by BREITBART NEWS 18 Oct 2014  Calling it "an irresponsible overreach of the executive branch’s authority," Senator Charles Grassley, ranking Republican on the Judiciary Committee, is criticizing an executive order issued by the president that would allow at least 100,000 Haitian nationals into the United States to be "reunited with their families." Washington Times: [...]

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The Army’s Plan for Martial Law Carried Out Under UN Authority

Since February of 2014, I have written about a series of planned actions, on the part of the US Army which would give them martial law power over the people of the United States. In the same time frame, I have written extensively about the futuristic plans of the United Nations Agenda 21 to create [...]

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Beware of the UN Takeover of American Water Supplies

  Millions of children under five die every year due to toxic germ-infested unsafe drinking water. This means that almost four babies a minute die from a lack of water according to UN-Water’s estimations. In the 2014 World Water Report released on the eve of World Water Day, the UN said that 768 million people do not have adequate access to [...]

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The Nightmarish Megacities of the Near Future

    Six years ago, during the 2008 presidential campaign, I attended a Town Hall meeting sponsored by Republican and Presidential hopeful, Senator John McCain, where he was asked if he was opposed to the spread of the United Nations Agenda 21 policies throughout the United States. McCain proudly proclaimed that he had never heard [...]

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Obama Has Begun to Systematically Depopulate and Deindustrialize the Suburbs

If you live in the suburbs, you might be wise to advise your children on how to live, work and survive in America’s inner cities because that is where they are likely to be living in the near future in a Warsaw ghetto type of scenario. The mass migration from the suburbs back into densely populated [...]

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U.S.-Soviet Merger requires Charter Schools For A One World Global Planned Economy

By Charlotte Iserbyt Former Assistant Secretary of Education to President Reagan H. Rowan Gaither   "Most of us here were, at one time or another, active in either the O.S.S., the State Department, or the European Economic Administration. During those times, and without exception, we operated under directives issued by the White House, [...]

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The Chinese Provide a Glimpse of An American Post-Collapse Society

    Very impressive Chinese cities, but where are the people?   As ISIS is rampaging across Iraq and Syria, Ebola is on the loose and the flames of civil discontent are spreading across the United States, the country stands at a crossroads. There are many in the media who believe that America [...]

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  As a result of my contact with confidential sources, in relation to the present illegal immigration crisis and the presence of MS-13, who double as assassins for the Sinaloa and Los Zeta cartels, I have received inside information on who the globalists will ultimately for Americans to abandon their homes and seek safe refuge [...]

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Pandemics & WMD’s Are Entering the US- Dr. Orient, Alana Cook, Barb Peterson- July 13, 2014

Dave Hodges, the Host of The Common Sense Show We have not done a show like this since the weaponized Lyme disease show from 4 years ago. Tonight, we have a distinguished panel of guests to discuss the pandemic threat coming through our Southern border. Tonight, in the first hour, we have Dr. Jane [...]

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We Must Immediately Kill That Which Is Harming Our Children

Dave Hodges The Common Sense Show June 22, 2014   For our children, Common Core, is rotten to the core. The title implies that I am advocating for unbridled violence against some perceived threat against our children. The reader may rest easy, I am only advocating violence against an idea, a concept, but [...]

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Your Child Has No Future If They Stay In the U.S.

The Common Sense Show June 14, 2014 The famous singer, Kenny Rogers, used to sing to his audiences that "you had to know when to hold'em and know when to fold'em". Holding to this philosophical notion, your children will be faced with the dilemma of deciding when it would be best to fold'em and leave the [...]

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CPS vs. The Preservation of the Family: Will You Help?

Dave Hodges June 13, 2014 The Common Sense Show Monika and her CPS abducted son, Dylan. Help me obtain justice for this mother and her son.   The American family and parental rights are under attack like no other time in our history. Under Obamacare, CPS workers now operate under the federally controlled [...]

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ICE Is Facilitating Human Smuggling and Child Trafficking

The Common Sense Show June 12, 2014 Our country used to be considered "One Nation Under God". There can be no doubt that God has to wipe away his tears on a daily basis while he waits for this country to rediscover its soul. Divine Providence In the thousand, or so, articles that I have written [...]

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Enslaving Humanity by Weaponizing Water

Dave Hodges June 10, 2014 The Common Sense Show   The ultimate control: The Weaponizing of Water   Many people are aware that the globalists are attacking humanity in every aspect on multiple fronts. However, what many do not realize is the globalist attacks upon humanity is present in every fabric of our lives. [...]

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Dave Hodges May 25, 2014 Communique Sent to The Common Sense Show  Fresno County: Standing Up Against Federal Tyranny. Defend Rural America   Congratulations to everyone that turned out yesterday to awaken the broader public to the impact of the Frogs & Toads listing that affects an additional 2 million acres of California's [...]

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