Patriotic Ex-Special Ops Are Killing Bankers and It Is Going to Accelerate According to Inside Sources

  Old information has become new again. New information points to the fact that ex-Special Ops are responsible for the murder of almost 50 bankers and the new reports say they are working their way up the food chain. Process with me the various theories behind the killing of the bankers, but it all comes [...]

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Expect NWO Assassinations of Pro-Brexit Foreign Leaders and Clinton Opponents

They are the worst Mafia on the face of the Earth. Nobody is safe from their reach. The people who oppose their New World Order do so at their own peril. They will assassinate any leader and even wipe out entire governments. Again, as I have stated on multiple occasions, this is the price the [...]

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A Chemical/Biological Attack Upon America Has Been Planned by the Elite

Ex-federal officials belonging to virtually every alphabet soup agency are continuing to early retire and bug out from their present location. They know what is coming. The ground swell of Trump-led populism will not be tolerated by the criminal elite. Before they forfeit their free trade agreement and the benefits enjoyed by their multi-national corporations, [...]

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Gun Used in Paris Terrorist Attacks Came from Phoenix

Paris terror attack Law Enforcement Sources: Gun Used in Paris Terrorist Attacks Came from Phoenix Judicial Watch is reporting the following: "One of the guns used in the November 13, 2015 Paris terrorist attacks came from Phoenix, Arizona where the Obama administration allowed criminals to buy thousands of weapons illegally in a deadly and futile [...]

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The UN Will Soon Control Food Distribution In America with Devastating Results

A string of coincidences occurred, yesterday, to produce some undeniable conclusions which could very well have very dire consequences for millions of Americans. Using Food As a Weapon Since 2011, I have noted that it is likely that at some critical juncture, Obama will use food as a weapon against an uncooperative population. My previous [...]

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The Globalists Have Declared War on Nationalists

Trump's populist views of self-determination are sweeping the planet and the elite are in a sheer panic. Only a few weeks ago, the sheep of the planet were being marched to their Armageddon. The dumbed down masses have managed to mount a ninth inning rally that have sent the elite into frenzy.   Hillary Clinton [...]

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Why Isn’t the FBI Notifying Americans Who Are on an ISIS Kill List?

    According to Circia, The FBI did not alert numerous Americans that they were placed on ISIS kill lists or notify their local police about the potential dangers. In short, the FBI failed to perform its fiduciary duty by not informing potential ISIS targets. ISIS has published on encrypted web sites several hit lists naming [...]

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Steve Quayle-What the NWO Has Planned for You

  Steve Quayle was my guest on Sunday evening. Steve was as lucid and on point as I have ever heard him. Steve does not feel that without direct and divine intervention can America bee saved. However, he does believe that for believers in Christ, they have a chance of surviving what is coming. If [...]

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The BREXIT Vote Will Lead to the Isolation of America and Defeat In World War III

Putin is the grandmaster of the chessboard. He has positioned himself to elevate Russia over America in politics, economics and military prowess. The spin-off consequences of the BREXIT vote will lead to the isolation of America from its key allies. As this article postulates, BREXIT has started a chain of events which will make it [...]

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Sean Hannity on Brexit, Donald Trump wins over Obama & Hillary Clinton

Hannity 6/24/16 - Sean Hannity on Brexit, Donald Trump wins over Obama & Hillary Clinton, Impact of Brexit on United States Politics and Economy, EU referendum makes David Cameron Resign as the Prime Minister. When the mainstream media begins to make statements like these, major changes lie ahead.     Please Donate to The Common [...]

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Red List News- Just Like the Government, the NBA Is Rigged

The NBA is in love with their storybook endings. Lebron James returns to his home state. Cleveland has not won a pro spots championship in over 50 years. Wouldn't it just be great, if he could bring Cleveland the title?And if they have to fix a few games and bribe a few refs to achieve [...]

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German Schools Teaching Children About Anal Sex and S&M

Who'd like to leave the room while we discuss perverted sex? "As part of a sexual education program, some German schoolchildren in the northern region of North Rhine-Westphalia are provided with information about anal sex and sadomasochism, German newspaper Die Welt wrote." Yes, you read the title correctly. These "Educational Activities" come complete [...]

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Why Hillary Will Be Known as the FEMA Camp President

    My friend and colleague, Mike Roach posted the following information regarding the discovery of a converted FEMA camp discovered in Texas. The following still photo and subsequent video have caused quite the stir on the Internet.   This is the location of the former Crockett State School which was at one time, a [...]

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Trump Begins to Peel Back the Onion of Clinton’s Criminality

  Two days ago, I implored Donald Trump to begin in earnest the task of peeling back the onion of Clinton's sociopathic criminality as Trump has embarked on a journey in which he is going to reveal all against this career criminal. This article deals with what Trump said, yesterday, followed by an analysis of how [...]

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The GOP “Dump Trump” Movement Is Gaining Momentum

    Paul Ryan is doing his best to help Hillary Clinton defeat Donald Trump. In fact, with encouragement from Ryan, it is becoming a distinct possibility that Trump may not be the nominee when the GOP convention concludes next month. There is no way that the establishment and their minions can afford to have [...]

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