Obama Is Turning the Local Police Against American Citizens

Is this what they need in Adamsville, Alabama to hand out parking tickets? This is the federalization of our local police forces and it having a devastating effect on local police and community relations.  The United States has more than 18,000 police departments. far more than any other nation. Each of the 50 [...]

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The Real Goal of the LGBT Movement

What is the answer to the end game of the transgender movement which picking up momentum at light speed? The transgender movement is predicated upon tolerance and the fact that transgenders are a protected and special class whose rights supersede straight couples. To fully understand what the movement is after it is important to go back in [...]

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The American College of Pediatrics Calls Transgender Programming of Children, CHILD ABUSE!

  The transgender programming of children is child abuse warns the American College of Pediatricians Posted on May 19, 2016 by State of the Nation   Mike Adams   Chemical castration, genital mutilation and mental illness run amok…. by Mike Adams Natural News [Ed Note: Abortion, Vaccination Autism, miscarriage, sterility, transgenderism and pornography of adults indiscriminate to commitment to family,  [...]

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Your Soon to be Automated Job Will be Eliminated- What Will They do with You?

  Foxconn, a major manufacturer of devices for Apple and Samsung, has eliminated 60,000 workers in one of its factories in China and subsequently has replaced them with robots. The factory in China's Kunshan region has reduced the number of employees from 110,000 to 50,000 thanks to the introduction of robots, reports the South China Morning Post. “More [...]

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Obama and Clinton Are Double Agents Working for the CIA and the KGB

How many sides can a politican be on? When it comes to Obama, he is on all sides. After reading this short article, it will be clear that he will become known as the biggest traitor in American History. His mission is bring down the U.S., and this article demonstrates that in a very clear [...]

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World War III Is Near and America Remains In Utter Bliss

America stands of the precipice of being dismantled from within and from a war that is racing toward our country like an out of control freight train. This article has assembled a few current events, all happening within the month of May, in order to demonstrate how near America is to total destruction brought about [...]

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DHS Using “Compromised Communities” to Train and Launch Martial Law

By Dave Hodges with Katy Whelan I have covered the travesties going on in Larimer County, Colorado with regard to the Stacy Lynne child abduction case. I found everything from a totally corrupt court system, to a completely compromised Larimer County Sheriff's Department to evil public officials who still get elected besides the will of [...]

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Agenda 21 Will Bring Witchcraft, Corruption, Trafficking and Foreign Troops to Your Town

Alex Jones is have been helping Larry Nichols expose Hillary Clinton for being a 4th degree Witch who routinely travels to LA to participate in what witches do. These claims seem unbelievable and some have told me that Alex has lost his mind. On the contrary, I think, from what I have learned, is that [...]

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The Pope Likens the Spread of ISIS to Jesus’ Spreading Christianity

One religion, says the Pope, and that religion does not worship Jesus as it faces East.   Catholics need to carefully examine the statements and actions of the current Pope. Catholics are commanded to follow the Scriptures, not to follow the misguided teachings of a Pope gone rogue. Amazingly, the Pope likened the [...]

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More Than Half of Americans Living on the Edge of Financial Ruin

A new poll has revealed that six in ten Americans are teetering on the edge of financial ruin in case of a medical emergency or act of god, and only 23% expect to see any improvement in the near future. © SPUTNIK/ VALERIY MELNIKOV US Income Gap Widening, Middle Class Vanishing, Economic Growth Threatened The [...]

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The Three Step Plan to Destroy America and Implement the New World Order

It has long been my position that if the criminal elite were successful in destroying America, as their last obstacle to world domination, they would be forced to follow a chronological three step plan: Begin the formation of a police state which would destroy the foundational values of the country (e.g. Constitutional protections, any semblance [...]

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Obamacare Psychiatrists to Put POTENTIAL Dissidents Into FEMA Camps

    Recently I have written about how DSM V, the manual for diagnosing mental illnesses has been politicized in the area of gender identity disorder. Well, we are seeing the same thing with regard to a new disorder we call Oppositional Defiant Disorder, which marginalizes all protesters, those who hang out on the Internet [...]

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Soros Is Collapsing the Dollar and Setting the Stage for WW III

. Soros has warned of risks which originate from the Chinese economy. This certainly gives the appearance that its debt-ridden economy resembles the United States in 2007-08, before the derivatives markets led to  a global recession. In January, many leading  hedge fund manager said a crash landing China was a near certainty adding that such an event would worsen [...]

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Secret G-20 Meeting In Ireland this Summer to Manage the Collapse of America

Dr. Walker Todd, former 20 year consultant to the Federal Reserve. Dr. Walker Todd is heading to Ireland this summer. Ireland is lovely this time of year. Playing golf in one's sweater could be an enjoyable vacation event. However, Todd is not going to Ireland to play golf. How do we know that Dr. [...]

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Twenty Year Old UN Plan to Invade the US Found In Newly Re-discovered Documents

The UN plans to invade the US. This story is how they will attempt to use Chinese troops to accomplish this goal. Synchronicity has struck The Common Sense Show.  In 1993, I listened to the Art Bell Show for the very first time as I listened to Vance Davis, formerly of the NSA. His revelations [...]

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