Beheadings Are Now Occurring: UN Sponsored Mexican Cartel Justice Comes to America

The United Nations High Commissioner for Refugees (UNHRC) has previously met with officials from the U.S., Mexico and various Central American countries on the pretense of labeling the thousands of illegal immigrants as refugees. Indeed, the United Nations is now categorizing the present wave of immigrants as refugees from political and domestic violence that are merely seeking [...]

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Government thugs medically kidnap child from new mom who was a victim of sex trafficking

by Ethan Huff  Another state-sanctioned kidnapping of a child has taken place in the “land of the free.” A Maryland couple recently had their newborn daughter forcibly stolen from them by Child Protective Services (CPS) after a pair of rogue pediatricians decided to report them to the state for alleged neglect – though no neglect was [...]

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Mass Ignorance Is a Prelude to Revolution and Genocide

"The great enemy of the truth is very often not the lie—deliberate, contrived, and dishonest, but the myth—persistent, persuasive, and unrealistic. Belief in myths allows the comfort of opinion without the discomfort of thought." JOHN F. KENNEDY John F. Kennedy's above-mentioned quote could be the foundational banner phrase for Google, Youtube, Facebook and Twitter. If [...]

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Swamp Creature Kavanaugh Was Obviously Forced Upon Trump

There is much more that is surfacing on Supreme Court nominee, Brett Kavanaugh, that deserves the attention of the American people. This report is not "the end all" report that some are looking for. The Kavanaugh controversy is only one part of full-fledged war going between the Deep State and governmental officials that are not [...]

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Kavanaugh’s Nomination Must Be Defeated-He Supports Abortion, Obamacare and the Cover Up of Vince Foster’s Murder

A wolf in sheep's clothing. President Trump has been on a winning streak. First, his jobs report for June was fantastic as 213,000 jobs were added to the nation's employment. He pardoned the Hammonds, from the Bundy Ranch affair. In fact, I reminded someone that the President promised we'd be winning so much, [...]

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It’s open season for media discrimination against Americans of East European heritage

By News Editors Guest post by ROBERT KRAYCHIK It is Cold War redux in America. People from Eastern Europe are now targeted and painted as villains. In this escalating, toxic and highly polarizing narrative of Trump-Russia election meddling wild conspiracy theories abound. East European immigrants are often labeled as suspicious “Russians”, tarred by the press and [...]

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All Conservative American Politicians Are In Danger-A New Age of Terrorism Has Arrived

There are some basic truisms that must be established before presenting the case that American society is about to be overrun by a combination of the same terrorist forces and paramilitary groups that have overrun Mexico. These forces would be the end result of the marriage between the cartels and the most infamous terrorists in [...]

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Bitcoin Will Replace Central Banker’s Fiat Money- Chris Kitze-CSS Hour 1

  Recently, I interviewed Chris Kitze about the state of money, in particular, cryptocurrency. During the interview, Chris made a bold statement in which he said the future of money is going be one of decentralization. The Deep State is trying to control everything we see, read and hear, but they cannot control cryptocurrency. [...]

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Democrats say Trump creating 200,000+ new jobs for American workers is “reckless” … Dems beg for economic crash

By JD Heyes Last week the Labor Department released economic and employment data that should make every single American smile, especially American leaders. But it didn’t. Instead of celebrating the fact that President Donald Trump – billionaire businessman and mega-jobs creator when he was still in the private sector – has managed to revive the [...]

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Journo-terrorism: NYT calls for mafia tactics — including murder and car bombings — to halt Trump’s Supreme Court pick

By JD Heyes The perpetually triggered Left-wing anti-American media types are losing their minds over the successes of President Donald Trump and Republicans, and now some elements are calling for all-out war against him and his supporters. As POTUS Trump prepared to name his next Supreme Court nominee due to the retirement of Associate Justice Anthony [...]

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