Putin is the Leader that America Wishes It Had

  I reject the New World Order!   Obama has destroyed the country, Clinton is Obama on steroids. Trump has promise, but he is still a political unknown. Putin is, hands down, the best leader for his people in the world. What makes Putin so great? Russia's wealthy pay tax with a 13% [...]

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The Common Sense Show Archive 6/5- One of the Top Rated Shows of the Year

In one of the most telling interviews ever conducted on The Common Sense Show, Dave interviewed the owner of Numanna Foods, Daniel Brigman, about the importance of storing food in these troubled times of unprecedented trouble. EBT card troubles are just the beginning. This is a can't miss interview. The reviews of the hour with Daniel. [...]

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A Mentally Ill Nation Cannot Survive and It’s Official, America is the Sickest Nation in the Modern World

During the infamous London Blitz, the mental health of the local Brits actually improved. Alcoholism declined as did suicide during this time of a profound struggle against Nazi Germany. Why was this true? Several psychologists said it was because the Brits were united in their struggle. They had a common enemy. They supported one another [...]

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These People Are Destroying America and They Need to be Called Out

  Cognitive dissonance is hastening the destruction of America. When I look around and see my friends and family, I almost get a sense of normalcy. I drive by my local fire station and the American flag is still flying. I witness police helping elderly motorists with a flat tire. My neighbors are nice [...]

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Trump’s San Diego Speech Was a Speech for the Ages

Donald Trump just delivered a speech for the ages in San Diego. He made several subtle and overt accusations. His two most stunning accusations consisted of what the real unemployment rate is and second, a politician has final challenged the California drought. Although he was cryptic on the drought, it is clear to those of [...]

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Red Alert: The Past Is the Best Predictor of the Future: What a Hillary Clinton Presidency Would Look Like

Hillary Clinton will prove to be the Lizzy Borden of this generation. I am no fan of the Republicans, but the Democrats are dedicated to the overt destruction of the United States of America and the Constitution. Hillary Clinton is the evil personification of the Democratic party The Democratic Party Is the Enemy [...]

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This Is Our Best Weapon to Fight Tyranny and We Are Ignoring This Power Source

  I accept the teachings of Jesus Christ without qualification. Faith is the cornerstone of the Christian religion. However, faith may actually have a scientific basis. I want to be clear, I do not need science to validate my faith. However, as I look at the data, faith can be scientifically proven. And is it [...]

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Bill admits Hillary talks to Dead Spirits and More Reasons to Vote for Clinton

Despite all my scandals, I will be the President in 2016! And....I am crazy!   Perhaps the best reason to vote for Hillary is the fact that her husband has admitted that Hillary talks to dead spirits, not kidding, here is it is. It is time for a mental health check.   Hillary [...]

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Anti-Transgender Speech Will Get You Two Years In Canada

  We live in an upside down world.  We are leaving a kids a world that defies description. You will be rubbing your eyes before you are done reading this. Canada is on the verge of passing legislation that makes illegal to criticize transgenders. Here are the relevant parts of this very vague law.  Criminal Code [...]

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Join The Common Sense Show Team of Investigative Journalists

  Tyranny is at all-time high and so is Globalist criminal activity.Corruption in government is rampant. In order to keep up with the demands of quality reporting in these troubled times, we are asking for volunteers who will share your videos and still photos of NWO activity that will be of interest to the reading public. [...]

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America Is Being Invaded by an Alien Species Called the Ze’s and the Hir’s

Is this such a hard concept to understand? Because one has his sexual organ amputated, does not mean he has changed his gender. This person is still an XY , not an XX. But in today's Obama climate of political correctness, science does not matter. The perverse are now ruling over the normal. The minority [...]

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Trump Is God’s Choice for President

    Trump cannot win. The American people are lost. We are about to be totally destroyed. Based on what I have learned, these are logical conclusions. This is what my logical mind would have me believe and my logical mind is wrong! Against All Odds To date, Donald Trump has defied all odds. He [...]

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There Has Never Been a Movie Like Amerigeddon: Movie Debuts Today

  It is as thrilling and informative as it is terrifying. No movie has captured the essence of the dangers which presently confront the American people with the clarity and detail that Amerigeddon brings to movie audiences. — Dave Hodges // The Common Sense Show   There has never been another movie like it. The [...]

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Trump’s #1 Campaign Issue: Declaring How He Will Stop the TPP, In Detail

The GOP platform says, “A Republican President will complete negotiations for a Trans-Pacific Partnership to open rapidly developing Asian markets to U.S. products.” Donald Trump says the TPP is a horrible deal. However, he does not say what he is going to do if Obama is able fast-track the agreement into law, thus obliterating our [...]

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Plan B To Stop the Trump Movement Is In Effect

  The vast majority of us in the Independent Media are thrilled that Donald Trump is the "presumptive" nominee for the GOP in the upcoming Presidential race. However, as I privately speak to my media colleagues, to some degree, we all have the same foreboding. What should be a time of celebration combined with the [...]

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