America’s Mental Health Is the Worst In the World

    “They hate us because of our freedoms” “They hate us because of our freedoms.”  Who will ever forget this previous statement by one of the “intellectual giants” of our time, George W. Bush? Was George correct about the freedoms that Americans possess which would cause someone to do us harm out of envy? [...]

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Clinton’s Four-Point Gun Confiscation Plan Is Already Underway

  The Obama administration, in conjunction with Hillary Clinton, is engaged in a four part plot to eviscerate both the First and Second Amendment; Criminalize certain groups as being terrorist simply because they belong to groups who oppose government policy of any type and then labeling these groups as terrorists (see Assistant Attorney General John Carlin). [...]

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Robots Are Humanity’s Greatest Threat

  Robotic development has reached such a high degree of technology that robotic creators are frantically trying to come up with rules that'll save humanity from the robots.     Please Donate to The Common Sense Show This is the absolute best in food storage. Dave Hodges is a satisfied customer.  FOR A SHORT TIME, [...]

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Murdured Russian Journalists Point to Russia’s Intention to Start WWIII

  The recant murders of two Russian Journalists are designed to cover up the fact that Putin intends on launching a first strike against the U.S. should Clinton get elected. Please bear in mind that this revelation is not made lightly by this reporter as nobody is immune to the practice of the assassination of [...]

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America Is Going Under Corporate Martial Law

When something is secret and kept from you, it is usually very bad for you. The TPP amounts to corporate martial law for the nations of the world. Obama is making 30 campaign stops during the Congressional recess. No, he is not campaigning for Hillary Clinton, he is campaigning for the passage of [...]

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Your Pastor Is Spying On You Courtesy of CHURCHIX

Many who have followed the writings on this site are all too familiar with how the Department of Homeland Security and FEMA have turned your pastor into an agent of the state. And as such, your pastor has been trained to invoke Romans 13 in order to enforce compliance with government edicts, no mater how [...]

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New Super Weapons Will Make Revolution Impossible

  Many talk about the fact that Americans have an estimated 300 million privately owned hand guns as the reason why no foreign power, or even our government, can subjugate the people. I am compelled to disagree. If our government ever became abusive enough that the people felt the need to rebel, there is a [...]

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The Depth of Clinton’s Treason: An Expert’s Analysis

Former security expert Rodger Landry joined Dave in the second hour to discuss the the degree of the security breaches of the Clinton emails. Rodger reveals a side of this story that has been told. If the truth were known to the public, Clinton should be charged by Clinton. The details are contained in the [...]

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Louisiana Suffers Its 3rd False Flag Event

This story has many twists and turns. This is the story about the 3rd false flag to hit Louisiana. But it is also the story of how the federal government is attempting to take away all citizen initiative when it comes to responding to a threat. The details are in the video.   Please Donate [...]

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PBS & NPR Are Editing Guest Interviews to Protect NWO & Wall Street Interests

Jill Stein's TPP comments censored by PBS in order to protect Hillary Clinton, President Obama and Wall Street.   NPR and PBS are creating fraudulent interviews through splicing and dicing their guests' comments in order to present a position not intended. And it's all being done in the name of protecting NWO interests [...]

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Facebook goes full ORWELLIAN… now blocking all stories mentioning the keyword phrase ‘m-nd-t-ry v-cc-n-t–ns’

  by Mike Adams, the Health Ranger (NaturalNews) Natural News has now confirmed that Facebook is deliberately blocking article posts that contain the phrase "m-nd-t-ry v-cc-n-t--ns." We obviously cannot even include the complete words here, or this story will also be blocked by FB. Recently, when we attempted to share stories on FB that contained [...]

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Hillary Clinton and Her Racist Friends

Amid Clinton's allegations that Donald Trump is a racist, Clinton would be well advised to heed and old saying: "You shouldn't throw stones if you live in a glass house." This video reveals Hillary's overt racist ties, and wait until you see who she was friends with.     DONATE TO THE COMMON SENSE SHOW [...]

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If You Talk About “THIS” You Will Be Censored and Targeted—100% Proof and The Real Agenda

By Lisa Haven If you are a freedom loving patriot who values American principles then you are likely already aware of the massive amount of censorship happening on social platforms like Facebook, Twitter, Youtube, Google, and other globalists linked organizations that target individuals who bring attention to their continuous, creepy corruption. Considering we are in [...]

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New Criminal Revelations About the Clinton Foundation

As Mark Twain once said, "There are liars, damn liars," and then there is Hillary Clinton. This video contains a partial list of the multitude of lies told by Clinton about her foundation. New criminal activity is revealed. WARNING: Listening to this video can be damaging to your sense of truth and justice.   DONATE [...]

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Trump Can Sink Hillary If He Reveals 6 Blockbuster Emails In the Upcoming Debates

Sometimes we stumble upon data that is stunning and should receive major attention, but it does not. Sometimes, the material is just too stunning, too damning, too outrageous, that even if the report is true, its contents are too controversial to be believed at the time of the release of the information. I have been [...]

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