The RAND Corporation Calls For War With China

The RAND Corporation, which is frequently called The Conscience of the Pentagon, is calling for war with China. Of course their not disclosing the motive behind why they want war, for that information, you're going to have to listen to this video. Please Donate to The Common Sense Show This is the absolute best in [...]

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Should Professional Athletes Be Required to Stand for the National Anthem?

President Obama said Monday that NFL quarterback Colin Kaepernick was "exercising his constitutional right" to bring attention to racial injustice by not taking part in the national anthem at the start of San Francisco 49ers football games. This may be the only time in nearly 8 years that I agree with Obama on anything.   Please Donate to The Common [...]

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Feds Spend $1 Million to Study Lesbian Couple’s Drinking Habits

  More government waste and fraud. More divide and conquer by pitting one group of Americans against another. The Federal government in all its infinite wisdom has decided to spend 1 Million of your hard earned tax dollars on researching lesbian couple's drinking habits. Why is the Federal government in the business of [...]

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Chaos will erupt across America in less than 100 days… no matter who wins the election

Tuesday, August 30, 2016 by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger (NaturalNews) The clock is ticking for America. There are 70 days remaining until the presidential election, and after the results are counted, America will be a tinderbox ready to explode no matter who wins. What follows is an educated analysis of the political friction now [...]

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Your Facebook Page Could Land You In a FEMA Camp

    Against my better judgment, I often put my articles on Facebook. Lately, Facebook has been taking down my posts, particularily on topics related to World War III.  One of my readers counted 14 sites saw my articles disappear. It is too late for me, but for most of you, you should consider not [...]

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The #1 Reason Why America Is Submitting to the New World Order

  Why are so many Americans simply giving in to the suspension of our Constitution and the widespread criminality among lur leaders (ie Clinton)? There is a set of psychological reasons why our people, even those that are seemingly more awake than most, would accept this latest tyranny from their government. We know about cognitive [...]

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This Is the Only Weapon That Can Defeat the Globalists

We can heal people from long distances using the power of prayer. We cannot defeat the criminal elite by raising a bigger army, having more guns, and getting the people out into the streets. The criminal elite have all the sophisticated military technology at their disposal. However, there is one thing that they [...]

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Trump polling at two-thirds in REAL polls… all the supposed support for Hillary is fabricated… TRUMP CAN WIN

by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger Natural News (NaturalNews) Donald Trump is polling at about two-thirds support in real polls compromised of real people, while Hillary Clinton's support is waning. When people are allowed to vote anonymously, Trump surges to 64% support, while Clinton drops to 36%, we've now seen in the Zip question and [...]

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Will Sanders Supporters Vote for Trump?

Why Sanders Supporters Should Vote for Trump To the Sanders' supporters: You may have been sold out and betrayed by Bernie. You thought you felt the Bern, but instead, you got burned. Where will these disenfranchised voters turn? Simple, the following video exemplifies why Sanders supporters have no other choice than to support Donald Trump. [...]

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Trump Needs to do Two Things If He Wants to Win the Election

Unruly protester attacks Donald Trump   Trump Needs to do These Two Things If He Wants to Win the Election Donald Trump seems to be hoping for something he can never achieve. Mainly, fairness and objective reporting. Americans are watching far less MSM then they did even a year ago. Both Trump and [...]

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Is Trump Deliberately Sabotaging His Campaign with Insensitive Comments?

  IS Trump Sabotaging His Campaign? Some Trump supporters are concerned because he has allowed himself to be drawn into verbal exchanges which accomplish nothing but to make him look unprofessional. The following video details what Trump must focus on in order to win the election.     Donate to the efforts of The Common [...]

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Hillary’s Tax Plan Will Destroy America- Trump’s Tax Cuts Do the Opposite

Trump's Tax Cuts Will Simulate the Economy Donald Trump wants a maximum business tax of 15%. Hillary wants to raise taxes by $1.3 Trillion. If you have a job, your choice is easy. If you don't have a job, your choice is predictable.       Donate to the efforts of The Common Sense Show [...]

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Facebook vs. End the Tyranny Today!

  There are compelling rules why everyone should leave Facebook and join the social revolution at From the NY Times Digital ads pop up online so frequently and ubiquitously that many people are using software to block them. But if you try to stop ads from showing up on Facebook’s desktop website, you will [...]

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Clinton Believes Whites Should Pay Blacks Slave Reparations

Slavery was a grotesque practice that America should be ashamed of on one hand, and proud that such major steps have been taken in modern times to promote racial equality. And yes, we still have  long way to go. However, I have never heard any responsible and self-supporting person of color promote the notion of paying [...]

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You Won’t Believe Your Ears-No 2016 Election, Clinton’s Banking Scandal-CSS Archive 7/31

  BLOCKBUSTER SHOW!!! This show was on of the most important important shows every broadcasted on The Common Sense Show. Hour 1- Executive Producer of the hit movie, Amerigeddon, joined Dave as the two discussed why there migh not be an election. Hour 2-  The best hour of investigative jounalism of The Common Sense Show. [...]

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