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Venezuela Has Officially Collapsed-Inflation Approaches 3000%

  Venezuela is begging for foreign military intervention as the economy collapses and inflation approaches 3000%. The destitute country possess one of the most abundant oil supplies in the world. Who will get there first? Will It be the Chinese , the Russians or the United States? Venezuela is destined to be the next [...]

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Another False Flag Shooting In California-The Official Narrative Is Already Changing

Another False Flag Shooting In California-The Official Narrative Is Already Changing Question:  Psst, How do you know the Californial school shooting is a false flag?  Answer: Because the story keeps changing and now we know there is only one shooter when it was clearly reported it was two shooters. My heart goes out [...]

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Bizarre Reports Coming Out of Houston and the Surrounding Area

  I have lost count of the number of bizarre stories coming out of Hurricane Harvey. The entire region is clouded with controversy, conspiracy, suspicion, and inuendo. Look at this report from Beaumont, TX: My sister just sent me these texts: Sister: FEMA is picking up the people who went to the government to rescue [...]

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Google Strips An Article About Google From the CSS and Takes the Site Down

  Last night, I appeared briefly on the radio show, Reality Check, with Darin Damme. Darin's show airs on KTAR Radio (92.3 FM). KTAR is  Arizona's largest news/talk station. The topic of our discussion was Google's attempt to completely take over the Internet. To those KTAR listeners who were expecting to log on to the [...]

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Record Amount of Cash Withdrawn from the Stock Market-Is the Game Over?

    A record amount of cash has been withdrawn from the Stock Market. What does it mean? Is your investment in trouble? Here's the latest on this breaking story...     Please donate to offset the costs of The Common Sense Show PLEASE SUBSCRIBE TO OUR YOUTUBE CHANNEL AND DON’T FORGET TO “LIKE” US This [...]

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Coinbase to suspend all accounts on August 1st as “civil war” hard fork hammers Bitcoin… massive fraud now the norm at Coinbase

  (Natural News) There is no longer any question about it: Coinbase is a massive fraud and appears to be engaged in widespread criminal conspiracy. Coinbase is the most popular online wallet for Bitcoin, and I have previously reported on how Coinbase has seized Bitcoins from users in Wyoming and Hawaii, preventing them from accessing their [...]

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