moles and 5th column agents inside [...]

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Trump Will Pull Funding for Universities Promoting Violent Protests

  The right vs left. Trump vs. Clinton. The country is split Many universities are encouraging violent protess such at the University of California. It is irresponsible and President Trump has had enough. If college are going to allow people to behave like thugs, Trump says that there will be consequences.     Please Donate [...]

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Trump Clears the Way for Criminal Prosecution of Clinton

    Donald Trump told Congress that the way is cleared to investigate and prosecute Hillary Clinton. It is about time.  What we don't know is will she be indicted for Benghazi, Vince Foster, Whitewater, the email scandals etc., etc., The details are in the video Please Donate to The Common Sense Show   PLEASE [...]

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Yahoo Fake News About the Border

  You would think that a minor player in the news, like Yahoo News, would try gain credibility among its readers by telling the truth. That is not the case. Yahoo reporter, Javier Tovar wouldn't know the truth if it hit him in the face. Listen to the rendition of his one-sided rants about what [...]

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Why “first contact” with extraterrestrial beings may WIPE OUT humanity

by: Mike Adams   (Natural News) This week, a separate content division using my publishing technology is launching several new websites focused on topics of curiosity about the cosmos, consciousness and the unexplained. One of those sites, now live, is called, and it covers topics like ancient astronauts, the search for life on other [...]

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Federal Employees Are Wearing Diapers to Work

Part of every federal employees work attire. We all know about Federal government waste and corruption. Trump is taking steps to correct the abuses. No longer will the federal government be a place that tolerates substandard work and job protections that nobody else enjoys. President Trump has initated a hiring freeze, issued this [...]

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Health Ranger dismantles identity politics and reveals why “you have no right to not be offended” in latest uncensored podcasts

  by: Mike Adams    (Natural News) If you’re not listening to my podcasts via iTunes or, you’re missing out on some of the best podcast commentary I’ve ever released. Click here for the Health Ranger Report podcast on iTunes. My Vimeo channel is And my YouTube channel is Here are three [...]

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Corporate America Is Bowing Down To President Trump

  Corporate America is bowing down to Donald Trump.  Although it is impossible to be completely sure, but Trump is saving hundreds of thousands of jobs because the corporations knows that he means business. Take a look at the success stories in only his first week in office.   Please Donate to The Common Sense [...]

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Congress Proposes Withdrawal from the Criminal UN

  As the video details below, there is a Congressional bill that seeks a withdrawal from the United Nations. The bill has many other UN related features that are noteworthy.     Please Donate to The Common Sense Show   PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL AND DON’T FORGET TO “LIKE” US   This is [...]

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